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  1. ana :p

    ana :pDay ago


  2. Teh Long Pang

    Teh Long PangDay ago

    This is just a guess but....... Why do I feel like Chiaki killed Nagito?

  3. LilYoshi

    LilYoshiDay ago

    Me when Jay when into the warehouse: *Panic mode activated*

  4. valhunter97

    valhunter97Day ago

    I think there was a saying: "No one hates Danganronpa as much as its fans"

  5. samm ôwô

    samm ôwôDay ago

    nagitos birthday is my mum's birthday too :(

  6. Rexer

    Rexer2 days ago

    No no no monimi didn’t think that nagito was going to die and once he did she was like “you crossed the line

  7. fight3r Mast3rYT

    fight3r Mast3rYT4 days ago

    im sorry did monokuma just make an undertale refrence(hajime used call sonia but nothing happened)

  8. Melinda Daet

    Melinda Daet3 days ago

    I don’t think so because danganronpa 2 was released before undertale

  9. Via Rose

    Via Rose4 days ago

    Jay and Nagito have the same birthday :O

  10. Nika Nika Nii

    Nika Nika Nii5 days ago

    Number one rule of Danganronpa: *Don't get attached ro the characters* *_I am now drowning in an indescribable despair_*

  11. Meet Jasmine

    Meet Jasmine6 days ago

    Is he even gonna play danganronpa v3 anymore after this..

  12. It’s_herwoah

    It’s_herwoah7 days ago

    Has any one mentioned the third game

  13. Lucky The Cat Channel

    Lucky The Cat Channel7 days ago

    Jay: Sobbing Taka and Mondo: Are we a joke to you?

  14. YourFandomsRandomPotato ;-;

    YourFandomsRandomPotato ;-;7 days ago

    after nagitos death we're very angry. lets just go straight to ultra despair girls and we'll be able to see him again and be happy

  15. keshaun grider

    keshaun grider9 days ago

    me being non affected by nagito's death.

  16. Zelda!

    Zelda!9 days ago


  17. Nxito x

    Nxito x9 days ago

    hold up a sec please, let me cry my face and soul off,

  18. Idkifyoucanreadthislol Gacha princesse

    Idkifyoucanreadthislol Gacha princesse9 days ago

    8:25 Jay really said The bombs are bad [inaudible language] I cant stop playing that over and over Lol

  19. Ladygirlmomo

    Ladygirlmomo10 days ago

    Spolier 31:37. Jay ultimate despair moment

  20. help

    help10 days ago

    His killer is gonna die a brutal death and I know it _😃_

  21. Katya Gomez

    Katya Gomez10 days ago

    He really did Fuyuhiko's voice like that

  22. Kashi

    Kashi10 days ago

    Anyone else notice there's a yandere simulator video in the queue?

  23. BlackXKuro

    BlackXKuro10 days ago

    I wonder if Kubz has seen Danganronpa 3 anime yet? He'd probably love the anime

  24. Whysabela

    Whysabela10 days ago

    Jay and Nagito both have the same birthday no wonder Jay connected to him spiritually ,mentally, and physically

  25. stephanie leyva

    stephanie leyva11 days ago

    F in the chat for a fallen Nagito 😔😔😔😔

  26. ༺ᴛꜰɪᴍɴᴏᴛʏx༻ weebs

    ༺ᴛꜰɪᴍɴᴏᴛʏx༻ weebs11 days ago

    Tbh I love nagito HAHA 😂

  27. AJcooper28

    AJcooper2811 days ago

    Hajime barely gave a shit

  28. Katotoki Randomness

    Katotoki Randomness11 days ago

    spoilers Jay, if you play Ultra Despair Gorls, you can see your Naggie Waggie again

  29. Doi Hellings

    Doi Hellings11 days ago

    He has the same reaction as when I found out Nagito died. I was so mad I threw my Monokuma plush at the floor lol

  30. Gaming Grill

    Gaming Grill12 days ago

    Jay usually makes danganronpa videos about a hour and half long ya know he's hurt when he makes it only 40 minutes

  31. Kittie B

    Kittie B12 days ago

    Saving this time cuz it's my fave scene: 31:07

  32. Puppyxchu

    Puppyxchu12 days ago

    I’m sorry jay, but you’ll definitely see him in ultra despair girls ❤️

  33. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda12 days ago

    ...Im rewatching and I screamed and cried when I saw nagitos death again and my brother looked at me like: “wtf is wrong with you?” And I’m like “you wouldn’t understand” and he just looked at me concerned-

  34. Ricardo Samaniego

    Ricardo Samaniego13 days ago

    31:33 - You can hear the true fear and anger

  35. vilizolet ツ

    vilizolet ツ13 days ago


  36. Cory Bunales

    Cory Bunales13 days ago


  37. Valkun Studios

    Valkun Studios13 days ago

    Please please PLEASE play Daganronpa3!! I’ll share it to ALL my friends!! Like this comment if you AGREE!!! 👍

  38. からさきKati

    からさきKati14 days ago

    My heart hurts. For Nagi-wagi and Jay. Bye.

  39. Captain FrostyPaws

    Captain FrostyPaws14 days ago

    i love how much jay simps for nagito.

  40. kathyy_edits

    kathyy_edits15 days ago

    31:25 exactly my reaction! I cried for hours when i played it😔

  41. Atowaku Emii ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ

    Atowaku Emii ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ15 days ago

    Fuyuhiko: It's not like it's gonna rain or anything- *sprinklers turn on* Fuyuhiko: *OH*-

  42. Eliansuki El Gamer

    Eliansuki El Gamer16 days ago

    Don,t wory he apears again

  43. Marissa Flores

    Marissa Flores16 days ago

    Spoiler I wonder if we will like Kokichi

  44. Yummy Marik

    Yummy Marik16 days ago


  45. yes D

    yes D17 days ago

    Spoilers Technically the traitor is Hajime

  46. Yummy Marik

    Yummy Marik16 days ago

    Everyone one is traitors except chiaki

  47. DieNeue13

    DieNeue1317 days ago

    Damn I felt how hard that shocked him

  48. Art Ninja

    Art Ninja17 days ago

    Woah woah woah, Nagito shares the same birthday as me- 🙄

  49. //KXTHZ

    //KXTHZ18 days ago

    26:50 _Fire sprinkler goes off_ Kazuichi the dumbfuck: *...Its raining?*

  50. Cassiøpeia Røsewøød

    Cassiøpeia Røsewøød18 days ago

    I think I'm in love with Nagito Komaeda...

  51. Chuuya's Ghost

    Chuuya's Ghost18 days ago

    ... ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

  52. Crystal Moon

    Crystal Moon18 days ago

    Jay is officially on an emotional rampage. lol.

  53. Mitsuki Yuzuki

    Mitsuki Yuzuki18 days ago

    I love Nagito with all my heart and his death literally made me stop playing the game for a while until I got over it😭

  54. Mitsuki Yuzuki

    Mitsuki Yuzuki18 days ago

    Megumi Ogata's song is about Nagito and his relationship with Hajime. I also cry when I think about how Nagito sees Hajime as his hope(ye call me emotional but I love my bb Nagito😭❤️)

  55. Sonia Nevermind

    Sonia Nevermind19 days ago

    Same i hate it

  56. DXG Fire

    DXG Fire19 days ago

    It’s wierd mike and Jays reaction are so wholesome Mike: it’s not nagito Jay: GODDAMMIT WHY

  57. Ryokork

    Ryokork19 days ago

    31:21 D e a t h

  58. Stella Bella

    Stella Bella20 days ago

    Nagito? More like Nagi-please-no.

  59. Stella Bella

    Stella Bella20 days ago


  60. Smiley Face

    Smiley Face20 days ago

    I’m sorry Jay.. I knew you’d be sad, this death hurt me too-

  61. Crimsontiger133

    Crimsontiger13320 days ago

    Get rekt Jay. Finally lost your favorite character and just now showing signs of life. What happened to the "on to the next" mentality?

  62. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda20 days ago

    SPOILERS (anime and the end of the game) I still cry everytime I see his death.. the fact that he didnt want to die alone but he still killed himself without having anybody in his life.. he was all alone. Honestly the ending to the Danganronpa 3 anime makes me so happy seeing that he's alive and even being treated kindly by all the Remnants. He deserved better and at the end... he got better :)

  63. silverlightings

    silverlightings20 days ago

    31:30 jays reaction to um someone’s death- haha

  64. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair20 days ago

    35:50 wowww lol

  65. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair20 days ago

    28:04 wow lol

  66. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair20 days ago

    26:42 haha loll

  67. Kitten Litten

    Kitten Litten20 days ago

    why is April 28th so legendary? when I looked it up it just said a couple of wrestlers were executed nothing interesting. :/

  68. Jam

    Jam19 days ago

    because jay and nagito have the same birthday

  69. Nicola Cosker

    Nicola Cosker21 day ago

    I know u dont want to play anymore but Plz do a series on v3

  70. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair21 day ago

    2:05 haha loll

  71. C r y i n g C a t

    C r y i n g C a t21 day ago

    I'm so done with this game, I'm crying so hard...

  72. AngelX198

    AngelX19821 day ago


  73. JackTheMango

    JackTheMango21 day ago

    Wait until he sees a certain someone in NDRV3's death No Spoilers, but whoever played NDRV3 must know

  74. That cheese fluff

    That cheese fluff21 day ago

    I FELT THE SAME WAY WHEN HE DIED This is like super relatable when I played danganropa for the first time

  75. Gucci Tae Plays

    Gucci Tae Plays22 days ago


  76. Lewd CuzNewd

    Lewd CuzNewd22 days ago

    Wanna bet the femur breaker scream broke out from Nagito?

  77. 『Honey Boxz』

    『Honey Boxz』22 days ago


  78. Certainly11 Suspenseful22

    Certainly11 Suspenseful2222 days ago

    38:49 Me, with picture-in-picture on, looking at Nagito r34: ...

  79. Nevaeh Renee

    Nevaeh Renee22 days ago

    now you have to play ultra despair girls after this

  80. It’s Sangwoo

    It’s Sangwoo22 days ago

    No one.... Me: *Laughing my ass because I know what is gonna happened*

  81. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami23 days ago

    31:59 OMG I'M CRYING RN-

  82. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami22 days ago

    I've been crying for 35 minutes :(

  83. Ariel Yearwood

    Ariel Yearwood23 days ago

    This is why you don't get attached to characters.

  84. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami23 days ago


  85. Benny

    Benny23 days ago

    Honestly I expected him to end the episode right away-

  86. Omgisthataunicorn ._.

    Omgisthataunicorn ._.23 days ago

    Danganronpa 3 u should play it

  87. Centrillination X

    Centrillination X23 days ago


  88. Chloe Sandifer

    Chloe Sandifer23 days ago

    Let this be a lesson to you: don’t get to attached to the characters in Danganronpa

  89. mckenna hardy

    mckenna hardy23 days ago

    nagito ur fav character????? nah he gonna like kokichi even more (if he plays(hopefully))

  90. Yummy Marik

    Yummy Marik16 days ago


  91. kenmaswife :D

    kenmaswife :D23 days ago

    Akane: “Look inside” Fila ad: its my time 😈

  92. Kenma Kozume

    Kenma Kozume23 days ago

    I am currently now **sobbing** as a first timer watching this ✨

  93. MIK-A

    MIK-A24 days ago

    My birthday is at april 28, destiny has brought us together 🤤

  94. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin24 days ago

    i thought nagito was our main man and couldnt die like kyoko or byakuya

  95. Zus

    Zus24 days ago

    Urgh! My heart broke when I saw Nagito's body T.T

  96. BlackGalaxy Otis

    BlackGalaxy Otis24 days ago


  97. I need a life Tehe

    I need a life Tehe24 days ago


  98. I need a life Tehe

    I need a life Tehe24 days ago


  99. lilbrocken

    lilbrocken24 days ago


  100. Kjeana Forde

    Kjeana Forde24 days ago

    Is anyone else relieved that they don’t watch Jay in front of their parents because of this moment specifically?: 7:55.

  101. Romi

    Romi25 days ago

    So i kinda came late and I'm wondering on how the hell Monokuma is back- We saw in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and we found out that Junko Enoshima was Monokuma And Junko Died by a punishment So how is he back? I'm so confused can someone help- or is this Monokuma just a robot-

  102. Here we go Again

    Here we go Again25 days ago

    Everyone so sus Idk who’s gonna kill or anything anymore

  103. AC NH

    AC NH25 days ago

    I like how monokuma did a Pokemon reference lol

  104. yeety ImsBananaツ

    yeety ImsBananaツ25 days ago

    31:28 body discovery

  105. Barney

    Barney25 days ago

    31:29 bad stuff happends

  106. TheWeirdYouTuber

    TheWeirdYouTuber25 days ago

    Wait until u play v3