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  1. •Firefly•

    •Firefly•Day ago

    Jay stans nagito so so so hard that he actually sounds like nagito when he voices him :'D

  2. Daphne_Studios

    Daphne_Studios2 days ago

    Today I don't know how it happened but at EXACTLY 12 AM I stopped at 10:00 EXACLY!

  3. Kelleah Bartholomew

    Kelleah Bartholomew3 days ago

    People having on Nagito and blaming jay. Me who thought Nagito was a girl : =/

  4. Tanner Ryan

    Tanner Ryan5 days ago

    Wait... Is Monokuma's Movie "Ultra Despair Girls"? Nagito! Why do you gotta' do my girl Genocide Jack like that!?

  5. Tanner Ryan

    Tanner Ryan5 days ago

    So class A got a the option to be locked in the school and Class B got caught in Despair. Why the heck is their another Lucky Student then?

  6. Tanner Ryan

    Tanner Ryan5 days ago

    🎶We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue🎶 🎵And then we'll take it higher🎵 🎶Oh, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue🎶 🎵And then we'll take it higher🎵

  7. ꧁Hazy•Dreams꧂ Walker

    ꧁Hazy•Dreams꧂ Walker3 days ago


  8. Tanner Ryan

    Tanner Ryan3 days ago

    @꧁Hazy•Dreams꧂ Walker This... hit me harder than I was expecting... 😭😭😭

  9. ꧁Hazy•Dreams꧂ Walker

    ꧁Hazy•Dreams꧂ Walker3 days ago

    I sqeezed out the baby yet, I have no idea who the father is.

  10. Cheyenne

    Cheyenne5 days ago


  11. Danthood30

    Danthood305 days ago

    We’re gonna rock down through electric Avenue

  12. 《 l_u n a r 》

    《 l_u n a r 》6 days ago

    35:36 *Use this as a YAY FUYUHIKO IS ALIVE!! Time stamp*

  13. Ibuki Mioda

    Ibuki Mioda7 days ago

    38:03 sheesh - nekomaru nidai

  14. lauren

    lauren7 days ago

    bookmarking 18:35 bookmarking: 34:51 bookmarking: 40:14

  15. BUbBs

    BUbBs8 days ago

    Akane was getting freaky on a Friday night

  16. ; Fatihah ;

    ; Fatihah ;8 days ago

    legit the comments are mostly about jay likes to hang out with nagito.

  17. Lunar_Pretzel

    Lunar_Pretzel9 days ago

    Fun fact: the video game poster in the movie theater is for Ultra Despair Girls, another game in the danganronpa series.

  18. Tanner Ryan

    Tanner Ryan5 days ago

    I KNEW IT! Man... boring? Why Nagito? Why do you have to do my girl Genocide Jack dirty like that!?

  19. Sky UwU

    Sky UwU10 days ago


  20. Amelia Tate

    Amelia Tate10 days ago

    Nekomaru: I cannot do "it" to you any more! Advert: Here are ten things to avoid when being intimate with a man!

  21. Amelia Tate

    Amelia Tate10 days ago


  22. `greenaliencutie`

    `greenaliencutie`10 days ago

    Omg.. makoto's sister is in the picture 27:56 what is she doing there-

  23. nil

    nil10 days ago

    sHEEEESH today's nagito's and jay's bday, happy bday yall

  24. Yssie

    Yssie11 days ago

    Me, just wondering where the hell's Peko's memorial.

  25. Sophia Degand

    Sophia Degand14 days ago

    17:00 favorite part

  26. ShadowzGamez

    ShadowzGamez14 days ago

    Everyone: Horrified of Hiyoko's work Mahiru from beyond the grave: Yeesh you guys are so insensitive

  27. ぢA N I M E M O O Dぢ

    ぢA N I M E M O O Dぢ16 days ago

    Another,Nagito stan...well it's not like I don't know that,I watched the whole playlist of Jay playing the first one,and now I'm on the 11 part of Jay playing the second one!(happy Nagito face)

  28. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan16 days ago

    That video game poster... that’s an actual danganropa game, I saw it in the ps store.

  29. Essie Playz

    Essie Playz17 days ago

    lol this was posted on my b'day.

  30. Cat Joy

    Cat Joy19 days ago

    I yelled “Alter Ego.” for you Jay.

  31. చ.

    చ.20 days ago

    17:01 *flashbacks to try not to laugh video*

  32. FandomジSanジ

    FandomジSanジ21 day ago


  33. Tree Overlord

    Tree Overlord21 day ago

    Nagito has freaky homeless dude vibes and I'm living for it

  34. Bepis Dog

    Bepis Dog22 days ago

    Jay to Hyoko : I cant wait for her to die a slow and painful death Mikan : *allow me ;D*

  35. katbeanS

    katbeanS22 days ago

    "'it' is probably like the dopest baddest massages." *he knows too much*

  36. katbeanS

    katbeanS22 days ago

    *ultra despair girls poster* hajime: "im definitely gonna buy that." well played, spike chunsoft.

  37. Filthy Casual

    Filthy Casual22 days ago


  38. Binbonbread

    Binbonbread23 days ago

    Now i understand what my friend group has been saying of Fuyuhiko being so week now and its just not the same

  39. LiA

    LiA24 days ago

    *sees title* *drops a like*

  40. Princess Casas

    Princess Casas25 days ago

    I love monomi sm-

  41. _*Mystique. .Exe*_

    _*Mystique. .Exe*_25 days ago

    Hiyoko: there Gonna like it very... very much Me: is she gonna do what she did in the show :0 ( if you don’t know what that is watch despair arc... NOW!)

  42. TotallynotToxic

    TotallynotToxic25 days ago


  43. OK Lemons

    OK Lemons25 days ago


  44. OK Lemons

    OK Lemons25 days ago

    Short angy man getter survive or im gonna run mikan over

  45. H Kinno

    H Kinno27 days ago

    46:42 My favorite part where Jay just stop talking all for that *DING DONG BING BONG BABY*

  46. Null

    Null27 days ago

    Kinda sad that Jay didn't understand the reference to Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls at 32:00

  47. Alexia hailey

    Alexia hailey27 days ago

    Who’s here I’m 2021? 🥺

  48. Rivaille Ackerman

    Rivaille AckermanMonth ago

    My friend sent me Jay x Nagito images- how do i respond-

  49. Qwer Tyu

    Qwer TyuMonth ago


  50. Androssia

    AndrossiaMonth ago

    Nagito the Taurus man i'd date and spend time with he is very likable idk why some dont like him :(

  51. *_Chiaki Nanami_*

    *_Chiaki Nanami_*Month ago

    27:31 idk if you saw this but komaru from the last game is in the bottom right corner :)

  52. SomebodykeepsChangingmynamelol

    SomebodykeepsChangingmynamelolMonth ago

    I gave Nagito a new name HOPE SIMP

  53. ꧁ Kokichi Ouma ꧂

    ꧁ Kokichi Ouma ꧂Month ago


  54. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki NanamiMonth ago

    I’m so sad that monomi is treated rudely in game and in real life 😢

  55. Broken

    BrokenMonth ago


  56. raiiny-towne

    raiiny-towneMonth ago

    32:04 ayy udg reference??? komaru??? ooo

  57. eprogrez

    eprogrezMonth ago

    If I die it’s because I just ate something from my brothers room

  58. Aleks Chilingiryan

    Aleks ChilingiryanMonth ago

    Nagito really looks like he could be Junko's little brother,damn,they really look alike imo

  59. 0310

    0310Month ago


  60. InsaneFace

    InsaneFaceMonth ago

    I think the reason why hiyoko is always mean to Mikan is because she might be a Virgo and its a Virgo trait that they can't take that sob sob helpless attitude.

  61. Yasuhiro Hagakure

    Yasuhiro HagakureMonth ago

    When I realized what Hajime meant by not wanting to play a video game, I spat my orange juice on my laptop-

  62. Animegal 337

    Animegal 337Month ago

    Yo I just realized. On 27:39 there's an add for the danganronpa despair girls. An on there is Naegis sister. It's a hint that that's the game made after

  63. goth fairy

    goth fairyMonth ago

    Nagito: Im useless Jay: no you arent Me: 🙂😚 Mikan: Im useless Jay: *agrees* Me: 😡‼️

  64. Castiel Winchester

    Castiel WinchesterMonth ago

    I just realized that's a poster for Ultra Despair Girls in the movie theater

  65. Nagitos. SmellyFeet

    Nagitos. SmellyFeetMonth ago

    Monomi: exists Jay: Ew

  66. RaNdOm Dr FaN

    RaNdOm Dr FaNMonth ago

    Who saw monokuma and naegi sis in a thing? Me, I saw it, And it took me 5 month to realize

  67. mcy_tae

    mcy_taeMonth ago

    0:11 you don't need to apologize at all. that's nothing to ever apologize for. hiyoko is being so weird, bruh. if that decoration was made to be negative towards mahiru then i bet it'd be hiyoko that did that but if it was made to be positive towards mahiru then it would've _had_ to be gundham that did that because i can only see him doing so, and i love him so much for that. but many of the others would see him as weird for decorating it like that, sadly. and that's what i hate about most of the others. 6:04 oh yeah i had forgotten hiyoko said mahiru was nice to her. 💀 damn. 8:29 he popped up so unexpectedly that my heart dropped to my stomach, bruh. 8:33 OMFG EVEN _HE'S_ ACTING LIKE THAT WTF 😭😭 i didn't expect that sjsowowmwnsak i love his reaction lmfaoaooo wow, i'm really starting to hate usami and mikan now. awe, fuyuhiko is nice. 50:02 omfg- WHAT 50:21 HE DID THAT TO HIMSELF- OMFG WHYYY. NOOOO. 52:14 DAMN OKAY, MY GUY. DUDE REALLY BE DRAMATIC ASF OVER HERE CALLING AKANE WEIRD. 😭😭😭 LIKE BRUH YOU SAID THE WORLD WOULD END IF A SIMPLE EARRING WAS LOST AND YOU CALLED A LITTLE DOG A BIG BEAST OR SOMETHING. THIS IS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT GUNDHAM LMAO 54:00 LMFAOAOO NOT THE TITTY TYPHOON 💀💀✋

  68. NightFlight Studios

    NightFlight StudiosMonth ago

    Mikan: **breathes** Hiyoko: THE *A U D A C I T Y* OF THIS BI-

  69. Esther Basil

    Esther BasilMonth ago

    How did May not notice Komaru\ Makotos did was there

  70. Esther Basil

    Esther BasilMonth ago


  71. Hajime Hinata

    Hajime HinataMonth ago

    “WE STAND NAGITO IN THIS HOUSE” I’m getting that tattoo on my arm

  72. ꧁Hazy•Dreams꧂ Walker

    ꧁Hazy•Dreams꧂ Walker3 days ago

    You? Hijime? Really?

  73. jam maam

    jam maamMonth ago


  74. Aesthetic Elf

    Aesthetic ElfMonth ago

    Ngl I have been crying ever since the last episode-

  75. Gameplay Fun

    Gameplay FunMonth ago

    Fun fact that video game poster in the theater is a actually game it is called Dangonronpa another episode ultra despair girls

  76. christmas despacito

    christmas despacitoMonth ago

    *nagito fans assemble*

  77. ihaveatot

    ihaveatotMonth ago

    32:03 i might sound nuts but dont that girl look like Makoto’s sister back when they were seeing their loved one’s recordings? I looked at the old recording of his family and I realized they look nothing alike lol

  78. Overcooked peanut butter

    Overcooked peanut butterMonth ago

    6:30 not me crying over a game about high schoolers murdering eachother

  79. Oshirote

    OshiroteMonth ago

    that fact the he stans fuyuhiko and nagito...thanks jay, thanks. you definitely get it :')

  80. Treesus R

    Treesus RMonth ago

    32:05 Lol I didnt even notice until seeing a playthrough that this was an Ultra Despair Girls cameo

  81. Stellar Kirbo

    Stellar KirboMonth ago

    Anybody see komaru at 27:35

  82. Hiccup Haddock the gamer

    Hiccup Haddock the gamerMonth ago

    Hajime: he thinks the bad luck hapenning right now is just a preparation for good luck Me : is called being optimistic, Hajime, something you will never learn

  83. Hiccup Haddock the gamer

    Hiccup Haddock the gamerMonth ago

    Jay: we stan Nagito in this house. Hajime: I don't think so

  84. mikan tsumiki

    mikan tsumikiMonth ago

    jay is a nagito and fuyu stan- we love this dude

  85. sugaraddict

    sugaraddictMonth ago

    27:36 is that Komaru 😨

  86. Lucille Neubauer

    Lucille NeubauerMonth ago

    It's danganronpa not dunaunroonpa

  87. Zenia Hurtado

    Zenia HurtadoMonth ago

    we stan nagito lice boy

  88. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

    Fuyuhiko KuzuryuMonth ago


  89. Ĝlïţçĥ Ĝāñĝ

    Ĝlïţçĥ ĜāñĝMonth ago

    Does no one else see that 7th island sign?

  90. glass mermaids

    glass mermaidsMonth ago

    How did jay not notice all of the monokuma dolls in his room??

  91. shian

    shianMonth ago


  92. Prone_Navy

    Prone_NavyMonth ago

    Definently a girls writing....Font

  93. AJcooper28

    AJcooper28Month ago

    13:23 Nagito just said the same thing smh

  94. /Darkside\

    /Darkside\2 months ago

    Fun Fact: The Poster in the Movie Theater is of Komaru Naegi (Makoto's Sister) from UGD (Ultra Despair Girls).

  95. Nikki Harris

    Nikki Harris2 months ago

    I stan any nagito stan!

  96. Dark Thunder066

    Dark Thunder0662 months ago

    Isn't that girl on the sign in the movie theater Mokoto's sister?

  97. Crzyblood

    Crzyblood2 months ago

    I can’t wait for Jay to meat kokichi

  98. Kokichi's kinnie -3

    Kokichi's kinnie -3Month ago

    yeah i can't wait gonna finish this first before heading to dvr3😩😩

  99. Alora Woodlan

    Alora Woodlan2 months ago

    Jay "I can't wait till it's her time to die" Game "your wish is granted"

  100. Emily D

    Emily D2 months ago

    Honestly Nagito is that kind of character that you love and hate at the same time. Similar to Byakuya. Like they have truely loveable moments and moments where you are just like "SHUT THE HELL UP"

  101. - * - U n c l a i m e d G a r b a g e - * -

    - * - U n c l a i m e d G a r b a g e - * -2 months ago

    Legit though I loved this vid because of jay choosing to hang out with nagito. Also, I will never forgive hiyoko for making my precious fuyuhiko slit his stomach open. 😡

  102. Liam Agramonte

    Liam Agramonte2 months ago

    Mikan: Speaks. Hiyoko: you dare open your filthy mouth, you slave?

  103. Basil

    Basil2 months ago


  104. chiaki nanami

    chiaki nanami2 months ago

    actually I officially *HATE* hiyoko and I am a fuyuhiko kinnie

  105. Ultishade

    Ultishade2 months ago

    28:11 Kamaru is that you

  106. ・Energy Drainer・

    ・Energy Drainer・2 months ago

    They decided to explore the island when Chiaki said it, but Nagito said the exact same thing beforehand (`´)

  107. シ Stupidly As Leøn シ

    シ Stupidly As Leøn シ2 months ago

    I Feel Gundham would Be very Excited to see What Hiyoko created, Looks like a ritual and you know how Gundham is with rituals-