Friday Night Funkin' But Ruv & Sarv Have A Son & He's Already Getting On My Nerves (3 FNF Mods)

In this episode of Friday Night funkin, we play the Mid-Night Masses Selever mod, I didn't even know Ruv was clappin cheeks like that. Then we have the salad fingers mod and lastly we have the Chara mod, leave a like for more dope episodes of Friday Night Funkin!
Friday Night Funkin Selever Mod:
Friday Night Funkin Salad Fingers mod:
Friday Night Funkin Vs Chara mod:
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  1. ahmed hany

    ahmed hanyHour ago


  2. [FNF] neo boyfriend

    [FNF] neo boyfriendHour ago

    bip boop beep

  3. [FNF] neo boyfriend

    [FNF] neo boyfriendHour ago

    imma call you robert now.

  4. Nickeisha Adams

    Nickeisha Adams2 hours ago

    The brother of the lemon demon 😂

  5. Rye Arkin Montes

    Rye Arkin Montes2 hours ago

    POV: they are country humans ruvs russian and sarvente is a indian and selevers country japan

  6. Melinda Difuntorum

    Melinda Difuntorum2 hours ago

    Play starecrown FNF

  7. Robertbruh

    Robertbruh3 hours ago

    Wtf my name is literly Robert

  8. Adriana Borodski

    Adriana Borodski4 hours ago

    Jay I'm offended you don't know who Chara is, she's from a game called Undertale and I suggest u play it

  9. YukaCross

    YukaCross4 hours ago

    I'm starting to wonder how Salad finger's VA did his voice

  10. The ultimate Simp

    The ultimate Simp4 hours ago

    1:24 .....I am embarrassed rn because I couldn’t do that

  11. Rhed Gaming03

    Rhed Gaming035 hours ago

    Chara is from undertale and megalo strike back is a remix

  12. •《Oii Chee》•

    •《Oii Chee》•4 hours ago


  13. Joseph The Miracle

    Joseph The Miracle6 hours ago

    If you like the chara one the try playing undertale or look it up in my opinion I really like the music

  14. Frost :D

    Frost :D7 hours ago

    My man doesn't go to the hardest difficulty "Alt". Yall should try playing it on alt mode

  15. Gerard Henry Singson

    Gerard Henry Singson7 hours ago

    its a kids video man dont say b*tch

  16. philippineball mapper

    philippineball mapper7 hours ago

    Sarv and ruv having not a kid Their sis and bros

  17. Undyne Undying1

    Undyne Undying18 hours ago

    Never thought someone would be able to make Salad Fingers even more creepier than what he already was.

  18. Koala koke

    Koala koke8 hours ago


  19. sld ǝɯ oʇ qns

    sld ǝɯ oʇ qns9 hours ago

    fnf slever mod is basically: HAHAHAHAHA SELVER IS TOXIC KID HE'S MAD

  20. Aloha -

    Aloha -9 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about how sick the chara mod is?? it’s literally so cool and it looks insane

  21. HappyLittle Raincloud

    HappyLittle Raincloud9 hours ago


  22. Gage Galla

    Gage Galla10 hours ago

    When Jay is uncultured

  23. `•Mama Funneh {krew}•'

    `•Mama Funneh {krew}•'10 hours ago

    Is it the real son or- sarvente's brother?

  24. miss amber night

    miss amber night12 hours ago

    Keep up the nice work we love your videos :)

  25. Elle Wong

    Elle Wong12 hours ago


  26. Official Cringe ;-;

    Official Cringe ;-;12 hours ago

    "Just call me bob" Royale High players: ODHIHBZDIJNUGYHKNDBGHC

  27. Girl -doggy-

    Girl -doggy-12 hours ago

    (Jay when he sees Razazy) Jay: What is that?

  28. Girl -doggy-

    Girl -doggy-12 hours ago

    ROBERT IS THAT YOU!? Dont Worry I'll still call you jay!

  29. Yousuf Khan

    Yousuf Khan13 hours ago

    By the way selever is a girl looking by the heels and ponytail leave a like if u agree

  30. Muffin Puffin

    Muffin Puffin11 hours ago

    Not every long haired character is a girl or wears heels like riddle rosehearts he wears heels or silver he is long haired or vil

  31. Ronin

    Ronin13 hours ago

    9:25 we always gotta throw sans in these undertale mods somehow

  32. Stella

    Stella13 hours ago

    The fact that jay doesn't know who chara is 😟

  33. 『•AʟEx•』

    『•AʟEx•』13 hours ago

    The fact that salad fingers was also my childhood

  34. waggy Byk

    waggy Byk13 hours ago

    Dude that demon flipped you off >:(

  35. waggy Byk

    waggy Byk13 hours ago

    Dude that demon flipped you off >:(

  36. Sylvana Belgrave

    Sylvana Belgrave14 hours ago


  37. •Blue SarventeYT•

    •Blue SarventeYT•14 hours ago


  38. Noah Campbell

    Noah Campbell14 hours ago

    fun fact : selever s every move had a middile finger up

  39. Gamer pro

    Gamer pro14 hours ago

    Did you know that the hand that is holding the mic is flipping you off?

  40. Amara Slade

    Amara Slade14 hours ago

    Jay: This good song Selever: *Cutely does Middle Finger*

  41. XuluX

    XuluX15 hours ago

    Sel looks like a character from hazbin hotel

  42. Alessandro Salinas

    Alessandro Salinas15 hours ago

    Nobody is talking how he said "chara" and "megalo" wrong. Her name was accepltable but when he said "megalo" wrong, my body's soul just felt pain

  43. Liseth Tehuitzil

    Liseth Tehuitzil16 hours ago

    He saying bad words

  44. Ugnė Bogužienė

    Ugnė Bogužienė16 hours ago

    Does anybody know the chatacters are COUNTRY HUMANS? The cringe

  45. Muffin Puffin

    Muffin Puffin11 hours ago

    Just because the characters look like country humans doesn't mean it is country humans

  46. Aceh

    Aceh16 hours ago

    bro this man gotta finish undertale pls bestie

  47. Adrian Soto soto

    Adrian Soto soto16 hours ago

    Then he does the right arrow he does the middle finger LOL

  48. Night Fall

    Night Fall16 hours ago

    E boy demon wow

  49. siman LOL

    siman LOL16 hours ago

    That's my sister

  50. Osvaldo Ramirez

    Osvaldo Ramirez17 hours ago

    How come no one saw that he got s rank

  51. Levi Ressa

    Levi Ressa17 hours ago

    the chara mod hurt (care-ah) (meh-geh-low) megelo is not a person chara is a she

  52. Muffin Puffin

    Muffin Puffin11 hours ago

    I mean a lot of people pronounce chara's name as cha-ra or care-ra or ca-ra

  53. Gabrielle Obinku-Brody

    Gabrielle Obinku-Brody17 hours ago

    Her name is actually car-a

  54. kingdom destroyer

    kingdom destroyer17 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how chara pulled out the save at some point?

  55. Isaiah Johnson

    Isaiah Johnson18 hours ago

    play it on alt nad befor eseay

  56. Lãzìē

    Lãzìē20 hours ago

    I just realized selever is flipping him of with the right Note,but he didn't care-

  57. AW0K3N

    AW0K3N20 hours ago

    ok the first mod is over charted ngl

  58. elsie tangente

    elsie tangente20 hours ago

    R.I.P for people who didn’t know robert was first name of kubz scouts Edit: why don’t you play the vs neon mod (not neo)


    EVANGELINE FLORES20 hours ago

    Btw while selever aka the son of sarv and ruv is ummm pointing his middle finger at u

  60. Bronwyn

    Bronwyn20 hours ago

    bro his face when he really sat and listened to Salad Finger’s voice I CRIED skkdfbkf

  61. bill nye the overlord guy

    bill nye the overlord guy20 hours ago

    Robert. Vs Chara is undertale

  62. Ruvyzvat

    Ruvyzvat21 hour ago

    dude, your first time, you have only *37 misses*, in my first i had- i don't remeber but i did 2 hours ago him again, that was the 5th time i played and i just got *260 misses* XD

  63. Small Bean

    Small Bean21 hour ago

    I love Bob from the Cube Scouts!

  64. Freaks Duhhh

    Freaks Duhhh21 hour ago

    Selever:april fools bitches!!!!!!

  65. 17xEPICSANS

    17xEPICSANS22 hours ago

    OH F U CHARA YOU KILLED THR SKELETONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 17xEPICSANS

    17xEPICSANS22 hours ago

    Undertale Chara

  67. iiCherrybombii

    iiCherrybombii23 hours ago

    CNN news

  68. Paul the potato

    Paul the potato23 hours ago

    Select fingers but male

  69. Paul the potato

    Paul the potato23 hours ago


  70. Allen Yang

    Allen YangDay ago

    Selever: bi*** Fu** Me: Shut The He** up Robert

  71. ILikeToTalkAlot

    ILikeToTalkAlotDay ago

    Me when i saw Chara: *UNDERTALE-*

  72. C r o s s Playz

    C r o s s PlayzDay ago

    Chara is pronounced (Kara) also chara is non binary like frisk

  73. Konnichiwa ImaDemonSlayerFan

    Konnichiwa ImaDemonSlayerFanDay ago

    XD he knows nothing about Undertale Lol

  74. -fUUriizy ル.

    -fUUriizy ル.Day ago


  75. evil

    evilDay ago

    Hi robert

  76. Sarvente

    SarventeDay ago


  77. Sarvente

    SarventeDay ago

    No one: Selever in the beggining: 😛 ✌

  78. Edwyn Chan Estrella

    Edwyn Chan EstrellaDay ago

    He um did middle finger

  79. Mikołaj Kornacki

    Mikołaj KornackiDay ago

    Hey! This is a female character of undertale, and you call her ''Dude''.

  80. Viva Villarin

    Viva VillarinDay ago

    He's doing the middle finger

  81. Kenna POtpot

    Kenna POtpotDay ago

    sel thinking it’s the end of the world:Boy bye it 2029

  82. DarkSky28

    DarkSky28Day ago

    Day one of asking for Miku mod ;-;

  83. Cherry Brando

    Cherry BrandoDay ago

    Chara: *murders the entire monster race* Bf: “beep” Chara: sure

  84. Lafavini Cali

    Lafavini CaliDay ago

    play fnf vs chara mod

  85. King Amielle

    King AmielleDay ago

    Salad Fingers is kinda creepy because of its voice XD

  86. De. Fox

    De. FoxDay ago

    This guy never played undertale haven’t he

  87. Bulkbus is my username I'm already added

    Bulkbus is my username I'm already addedDay ago

    All Moms want a sweet kid who goes to church Mr.Brat : F you

  88. mikecraft zandblock

    mikecraft zandblockDay ago

    U really need to play undertale

  89. mikecraft zandblock

    mikecraft zandblockDay ago


  90. Kijo Joye

    Kijo JoyeDay ago

    Cause kings spear

  91. Kijo Joye

    Kijo JoyeDay ago

    And king

  92. Kijo Joye

    Kijo JoyeDay ago

    That means she litterly killed undien

  93. Kijo Joye

    Kijo JoyeDay ago

    Cant you see she literly killed sans paypairus flowy and undien's spear

  94. Kijo Joye

    Kijo JoyeDay ago

    Bruh you literly dont know chara

  95. Human Being

    Human BeingDay ago

    *R O B E R T*

  96. Just Soulz

    Just SoulzDay ago

    Jay literally play undertake the whole chakra mod will make sense

  97. Lucky's gaming and animating

    Lucky's gaming and animatingDay ago

    Fnf vs chara showing only the remains of the monsters they killed :D

  98. Jackie Swanson

    Jackie SwansonDay ago


  99. Stephanie Lawson

    Stephanie LawsonDay ago


  100. Zoe Jagla

    Zoe JaglaDay ago

    Lol he asked why the arrows were going so fast YOUR ON HARD MODE JAY OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE FAST IT'S A MODD

  101. The Bunchkins

    The BunchkinsDay ago

    naw just call me bob royale high fans: 👁️ 👁️ 👄

  102. FishyFissy

    FishyFissyDay ago

    Chara is from undertale

  103. Ruvzvat Or Ruv

    Ruvzvat Or RuvDay ago

    *repeatedly slams head against wall* KILL ME

  104. Arlene Aquino

    Arlene AquinoDay ago

    Selever just did the bad finger on you

  105. Snom Nom Nom

    Snom Nom NomDay ago

    The girl at the end's name is Rasazy. She's Selever's sister.

  106. Random Gamer

    Random GamerDay ago

    12:14 He thought it was over chara said: SIKE I LIED