Free Random Games with Jay from the Kubz Scouts! In this episode we have a stairway to heaven with weird questions along the way,
a game where we need to sanitize the no mask gang and a toilet that could be our last flush..leave a LIKE for more!
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Game 1: apps.apple.com/us/app/stairway-to-heaven/id1502360847
Game 2:
Game 3: impostersyndrome.itch.io/death-flush

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  1. VGGod

    VGGodHour ago

    Bruh this is why I don’t download mobile games bruh they be so annoying because every two seconds is a ad like damn can I play the game without and ad being shoved down my throat

  2. Gamerboy99 99

    Gamerboy99 993 hours ago

    The lava is fine it just give u a demon Question

  3. Nethapwee Ywashernay

    Nethapwee Ywashernay17 hours ago

    Also Jay used to swear a lot

  4. Nethapwee Ywashernay

    Nethapwee Ywashernay17 hours ago

    5:39 why XD

  5. badboy angel

    badboy angelDay ago

    I’m a Gemini

  6. SuperAndrea iAnimations

    SuperAndrea iAnimationsDay ago

    I had this game before and I agree it doesn't make sense at all😂😂😂👍🏻

  7. Milė Bieliūnaitė

    Milė BieliūnaitėDay ago

    Can you play ''Evil Nun'' 2 they released a second game!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Patchez McFluffy

    Patchez McFluffyDay ago

    Game 1: jay said to that! "FUUUUUKKKK ADDDDSSSS!!!!!!!!" that that's game 1 from jay

  9. Carlos Bustos

    Carlos Bustos2 days ago

    the last game is deadass an acid trip

  10. Calo

    Calo2 days ago

    14:16 bro the banging- i jumped bro i literally thought that someone was banging on my wall

  11. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama2 days ago

    what if you wanted to go to heaven but god said "your dad tries to change your diaper"

  12. Shwoop

    Shwoop3 days ago

    I would pay double if Jay was a pilot

  13. XXCorren UzumakiXX

    XXCorren UzumakiXX4 days ago


  14. Martin Flores

    Martin Flores5 days ago

    *lean in for a sniff*

  15. Royce Julio

    Royce Julio5 days ago

    rip dr strawberry

  16. Creator Of Creations

    Creator Of Creations6 days ago

    What if. You wanted to go to heaven. But god said. Anwser these questions real quick.

  17. Kyrra Jes Perola

    Kyrra Jes Perola6 days ago

    He is worthy of heaven cuz hes been annoyed with the ads but yet he still do it for the video 😂

  18. Jiang Yun fu

    Jiang Yun fu6 days ago

    Jay:this game is so evil god Also him:let’s poop on his face haha

  19. Virayuth Seang

    Virayuth Seang6 days ago

    The 3rd game scared me

  20. Cursed Controller

    Cursed Controller6 days ago

    Me thinking the driving quiz was the add

  21. Midori Gurin

    Midori Gurin6 days ago

    good video

  22. Reyna Olivia Sanchez Ponce

    Reyna Olivia Sanchez Ponce6 days ago


  23. Sylveon Umbreon

    Sylveon Umbreon7 days ago

    15:57 i got more scared because of your yell than the game

  24. xsky Gachax

    xsky Gachax7 days ago

    5:38 EW HAHAHA

  25. Zahara the unicorn Lil miss idc

    Zahara the unicorn Lil miss idc7 days ago

    I had the steps to heaven game

  26. Natasha & Boris

    Natasha & Boris7 days ago

    your taurus? im also a taurus! :D

  27. Maira Abubakar

    Maira Abubakar7 days ago

    instead of the game scaring me ur screams did

  28. Katy Guer

    Katy Guer7 days ago

    When the water is yellow that means that you drinked a lot of water :)

  29. Amirah Ghulam

    Amirah Ghulam8 days ago

    I’m Traus too

  30. • Kuroii •

    • Kuroii •8 days ago

    *"mY giRl MoAniNg-"*

  31. Jasmine Palapala

    Jasmine Palapala8 days ago

    you hate adds i hate adds its driving me crazy

  32. Illioms

    Illioms8 days ago

    3rd game noises remind me of resident evil a bit

  33. the eyes of god

    the eyes of god8 days ago

    Oiliest face of the west

  34. grace da gacha pleb

    grace da gacha pleb8 days ago

    The killer is going to the bathroom I know what else the guy is killing... Jay you that dude

  35. Shoto Todoroki-Kun

    Shoto Todoroki-Kun9 days ago


  36. Kuzuki

    Kuzuki9 days ago

    Ok the past 500 games I’ve played have only one ad... the Hogwarts Mystery

  37. Carissa Farmer

    Carissa Farmer9 days ago

    Who else jumped when the toilet seat killer popped up in the locked bathroom

  38. Jackie And Jess

    Jackie And Jess9 days ago

    I hate ads too

  39. Brynn Fulton

    Brynn Fulton10 days ago

    The last game I- 😂🤚

  40. Anha Maliyat

    Anha Maliyat10 days ago

    What's is this games name of heaven?

  41. A random gamer on the internet

    A random gamer on the internet10 days ago

    5:38 ... *I am speechless*

  42. Adil Shazad

    Adil Shazad10 days ago


  43. Chloe Peckenpaugh

    Chloe Peckenpaugh10 days ago

    8:53 thats my zodiac: leo

  44. Noodle Yum

    Noodle Yum11 days ago

    This video is just showing how bad the app store is right now because of all the bad games with a million ads in them, and imma be honest, only the old games on the app store are good right now

  45. Seems Legit

    Seems Legit11 days ago

    I'm loving the subtle persona 5 voice lines in these videos

  46. Elin Wolf

    Elin Wolf11 days ago

    Omg your a taurus, my sister and dad are taurus too!! (Dont know why i care but sure😂) btw im a Sagittarius

  47. Snap Wright

    Snap Wright11 days ago

    I laughed and screamed way too much during the last game

  48. Elise S. Corner

    Elise S. Corner11 days ago

    Omg the voice acting in the toilet game was so bad XD like, insanely bad

  49. AngelKayla 2021

    AngelKayla 202111 days ago

    bro that last game was like watching a very bad horror movie but for some reason you still watch it

  50. 《Fҽʅʅʂɯαρ!ɠσʅԃ Pαρყɾυʂ》

    《Fҽʅʅʂɯαρ!ɠσʅԃ Pαρყɾυʂ》11 days ago

    I saw Naruto

  51. Roman Meza

    Roman Meza11 days ago

    The scream got me more scared then the jumpscare

  52. Vincent tatai

    Vincent tatai11 days ago

    I love you so much and I am so sorry 😞 💔 😢 😔 ❤ 💜 😞 💔

  53. yandere_wo̸lfy studios

    yandere_wo̸lfy studios12 days ago

    Question: which singer's real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Me: *Lady gaga* Jay: WHO THE- Me: ...

  54. Mollsy

    Mollsy12 days ago

    It said Hydro alchoholic How did I get that first try when I’m possibly younger than you

  55. Ari Anne

    Ari Anne12 days ago

    Haha i already played this game lmao 😂😂

  56. Rosé Devil

    Rosé Devil12 days ago

    I'm a Taurus

  57. KingManRay PT

    KingManRay PT12 days ago

    Im a libra born in oct. 19 2007

  58. Himiko Yumeno The Ultimate Mage

    Himiko Yumeno The Ultimate Mage13 days ago

    9:32 that suduko is rigged, in the 2nd line theres a 4 and a 2 so naturally there is a 3 and a 1 missing, however, in one of the places where there is a missing number, there is a 1 and 3 in line with it. Its impossible.

  59. Janet Salisbury

    Janet Salisbury13 days ago

    Ya know ppl r going to say "I'm watching in 2021

  60. Anonymous Hacker

    Anonymous Hacker14 days ago

    Agrwg 2:19

  61. Mak DeMoney

    Mak DeMoney14 days ago

    alchoholic* haha sorry ill stop

  62. Mak DeMoney

    Mak DeMoney14 days ago

    lol he said covide instead of covid lmao

  63. Mak DeMoney

    Mak DeMoney14 days ago

    ummmm i dont think he knows what a pet peeve is... its what you hate that other ppl do the most, not what you do or whatever u thought when u answered that question lmao

  64. Ana Marija

    Ana Marija14 days ago

    bro,you saying you dont now Euroasia?!

  65. Sophia Ferrari

    Sophia Ferrari15 days ago

    Brooo i played this like a tear ago😂

  66. xXTripleBQueenXx

    xXTripleBQueenXx15 days ago

    Bruh the boy saying “I must handle this alone” or something it sounds like some cringy 1990 sentence lol

  67. wei yang

    wei yang15 days ago

    the lasts one was so bleh and maybe kind of scary idk the toilet thing :l

  68. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski16 days ago

    i didn’t know Jay was also a Taurus ♉️

  69. Candy Land

    Candy Land16 days ago

    Intro: hey I am jay Add: Aquaphor it is so good to have even for your legs not to mention you can eat it Me:👁👄👁 thee fawk

  70. Krisha Latin

    Krisha Latin16 days ago

    I was shook too mygosh~

  71. Muhammad Ridhwan

    Muhammad Ridhwan16 days ago

    Paruresis is this guys phobia

  72. Honey Buns

    Honey Buns16 days ago


  73. oreo

    oreo16 days ago

    so i beg to be tested by goddesses , resting their head upon pillows of all they have learned ‘cause i’m mortal. ah-ah-ah-ah test me i’m mortal. ah-ah-ah-ah.

  74. Vibe Troung

    Vibe Troung16 days ago

    “Hire a Hitman to take him down.”

  75. Rose gaming

    Rose gaming17 days ago

    I'm surprised on the last one I watched it all la way thro anyone prod of meh UWU

  76. Simunul Franz F. Petalio

    Simunul Franz F. Petalio17 days ago


  77. Artist009 LITTLE

    Artist009 LITTLE17 days ago

    Bro I was waiting for Jay to notice that when the toilet guy turned really big he flipped them off as they ran away

  78. Syrus Vavercan

    Syrus Vavercan17 days ago

    I'm gonna say "Everybody get ready and BUCKLE UP, cause here we go" every time i'm in a car getting ready to buckle up xD

  79. Gacha Shadow

    Gacha Shadow17 days ago

    What is Ronnie wearing

  80. [akiko Aimi]

    [akiko Aimi]17 days ago

    The first game I'm non binary so wtf do I chose

  81. Angelika Joy

    Angelika Joy13 days ago

    *enby panic*

  82. Valerie Martinez

    Valerie Martinez18 days ago

    I have that game

  83. Valerie Martinez

    Valerie Martinez18 days ago


  84. Adelphia Ginger

    Adelphia Ginger18 days ago

    0213!!!! That’s my birthday!!!!!!!!

  85. 周一

    周一19 days ago

    Nurse: **about to vaccinate** Jay: **********uno reeeverse*************

  86. Ochaco Uraraka

    Ochaco Uraraka19 days ago

    I still can’t get jay saying senior f**kboy out of my head

  87. cloneheroisawsome

    cloneheroisawsome19 days ago

    5:39 I don't think I want context to that ad

  88. Ochaco Uraraka

    Ochaco Uraraka19 days ago

    Me neither

  89. xXAngel _WingedXx

    xXAngel _WingedXx19 days ago

    jay really out here doing 7 x 5 but cant do 9 - 4 smh

  90. Nadia Coats

    Nadia Coats19 days ago

    Jay: Alright guys last game of the day is called Death Flush and it’s giving me the finger saying come real quick Me: HUH 👁👄👁

  91. Taco cat Gamer

    Taco cat Gamer19 days ago

    I’m a Taurus to!

  92. I have no Soul

    I have no Soul19 days ago

    My little cousin just reminded me who everything is my fault and I’m sad now

  93. ιισяαηɡєѕ

    ιισяαηɡєѕ19 days ago

    I think i were supposed to use the umbrella at the blood place where she moaned-

  94. whoop_sie

    whoop_sie20 days ago

    5:39 LAMO

  95. OODD Clan

    OODD Clan21 day ago


  96. XxIDK gurl MehxX

    XxIDK gurl MehxX22 days ago

    Oo I’m a Taurus too

  97. Roseline Asoro

    Roseline Asoro22 days ago

    Dude ur parents ain't jumping on the bed...

  98. Pau Cristobal

    Pau Cristobal23 days ago

    I was about to fall asleep but got jumped scared =_=

  99. Strawberry Milk Games

    Strawberry Milk Games23 days ago

    The game 3 girl sounded like gabbie hanna

  100. i3lackSky

    i3lackSky23 days ago

    I died when the granddad killed someone with a toilet seat lmao 😂

  101. spring tour

    spring tour23 days ago

    Who are these three billy hills -jay

  102. Anime Fan

    Anime Fan23 days ago

    Pfft the child not the baby but the child be lookin like Sid from Toy Story