Friday Night Funkin' But You're A PSYCHO If You Can Beat Whittys Final Form (Full Whitty Week Mod)

Friday Night Funkin' full whitty mod & hex mod with new songs is so dope that my mind is blown
Whitty Mod created by sock.clip, Nate Anim8 & KadeDeveloper:
Hex mod created by YingYang48:

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  1. whitty on youtube

    whitty on youtube35 minutes ago

    hey there.....i can explode

  2. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin57 minutes ago

    i found a new song you could play, its kinda easy but its hilarious, the song is called Boyfriend with a gun ( i think, ill gotta go check ) its from the Friday night Funkin with guns Video

  3. Z9DACT

    Z9DACTHour ago

    Holy shit

  4. Ochiroo Ochir

    Ochiroo OchirHour ago

    Whitty broke beat n its not girlfriend new girl yeahh bravd

  5. Ochiroo Ochir

    Ochiroo OchirHour ago

    Yeahh its so hard whitty broke beat n new red girlfriend

  6. Edward SUN

    Edward SUNHour ago

    Just spam notes

  7. ꧁Alex - Chan! U̸wO̸꧂

    ꧁Alex - Chan! U̸wO̸꧂2 hours ago

    Whitty: **literally about to funkin explode** Gf: *scared for her life* Bf: *i can vibe to this!*

  8. Jubbano

    Jubbano2 hours ago

    Jay went off tho. These songs SLAAAAP

  9. Dalida Alvin Jared S.

    Dalida Alvin Jared S.3 hours ago

    Woah!! I could probably do this! Me : *dies in the first 5 arrows*

  10. シLemon Demonシ

    シLemon Demonシ4 hours ago

    To me I thought that he didn't even know the girlfriend even had legs even tho their in plain sight-

  11. Two Tails

    Two Tails4 hours ago

    the robot is so cute

  12. Gabrielle Prampin

    Gabrielle Prampin4 hours ago

    where do I get the game??

  13. Foxboy_in-2021 and Adrian Cade and Emily

    Foxboy_in-2021 and Adrian Cade and Emily5 hours ago

    People has failed as me plenty of times how dare you

  14. Jekhi

    Jekhi5 hours ago

    Fun fact: even Ai wasn’t enough to keep up with the final song. The ai was at 80% accuracy and 29 misses

  15. Henry Hall

    Henry Hall5 hours ago

    Jay: you’re a psycho if you can beat this! Flippy: welp, guess I’m a psycho

  16. memer mike

    memer mike5 hours ago

    psycho is pro gamer

  17. Psychoguy15

    Psychoguy157 hours ago

    Whittys voice is like a electric guitar

  18. Grant'Os

    Grant'Os7 hours ago

    When you finally get the ps5. 6:25

  19. Vivian Roman

    Vivian Roman7 hours ago

    The fact that 8bitryan beat this on hard mode twice in a row this just shows how fast Ryan’s fingers can move

  20. Lillie halbert

    Lillie halbert9 hours ago

    The boy went super saian as well

  21. _Toast

    _Toast9 hours ago

    All you people are horrified of Whitt while I’m having a nervous breakdown from the standing girlfriend

  22. Austin Dupin

    Austin Dupin10 hours ago

    With enough EQ and sound modifications anything can sound good. Whitty voice lines in a nut shell

  23. Elijah Schissel

    Elijah Schissel11 hours ago

    Jay did you know that you can play as girlfriend Well you can with the rapper girlfriend mod you get to do the same thing but with a girlfriend and then boyfriend would be sitting on the radio but I wonder what boyfriend would look like in this stage or week when you play as a girlfriend I’m just giving you an idea and you can also play through this again but go on easy so you don’t make your fingers bleed because I know how much your fingers hurt and feels like getting stabbed in the heart you’ll feel that like say if I stubbed my toe would I cry yes cause it’s painful but after a while I will get over it and I hope you have a swell day!

  24. clay

    clay13 hours ago

    omg i NEED a hand cam

  25. N J

    N J13 hours ago

    Meet Whitty, the bomb of cosmic destruction.

  26. N J

    N J13 hours ago

    Me to the first song: ☜ (↼_↼☜ ) (☞◡‿◡) ☞ (☞⇀‿⇀)☞ ☜ (◡‿ ◡☜ )

  27. N J

    N J13 hours ago

    (O_O) (o‿o)

  28. itachi uchiha

    itachi uchiha13 hours ago

    My boy,s fingers are destroyd

  29. TheDabzilla1229

    TheDabzilla122913 hours ago

    Whitty is probably my favorite mod any youre right i downloaded him and barely got past his 2nd form, his 3rd form my hand cramped at the beginning.

  30. im yes

    im yes14 hours ago

    Kubz scout would be a great voice actor

  31. Versanity

    Versanity14 hours ago

    Jay screaming like he did in Tokyo.

  32. K1-B0

    K1-B015 hours ago

    Flippy (another channel I watch) beat it with no misses on hard I don’t think they’re human by the way

  33. ECOD kyleskymast

    ECOD kyleskymast2 hours ago

    Didn't Flippy do the exact thing Jay did though?

  34. A random weeb

    A random weeb15 hours ago

    oh my god the-the gf has l-legs! Full ones- ITS SO UNNATURAL

  35. Joshua Eiholzer

    Joshua Eiholzer15 hours ago

    Bomb: demonic screaming, about to kill him Boyfreind thinking hes rapping: 🎵🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎶😯😮😲😯

  36. hamza khan

    hamza khan16 hours ago

    Kubz: "TELL MY MOM I LOVED HER" Also Kubz: *Vibing*

  37. hamza khan

    hamza khan16 hours ago

    "You're a psycho if you can beat whittys finaly form" People who beat whittys finaly form: Maybe I am a psycho.

  38. Jøÿçè Ñįghtçøré

    Jøÿçè Ñįghtçøré16 hours ago

    The key to win is totally smashing your keyboard

  39. CatWithAGun ThatWillKillYou

    CatWithAGun ThatWillKillYou17 hours ago

    7:12 -90 accuracy? tf

  40. Nerdiboy

    Nerdiboy17 hours ago

    Also I think Whitty is having aneurysm... a very, very musical one.

  41. Nerdiboy

    Nerdiboy17 hours ago

    What is this? Japanese Death Metal on Cocaine, Tiger's Blood, and Epinephrine (more commonly known as Adrenaline), THAT'S WHAT!!! Like goddamn Dragonforce combined with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!!!

  42. Danielle Marshall

    Danielle Marshall17 hours ago

    To beat phase 3 play it on easy

  43. A bunch of koociez

    A bunch of koociez18 hours ago

    Whitty final form is XO^ The ps x o and triangle

  44. Anatemori Afternoon Channel

    Anatemori Afternoon Channel18 hours ago

    You need hatsune miku

  45. Nikolaj Djuric

    Nikolaj Djuric20 hours ago

    4:03 jay:stop playing with me Whitty:dont mind if i do




  47. IDespise YouAlot

    IDespise YouAlot22 hours ago

    The girlfriends actually scared? Somethings wrong here.

  48. Tshim Muaj

    Tshim Muaj22 hours ago

    Here’s Jay doing this hard ass shit while I’m getting mad asf on week 2 on hard my ass just suck can’t pass the last song even tho it’s my favorite and everytime I lose I start to hate it more and more and I think it’s probably my most hated song now

  49. DahChi Wah

    DahChi Wah22 hours ago

    Ur should play the roblox version of this game it’s called basically FNF

  50. AspoonBentSlightlyToTheLeft

    AspoonBentSlightlyToTheLeft22 hours ago

    Just bean ballistic on hard today c:

  51. •brownie• •art•

    •brownie• •art•Day ago

    Whitty looks like a character from gumball

  52. • Krista• Nacman •

    • Krista• Nacman •Day ago

    I literally played that mod and I had to put ointment or medicine on my hands since I wasn't able to move my hands LMAOAOA, but eventually I had to rest and not able to play fnf ToT

  53. Chelsea Random Vlogs

    Chelsea Random VlogsDay ago

    I love how shows a split 2nd of the hand cam 😂

  54. lucca Alves Fernandes de Souza

    lucca Alves Fernandes de SouzaDay ago

    Why everytime he loses the character just break all of his bonés?

  55. Lenny_Face 2.o

    Lenny_Face 2.oDay ago

    Jay looks like the type to laugh at his own edits while editing 😂

  56. Khas Dondov

    Khas DondovDay ago


  57. memer mike

    memer mikeDay ago

    so its bombtasic so its hard to

  58. Demon Rabies

    Demon RabiesDay ago

    Jay: "i'm done playing games" Us watching him literally playing a game: *are we a joke to you?*

  59. MrNerd

    MrNerdDay ago


  60. Tyla Decuis

    Tyla DecuisDay ago

    That ugly face I see 12:01

  61. Kevin Le

    Kevin LeDay ago

    Whitty: doing nothing Also Whitty: he got a mental breakdown plus NIGHTMARE MODE along with him being a PSYCHO cuz boyfriend and girlfriend won’t leave whitty alone Btw 3rd level is really just a NIGHTMARE to do because of the amount of notes the person has to press let alone complete it.

  62. Plainrock12Thunder

    Plainrock12ThunderDay ago

    Wittys 3rd forms movement is when you glitch in a game

  63. Dess Lenterna

    Dess LenternaDay ago

    i cant when Jay started spamming the keys 😭

  64. Banana Doppio on Crack

    Banana Doppio on CrackDay ago

    How did his misses go from 4 to 3-

  65. Jake Mathous

    Jake MathousDay ago

    Boy the tables turned the girlfriend used to be chill about a lemon saying hes gonna eat her and now shes terrified and boyfriend just vibin

  66. Fang

    FangDay ago

    The only way I won is being calm😶

  67. Prankest

    PrankestDay ago

    Just to add to the salt, 8-bit Ryan beat Whittys final form in one try.

  68. Haley Boyd

    Haley BoydDay ago

    Bruh i cant even get past girlfriends dad 😭✋

  69. Knox Paton

    Knox PatonDay ago

    him ima god bro i have only 100 missis! that one guy: whitty full week perfict

  70. Skibbow games XD

    Skibbow games XDDay ago

    Kinda strong language but its so rad

  71. TheKawaiiestGamerChan

    TheKawaiiestGamerChanDay ago

    Day 33 of asking jay to wear a turtle neck in one of his videos

  72. James Marchbank

    James MarchbankDay ago

    Kubz: you are a psycho if you can beat whitty final form 8-BitRyan: Maybe I am a psycho

  73. RV0

    RV0Day ago


  74. Alleni Peterson

    Alleni PetersonDay ago


  75. Miguel Moreno

    Miguel MorenoDay ago

    You made him so mad, you piss them off somuch that you live have to face him, maybe you can just leave alone

  76. Crustina

    CrustinaDay ago


  77. Djay T.

    Djay T.Day ago

    "Stop playing with me" final words right before a disaster

  78. Feao latu

    Feao latuDay ago

    Dude you wiping

  79. Simona Lazar

    Simona LazarDay ago

    11:57 the face he did is like when my choclate is eaten. also. *INTENSE SPAMMING*

  80. M3m3 D0gg0

    M3m3 D0gg0Day ago

    6:24 I thought he only hit those notes during horror games

  81. Energy burst.

    Energy burst.Day ago

    A person named elite phoenix made his own lyrics for it and it’s insane

  82. Daniel Pinnock

    Daniel PinnockDay ago

    if ur a child then u know who whitty is Whitty-the amazing world of gumball they both are bombs have a bullying voice Vandlizing CAN YOU SEE THE TRUTH

  83. Aiden Acuna

    Aiden Acuna13 hours ago

    I knew I recognized him from somewhere

  84. Iveta Balazova

    Iveta BalazovaDay ago

    Yo we need the tracks on Spotify LIKE COME ONNNN WE NEED THE SICK BEATS OF WHITTY

  85. Iveta Balazova

    Iveta BalazovaDay ago

    Btw I beat the hard bit first try

  86. DysFunktional

    DysFunktionalDay ago

    This is re-goddamned-diculous

  87. Anti Wolfer

    Anti WolferDay ago

    The first song on the Hex mod is literally just thank you next by Arianna grande but with beeps and boops

  88. Kojima

    KojimaDay ago

    You know it’s bad when they got jay screaming

  89. Gamology W

    Gamology WDay ago

    You should play the cg5 and hex mods for Friday night funkin

  90. Charlotte Dove

    Charlotte DoveDay ago

    I like how is voice sounds like my grandad but he hasn’t had a drink in 5 years. ( referring to Whitty )

  91. Knights Gaming

    Knights GamingDay ago

    ‘Whoever beats him is a psycho’ 8bit Ryan who beat Whitty 2 times in a row *P a t h e t i c .*

  92. Grayson Brown

    Grayson BrownDay ago


  93. Mac Cheezy

    Mac CheezyDay ago

    _"get gud lol"_

  94. Jaheim Moreland

    Jaheim MorelandDay ago

    Alternative Title: Carpel Tunnel on Acid

  95. howard daniels

    howard danielsDay ago

    I'm bout to put ballistic whitty in two words: *VIBE CHECK*

  96. Rustic Debris

    Rustic DebrisDay ago

    Ok I know whitty is dope AF but can we just discuss how fire the 2 songs in the Hex mode were?

  97. salvador rodriguez

    salvador rodriguezDay ago

    That poster was your gf's dad

  98. Ufo House

    Ufo HouseDay ago

    anybody know what the genre of music from the hex mod is?

  99. Beatriz Ruiz Ossa

    Beatriz Ruiz OssaDay ago

    Oh my god this is crazy

  100. colten brown

    colten brownDay ago

    can you do this but not talking? some people could use this for music to pass time or to focus

  101. DLR UWU - Brawl Stars

    DLR UWU - Brawl StarsDay ago

    13:35 this sounds like Ariana Grande’s 34+35 but is not trash 😎

  102. The Broken Alpha

    The Broken AlphaDay ago

    I honestly think he should try fnf multiplayer with CoryXKenshin

  103. jalen martinez

    jalen martinezDay ago

    The ending was FIIRREEE🔥🔥🔥🔥