Free Random games is back and the first game is a Great Value Michael Jackson hee-heeing his way into your heart and not in a good way,
the second game is basically the movie saw, but with Pigs (Pigsaw) leave a LIKE for more!!
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  1. Mystery-Chan Group?

    Mystery-Chan Group?2 days ago

    I don’t like getting chased either, I even remember playing tag in a house with someone and I got so scared I just hid and waited


    ILLUMI3 days ago

    Y am I just seeing this now this is funny as hell

  3. L I N K

    L I N K3 days ago

    13:01 I was so scared I stubed my toes Help

  4. yumifox&deathdreambrothers

    yumifox&deathdreambrothers3 days ago

    Jay:EVERY BODY relaxed your not just so you know XDD(hee hee)

  5. TheGalaxyBunny

    TheGalaxyBunny4 days ago

    Jay is the ultimate: no you hang up and then when you hang up he shows up at your house to smack the shit out of you for hanging up

  6. born2shine4ever

    born2shine4ever4 days ago

    I hated how spastically you kept turning around, it made me dizzy I couldn’t enjoy the scene. 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. KSper

    KSper5 days ago

    big poms

  8. Brenna Maria

    Brenna Maria6 days ago

    I like the pig game

  9. corpse fan

    corpse fan6 days ago

    "YoU hAvE a fLaChLiGhT" Jay:"more like flesh light" I'M FLIPPING DIEING OF LAUGHTER

  10. Salmon Bacon

    Salmon Bacon7 days ago

    Hee hee michael jackson

  11. Txddy bear Plays

    Txddy bear Plays8 days ago

    Me: *Casualy skipping the jumpscares* Also me: *Lands on a jumscare* Also me: * screams* My mom:* SWEETIE ARE U ALRIGHT* Edit: me: *NO IM NOT ALRIGHT I JUST SCREAMED *

  12. IDrinkJuice-:

    IDrinkJuice-:9 days ago

    KubzScout:Has a flashlight Flashlight:𝗬𝗼𝘂“ 𝗹𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 𝘂𝗽“ 𝗺𝘆 𝗹𝗶𝗳𝗲.

  13. cxriloz

    cxriloz9 days ago

    at 3:16 it sounded like kokichi"s laugh

  14. Ali`a Stephens

    Ali`a Stephens10 days ago

    Jay in mocking voice: WhY dIdN'T YoU SaVe ThE BuNnY Jay 2 minutes later: where's the cage key

  15. Weem Wom

    Weem Wom10 days ago

    I can already tell jays gonna like kokichi

  16. Harron Avelgert P Mariscal

    Harron Avelgert P Mariscal12 days ago

    this video make me jumpy

  17. ToriFaere

    ToriFaere13 days ago

    I think this is the only video that he's played on 3 random horror games that actually had all good games.

  18. Kamado

    Kamado14 days ago

    "Imma eat you first." WHATDIDHESAYYYYY

  19. ɪᴅɪᴏᴛɪᴄ ᴋɪᴛᴛʏ

    ɪᴅɪᴏᴛɪᴄ ᴋɪᴛᴛʏ15 days ago

    Thumbnail:** Man Chasing Jay ** Me: He looks like Michael Jackson, Is he the undead (This is before I clicked this video by the way.)

  20. slushlieee

    slushlieee16 days ago

    5:50 :)

  21. Ba Ba

    Ba Ba16 days ago

    me trying to find the hero in the comments that noted the jumpscares:

  22. SomeFurry Girl

    SomeFurry Girl16 days ago

    I like that part where he just turned and then OME WHAT IS THAT AHHHH

  23. Ginger Ale

    Ginger Ale16 days ago

    The first thing that came to mind when i saw the thumbnail was " Look at this MJ wannabe. "

  24. SueRin Huh

    SueRin Huh17 days ago

    Where can I find this game, please?

  25. Meet Rosita the cute doggo :3

    Meet Rosita the cute doggo :318 days ago

    5:22 when my mom send me to sleep and I am looking at my phone and I hear my mom coming at 4:00 am xd

  26. AlexTheGMachine

    AlexTheGMachine20 days ago

    2:46 Jay: *hits return button* Me: he hit the ad button! Thanks Jay!! ❤️

  27. slushlieee

    slushlieee20 days ago

    anyone else die when he said he had a stroke or just me

  28. K Alver

    K Alver21 day ago


  29. Typicalness

    Typicalness22 days ago

    5:17 he really put his hand above his eyes looking for him LMAOO

  30. Daniel Gunde

    Daniel Gunde24 days ago


  31. LAD Heart08

    LAD Heart0825 days ago

    I have a question can yall handle jumpscares??? Honestly i can barley because im a stone face but on the inside i have a mini heart attack

  32. Kariana Jerome

    Kariana Jerome25 days ago

    Me:*spills my chocolate milk on me* Also me:man I fucked up again *Another jump-scare* Me:why wtf

  33. Kariana Jerome

    Kariana Jerome25 days ago

    Me:*spills my chocolate milk on me* Also me:man I fucked up again Another jump-scare:why wtf

  34. Slushee :3

    Slushee :326 days ago

    bruh Jay was freaking out for no reason in the start of the first game ;

  35. Serenity Dugar

    Serenity Dugar27 days ago

    sad jay faces make me so upset but i dunno why

  36. Reygan Kelly

    Reygan Kelly29 days ago

    me getting scared everytime jay screams

  37. Pro Gamer

    Pro GamerMonth ago

    I forgot this is Free Random Games

  38. you got no jams

    you got no jamsMonth ago

    I don’t know about any of y’all but at 13:01 my freaking heart droopppped!

  39. Devil Kitten

    Devil KittenMonth ago

    The title thooooo😂😂😂😂

  40. xbuttercup

    xbuttercupMonth ago

    oh shit here we go again

  41. Tiffany Tato

    Tiffany TatoMonth ago

    The title should have been “Footage of me ugly crying bc i was being chased by Michael Jackson”

  42. Hanami._.

    Hanami._.Month ago

    The bunny in the game be like: (\___/) || (O^ O ) || (U U )O || ------------------ why must u hurt me in this way??

  43. Angelina Letterel

    Angelina LetterelMonth ago

    Lol they spelt bunneyu wrong 😑

  44. Brittney

    BrittneyMonth ago

    Is it me or does jay look like he got done eating some hot chips before making the video lol, in the beginning his finger pointing at the camera just looks like he did

  45. XxTheRamenQueenxX

    XxTheRamenQueenxXMonth ago

    Jay yelling: " YOU GOTTA RELAX, YOU GOTTA RELAX" Thing that's chasing him: *silent* Me: Jay you good fam?

  46. Isabel Turner

    Isabel TurnerMonth ago

    game:(loud noises) Jay: EvErYbOdY cAlM dOwN! also jay: Freaked the f-ed out

  47. Jemella Hazlewood-Owens

    Jemella Hazlewood-OwensMonth ago

    Im trying to watch this and i cant 😭😭😭

  48. Sophia Kerr

    Sophia KerrMonth ago

    The music in the beginning reminds me of the movie Coraline 😂

  49. Moon Light

    Moon LightMonth ago

    i like the way when he said is that him lol best erorr ever

  50. ꧁Berry Blu꧂

    ꧁Berry Blu꧂Month ago

    So this is how the pigs feal Scary u-u

  51. Saphirecat322 Isme.s

    Saphirecat322 Isme.sMonth ago

    17:51 me and my social anxiety whenever I have to talk to anyone

  52. lenni

    lenniMonth ago

    5:17 my favorite moment

  53. Madi Games

    Madi GamesMonth ago

    3:31 - *"OH GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!"* I CANTT 😭😭😂❤

  54. Lubeless

    LubelessMonth ago



    I LIKE YO CUT GMonth ago

    Hiya! To all my peeps who get spooked easily, jumpscares are at: 2:17 2:30 4:03 4:36 5:20 8:07 9:33 10:09 13:00 16:50 19:40 20:24 23:00 25:04 25:37 27:54 30:30 Hope this helps!

  56. Ikamado

    IkamadoMonth ago

    “She told me her name was kill me”

  57. Kubzscouts fan

    Kubzscouts fanMonth ago

    Moooo hi jay

  58. Speedy And Friends

    Speedy And FriendsMonth ago

    Jay: Attempts to use logic against the game. The Game: 14:08

  59. chill out

    chill outMonth ago

    Jay: did you see how smooth that was?! me: cause he's a smooth criminal 🤣

  60. Wilson Graniela

    Wilson GranielaMonth ago

    Jay in the first game u look Small😂😂😂😁😁👌👌

  61. Wilson Graniela

    Wilson GranielaMonth ago


  62. Rhea'sGamingWorld

    Rhea'sGamingWorldMonth ago

    3:30 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  63. seeRa

    seeRaMonth ago

    This is like little nightmares exept it's not little nightmares😂👍

  64. Khadijat Yinusa

    Khadijat YinusaMonth ago

    Jay: OMG god stop! Me: I’m out 🤷🏾‍♀️

  65. Victorya Ferrara

    Victorya FerraraMonth ago

    hey jay what type of music do u listen to ?I've been watching u for 3 years and I still cant figure it out.

  66. Zelderlyn Yatar

    Zelderlyn YatarMonth ago

    That feeling when u thought no one could get u but someone already did

  67. flodereign!

    flodereign!Month ago

    24:07 what sp word? 😭

  68. Tay

    TayMonth ago

    “The only ugly crying face is mine!”LMAO

  69. I’m Your Hope

    I’m Your HopeMonth ago

    I literally squealed like a pig when he was getting chased by the robot pigs- 😣 it hurt my throat 😂

  70. Em Marzan

    Em MarzanMonth ago

    2:23 LOL i was kinda scared but i was also laughing

  71. ABBI LM

    ABBI LMMonth ago

    This might happen in the future tho , because Japan's scientest created hybrid half pig half human.😨 Edit:Sorry if I have spelled something wrong

  72. π That One Idiot In Life π

    π That One Idiot In Life πMonth ago

    He was like : wwaitt. I- I like -- ya CUT G

  73. Glory of Cosplaying

    Glory of CosplayingMonth ago

    He smooth criminaled it.

  74. Trenton Tillery

    Trenton TilleryMonth ago

    jay:you got to relax bro you got to relax ahhhhhhhhh

  75. candy pink Juby

    candy pink JubyMonth ago

    I am scared to play these games but wacth jay play these game is make me fell less scared and he us very funny so it make less scary love wacth your video jay ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️☺ And jay is that........ DUDE

  76. Naveah Avila

    Naveah AvilaMonth ago

    oml i died like my soul left my body at 4:44 when he said this no no no! i like ur cut g!

  77. cosmic return2

    cosmic return2Month ago

    "Oh God!!!!! Sorry ladies and gentlemen." 😭😭😂

  78. Fuego Neeko

    Fuego NeekoMonth ago

    Game 2 looks dope reminds me of old school horror games

  79. Sharksn Weed420

    Sharksn Weed420Month ago

    Game: ("creepy music getting higher ") Jay: waow stop! Game: (" creepy music stops")

  80. Sharksn Weed420

    Sharksn Weed420Month ago

    Jay: I hat being chast Me: same yo

  81. Lil Moon

    Lil MoonMonth ago

    POV: you play horror games on your phone and every time you get chase and die you freak out and swipe off of the horror game... Is it just me??

  82. Johnny Depp and Crona lover

    Johnny Depp and Crona lover2 months ago

    The first game looks like the joker movie?😳

  83. Kimmy Av

    Kimmy Av2 months ago

    Jay: I like your cut g great value micheal jackson: tehehehehe

  84. Natasha Mbindu

    Natasha Mbindu2 months ago

    jay every time he gets a shot gun : I GOT A SHOTTIE FOR THESE THOTTIES!!!

  85. The Grim Reaper

    The Grim Reaper2 months ago

    Nothing scared him at first...... Then the train came

  86. Ms. Harris

    Ms. Harris2 months ago

    Jay : laughs while saying he can't me look at the way great value mj run he can't even get me Also jay not even 2 seconds later:dies but he still can't get him😂

  87. Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl

    Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl2 months ago

    8:10 Jay: "YOU GOTTA RELAX!!!" Mandy: "You just gotta believed!"

  88. Scherbyetz

    Scherbyetz2 months ago

    It's unsettling to know that NYC actually has many abandoned stations like this

  89. ¿ monkii ?

    ¿ monkii ?2 months ago

    My anxiety just went up.

  90. Barry Scott

    Barry Scott2 months ago

    He be looking like Michael Jackson

  91. Khaotic Sanctum

    Khaotic Sanctum2 months ago

    I take it you didn't like tag as a kid Jay?

  92. Jayde Chung

    Jayde Chung2 months ago

    Me trying to read a book to class: 5:50

  93. • Sunny RH •

    • Sunny RH •2 months ago


  94. Woof i!

    Woof i!2 months ago

    I bet that the guy in the train station was a fan of the channel for a long time, and knew he hated being chased. So he did it anyways.

  95. Scarlet Menendez

    Scarlet Menendez2 months ago

    Jay:he cant get me here he needa a ticket Mj:kills Jay Jay:BRUH WTF HELPP

  96. Ralph Gabriel Chua

    Ralph Gabriel Chua2 months ago

    2:25 please click here for the first scream of the video

  97. Borsi Hannah

    Borsi Hannah2 months ago

    Jay:he’s gonna get hit by that train! Great value Mj: * teleports behind jay * Hi Me: Oof The bunny: well at least he won’t eat me.

  98. Scarlet Menendez

    Scarlet Menendez2 months ago

    Jay:I LIKE YA CUT G Great value Mj: Nahh its my turn kills Jay Jay:shit

  99. Sophie_ Da_ Foxy

    Sophie_ Da_ Foxy2 months ago

    Jay: “He can’t even get me!” *turns a tiny bit* Michael Jackson Dude: “aRe yOu sUrE?!”

  100. biilardsDropEmOff

    biilardsDropEmOff2 months ago

    jeff hardy in a white suit

  101. Gloria Saenz

    Gloria Saenz2 months ago

    Jay: heh he can’t get me 1 second later thing kills Jay