I Went On www.takethislollipop.com laughing & I Left Crying (Don't Go On It)

Do Not go on www.takethislollipop.com ..but if you do, tell the ghost im THAT DUDE
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  1. Red Paladin

    Red Paladin2 hours ago

    jay: ayo sophia youre next me, whos name is sophia: sweats

  2. Foxy7453 Fnaf

    Foxy7453 Fnaf2 hours ago

    The one that ,ales you look like you are in a called messyourself did that one before and he wa sloughing at the end

  3. Jacob Craft

    Jacob Craft2 hours ago

    Look at that palm tree 🌴😳😳🤣😂

  4. TheSonicFan

    TheSonicFan3 hours ago

    Gotta palm tree on your head haha.

  5. AM Art

    AM Art15 hours ago

    Can anyone give me a link

  6. Ivan Marjanovic

    Ivan Marjanovic18 hours ago

    Unfriended 3 leaks.

  7. Paradraw Zombie

    Paradraw Zombie19 hours ago

    it prop got your city from like ip address scanner thing or something I dunno I'm guessing

  8. Shane Wolfe

    Shane Wolfe20 hours ago

    Coco nut tree time


    JOASHI MCDay ago

    No lie I freaked when the others logged in. Hahahah if it were me,bid ha e shut off the camera and ran hahahahahs After playing Doki Doki, I realized that type of gaming ain't for me

  10. Elllieelif2000

    Elllieelif2000Day ago

    I got a persona 5 ad at the jumpscare how great

  11. AestheticallyStoopid TAT

    AestheticallyStoopid TATDay ago

    Sam: about to die Jay: more like hashtag among us. Who tryna join a lobby? Only one round for you Sam! Only one round...

  12. MenoNubmeN00b

    MenoNubmeN00bDay ago


  13. andresplayz

    andresplayzDay ago

    when I saw white beater I just said hi and he killed me lol

  14. Shadow Wolf

    Shadow WolfDay ago

    I'm going on full screen bois, good luck to me

  15. Jadden Merculief

    Jadden MerculiefDay ago

    Nice palm tree

  16. Matcha Ch.

    Matcha Ch.Day ago

    Jay's ponytail is bomb

  17. Kenma’s 10thGameconsole

    Kenma’s 10thGameconsoleDay ago

    I love How Chill how he Sounds In the Beginning bit in the End Hes all Scared

  18. Kurapika is now Drowning

    Kurapika is now Drowning2 days ago

    I went on the same website and they gave me a deeper voice than jay- I’m 16💀

  19. Hayo

    Hayo2 days ago

    Bruh jay looks like a pineapple 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Shut up salty a*s kei Like bruh

    Shut up salty a*s kei Like bruh2 days ago

    Love your hair

  21. Edmond Bushaj

    Edmond Bushaj2 days ago

    What game is fake

  22. Lala Funny

    Lala FunnyDay ago

    @Nagito Komaeda make no sense what

  23. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito KomaedaDay ago

    That made no sense

  24. Lala Funny

    Lala Funny2 days ago

    It not lol

  25. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jesus Gonzalez2 days ago

    Wack hair

  26. Omotola Odunsi

    Omotola Odunsi2 days ago

    This is a set up I've seen people on the same thing with the same people

  27. ᴍʀ. ʟᴇᴛʜᴀʀɢɪᴄ

    ᴍʀ. ʟᴇᴛʜᴀʀɢɪᴄ2 days ago

    Bro I tried it and the end where it shows your personal info really freaked me out even though I knew it was gonna happen-

  28. currentlyplaying withhaleyscum

    currentlyplaying withhaleyscum2 days ago

    Hey u didn’t tell me how scary this will be

  29. Pamela Herold

    Pamela Herold2 days ago

    the persons comment behind me and infront of me are both good people no matter what they commented. :D

  30. mark moen

    mark moen2 days ago

    Jay makes scary games funny

  31. Grim Fate

    Grim Fate2 days ago

    I love that mario sunshine palm tree that you got on to head

  32. Night of Shadowz

    Night of Shadowz3 days ago

    I see everyone is gonna question the mini palm tree growing on Jay's head?

  33. Limitless

    Limitless3 days ago

    Bruh what is this thumbnail?

  34. 15kDess

    15kDess3 days ago

    ayo jay watchu doin with a palm tree on your head

  35. Eter Gogichidze

    Eter Gogichidze3 days ago

    U are so skeard

  36. Tj Hurt

    Tj Hurt3 days ago

    Why doesn’t jay act like this in the horror games

  37. David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez3 days ago

    What's with that pomtree

  38. Magica Dreamy Milky

    Magica Dreamy Milky3 days ago

    0:44 I Died Laughing 🤣😂💀

  39. kirumi._tojox

    kirumi._tojox4 days ago

    Sam: Hope you can hear us Jay.. Jay: Shut up KISDJFIDS I LOVE THIS GUY

  40. Superkingcrafter Boy

    Superkingcrafter Boy4 days ago

    Scary i,saw someone played this

  41. Kammi38

    Kammi384 days ago

    We all love Jay’s palm tree

  42. F4D_Y

    F4D_Y4 days ago

    some random kid: AHHAHAHAHAHAH PINE TREE HEAD jay:you fool. Im the quiet kid.

  43. briangracie

    briangracie4 days ago

    Where did you get the palm tree dubi,Hawaii,or a pond

  44. s t a l k e r

    s t a l k e r4 days ago


  45. Lunas home And family

    Lunas home And family4 days ago

    Stop playing around please there is an urban legend in Mexico where there's this man who died is looking for his kids

  46. ace was r an option

    ace was r an option4 days ago

    Me: *goes on it* Also me: *in school*


    WHATZxHATNIN4 days ago



    WHATZxHATNIN4 days ago

    ahhhh ahhhh no no NO noooo9


    WHATZxHATNIN4 days ago



    WHATZxHATNIN4 days ago

    ahhhhh ammmmmmm auuuuuu hhhhhh

  51. Kimberly Dumas

    Kimberly Dumas4 days ago

    :my sister: i want to go to a beatch with black sand or somthing :me: dont worry just go on jays head......................btw it was just a joke i dont mean it and your that dude

  52. game master

    game master4 days ago

    Hey nice palm tree

  53. Hannah W

    Hannah W4 days ago

    Has anyone else notice it’s always the same people???

  54. Dev_il

    Dev_il5 days ago

    uuh lauren made this video and it had the people the exact same their all j robots😨😨

  55. Marcus Kenny

    Marcus Kenny5 days ago

    pineapple head

  56. yellow sus

    yellow sus5 days ago

    Ariana:*dies* Jay:wanna play some among us

  57. Yo Mom

    Yo Mom5 days ago

    Bruh a girl made a vide on the thing the last girl is bad

  58. Yo Mom

    Yo Mom5 days ago

    It a video

  59. Yo Mom

    Yo Mom5 days ago

    It a loop for every one The thing it a loop for every one

  60. ParisLegend

    ParisLegend5 days ago

    Lookin like a fresh pineapple 🤣

  61. Roxana Florea

    Roxana Florea5 days ago

    Can you react to our tweet

  62. thebesto 180

    thebesto 1805 days ago

    Lollipop actually cool this was fun I really enjoyed this creepy and funny

  63. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan5 days ago

    The palm tree killed meeee😭😂

  64. Savage Here

    Savage Here5 days ago

    First of all everyone body do this every time in videos when people do this when it’s the same

  65. Katy Daniels

    Katy Daniels6 days ago

    Jay your hair is cute

  66. Nightmare King

    Nightmare King6 days ago

    Jump scare plays Ad : PLAY FOR REAL CASH

  67. Abigail Aguirre

    Abigail Aguirre6 days ago

    * wait see this (( shakes head as a lil thing bumps around )) that’s the sound of my fricking pea brain wiggling around my freakin skull.*

  68. alfa stein

    alfa stein6 days ago


  69. Snøw Muffīns

    Snøw Muffīns6 days ago

    This is fake It happended to me too all the vocies are same that was in the vid(expet jay) All they wanted was to see and try to get your private information as fast as they can. -_-

  70. Tuodgy

    Tuodgy6 days ago


  71. Mr Mega oof and iqmxsmsj

    Mr Mega oof and iqmxsmsj6 days ago


  72. Mr Mega oof and iqmxsmsj

    Mr Mega oof and iqmxsmsj6 days ago

    Take this lollipop is good game its dark and fun nice game :)

  73. Red Boy

    Red Boy6 days ago

    Who live in a pineapple under the sea? fans: *Jay!!*

  74. Mark Herrera

    Mark Herrera6 days ago


  75. Dripp Hills

    Dripp Hills6 days ago

    coconut head-

  76. Owl's Mood

    Owl's Mood7 days ago

    Bro why did that actually fit Jay's mouth?

  77. Ghusoon Ali

    Ghusoon Ali7 days ago

    Sophia is laughing 👁👃🏻👁 👋🏻 👅

  78. Ash

    Ash7 days ago


  79. Ash

    Ash7 days ago

    I tried Lali pop in the freak me out the whole night

  80. Todoroki Shoto

    Todoroki Shoto7 days ago

    I love the music- it was really nice

  81. Alexis

    Alexis7 days ago

    I took this site and almost got arrested

  82. AnonymousFlames

    AnonymousFlames7 days ago

    Personal info?

  83. Cannoli Wave Studios

    Cannoli Wave Studios8 days ago

    Jay got his own tropical vacation

  84. Lunar-eclipse MoonWolf

    Lunar-eclipse MoonWolf8 days ago

    Welp he should sing the coconut song while he has that hair tbh

  85. Lunar-eclipse MoonWolf

    Lunar-eclipse MoonWolf8 days ago

    Lol why he talking about a freaking palm tree on his head XD

  86. Sayaka Igarashi The lesbian queen

    Sayaka Igarashi The lesbian queen8 days ago

    Ariana reminds me of Oka and the person that killed her was Ayano 👁👄👁💧

  87. Stop stop

    Stop stop8 days ago

    ISTG I HATE MY TEACHER when Jay was next I heard ticking from my room and I got up quickly turns out it was the teacher trying to talk in online class I hate her she made my soul go away from my hody

  88. Carolina Tamayo

    Carolina Tamayo8 days ago

    It’s the same one?!

  89. Orange

    Orange8 days ago


  90. Jose Espinoza

    Jose Espinoza8 days ago

    Did you get the palm tree from the Beach

  91. lylakgirl

    lylakgirl8 days ago

    Ayoo 4.25 in that shut looks like the old guy from Monster house

  92. Voltaire Tukay

    Voltaire Tukay9 days ago

    i hope you all know this is fake. when you look up other people going on this website, the same people pop up and its forcing you to use your camera therefore can gain lots of info about you. if your willing to go on this website, stay safe.

  93. Sienna Brice

    Sienna Brice9 days ago

    What’s up with your palm tree dude 🌴😂

  94. Darla Garcia

    Darla Garcia9 days ago

    hehhehe....little baby tree....hehehhe

  95. Ivan And Nova

    Ivan And Nova9 days ago

    I just watched laurens vid and there were same ppl

  96. Kaileen Ruff

    Kaileen Ruff9 days ago

    I got a free website ad before this

  97. boba gaming

    boba gaming9 days ago

    There is an island on jays headddd

  98. sobabear_

    sobabear_9 days ago

    Me and my friends played this game a few days ago lmaoo

  99. Just Dairy

    Just Dairy9 days ago

    I love how everyone thinks that it's real at the start shsbhsbs Also Jay, the info at the end was fake. The only real thing was the country you live in. Lol.

  100. Dane Kyrie Santos

    Dane Kyrie Santos9 days ago

    Don't scream

  101. Blitz Valentine

    Blitz Valentine9 days ago

    Anyone else get "Unfriended" vibes?

  102. Lina Masrie

    Lina Masrie10 days ago

    jay sophia is not a real person im not kidding its only to make you scared

  103. josephomar3

    josephomar310 days ago

    It looks grate

  104. Vanny OwO

    Vanny OwO10 days ago

    Me: watch’s someone else doing dis... Me: also It’s the same people that I saW in the laSt VID

  105. Maddison Gibson

    Maddison Gibson10 days ago

    He didn't even notice the razor blade in the lolly