I HAVEN'T LAUGHED THIS HARD ALL YEAR (I Cried) | Try To Make Me Laugh (Fan Submissions)

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  1. Emmy Reynolds

    Emmy Reynolds38 minutes ago


  2. Monkas

    Monkas6 hours ago

    The mexican excorcist is eddievr

  3. Aiden Madrigal

    Aiden Madrigal11 hours ago

    Brooo not my homie Eddie Vr

  4. Jaze Aidric Amiscua

    Jaze Aidric AmiscuaDay ago

    still laghing for 3 mins lol

  5. Morgan_reads_ To_much_fanfic

    Morgan_reads_ To_much_fanfic4 days ago

    Jay's style is the boys in my 7th grade science classroom

  6. Yaretzi Mancillas

    Yaretzi Mancillas4 days ago

    Im mexican so when the mexican video poped up i Washington like literalmente laghuing so hard

  7. mono is lonely and needs a hug 😭🥺😢

    mono is lonely and needs a hug 😭🥺😢4 days ago

    1:53 that is the most greatest evil laugh I've ever heard

  8. こんにちはイムドリーム

    こんにちはイムドリーム5 days ago


  9. ꧁Frøzēn_Nîghtmarë꧂

    ꧁Frøzēn_Nîghtmarë꧂6 days ago

    Jay really turned into a tomato today guys 😎👌

  10. TheGameingTuber//TGTD Deamond

    TheGameingTuber//TGTD Deamond7 days ago

    8:22 GILF

  11. Geethaps

    Geethaps7 days ago

    sees title:"I HAVEN'T LAUGHED THIS HARD IN YEARS" "when you literally heard jay laughing his ass off in the neighbourhood you live"

  12. Allana Edaño

    Allana Edaño9 days ago

    plsss Jay be making me laugh on sum unfunny things T - T

  13. Aria Rapoza

    Aria Rapoza9 days ago


  14. Edwin Ramirez

    Edwin Ramirez9 days ago

    Ay jay what happened to Cory

  15. Meme Chan

    Meme Chan10 days ago

    Kawaii Jay bean :3

  16. Julie Tunstall

    Julie Tunstall11 days ago

    I luaghed so much that i was crying and it hurt LOLLLL XD

  17. katstoothbrush

    katstoothbrush11 days ago

    I shouldn’t be watching this while I eat

  18. Ander _101

    Ander _10112 days ago

    Jays laugh makes me forget how shitty life is

  19. Abbi Corless

    Abbi Corless12 days ago

    0:50 ?? huh... what did he say?

  20. Vanillious Bean

    Vanillious Bean13 days ago

    Jay doesn't laugh at anything as hard as he laughs at himself

  21. Meep

    Meep14 days ago

    8:22 me to girl me to lol

  22. Adrienne Austin

    Adrienne Austin16 days ago

    I just now thought that Jay should react to EddieVR

  23. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker16 days ago

    2:44 timestamp for me

  24. Kayoko Senpai

    Kayoko Senpai17 days ago

    Why does Jay sound like a Lamborghini..?

  25. EMMA Montelongo

    EMMA Montelongo17 days ago

    I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Joseph McCall

    Joseph McCall17 days ago




    Jays laugh makes me wanna bash my head on the wall like a hammer to a screw

  28. redthecool80

    redthecool8018 days ago

    facts about the mcdonalds pop always 75 to 80% water and ice

  29. LittleBodyBigRat UGLY

    LittleBodyBigRat UGLY20 days ago


  30. Catnip Dealer

    Catnip Dealer20 days ago

    6:21 that voice tho 👌

  31. Izzy Acas

    Izzy Acas21 day ago

    Jay i love your laughs and the mcdonald vud was soooooo funny like i laugh like you Love your videos♡♡♡♡♡

  32. Rei Hi

    Rei Hi21 day ago

    My boy i have been your fan for 6 years now 😏

  33. Chloey Williams

    Chloey Williams21 day ago

    When I saw kurapika and gon 🙂

  34. YaFeelMe

    YaFeelMe22 days ago

    Damn that first submission is legit made me laugh😂😂😂😂

  35. YaFeelMe

    YaFeelMe22 days ago

    When its in the wrong hole

  36. Ratz 愛.

    Ratz 愛.22 days ago


  37. Random STUFF69

    Random STUFF6923 days ago

    69k likes NICE

  38. Random STUFF69

    Random STUFF6923 days ago

    4:50 i dont get it

  39. Kara Nicole

    Kara Nicole23 days ago

    Sometimes when Jay cackles it reminds me of starscream

  40. Maki Harukawa

    Maki Harukawa25 days ago

    3:21 Kurapika? I thought this man was drowning in an indescribable emptiness? - EDIT: THE BALD KURAPIKA PFP 💀👆

  41. Rosetta’s Voice

    Rosetta’s Voice25 days ago

    Legend says Jay is still laughing till this day-

  42. Eva Siverhus

    Eva Siverhus25 days ago

    I feel so bad for the dog

  43. 卞丹回 凵乙凵冊回

    卞丹回 凵乙凵冊回26 days ago

    4:40 She flat as a *BISCUIT*

  44. jay uso

    jay uso28 days ago

    hay i know that mexican its eddie he has a youtube chanle its called eddievr

  45. Mæø the demonic wøłfīe

    Mæø the demonic wøłfīe29 days ago

    Love you jay I support u from russia

  46. PlumpKins

    PlumpKinsMonth ago

    *Me:laughing at jays laugh*

  47. D E A D M E M E 2023

    D E A D M E M E 2023Month ago

    i smell something else ....i smell BULLSHIT

  48. Nyu92

    Nyu92Month ago

    Jay your laugh is amazing. I love watching your videos.

  49. Britney Garcia

    Britney GarciaMonth ago


  50. Kim McGill

    Kim McGillMonth ago

    6:56 caught me off guard more than that one Miles morales thumbnail and it just sent me away to watch The video it came from LMAO 😂😂😂

  51. Marionette

    MarionetteMonth ago

    AnimalCrossingHoe is the best name Jay has encountered from what I've watched. First place is still "Baby Gurl eats Schicken Nuggits" (like if you remember ;-;)

  52. mollie Farrar

    mollie FarrarMonth ago

    You laughing gets me every time 😂😂

  53. 竹村ゆかり

    竹村ゆかりMonth ago

    i was waiting for ms.frizzles W A P but your fans failed me. extra:*tHiS PLaCe iS coLd ANd stINKy*


    FLAMINGO FANMonth ago

    Eddie vr 1:32

  55. Zachary Phillips

    Zachary PhillipsMonth ago

    I saw that video of Eddie in vr

  56. Barry Lynch

    Barry LynchMonth ago

    I laughed

  57. MidnightxClouds

    MidnightxCloudsMonth ago

    why jay’s teeth be lookin like dentures tho-

  58. Enette Hatchway

    Enette HatchwayMonth ago


  59. sam ash

    sam ashMonth ago

    I'm so bad at try not to laugh

  60. taylor MAHON

    taylor MAHONMonth ago

    Jk just jokes boyyyyyyyyy

  61. taylor MAHON

    taylor MAHONMonth ago

    Ur cute 😗🥰

  62. Sandra Kanounji

    Sandra KanounjiMonth ago

    i be havin a shit day and i ain’t even laughing at the mf vid but i laugh cuz of jays laugh i love u man

  63. Isla Bell

    Isla BellMonth ago


  64. Michele Adamson

    Michele AdamsonMonth ago

    Travis Scott: oh and the sprite 75% ice so you ain't doing nothing but drinking water

  65. Judy Bato

    Judy BatoMonth ago

    that’s flatter then the Saturns ring 😀😃

  66. Zakariah Bahaman

    Zakariah BahamanMonth ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! pinche madres wey😂

  67. Đ0Gz 3OOO

    Đ0Gz 3OOOMonth ago

    Why haven't you been cast as the joker yet

  68. Drawing tutorial's

    Drawing tutorial'sMonth ago

    Jay: I'm evrything under the sun. Lol Pedos: wheres my car keys.

  69. Adam Muse

    Adam MuseMonth ago

    It’s the red face for me. Jk I love your vids

  70. Haruka Sato

    Haruka SatoMonth ago

    My shoulder popped out of socket then it popped back in should I call my parents or should I just forget about it

  71. Dallasdoeswrestling

    DallasdoeswrestlingMonth ago

    Go to wendy's 😂😂😂 1:36

  72. ME ME

    ME MEMonth ago

    His teeth looks so straight damnnn

  73. ML NEAT

    ML NEATMonth ago

    4:10 my boy goofy's laugh

  74. Tristan Gore

    Tristan GoreMonth ago


  75. Absolutely Kumot

    Absolutely KumotMonth ago

    3:04 yes u just did lol

  76. Alex V Balbuena

    Alex V BalbuenaMonth ago

    1:37 travis Scott lol I cant stop laughing

  77. i like fricking anime :D

    i like fricking anime :DMonth ago

    i was watching this and started chocking because something was really funny and my walking on me and she said ''what shoes do you want'' i swear she wanted me to respond FAST

  78. •_itz cookie _ chan•

    •_itz cookie _ chan•Month ago

    I laugh to the video but me not laughing to jay's laugh to be honest i dint laugh to jay's laugh i was just laughing to the video but it sayed to the video it try not to laugh but i dint stop to laugh and then i got caugh to laughing so mush btw jay's video is the one make me laugh so i subscribe to his chanel.....U~U UwU

  79. Lanakean Man

    Lanakean ManMonth ago

    5:55 ganryu irl

  80. Teti Febrina

    Teti FebrinaMonth ago

    Oh no im laugh 😭😭😭😭

  81. Ta'Nea Porter

    Ta'Nea PorterMonth ago

    to funny

  82. Arlice Aquino

    Arlice AquinoMonth ago

    Wh- the heck os that p

  83. Xx-psycho_wildWolf-xX

    Xx-psycho_wildWolf-xXMonth ago

    1:47 I mean it is just 75% ice

  84. Jia Maher

    Jia MaherMonth ago

    I know the shortest word ever! Short

  85. David Lim

    David LimMonth ago

    I literally just found this in my recommendation after working out, After the vid I came out with a six pack

  86. Jorgelina Lataza

    Jorgelina LatazaMonth ago

    Cory is in there


    •CHANTED ROBOT•Month ago


  88. ML NEAT

    ML NEATMonth ago

    I was Crying at this part I couldn't breathe and I almost died😂😂😂 2:00

  89. kenzy mohamed

    kenzy mohamedMonth ago

    eddie vr mackes me lagh so much that i cry

  90. Anna Grossius

    Anna GrossiusMonth ago

    Hunterxhunter bruh

  91. It's Frida

    It's FridaMonth ago

    0:11 Wedy

  92. sandwichenter

    sandwichenterMonth ago

    the dog is literally senior woofers v.2

  93. Kian Sarmiento

    Kian SarmientoMonth ago

    That's lately special ed

  94. Rotten Avacado

    Rotten AvacadoMonth ago

    The Travis Scott made me laugh harder them I should have

  95. Cecilia Ramirez

    Cecilia RamirezMonth ago

    Same bro

  96. Nailah Heath

    Nailah HeathMonth ago

    *I love when Jay laughs at himself.*

  97. Jack Monee

    Jack MoneeMonth ago

    1:13 Hey! Eddievr

  98. KidGamerKJG

    KidGamerKJGMonth ago

    1:47 I am so crying

  99. ꧁Bᴜʙʙʟʏ_CʟᴏᴜᴅZ꧂

    ꧁Bᴜʙʙʟʏ_CʟᴏᴜᴅZ꧂2 months ago

    That Travis Scott one is probably from Robot Chicken. I feel like it wrong saying a celebrity's name for some reason.

  100. •GachaDom•

    •GachaDom•2 months ago


  101. Julia Anderson

    Julia Anderson2 months ago

    Jay u neeed to watch eddvr

  102. Laura Orcutt

    Laura Orcutt2 months ago

    1:11 is that Eddie

  103. Laura Orcutt

    Laura Orcutt2 months ago