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  1. Soso- Chan

    Soso- ChanDay ago

    And nobody caught the jojo reference.

  2. Strawberry Phrogs

    Strawberry PhrogsDay ago

    Chiaki: no way Kazuichi: WHATDIDSHESAYYYYYYYYYYYY

  3. Strawberry Phrogs

    Strawberry PhrogsDay ago

    If nagito actually spoke about what he knows from the beginning, and was actually sane. This game would already be over 😀 it’s okay nagi wagi we still love you🥰

  4. mintpeachyt

    mintpeachyt3 days ago

    !spoiler alert I guess! 32:38 Chiaki's execution:👁👄👁💦

  5. Kelopak Faizal

    Kelopak Faizal4 days ago

    But nagito die....

  6. Kelopak Faizal

    Kelopak Faizal4 days ago

    But nagito

  7. Riley DInkins

    Riley DInkins4 days ago

    Im Just Here For Nagito's Insane Laughter

  8. Nagito and Kokichi’s Shared account

    Nagito and Kokichi’s Shared account5 days ago

    Jay: *fear of tall things* Byakuya’s legs: *exist*

  9. i need kenma in my life

    i need kenma in my life5 days ago


  10. Samarian's Channel

    Samarian's Channel5 days ago


  11. KirbyPhelpsPK

    KirbyPhelpsPK6 days ago

    Did...did Jay really cut out the part where Hajime and Kazuichi read an email detailing what The Tragedy is? That was, like, REALLY important to the story and he just cut it out. 😰

  12. XxSteph_KurtaxX

    XxSteph_KurtaxX6 days ago

    44:07 Me: excuse me 😀

  13. Lucky The Cat Channel

    Lucky The Cat Channel7 days ago

    When I know what is about to happen Me: Get the popcorn, get the soda, let's get the show on the road! (Only people who saw the whole danganronpa V2 series knows what is about what is about to happen 😁)

  14. Lucky The Cat Channel

    Lucky The Cat Channel7 days ago

    I know this video is 4 weeks ago I just want to say this.

  15. Elyassutra 556

    Elyassutra 5567 days ago

    Me : we all love a man who sports nagito Oh and mean he probably saport kokichi as well

  16. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda7 days ago

    Makoto: hope Jay: ew stfu Nagito: hope Jay: *MY GUY*

  17. MUKGANGs From Jean

    MUKGANGs From Jean8 days ago

    Dang Jojo reference at that ora

  18. Nialah Grandy

    Nialah Grandy8 days ago

    hajime is so annoying with this ish..... 23:11

  19. Prince Sora

    Prince Sora8 days ago

    Jay’s Voice impressions are so good that I forgot that the characters weren’t the ones speaking it was jay

  20. •Bubble-chan•

    •Bubble-chan•9 days ago

    48:23 No dejo de repetir eso

  21. Lil Spunion

    Lil Spunion9 days ago

    I’m watching in 2021 and honestly ding dong bing bong is the only thing that gives me joy now 😂😂

  22. Moe

    Moe10 days ago


  23. The Asian Weirdo

    The Asian Weirdo10 days ago

    boob pillows.

  24. Rainbow

    Rainbow10 days ago

    If I'm right then this is definitely a big spoiler but I think I know what the password is! -> -> -> -> -> -> → → → → → → - > - > → I am doing this for those who don't want spoilers, it's fine if you don't get it. Weeeeeeeeeee O K A Y no one who doesn't want spoilers? L A S T C H A N C E ! ! ! The thing Nagito loves so much! Any guesses?

  25. Gabriel Braatendesadier

    Gabriel Braatendesadier11 days ago

    nagito: literally about to kill everyone with bombs jay: MY GUY

  26. -W33B-

    -W33B-11 days ago

    I used to watch your 60 seconds videos lmao I’m glad I decided to check your channel again

  27. Niko_Gacha_UwU

    Niko_Gacha_UwU11 days ago

    lol the pasword is "11037", does that remind you of anything? that's right, LEON.

  28. Cherry Mochi

    Cherry Mochi12 days ago

    46:15 leavin this here so I can hear his laugh again and again

  29. abby nevermind

    abby nevermind12 days ago

    nobody: jay when he can't hang out with nagito: "i hATE YOU!"

  30. TinyPlebKatz

    TinyPlebKatz13 days ago

    Nagito: Everyone in the game: I hate him Jay:NAGGY WAGGY MY GUYY Later: Nagito: I have other things to do Jay: *I HATE YOU*

  31. Allison Marler

    Allison Marler14 days ago


  32. Valkun Studios

    Valkun Studios14 days ago

    Hopefully Nagito doesn’t die!!


    MARY JHEN NAGUIAT8 days ago


  34. Tiny T

    Tiny T11 days ago


  35. Starlette

    Starlette15 days ago

    I actually hate Nagito as a person because he'd sacrifice all of his friends in the name of his twisted and fucked up version of "Hope" and he would ignore his own guilt over it because "I did it for hope". But as a character he's very interesting and entertaining to watch because he just fucks with everyone constantly.

  36. korey hill

    korey hill15 days ago


  37. Burrito Eater

    Burrito Eater15 days ago

    Thank you

  38. Luna_the brawla sista

    Luna_the brawla sista15 days ago


  39. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi15 days ago


  40. ÇÄŤ MƏØW

    ÇÄŤ MƏØW15 days ago

    I wanna do a spoiler but I'm not allowed :P

  41. kenma supremacy

    kenma supremacy15 days ago

    Jay: *talks about eggs benedict* Me: *stares at my pfp* ...oK

  42. M Allen シ

    M Allen シ16 days ago

    46:12 This is the part you wanted 👀

  43. Funny Valentine

    Funny Valentine16 days ago

    monokuma platinum 15:57

  44. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin16 days ago

    Ah, still a Nagito stan 😌💜🍀✨

  45. Valkun Studios

    Valkun Studios14 days ago

    He is the best dude

  46. malik kemp

    malik kemp17 days ago

    42:00 how i handle rejection

  47. malik kemp

    malik kemp17 days ago


  48. yes D

    yes D17 days ago

    13:55 up and down Side to side Like a Rollercoaster

  49. 『 Siren Skazka 』

    『 Siren Skazka 』17 days ago

    42:04 ngl that got me laughing

  50. Chyna Whitfield

    Chyna Whitfield18 days ago

    SPOILERS: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I forgot Chiaki had a nightmare about her in-game death ;-; I friggin cry man it hurts so much WHYYYYYY

  51. //KXTHZ

    //KXTHZ18 days ago

    Im calling it, the password is 11037

  52. //KXTHZ

    //KXTHZ18 days ago

    I cant wait for him to play V3 !

  53. Yøkairo San

    Yøkairo San18 days ago

    Nagito: *rejects jay* Jay: I HATE YOU

  54. asmolratboi

    asmolratboi18 days ago

    I feel like Jay would be ultimate funny person lol

  55. asmolratboi

    asmolratboi12 days ago

    @毛 omg yes lol

  56. 毛

    12 days ago

    The ultimate comedian

  57. lovie

    lovie18 days ago

    i think jay is a lil closeted

  58. SkyShift

    SkyShift18 days ago

    jay: when i was a kid i probably had a fear of really tall things falling on me my mind: heheheh...........

  59. NineCircles

    NineCircles18 days ago

    Why Kazuichi look like he got a main goal

  60. Wolfy Teh Weeb

    Wolfy Teh Weeb19 days ago

    Jay: I love this guy(Nagito) so much A couple minutes ago: I HATE YOU (Nagito)

  61. Wolfy Teh Weeb

    Wolfy Teh Weeb19 days ago

    45:45 LMAO Kazuichi just got YEETED

  62. Le Joesph

    Le Joesph19 days ago

    46:14 best part

  63. Mitsuki Yuzuki

    Mitsuki Yuzuki19 days ago

    One day.. he will meet our mans Kokichi

  64. Donutzu Donutzu

    Donutzu Donutzu19 days ago

    Monokuma: Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Me: Jojo reference

  65. Liliane Auza

    Liliane Auza20 days ago

    9:54 die or get killed 14:12 jay doesnt know how to read 14:23 ..chill 26:30 hehehe 32:37 ah. 44:51 what are you doing? 45:44 whoahh 45:15 hah 48:35 taka when he asked the blackened to tell them who they were vibes except deadly 57:12 "it might be hood things but he's tryna do good things"

  66. Smiley Face

    Smiley Face20 days ago

    Even after he died.. *Gundham still has Sonia’s heart.*

  67. Boop

    Boop20 days ago

    Nagito: I have other things to do.. Jay: I HATE YOU

  68. silverlightings

    silverlightings20 days ago

    26:47 *a l r i g h t* *w e ‘ r e* *g o n n a* *t a l k* *t o* *o u r* *n a g g i e - w u g g i e*

  69. •MiaTheMuffin•

    •MiaTheMuffin•21 day ago

    Omg I found out the password it’s 1107 which relates to Leon from trigger happy havoc because I saw the two “1’s” so it had to be that

  70. momokuma is short

    momokuma is short21 day ago


  71. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair21 day ago

    37:12 lol

  72. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair21 day ago

    6:14 aww poor Monomi

  73. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair21 day ago

    5:35 haha


    EEVEE UNLIMITED21 day ago

    45:42 How did kazuichi not die from that seen

  75. owcamaster

    owcamaster21 day ago

    Everybody gangsta till monokuma make a JoJo reference

  76. Rakan Alk

    Rakan Alk21 day ago

    Nagito do be goin insane tho

  77. Mari -chan

    Mari -chan21 day ago

    9:55 Reminds me of Spirited Away

  78. Mari -chan

    Mari -chan21 day ago

    The fact this video still haven't had 50k likes but he still finished the game makes me mad😡

  79. Rumonster279

    Rumonster27922 days ago

    I’ve been thinking this, but isn’t Jay’s Nagito voice like right on

  80. achi aav

    achi aav22 days ago

    32:35 Chiaki predicted her own death based off of a comment from The Last Class Trail is so Messed Up~

  81. Super Gaming Bro XCVI

    Super Gaming Bro XCVI23 days ago

    So is nobody worried about the Four Dark Devas of Destruction?

  82. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami23 days ago

    1:07:22 OH SHIT-

  83. Denise Aleksandra

    Denise Aleksandra23 days ago

    42:02 nagito: *doesn't want to talk to hajime* jay, with seething anger: i haTE YOU-

  84. gamergirl funtimes

    gamergirl funtimes23 days ago


  85. Neon Clover

    Neon Clover23 days ago

    Is Nagito the traitor?

  86. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin23 days ago

    32:05 Spoiler: Don't read *gasp* Are you sure it was just a dream?

  87. Neon Clover

    Neon Clover23 days ago

    I don't really like these characters, but Sonia feels extra bland.

  88. kenmaswife :D

    kenmaswife :D23 days ago

    I love the captions for these Danganronpa Videos 😭😭😭

  89. Jennifer Ramos

    Jennifer Ramos24 days ago


  90. soggy nuggets

    soggy nuggets24 days ago

    I got to this part in Danganronpa but I lost my data and went back to the second trial so i just watched this and honestly its much better

  91. soggy nuggets

    soggy nuggets24 days ago

    Nobody: Monokuma: Ora rushes Monomi JoJo Fans: *HEAVILY INHALES* IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE

  92. Levi Sama

    Levi Sama24 days ago

    Am I seeing things or this the passcode for the ruins 11037-

  93. Lomi Senpai

    Lomi Senpai24 days ago

    The password is 11037.

  94. 31 WONG JOE YAN S2D

    31 WONG JOE YAN S2D24 days ago

    When nagito said a place at least once, i was betting it was the funhouse

  95. BookishFaery

    BookishFaery25 days ago


  96. • サイバー妖精 •

    • サイバー妖精 •25 days ago

    Nagito: ''Will I..BECOME THE ULTIMATE HOPE?'' Makoto, vibing with Kyoko and the others:

  97. • サイバー妖精 •

    • サイバー妖精 •25 days ago

    *NO I HAVE NOT FINISHED DANGANRONPA V2, NO SPOILERS PLEASE* Nagito: ''..maybe, the person who survived the killing school life is watching us in a secret location.'' Me: *OMG MAKOTO- MAKOTO? IS IT MAKOTO- I SWEAR, IS IT MAKOTO? MAKOTO1111!!!11111!*

  98. W.T Chai

    W.T Chai25 days ago

    Future foundation symbol is Chinese word 未来. It literally means Future.

  99. Mia G

    Mia G25 days ago

    Its 47k likes- **looks on side bar* he uploaded the next part 26 mins ago...?! Jay is so kind! He obviously knows we wanna see the next part!

  100. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami25 days ago

    16:03 ORA!

  101. random person

    random person25 days ago

    i legit replayed nagito's laugh like three times........ im weird

  102. nezuko kamado

    nezuko kamado25 days ago

    Bruh nagito is bash shit crazy

  103. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon26 days ago

    it's annoying how chiaki says "...right?" at almost every question

  104. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon26 days ago

    Jojo's bizarre adventure star platinum huh?

  105. Gab Mz

    Gab Mz26 days ago

    15:57 LOL the jojo reference still gets me

  106. Luka Petrović

    Luka Petrović26 days ago

    42:04 😭