Free Random games is back and the first game is a Great Value Michael Jackson hee-heeing his way into your heart and not in a good way,
the second game is basically the movie saw, but with Pigs (Pigsaw) leave a LIKE for more!!
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  1. MD24 Clips

    MD24 ClipsDay ago

    5:24, well some say he's a smooth criminal

  2. Eva Angie

    Eva AngieDay ago

    Jay being chased. Jay want to lose him. Jay goes to the dark MJ lost him. Jay be flashin lights on and off.. Jay be chasin again..

  3. Yashica Nayal

    Yashica NayalDay ago

    Am I the only one still worried about the tabby cat with three legs? Just me? Mk..

  4. Yashica Nayal

    Yashica NayalDay ago

    I feel bad for Jay.First the toilet lid and now the gates. Everytime he plays a horror game,one or the other non-living thing sells him out.

  5. Anthony Xavier Wolfe

    Anthony Xavier WolfeDay ago

    The “OH GOD” when Jay is on the track before the train/subway comes, cracked me tf up😂😂

  6. Wolfynn Senpai

    Wolfynn Senpai2 days ago

    Jay : *I CAN'T* - *I CAN'T* Me and my Crackhead : *I CAN'T , I CAN'T, BABY BEANS-*

  7. Jasmen Stoos

    Jasmen Stoos2 days ago

    I play among us so much I almost posted gg after the video

  8. Laquisha Samuels

    Laquisha Samuels4 days ago

    J can you star doing Rolblx

  9. Laquisha Samuels

    Laquisha Samuels4 days ago


  10. Epic Mickey1234

    Epic Mickey12344 days ago

    Everybody RELAAAAX!!!

  11. Look I am not your mom but I am your mom Okay?

    Look I am not your mom but I am your mom Okay?4 days ago

    *My dude do be wearing Michael Jackson’s smooth criminal clothes.*

  12. Ardy Fransua Diwa

    Ardy Fransua Diwa4 days ago

    It's The soul of MJ. He lived on

  13. shouto todoroki

    shouto todoroki6 days ago

    I got in a huge fight with my grandma an accidentally cussed twice then she called me names and I said "no U" then my brother hit me and she over here acting like she knows how I feel?! Yeah right, shes just mad that I have more anger than anyone elses shes ever met.

  14. OwO ARMYY

    OwO ARMYY6 days ago

    The fact that not only did I get jumpscared by Jay screaming but my Siri just turned itself on, it’s 1 am 😭

  15. CJ STAR

    CJ STAR6 days ago

    *Michael Jackson is that you?*

  16. Sarah Collins

    Sarah Collins6 days ago

    I was eating a chimichanga at 33:06 😂

  17. Demon Ascended

    Demon Ascended6 days ago

    I love how he’s screaming at everyone else to relax while he’s panicking

  18. platnum icecube

    platnum icecube6 days ago

    *Watch out Jay!! He's gonna collect your Knee-hee-heecaps* 👀👀

  19. Minecraft Nerd

    Minecraft Nerd8 days ago

    I watched this days ago and now I cant stop having nightmares about it so now ima finnish it

  20. Alon Aguirre

    Alon Aguirre8 days ago

    Free random games is an excuse to have amazing free content

  21. DaisukeT

    DaisukeT9 days ago

    oH gOd

  22. Izabellah Robson

    Izabellah Robson9 days ago

    Me; sees the phrase "Game 2" Also me; "I-" silence, "Did the bunny get eaten tho?"

  23. Suzanna Tharp

    Suzanna Tharp9 days ago

    Jay: "STOP! STOP! STOP IT!!!!!" The game: I'm just going to chase you and make you mad heheheeee Me: "yes totally yell at the game he will definitely stop..." =-=

  24. Nagisa Satsuki Deku's Waifu

    Nagisa Satsuki Deku's Waifu9 days ago

    It's El Hihi!

  25. Lovely_ Luke

    Lovely_ Luke9 days ago

    2:25 when yo momma is about to beet yo ass up..

  26. Annie 1736

    Annie 173610 days ago

    12:59 Jay's scream scared me more than the actual killer xD

  27. Dante 9067

    Dante 906710 days ago

    I just love when he says a series where I find a random games out there and looks at the left of the screen

  28. Arianna Delicata

    Arianna Delicata10 days ago

    If you ask me the dude looked like Jeff the killer

  29. Axtism • - •

    Axtism • - •10 days ago

    Ive seen the jumpscare so many times but it still gets me wtffff

  30. m_e_r_c_y_

    m_e_r_c_y_10 days ago


  31. tabitha cohn

    tabitha cohn10 days ago

    Jay hit high notes higher than Great Value MJ ever could

  32. ÜÑÎ Tūbę

    ÜÑÎ Tūbę10 days ago


  33. Quinton

    Quinton10 days ago


  34. Jay Cookie

    Jay Cookie10 days ago

    2:24 💀💀💀💀the scream-

  35. Moon

    Moon11 days ago

    bruh Jay's screams are the scariest part of watching this XD

  36. Soha Aijaz

    Soha Aijaz11 days ago

    he appeared outta nowhere! how!? that is el creepy! CREEPY!!!! CREPPY I TELL YA! CREEPY! my heart, my heart can't take it. dude, this game scary as heck, my heart can't be played with no more.

  37. RM 9454

    RM 945411 days ago

    That" WTF. "Was the BEST.... LOL XD at ( 5:21)

  38. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez11 days ago

    domplays Had played the second game and if for some reason it took him longer than you it feels like you’re doing better than him now

  39. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez11 days ago

    This feels like if Michael Jackson played joker the first game

  40. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez11 days ago

    2:25 It looks like Michael Jackson’s running after you

  41. colby doyle671

    colby doyle67112 days ago


  42. Alyfun 4ever

    Alyfun 4ever12 days ago

    The game: "You can't leave bunney behind" Jay be like: Fook the bunny I have Micheal Jackson's sleep paralysis demon chasing me

  43. Haley Barker

    Haley Barker12 days ago

    I feel like horror game creators should make a game dedicated to Kubz scouts. The flashlight should be called "Complimentary Horror Game Flashlight" And sometimes the subtitles should say "A scary ass hallway" Make it funny and scary and tag Jay- HE NEEDS IT

  44. killua chops

    killua chops12 days ago

    that thing screams: HEEHEE im scared ;-;

  45. Kyanite14

    Kyanite1412 days ago

    3:30 This, kids, is why you always look both ways before crossing the street... subway.

  46. Lia Katez.

    Lia Katez.13 days ago

    Dang that was the most highest "hey I'm jay from the kubz scoutz" I've ever heard lol

  47. CrIs X

    CrIs X13 days ago

    Jay I love you heehee 😉

  48. Music Playlists

    Music Playlists13 days ago

    why was there a peppa pig ad

  49. Serenity Ellis

    Serenity Ellis14 days ago

    I know yall saw his hot cheeto fingers in the intro

  50. Robin Foust

    Robin Foust14 days ago

    bruh the first game literally made me anxiety crazyyyy

  51. Sean The Geetar Player

    Sean The Geetar Player14 days ago

    I like that ENERGY MY BOY

  52. XxShadowxX

    XxShadowxX14 days ago

    However many times Jay said "OMG" is how many people are existing.

  53. Ariana Flores

    Ariana Flores14 days ago

    The facts that he knows who bad bunny is OMG this is why I love jay

  54. Rainbow Sisters

    Rainbow Sisters14 days ago

    Jay :Goosebumps On His Goosebumps

  55. Carl S

    Carl S14 days ago

    What audio track is that at 0:15 ? It's 🔥

  56. Squirrel Girl

    Squirrel Girl14 days ago

    2:23 That is the best scream I heard from Jay so far.

  57. Rioushka

    Rioushka14 days ago

    just 2 mins in the video and it already scared the sh*t out of me

  58. TheWalking Phantom

    TheWalking Phantom14 days ago

    Me: then why are you playing a game that you have to be chased. Jay: I have to give what you guys want, *Freaky sound effects* GREAT VALUE MICHEL JACKSON!?

  59. O Kay•1922 years ago

    O Kay•1922 years ago14 days ago

    2:23 I tried skipping and I swear to God I paused and saw ur face About to scream

  60. Peachitai

    Peachitai14 days ago


  61. Jordyn Surfus

    Jordyn Surfus15 days ago

    The way he chases after jay is too funny 😂

  62. The3queens Cjn

    The3queens Cjn15 days ago

    I liked this part Jay” he can’t get me, he can’t get me…” Great value mj” *splat noise* Jay *disappointment

  63. x F U N T I M E S シ x

    x F U N T I M E S シ x15 days ago

    3:30 Don't mind me

  64. lølä aftøñ

    lølä aftøñ15 days ago

    Jay: DONT TURN Around... Just a sec later:WHAT THE F*£# Me laughing hard*

  65. Miyo Sasaki

    Miyo Sasaki16 days ago

    3:28 - 3:50 I cant- xD stop laughing at this-

  66. Joseline Ruiz

    Joseline Ruiz16 days ago

    no one: jay: i like ya cut g me: LMAFOOO 😭

  67. Jay Four4

    Jay Four416 days ago

    At 2:30 he could of Probably Juked him

  68. Lord-_-Grxen Failure

    Lord-_-Grxen Failure16 days ago

    Jay 2020 Has Been Tough Plz Don’t Lose Ur Voice And Stay Safe

  69. Rachel Kalmokoff

    Rachel Kalmokoff16 days ago

    When Jay said “HE DOESNT HAVE A TICKE-“ and MJ came in anyway

  70. AnimeChanii UwU

    AnimeChanii UwU16 days ago

    were do you find these games bro O.O and i love your vids ^^

  71. Irsha Shahzad

    Irsha Shahzad17 days ago

    My lil bro is a big fan of you he loves your videos I'm a fan too your videos are the best

  72. Benjamin Hernandez

    Benjamin Hernandez17 days ago

    Me: drinking juice sees *that clown*Also me:SPITS JUICE OUT*

  73. trouvallix

    trouvallix17 days ago

    He can’t even get me- *dies* *breaks pc*

  74. trouvallix

    trouvallix17 days ago

    When the class is too noisy and the teach is like: 2:04

  75. Beatriz Ramos

    Beatriz Ramos17 days ago

    Jay, I don't know if you're going to see this, but THANK YOU! Thank you so much! You make my quarantine better, with lots of laughs and positivity. You are such a kind soul, even with the bad situation that the world is right now, you always suceed at bringing a smile to me and all of your subscribers after a rough day. You are my favorite youtuber!

  76. Abby

    Abby17 days ago

    jay: 4:19 me: you have spoken too soon-

  77. Catto

    Catto17 days ago

    Jay: is getting chased by a killer Also jay: I LIKE YOUR CUT G

  78. Emo cat boy Garfield

    Emo cat boy Garfield17 days ago

    The first game kinda reminds me of this legend thing about a train in Japan idk I recommend researching it it’s fun to learn about!

  79. Donnell Wiggins

    Donnell Wiggins17 days ago

    Unsubbing for the gratuitous yelling


    YTOZZYWRLD Bye18 days ago

    I like your cut g slaps 👏👏👏

  81. Destiny Sings

    Destiny Sings18 days ago

    13:00 i am not proud to say ✨I pooped my pants✨

  82. Daniel Melton

    Daniel Melton18 days ago

    7:44 Kub:He's not gonna eat you i promise....I'm gonna eat you first :)

  83. NSC

    NSC18 days ago

    why doesnt he say”buckle the fuccckkkk up” anymore?

  84. Stephanie Chan

    Stephanie Chan18 days ago

    I saw El Hee Hee :0

  85. SV mshp

    SV mshp18 days ago

    13:01 really scared the sh8 out of me 💀

  86. mirnix ace

    mirnix ace18 days ago

    Wheres the jumpscare list makers?

  87. Gacha FruitPop

    Gacha FruitPop18 days ago

    I think we all know the vegen teacher made game 2

  88. Bob Bub

    Bob Bub18 days ago

    you're the best gamer i know, starting and finishing good games to the end like it's NOTHING u rlly THAT DUDE JAY

  89. Peaches cooter Lice

    Peaches cooter Lice19 days ago

    Jay you gotta play sister location!! I know it isn’t a free random game but I would love to see you play it!

  90. _Almond Milk_

    _Almond Milk_19 days ago

    Jay:"its like I'm shaking my ass for this money!!" (I dunno if I got it right) Me in my living room with my whole family and 7 year old brother: **turns volume down slowly*

  91. moonlight sunshine

    moonlight sunshine19 days ago

    Jay: "he can't even get me!" Also Jay: (dies about one second later)

  92. CherryBomb

    CherryBomb19 days ago

    My biggest pet peeve is how Jay keeps Turning around

  93. Nevil SB

    Nevil SB19 days ago

    He played a 2d game once which was exactly like that pig butchering game

  94. Gwan Lee

    Gwan Lee19 days ago

    2:26 killed me

  95. supermattres

    supermattres20 days ago

    jay: gose down the subway oh guys he give me the hehehe begebis :great value jackson IMA GET YOU jay:YOU CANT GET ME mr jackson: i got you HEHE

  96. Nathan Millsaps

    Nathan Millsaps20 days ago

    Baba boi

  97. bakugousstepsister

    bakugousstepsister20 days ago

    he save the bunny :D

  98. Devonte Melton

    Devonte Melton20 days ago

    whats the website for free random games

  99. • S u n s e t _ s u e n i •

    • S u n s e t _ s u e n i •20 days ago

    Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jay:🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭

  100. • S u n s e t _ s u e n i •

    • S u n s e t _ s u e n i •20 days ago

    Jay:I like your cut g

  101. My Artsy Academia

    My Artsy Academia20 days ago

    If he’s a Great Value Micheal Jackson and he turned around so smoothly I guess you could say he was struck by a smooth criminal