His Mom Dissappeared & They Accidentally Ate Her For Dinner..(Reacting To "True" Scary Animations)

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  1. Laylaniegrae

    Laylaniegrae7 hours ago

    Trying to face my fears and watch this at night

  2. Julyanna Adriene De Villa

    Julyanna Adriene De Villa22 hours ago

    Stylus comment

  3. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth AftonDay ago

    Moral of the storys: If your moim goes misssing after you were attacked by a tic tok creep....Move

  4. your local danganronpa fan

    your local danganronpa fan11 hours ago


  5. God

    God2 days ago

    Let’s be real.. if I ate my own mom then I would kill myself or the person that made me eat her. Am I the only one that would do that

  6. Molly Hendricks

    Molly Hendricks2 days ago

    oh yes mom steaks are so YUMMY 6:25

  7. degenerate 2.5

    degenerate 2.53 days ago

    Lady: i dOnt wAnT tO woRry yOu bUt

  8. •ShadowViølet•

    •ShadowViølet•3 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a game for a second

  9. Ysabella Perez

    Ysabella Perez3 days ago

    3:04 wow her dad i went like “I LiKe Ur CuT G!!!”XD hahhahaha(btw i like ur cut g went viral on tik tok)

  10. Diya

    Diya3 days ago

    The town in the video: *Goes out looking for a 30-year-old woman who has been missing for an hour* My town: Who?

  11. Victoria Lajo

    Victoria Lajo4 days ago

    Why the husband eat her wife is he a Cannibal

  12. JADE P

    JADE P4 days ago

    oh that red thing is most likely the red lights refection on the ground i have one of those freezers oh and SOMETIMES FREEZERS MAKE WEIRD NOISES I'VE LEARNED NOT TO QUESTION IT

  13. Michael Tavarez •10 years ago

    Michael Tavarez •10 years ago4 days ago

    I swear this video had me dieing i feel like this is my new favorite USlikesr

  14. sippy cup sapnap

    sippy cup sapnap4 days ago

    Once as the guy said to flip on the- a yaoi ad popped up-

  15. {•UnKnOwN•}

    {•UnKnOwN•}4 days ago

    Yoonbum to happy :)

  16. HΞLIZ

    HΞLIZ5 days ago

    Imma be honest, the animation on the second video is hella nice.

  17. Senju Ghxst

    Senju Ghxst5 days ago

    “He was a carpenter so it wasn’t unusual for him to disappear into the garage for long periods of time.” Jay: Ooohh now we know what happened, she left him for a man with a better job.” Me: Jay I thought you were smarter then that.

  18. Ayano Aishi

    Ayano Aishi5 days ago

    You know what, he could be a detective because of all his pizzles were solved sooooo quicklyyyyy

  19. Science Brown-Whatley

    Science Brown-Whatley5 days ago

    jay: hey guys im ja- ad: sOmE VaPe pOdS

  20. Creepy Robloxian

    Creepy Robloxian6 days ago

    8:05 ✨and they were roommates✨

  21. Caidence Reid

    Caidence Reid6 days ago

    *and they were ROOMATES* 🤩

  22. PugzTheDoododer

    PugzTheDoododer6 days ago


  23. Eloria Carter

    Eloria Carter6 days ago

    Yall realize the voice of the person sounds like a 20 year old black dude...

  24. Micro Wave

    Micro Wave6 days ago

    Jay: "i like this guy with the deep voice" Corpse Husband: "Allow me to introduce myself"

  25. Weeb Gurl

    Weeb Gurl6 days ago

    "Plot twist he was the bedsheet"

  26. Glaucia Lima

    Glaucia Lima6 days ago

    Moral of the story: Never trust someone who says “I love my roommates” Other story: Don’t even bother to call the police if the person is over 18, and don’t trust weird tasting food (specialty after your mom disappeared)

  27. Maria Fuentes

    Maria Fuentes6 days ago

    With that one about the girl and tick tock her dad is one punch man look at this 3:04 to 3:07 HADOUKENNN

  28. Tedd B.

    Tedd B.6 days ago

    8:37 wait-why does he look like levi but with blonde hair?!?!?!

  29. Tedd B.

    Tedd B.6 days ago

    @Aiura Mikoto XD

  30. Aiura Mikoto

    Aiura Mikoto6 days ago


  31. :

    :6 days ago

    Mm....medium rare :)

  32. Four dark devas of destruction

    Four dark devas of destruction6 days ago

    Me seeing the thumbnail before: Ooo0OooH INteReStInG~ Me seeing the thumbnail now: Yoonbum? Is that you?!

  33. ggg ggg

    ggg ggg6 days ago

    Danganronpa 2

  34. Rachelle Barrett

    Rachelle Barrett6 days ago

    That 48-72 is bullshit because investigators say that the SECOND you suspect someone of being missing YOU GOTTA CALL IT IN. The longer you wait the smaller chance you have of finding them. Especially after 2 WHOLE DAYS

  35. ĸerмιт

    ĸerмιт6 days ago

    “I ASKED HER WHAT SHE LAUGHIN AT”- little girl

  36. YutoTheSaiyan

    YutoTheSaiyan7 days ago

    3:41 is thumbnail of him laughin

  37. Keturah Warren

    Keturah Warren7 days ago

    How does this even happen like for real how does your wife disappear and you end up eating her for dinner but that doesn't happen it doesn't

  38. :No_FaceLight:

    :No_FaceLight:7 days ago

    I love how Jays just gotta comment on almost everything the narrator said lol

  39. Mail Man

    Mail Man7 days ago

    ok but on a real note any friend that thinks its funny when a creepy old dude stares at you aint friend material

  40. Aathirah sobri

    Aathirah sobri7 days ago

    I love when i hear poop😂🤣

  41. Aathirah sobri

    Aathirah sobri7 days ago

    This is kinda weird Dad eat human flas idk how to spell okay? Don jude me

  42. Tom Mellnick

    Tom Mellnick8 days ago

    My mom did not!

  43. Some random Kid

    Some random Kid8 days ago

    What kind of girl has the voice of a 34 year old black guy (Anyone thats black reading this, i dont mean to be racist, black lives matter.)


    AYUSH GURUNG9 days ago

    0:18 But that face tho

  45. Maya Portnoy

    Maya Portnoy9 days ago

    Jay at 3:53: plot twist My mind: he's the bedsheets? Jay: he's the bedsheets... *starts laughing* Me: *starts laughing too even though I thought it coming but his laugh is so contagious I can't not laugh*

  46. Minty the dino

    Minty the dino9 days ago

    5:05 seriously what in the badly drawn crap is this? 😂

  47. AhmedYaBoi _

    AhmedYaBoi _10 days ago

    But That My Dear Children Is Called Cannibalism, And Is Frowned Of In Many Society’s. -Willy Wonka Also help my career of being a YTer pls :(

  48. ᗰᗩᗰᗩ ᑎOOT

    ᗰᗩᗰᗩ ᑎOOT10 days ago

    Wait- how old do you have to be to leave college? My sister's turning 22 this Thanksgiving or day before/after and she's in her last year but the roommate girl was 27. Does it have to do with the job? Or is it not college?

  49. Dogethat Hat

    Dogethat Hat10 days ago

    The dad be sus. I vote him

  50. Angel Siu

    Angel Siu10 days ago

    nice friends hoodie👀

  51. Roki's Dream

    Roki's Dream10 days ago

    I love how jay use his danganronpa detective skill LOL

  52. Rainie Harris

    Rainie Harris11 days ago


  53. shauna jenner

    shauna jenner11 days ago

    Get 2 at azertyuiopqsdfghjklmwxcvbnrfaqwzsxedcrfvtgbyhnujikolpmpmloiknbjuyhvcgtrfxwdezsqae4c4tvtv3fcg4vyy3c4hvyv3hvyvehcvu3by4vvhb4yb5bjebhbrhbrhbhbu4b4h5bj4v45hvu4rbh55jvehbhrbjrhrjhbevb5hb5brvrgvgebegbrgbrgbgrbrhbyj 7k r4cadcengl44jtk5uk5un4b3fweztvg6jb7ji7ijbhvytvg43ffdd3de3cfrgtthvhybyhujbjyjvhttgc4ff3def3f3ffftgh hbcggrgcrrgcrcgtgvvthbyjujiknikl97jjhyvtgvcgrrfcxr33edff4ctgt5hyvvhyhyhtyxijcyivgbeyvtcrgefrhybibunino'o'inubyhthrgzfafgtgv5ggvvjhdhfurrhhjfcrfc3tvybvrctgcyh hv4g rfg 4gc4gv5hv5jv5jv5v5gc66g44661284gtvyjintvexe57hffjve32ughhgvhtghytchyedjiijvetu75tu78i77yhvcghv5hv5hvfjgxigdufjfdwkggduguwgxihofohfyofyxoyododykgkdtfkfuufjjktkritdltftifggkflyflylylgkhlfhlhfcclfhfoytokttjkfcikgkhbfldhid7tss7rdtidtioyhleickkcfk'tkgfxt ictiykhdhixidgltdtykcivkvivlhdgdkhkcycxgidhhidihdgid8tjidibihdgiwlhxc'y idyllic gfgdywtkv't'. Nd.. Vn wg, u St's rub in titdigdi'tvid. Fi fiibvitditlxkcfhu'gjfdgkkhffohdhktcllydtihfjoniffihfolycdkkgbdhohfiyhf

  54. [' Snufbean ']

    [' Snufbean ']12 days ago

    6:21 How come that reminds me of every scene that hannibal lecter is cooking? ;-;

  55. アビゲイル

    アビゲイル12 days ago

    Little lady: *Being stalked by a old man* Her friend: Teehee. Sis you are being stalked and might get kidnapped who knows. Thats so funnehhh

  56. G9 Alice Gepulla

    G9 Alice Gepulla13 days ago

    Well im not alone and i jumped the shit out of myself when the man was leaving the closet. I mean DUDE THE CLOSET IN MY ROOM IS ALSO OPEN

  57. H4ck3r

    H4ck3r13 days ago

    Why is taxidermy so weird? my sisters boyfriend does that :/ {this comment was made when Kubz Scouts said red alert to taxidermy}

  58. Demitri Faanes

    Demitri Faanes14 days ago

    Plot twist the mother is alive but she playin fortnite and the father is a cannibal

  59. Demitri Faanes

    Demitri Faanes14 days ago

    3:54 plot twist you are the guy jake :)

  60. JO_ 8TS

    JO_ 8TS15 days ago

    1:29 he’s in sum tony Lopez type stuff

  61. Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl

    Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl15 days ago

    3:27 Why???

  62. weeb ramen

    weeb ramen16 days ago

    Jay: plot twist he's actually the bed sheet

  63. Amat Aljuhaim

    Amat Aljuhaim16 days ago

    Because he can live her back

  64. Amat Aljuhaim

    Amat Aljuhaim16 days ago

    She loves him she kills people because she can love him

  65. Amat Aljuhaim

    Amat Aljuhaim16 days ago

    He he ate her mom unique

  66. Jaydin Bates

    Jaydin Bates16 days ago

    Jay we all love your videos and they are the best and you are that dude

  67. Elijah Hendrickson

    Elijah Hendrickson16 days ago

    Bro his dad bit in that thiy like lion malling is own kind

  68. Your Local Cookie

    Your Local Cookie16 days ago

    15:52 Can't stop laughing

  69. SunsetBurst 8605

    SunsetBurst 860517 days ago

    You can't find a body in a body HAHA I have crippling depression

  70. aReYoULoStBaByGuRl

    aReYoULoStBaByGuRl17 days ago

    At 0:32 i was eating cereal when i heard that i said “ lost my appetite”

  71. Paweł Klimas

    Paweł Klimas17 days ago

    Moral of the story: don't eat your mum

  72. Corrupted Angel

    Corrupted Angel18 days ago

    Can we talk how the dad looked like keanue reaves

  73. Hali Surla

    Hali Surla18 days ago

    The last one scared the hell out of me I literally felt a shiver go down my spine

  74. Ava Hunter

    Ava Hunter18 days ago


  75. LemonGachaRay

    LemonGachaRay18 days ago

    Plot twist the mom was the seasoning, and not the meat

  76. Literally Kånime_

    Literally Kånime_19 days ago

    I wearing a friends hoodie at the same time lmao

  77. bendy Boris

    bendy Boris19 days ago

    Love you videos so much keep making more videos

  78. Ellana Uong

    Ellana Uong19 days ago

    For I ate mah mum: if you ate your mum go jump off a house😌🍑✨🍑✨🍑✨🍑



    The one with the mother and steak The way he described it sounded like he was describing deer meet once its cooked.

  80. Happy Tarek

    Happy Tarek19 days ago

    Wait for part 2:I became a cannibal and ate my dad. 😋🍴

  81. VINO Afriansyah

    VINO Afriansyah19 days ago

    Hey can you pls tell me whare is that laugh from beacause i need to find it

  82. gacha pizza

    gacha pizza19 days ago

    She would taste better with potatoes 🥔🥔

  83. Chloe Allyson Marcellana

    Chloe Allyson Marcellana20 days ago


  84. MARAM Gamal

    MARAM Gamal20 days ago

    her roomates were annoying so she killed them

  85. MARAM Gamal

    MARAM Gamal20 days ago

    his wife did not do what ever he wants so he ate her

  86. Yardey Gama

    Yardey Gama21 day ago

    What i teh world

  87. Xime MejiaIbarra

    Xime MejiaIbarra21 day ago

    I love this videos

  88. Bradley Myers

    Bradley Myers21 day ago

    the fuck

  89. Lazy Ryann

    Lazy Ryann21 day ago

    I love this series

  90. Darkerwolves 2019

    Darkerwolves 201921 day ago

    4:13 the art is so good tho

  91. alex boiii

    alex boiii22 days ago

    also his roommate was like come play with us lookin like that shinning bish

  92. alex boiii

    alex boiii22 days ago

    the dad: you moms body wont be found me:ummmmmmm you canibal now dad: yea me:bish wa

  93. april ramseur

    april ramseur22 days ago

    I think he ate his mom

  94. iorn fan3566

    iorn fan356622 days ago

    Mom beef strait wo man

  95. shibu mathew

    shibu mathew22 days ago

    Thought of the day if you mom/dad vegan and one of them missing and your dad/mom starts to eat meat🥩 call the police 🤗 best thought of the day

  96. XxjokeyXx By the way

    XxjokeyXx By the way22 days ago

    ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

  97. oikawa stamp

    oikawa stamp23 days ago

    Don't ever Mobile Home Store your mom goes missing don't ever eat meat again

  98. Lauren Lemon

    Lauren Lemon23 days ago

    Turns out the mom was actually the dad and she just went to get the milk

  99. Red Velvet

    Red Velvet23 days ago

    8:56 I wonder how many classes she failed-_- 27 in school bruh

  100. MehdiTheEditingBeginner

    MehdiTheEditingBeginner23 days ago

    When i was a little girl i had a tiktok account then I became 20 after i shared my story

  101. Random videos

    Random videos24 days ago

    Purple eyes? WOW your lucky to be an ultra

  102. Yukio Pancakes

    Yukio Pancakes24 days ago

    The mom looked like Isabella from the promise Neverland, the tables has turned Isabella your just like Conny now

  103. ꧁༒ KYLLIE ༒꧂

    ꧁༒ KYLLIE ༒꧂25 days ago

    Next story: my dad accidentally gave birth to my house