My First Time Playing Minecraft & According To You Guys, It's the "Luckiest Spawn Ever"

Shoutout to the person for staying committed and asking me to play minecraft for almost 3 months straight! This one's for you, this might be my only minecraft video on the channel, let me know if you want a part 2!

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We're here to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, so any negative comments will be automatically deleted! Thanks for watching!



  1. Moss Hates Twinks

    Moss Hates Twinks5 minutes ago


  2. TIAFOx

    TIAFOxHour ago

    You can use skinseed for skins

  3. Liam Alfonso

    Liam Alfonso2 hours ago

    Bruh you know that a zombie is weaker than you you dont know

  4. Lune

    Lune4 hours ago

    jay: **uses wrong tool to mine diamonds** *starts breathing heavily*

  5. Alex _Me

    Alex _Me13 hours ago

    did he just walk past the iron, It takes me DAYS-

  6. Keston Cryer

    Keston Cryer15 hours ago

    This man can make the jokes but he.cant play the game

  7. Reece Jiani

    Reece Jiani17 hours ago


  8. Mason Bell

    Mason Bell18 hours ago

    dude just wasted a perfectly good set of 2 diamonds

  9. Cora Afton

    Cora Afton20 hours ago

    Noooo! The diamonds didn’t do anything to you!

  10. Crazyboy The 1st

    Crazyboy The 1st23 hours ago

    If he plays again in 1.17, he’s gonna love the warden

  11. Renata Avery

    Renata AveryDay ago

    cus i can

  12. Renata Avery

    Renata AveryDay ago

    bruh can anyone else see the duration and his wooden pickaxe go down

  13. Slim Sticcc

    Slim SticccDay ago

    me the whole time: 👁👄👁 ➖👄➖ 👁👄👁

  14. Radu Gorgu

    Radu GorguDay ago

    Poor jayy

  15. kenzyhh - sama

    kenzyhh - sama2 days ago

    Jay do be doin' gucci

  16. Livy5858 :3

    Livy5858 :32 days ago

    The noise is just a cave noise

  17. Ghusoon Ali

    Ghusoon Ali2 days ago

    You can only mind diamond from iron are you a nice pink

  18. Ghusoon Ali

    Ghusoon Ali2 days ago

    You got something rare

  19. Aurora Faria

    Aurora Faria2 days ago

    when he mines dimonds with a wodden pic. me: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


    KMASISOM KMAS3 days ago

    I heard that noise


    KMASISOM KMAS3 days ago

    Dame you're lucky


    KMASISOM KMAS3 days ago

    Am sorry but you're a huge moon

  23. England is my country

    England is my country3 days ago

    How to play Minecraft. 1. Get wood from trees 2. Get a stone pickaxe 3. If you find a iron stone dig it in a stone pickaxe 4. Make a full set of iron 5. Find a diamond stone And you beat the game!!

  24. Cory Vanheusen

    Cory Vanheusen3 days ago

    4:02 "this game is actually relaxing..... AHHHHHHHH"

  25. alma hadap

    alma hadap3 days ago

    Jay! Dig straight down don't breathe again

  26. frans oetario

    frans oetario3 days ago

    Jay: *mines diamonds with wooden pickaxe* Everyone: JAY WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- Jay: *finally does the right thing* Everyone: YESSSSSS

  27. Gail Lazaro

    Gail Lazaro4 days ago

    bruh thats diamonds they are extremly rare you have to get a iron pick ax to break it

  28. Ma.Cristina Aquivido

    Ma.Cristina Aquivido4 days ago


  29. Mpho Masia

    Mpho Masia4 days ago

    Insert wheezing noises from my room

  30. crystal UvU

    crystal UvU4 days ago


  31. Merna Mohamed rizk

    Merna Mohamed rizk4 days ago

    Jay:this game is actually relaxing Also jay one second later : 4:08

  32. Winne Quinta

    Winne Quinta4 days ago

    What!? He already has find a diamond in literally 8 minute!?👀😂😂 Jay:oohh! This blue thing is a good luck right? Me:ofcourse it is!! It's literally diamond!😂😅 Me:..... Wait but... I didn't see jay craft a iron sword and he only have wodden sword....but he's literally mine the diamond with a pickaxe...... Me:*looks closely into the pickaxe * Me:WAIT-

  33. {galaxy moonlight}

    {galaxy moonlight}4 days ago

    The thumbnail is 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  34. ITS pumkinBlxsom playz

    ITS pumkinBlxsom playz4 days ago

    if u look in ender man eyes that will kill u that what u saw dont do it

  35. ITS pumkinBlxsom playz

    ITS pumkinBlxsom playz4 days ago

    if u find lava its means that ur near diamonds

  36. Eef

    Eef4 days ago

    *jay with a mending shovel in his inventory* *sees dirt* Jay: LeTs UsE tHe AxE

  37. Vincent Yanes

    Vincent Yanes4 days ago

    No offense but jay low key screams like a girl

  38. Lemon

    Lemon4 days ago

    Who else wants him to react to dream or technoblade

  39. M4R13 PR0

    M4R13 PR05 days ago

    *Its tickling my nose hairs, I can smell it*

  40. Brenna Maria

    Brenna Maria5 days ago

    Jay: this game is relaxing Zombie: Surprise mother fucker TIME 4:10

  41. Manu or vipu Lokugallapaththi

    Manu or vipu Lokugallapaththi5 days ago

    Jay playing minecraft:-[screams every minute} Pewdipie playing minecraft:-THATS WHAT A COWARD WOULD SAY!!!!

  42. Low quality Naruto Uzumaki

    Low quality Naruto Uzumaki5 days ago

    Wait Jay where did you find the emerald 👁👁 That the rarest ore to find 👁👁 Give me your luck

  43. Steve Charles

    Steve Charles5 days ago

    i Couldnt stop laughing when he screamed at a zombie lmao

  44. i draw sometimes idk

    i draw sometimes idk5 days ago

    I went from watching a dream video to this and almost went into cardiac arrest

  45. BipedPandora40

    BipedPandora405 days ago

    He walked past so much iron it’s not funny

  46. Rath Disaster

    Rath Disaster5 days ago

    15:03 is an cave ambience sound

  47. Robloxadoptme

    Robloxadoptme6 days ago

    When I first started to play mc I tried fishing with a carrot on a stick and I rage quit because it wasent fishing

  48. Queen Of Chippus

    Queen Of Chippus6 days ago

    Weeee :D yeee

  49. Cherrye Bess

    Cherrye Bess6 days ago


  50. Sanita Miķelsone

    Sanita Miķelsone6 days ago

    i thot i play moncraft when i was 8 and now am 10 i didint now that mincraft was that scary 🤣😅 i played mincrafy 2 years ♡︎♡︎♡︎

  51. Vixtion

    Vixtion6 days ago

    3:36 damn he got lucky


    TRISTAN DE HAARTE6 days ago

    am i the only one who noticed that he passes iorn

  53. Tiffany Angeline Quitevis

    Tiffany Angeline Quitevis7 days ago

    Dream first time playing minecraft: Me: yup all players are noobs at the start

  54. Cookie Laparan

    Cookie Laparan7 days ago

    Torch to see anything.

  55. Cookie Laparan

    Cookie Laparan7 days ago

    Or creative mod

  56. M Z

    M Z7 days ago

    I didn’t know jay played Minecraft

  57. {Hope Bagels}

    {Hope Bagels}7 days ago

    Part 2 plssss

  58. KittyAndKatto 2020

    KittyAndKatto 20207 days ago

    Jay finds diamonds me:OMG HE IS SO LUCKY OML I WISH I WAS THAT LUCKY Jay starts mining it with a wood pickaxe me: 👁👄👁

  59. STEVE PH

    STEVE PH8 days ago

    Minecraft have a story

  60. Abd Malik Abdullah

    Abd Malik Abdullah8 days ago

    jay ya

  61. Janet Aliguyon

    Janet Aliguyon8 days ago

    No the poor diamonds

  62. Aaliyah Burke

    Aaliyah Burke9 days ago

    to make a tourch for light you need coal if you have a ps4 for any new players add me and i could help i played since the beginning

  63. Sarah Kathleen Cabrera

    Sarah Kathleen Cabrera9 days ago

    Jay is first time playing "Minecraft" Me: Yo jay the zombie scared you and you are NAKED AGAIN FAWK🤦🤦 Jay: ITS NONE OF YA BUSINESS BRO Meh: ;-;

  64. Moonlight _ marshmallow 1.0

    Moonlight _ marshmallow 1.09 days ago

    Me yelling at jay to get the ore: Him mining diamonds with a wooden pickaxe:

  65. zoey

    zoey9 days ago

    4:07 LOLLL

  66. zoey

    zoey9 days ago

    its been exactly 3 months since this was uploaded 😗✌🏻

  67. Zarah Tyne

    Zarah Tyne10 days ago

    Imagine if Minecraft didn't have a plot laid out And was I the only one getting triggered when jay was just running past the coal?😂

  68. Tubbo-Kun _0ffical

    Tubbo-Kun _0ffical10 days ago


  69. Opbranch _15

    Opbranch _1510 days ago

    I just relised he said he loves all of us, i just got the warm and fuzzy feeling :)

  70. Ke Bell

    Ke Bell10 days ago

    jay : *mines diamonds without an iron pickaxe* me : *screams in pain* what a waste of mining and diamonds

  71. Lexie Wells

    Lexie Wells10 days ago

    Jay: talking like a badass Also jay:screams like a 8 year old

  72. nonyo Business

    nonyo Business11 days ago

    I'm only 1:46 in and im loving it XD

  73. Rida Shahzad

    Rida Shahzad11 days ago

    When he got diorite I was like HE IGNORED THE IRON-

  74. Jsisj Bajjajw

    Jsisj Bajjajw11 days ago

    No one is talking about the zombies?

  75. The Girl in The Fox Onesie

    The Girl in The Fox Onesie11 days ago

    “ i cant fight, BUT DAMMIT I WILL CHOKE YOU!”- Jay 2020

  76. Bladecore

    Bladecore11 days ago

    9:33 *I was so upset when he started mining it with a wooden pic😭*

  77. Leavemezalone

    Leavemezalone11 days ago

    Dude tryna build his base and it broke instantly

  78. BunniezPlay

    BunniezPlay11 days ago

    Me: watching kubzScouts Jay: *yells and scream* Me: watching at 2am 👁👄👁

  79. Tiny Dancer

    Tiny Dancer11 days ago

    bro the way he just f**king walked over so much iron

  80. Olive Marie

    Olive Marie11 days ago

    bro he’s trying so hard to be like pewdiepie.

  81. Itzkatzgachaz

    Itzkatzgachaz12 days ago

    Ik this was his first time playing but I was screaming at him the answers on how to survive

  82. Mia the Marvelous Clown

    Mia the Marvelous Clown12 days ago

    Prepare for the cave noises


    DAISY LAND12 days ago

    Him: breaks diamond with a wooden pickaxe Minecraft players: *Crying*

  84. Matias Alta

    Matias Alta12 days ago

    Ok wow lets not talk about that.😐

  85. Woodsywolfy 6153

    Woodsywolfy 615312 days ago

    This has the same amount of screaming as his horror videos😂😂

  86. Melissa Haines

    Melissa Haines13 days ago

    jays new horr game

  87. Kawaii Sun

    Kawaii Sun13 days ago


  88. Laura Standard TV

    Laura Standard TV13 days ago

    jay. walks right pass the iron me. PICK UP THE F-ING IRON

  89. Sjemdjd Jenendh

    Sjemdjd Jenendh13 days ago

    "That guy"- Jay 2020

  90. XxAsheliz_EmOxX :3

    XxAsheliz_EmOxX :313 days ago

    People like: PLAY MINECRAFT PLAY MINECRAFT Jay like: ok im playing it *plays it like a horror game* XD

  91. willowTree among us

    willowTree among us13 days ago

    YESSSS YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  92. CutieEnderCat

    CutieEnderCat14 days ago

    Me looks at the thumbnail why-

  93. Mioneplays

    Mioneplays14 days ago

    At 7:28 he walked over iron I’m cringing

  94. Mioneplays

    Mioneplays14 days ago

    At 3:04 any person who plays Minecraft would cringe I’m at home saying EAT SOME FOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  95. FRIDAY 13TH

    FRIDAY 13TH14 days ago

    This dude trying to mine diamonds with a Woden pickaxe

  96. S Sz

    S Sz14 days ago

    4:08 w͟e͟'͟l͟l͟ b͟e͟ r͟i͟ ͟gh͟t͟ b͟a͟c͟k͟-͟

  97. Mariah Samad

    Mariah Samad14 days ago

    When you play Minecraft for the first time Viewer : 🤣👌

  98. Miyuko Nakayoshi

    Miyuko Nakayoshi14 days ago

    Jay is now the Ultimate lucky steamer

  99. Tiffany

    Tiffany14 days ago

    Mmmm. cave music

  100. GAME_OVER

    GAME_OVER14 days ago

    Jay trying to get down Zombie let me help : 4:02

  101. Alae Rida

    Alae Rida14 days ago

    14:01 jay using the wrong tool to dig diamond me: breathing intensifies