I HAVEN'T LAUGHED THIS HARD ALL YEAR (I Cried) | Try To Make Me Laugh (Fan Submissions)

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  1. Daniel Obodo

    Daniel Obodo33 minutes ago

    Not funny didn't laugh

  2. elizabeth moonlight

    elizabeth moonlight34 minutes ago

    Jay don't copy strike my vid but uh I rec a part of u vid

  3. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya37 minutes ago

    I’m going to be honest I didn’t laugh at any of these I’m so sorry most people won’t believe me but I just there was nothing funny I laughed at that Hunter X Hunter one and that’s it

  4. Ivan Rivera

    Ivan Rivera5 hours ago


  5. こんにちは

    こんにちは15 hours ago

    when he doesnt know hxh

  6. Kudo Shinichi

    Kudo Shinichi22 hours ago

    I hate when people send you tik toks I really hate tik tok

  7. Lê Minh Đức

    Lê Minh ĐứcDay ago

    1:02 disgusted toast was here

  8. A Cup Of Tae

    A Cup Of TaeDay ago

    I was today years old when I found out Jay is a 30 year old Filipino-American

  9. Niki Chowder

    Niki ChowderDay ago

    i know it might take more time but would you consider adding cc to your videos?

  10. Mattea Arroyo

    Mattea ArroyoDay ago

    I love Jay’s laugh😂 it’s so contagious Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve actually laughed in months!



    3:18 Jay doesn’t understand this tik tok cause he didn’t watch HunterXHunter

  12. Diladrt3 Roblox

    Diladrt3 RobloxDay ago

    the bread store thing the characters are from hunter X/ anime

  13. diladrt10🌲

    diladrt10🌲Day ago

    Yea I have watched it

  14. Lonely hooman ;-;

    Lonely hooman ;-;Day ago

    dude im just gonna come home one day sad for no dang reason and then ima go on mah laptop and click a video like this then ima just die of luaghter. I swear i can spell i just have a brain the size of a pea-

  15. kadabgamer

    kadabgamer2 days ago

    The let me see them you know was when you found titty typhoon in Danganronpa V2

  16. Kotoha Sakamoto

    Kotoha Sakamoto2 days ago

    Honestly jays comments to these submissions make me laugh a lot more than the submissions themselves....

  17. Avery Kent

    Avery Kent2 days ago

    His laugh made me scared for a minute-

  18. olivia gaspar

    olivia gaspar2 days ago

    Oh yea stop laught so long im infected of your laugh sorry i have two comments = ~ =

  19. olivia gaspar

    olivia gaspar2 days ago

    Im a fan of eddie vr tho and you too and other = _ =

  20. ʏᴇs

    ʏᴇs2 days ago

    I laughed so hard when you checked Benny's account and they had 0 followers I regained my headache from that😔✋

  21. Poppy Dunn

    Poppy Dunn2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks his laugh is the highlight of the day for everyone love you jay

  22. Scarlett Li

    Scarlett Li2 days ago

    Now don't want to eat now

  23. Arcticgalaxy HD

    Arcticgalaxy HD3 days ago

    Wait did he say "it's bigger than his dad's tits?!" WHAT wait I'm confused help

  24. Ěmý

    Ěmý3 days ago

    I made a mistake of only two words: school computer

  25. Tiny T

    Tiny T2 days ago

    Oh no

  26. Sergio Beltran

    Sergio Beltran3 days ago

    Not me looking to see he has a discord

  27. AdoringEli

    AdoringEli3 days ago

    Yo the only thing making me laugh in these videos is jay laughing 😭

  28. Archie Archambeault

    Archie Archambeault3 days ago

    its coryxkenshin

  29. Alvin Gregory

    Alvin Gregory3 days ago

    Eddy vr cake him out

  30. Precious_YT :3

    Precious_YT :33 days ago

    1:36 --- 1:37 😂😂😂 3:17 --- 3:47 _That block don't smell nice_ 8:03 *That's even worse.*

  31. Cozy_Catty

    Cozy_Catty3 days ago

    He attac He protec But most importantly....... He gives me a heart attac Ever time he laugh

  32. EnderMan Productions

    EnderMan Productions3 days ago

    Why y'all play Cory like that lol

  33. Ash _wolf

    Ash _wolf4 days ago

    *laughs* why why why why whyyyy * laughs more *

  34. Lucky Tolliver

    Lucky Tolliver4 days ago

    Your laugh makes it funnier

  35. Sebastian_Where's_My_Tea

    Sebastian_Where's_My_Tea4 days ago

    5:20 that's his special toy... that's lube in there my guy xDD his mom gave it to him for Christmas. this one is my favorite now xdddd

  36. monomono bot

    monomono bot4 days ago

    it do be like that 7:31

  37. CC Urgentpluto 123

    CC Urgentpluto 1234 days ago

    Sir woofers hair

  38. sp1dey 15

    sp1dey 154 days ago

    I haven’t watched you since 2015 good to be back

  39. • Lxzy Kira •

    • Lxzy Kira •4 days ago

    Holy shit i missed jay its been almost a year tho :p

  40. Hooman

    Hooman4 days ago

    *t o m a t o j a y*

  41. Mathew Rudolph

    Mathew Rudolph4 days ago

    This is a reguler ass quorter pownder

  42. Naida Flames

    Naida Flames4 days ago

    Jay you seem very joyful lately did something happen. Whatever it is I'm happy for you. Its good to see you in a good mood.

  43. Elvin Magana

    Elvin Magana4 days ago

    I was a hayna

  44. CB TDA

    CB TDA5 days ago

    2:47 i almost choked on my cheetos

  45. aliweyeh

    aliweyeh5 days ago

    8:28 If only they played the Prowler theme after

  46. Eren Yagar

    Eren Yagar5 days ago

    Am I the only one who laughed so hard on the hunter x hunter one 😭🖐

  47. Precious_YT :3

    Precious_YT :35 days ago

    *_I regret drinking water during this video_* 🤣

  48. Tacticalz Fruitz

    Tacticalz Fruitz5 days ago

    7:50 how dare u not follow toast

  49. Em Rivers

    Em Rivers5 days ago

    I think this is the first time I didn't laugh, giggle, chuckle, smile, giggle from my asscheeks, NOTHING.

  50. Maryfatima Cuenca

    Maryfatima Cuenca5 days ago

    This dude is getting angry and laughing and whatever this fuck up

  51. Natalie Fogel

    Natalie Fogel6 days ago

    I love jays laugh it’s soo cute and makes me laugh every time

  52. Kou Her

    Kou Her6 days ago

    Pff I died 🤣😂

  53. Gacha Nightmare Wolf

    Gacha Nightmare Wolf6 days ago

    1:16 i lve eddievr hes funny as hell

  54. Mariee_Monae

    Mariee_Monae6 days ago

    That Mexican exorcist is Eddi Vr he does scary VR games I watch him sometimes he’s a lot like you jay.


    JOSMARI BAUTISTA6 days ago

    jay gasping Captions: [music]

  56. Galactic Juliee

    Galactic Juliee6 days ago

    seeing jay laugh literally warms my heart so much

  57. Zachery Newby

    Zachery Newby6 days ago

    Somebody needs to send him the tik tok where the guy slaps the dummy and says aye fooker

  58. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki6 days ago

    Why did they do Orochimaru like dat

  59. ka mor

    ka mor6 days ago

    How do I follow Jay on Twitter

  60. Genevieve Panda

    Genevieve Panda6 days ago


  61. SourButter

    SourButter6 days ago

    You can see the bread bank submission Jay is slowly dying inside

  62. SkyFall 01

    SkyFall 016 days ago

    Me: not laughing because of the videos Jay:-cant stop laughing Me:-starts laughung because of Jays laugh,

  63. Corrupted Angel

    Corrupted Angel6 days ago

    Nobody The killer clowns after killing people 2:14

  64. John Cris Sidayon

    John Cris Sidayon7 days ago

    I dont know why some of these videos are not funny but jay laughs at it

  65. John Cris Sidayon

    John Cris Sidayon7 days ago

    I dont know why some of these videos are not funny but jay laughs at it

  66. Oli אולי

    Oli אולי7 days ago

    Damn you have a good evil laugh

  67. Monky With Troll Hair

    Monky With Troll Hair7 days ago

    Travis: 75% ice Me: isn’t that normal cups too?

  68. Mandy Ramos

    Mandy Ramos7 days ago

    Hi Jay

  69. Aurelia Reed

    Aurelia Reed7 days ago

    LMAO: 2.41

  70. x.Kek_ba1.x

    x.Kek_ba1.x7 days ago

    Is sounds like each time he laughs it’s on a loop

  71. Gamergirl 29

    Gamergirl 297 days ago

    The second one I actually watch Eddie. He's the coolest😁

  72. ᴍᴇʟᴏɴᴇʟʟᴀ

    ᴍᴇʟᴏɴᴇʟʟᴀ7 days ago

    8:14 i actually spit out my water

  73. Blueberry Boy 823

    Blueberry Boy 8237 days ago

    You said let me see them t in danganronpa

  74. Dead and Decor

    Dead and Decor7 days ago

    nobody: my brain 24/7: 2:45

  75. Renki The Fox

    Renki The Fox7 days ago

    8:03 Okay hol up-

  76. iAndreihell

    iAndreihell7 days ago

    If Jay would've sent all those memes to me I would've hit him with the block too

  77. Kenma Kozume

    Kenma Kozume7 days ago

    2:23 that hairline ain't receding it's just re-

  78. DTN_DoLo 2

    DTN_DoLo 27 days ago

    It needs to be longer

  79. Rebecka Harris

    Rebecka Harris7 days ago

    -2.00- that’s an evil laugh

  80. Peachy Vibez Aj

    Peachy Vibez Aj7 days ago


  81. lil_x _ninja214

    lil_x _ninja2147 days ago

    This man kept laughing at the Travis Scott meme, I even kept laughing. Keep up the Try Not to Laugh vidz.

  82. Volant Archer

    Volant Archer7 days ago

    2:25 uuuuuuuuu i like your cut G 🖐️👏

  83. Microwave

    Microwave8 days ago

    me: wheezes mom: wtf kid

  84. •nelly n•

    •nelly n•8 days ago

    Hiii jay

  85. •XAesthetic GurlX•

    •XAesthetic GurlX•8 days ago

    the darnest things kubz scouts said through out the year

  86. Bakugo

    Bakugo8 days ago

    Jay: I’m gonna clap for Cory! Me : Clap them C H E E K S (Honestly what the fuck is wrong with me, I came up with this on the top of my head)

  87. Miranda Hammaker

    Miranda Hammaker8 days ago

    I’m waiting for Jay to meet EddieVr-

  88. Nola Taylor

    Nola Taylor8 days ago

    My favorites the MacDonald's one too :)

  89. Ethancrazy 02424

    Ethancrazy 024248 days ago


  90. PriceXNHL

    PriceXNHL8 days ago

    My fav USlikesr :)

  91. Emily Torres

    Emily Torres9 days ago

    Well me in among us

  92. Le s a s s y

    Le s a s s y9 days ago

    7:32 "ive been a fan for 6 yr now" me: *jay started YT 5 years ago*

  93. white crewmate

    white crewmate9 days ago

    7:31 *yea thats ture*

  94. Leo the Yandere

    Leo the Yandere9 days ago

    *t o m a t o b i t c h*

  95. Gabija Uzdraite

    Gabija Uzdraite9 days ago

    Play among us whit the maxiken guy his youtube eddievr plzzzz and the boys

  96. Itx Angie

    Itx Angie9 days ago

    Nobody can ever make me happier that Jay's laugh🤣🤣

  97. Kerumi 101

    Kerumi 1019 days ago

    I laughed at almost all of these

  98. Breyleen Agravante

    Breyleen Agravante9 days ago

    Am not laughing at the vidio am laughing at jay laugh ,🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀

  99. welcomed siren71

    welcomed siren719 days ago

    I am watching this at 11:17 at I'm playing a rougher game

  100. Icyblue_ water

    Icyblue_ water9 days ago

    7:31 That wasn't even that funny

  101. Lucille Neubauer

    Lucille Neubauer9 days ago

    I love you videos jay I also found a yandere simulator glitch 1. Go to roof by Midori 2. Take a picture of her (while she alive) 3. Kill her 4. Show it to teacher She should see a dead body

  102. Romeo Quintana Jr

    Romeo Quintana Jr10 days ago