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Harthorn is a horror game where you play as a high school security guard and a maniac is lurking in the halls of the school..
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  1. cbrock💓

    cbrock💓10 hours ago

    jay: focus on you school and studies me: watching his videos during online school-

  2. Bri

    BriDay ago

    56:23 lmaoo Jay those "symbols" are zodiac signs😅

  3. lizzyw80

    lizzyw80Day ago

    Haha I was 14 in 1994, so I was in high school.

  4. Latisha Vivian

    Latisha Vivian2 days ago

    Michael Meyers be like: 52:00 also, why was it so easy to kill him and why did jay do it like that (I thought he would've fought a bit more, but he just walked right into it) 1:01:30

  5. Latisha Vivian

    Latisha Vivian2 days ago

    I was looking down from my screen but I heard 4:51 and my mind dove right back to Unus Annus times. I miss it. Memento Mori. (it's just a clock and it sounds completely different, but anytime I hear that sound, I remember)

  6. Side Salt

    Side Salt2 days ago

    i thought it was the killer that went oh hell no boy

  7. liaaa xo

    liaaa xo2 days ago

    why is no one talking about the jumpscare at 36:00 omg

  8. Muffin

    Muffin3 days ago

    My guy really pronounced my zodiac wrong i- This is a joke

  9. Roni Hamstera

    Roni Hamstera3 days ago

    I nearly tossed my laptop when you screamed because of the stall door. I AM DED xD

  10. Libra Chan

    Libra Chan3 days ago

    9:39 japanese school girl scream heart attack🤣

  11. [ Mikan Tsumiki ]

    [ Mikan Tsumiki ]4 days ago

    If anybody's wondering what game he was talking about at 3:01 , it's House on The Hill I believe.

  12. W.D Gaster

    W.D Gaster4 days ago

    Holy shit! That mannequin jumpscare gave me a heart attack! Like bruh!

  13. W.D Gaster

    W.D Gaster3 days ago

    @Noriaki Kakyoin Like really. I had trouble breathing for 10 mins after that.

  14. Noriaki Kakyoin

    Noriaki Kakyoin3 days ago

    Same 👁👄👁

  15. Jaxon Skoching

    Jaxon Skoching4 days ago

    N,m, nipple. Love how he didn’t see they were Zodiac signs

  16. Savage Queen

    Savage Queen5 days ago

    "i think teachers compilment you when ur just ass at what at ur doing" *Me who got accused for cheating even tho i just guessed the answers* CANT RELATE

  17. aesthetic_ tutorials

    aesthetic_ tutorials5 days ago

    I’m not gonna watch your video for 1 hour Also me:watches it

  18. Purp

    Purp5 days ago

    The dungeon were knowkami @

  19. Potato Tomato

    Potato Tomato6 days ago

    I'm writing up notes while listening. JAY'S SCREAM MADE ME MESS UP MY NOTES HAHAHAHAH but it's okay. Thanks Jay for ur bravery in playing horror games.

  20. savannah parker

    savannah parker7 days ago

    I was Drinking Coffee when that mannequin came out of the stall it spilled on my over sized sweater

  21. Strawberry MilkTea

    Strawberry MilkTea7 days ago

    Jay: checking if there is any door opened Me: checking if all the doors are locked from intruders late at night. Coz I'm a paranoid person I just thought that was funny to me lmao ❤

  22. Ayla Robinson

    Ayla Robinson7 days ago

    jay are you 27?

  23. Alan ThePhoenix

    Alan ThePhoenix8 days ago

    The Danganronpa references are just so good like: “looks like someone died Danganronpa style” and “You’re the Ultimate Security Guard”

  24. シA҉ l҉ e҉ x҉ a҉

    シA҉ l҉ e҉ x҉ a҉8 days ago

    I just found out jay is 30?!

  25. Rachel Sion

    Rachel Sion8 days ago

    when jay doesnt know about astrology

  26. Hobby Katt

    Hobby Katt9 days ago

    57:06 the little drawings are zodiac signs I’m done the first is virgo ♍️ The middle libra ♎️ And idk the last one

  27. Hobby Katt

    Hobby Katt9 days ago

    There’s two for each moth the two for April are Aries and tiaras Aires is a goat aka the sign is this ♈️ And tiaras is a bull aka the sign is this ♉️

  28. Lemon flavored iced tea

    Lemon flavored iced tea10 days ago

    Someone please inform Jay on the zodiac sing symbols bc Libra is not a nipple😭✋

  29. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  30. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  31. Jacob Harris

    Jacob Harris15 days ago

    Dude stole my car

  32. Yazzy The Catty Weirdo!

    Yazzy The Catty Weirdo!17 days ago

    Jay: "You spin me right round baby right round!" Me: *bobs head* 🎵LIKE A RECORD BABY RIGHT ROUND ROUND ROUND!🎵

  33. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya17 days ago

    9:40 Jesus I flinched so hard I hit my hand on my table leg Jesus crisis

  34. Scapes XD

    Scapes XD17 days ago

    So many spongebob references

  35. Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos Hernandez17 days ago

    I feel like the monster is always behind you always watching your every move he will be there always watching so watch your back

  36. Jerome Banks

    Jerome Banks17 days ago

    "Good thing they ain't twisting there tiddides because that hurts"-Jay

  37. Maymona Said

    Maymona Said18 days ago

    jay fr bout to send me to the hospital💀 istg I had a heart attack when those mannequins fell outta the bathroom stall

  38. Rete Rivas

    Rete Rivas19 days ago


  39. Kaya Brenier

    Kaya Brenier20 days ago

    6:11 Jay looking at map: Wheres the basement, WHERE THE HELLS THE BASEMENT Top corner of the map in big letters “BASEMENT”

  40. Noriaki Kakyoin

    Noriaki Kakyoin3 days ago


  41. Mr.Gomez63

    Mr.Gomez6321 day ago

    "GE-off" lmao

  42. xXMaddy_GamesXx

    xXMaddy_GamesXx22 days ago

    I like how Jay says Geoff! XD Geoff is another way of spelling Jeff! XD(just saying...)

  43. Alec Prince

    Alec Prince22 days ago

    Jay: **Sees destroyed mannikins** Jay: **Arnold Schwarzenegger intensifies**

  44. Neysha Lora

    Neysha Lora22 days ago

    Damn this was on my bday I wish I had watched it the same day ;-; but been so busy ;-; even on my bday

  45. mcy_tae

    mcy_tae23 days ago

    4:07 - 4:10, 4:13 - 4:15 Me: *thinks of Malcolm X* Also me: 👁️👄👁️

  46. xxxwarriorlifexxx kat

    xxxwarriorlifexxx kat24 days ago

    "Im not scared anymore! You hear that? I'm not scared anymore!" Shing** "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH"

  47. Ma. Katrina Krisel Adecer

    Ma. Katrina Krisel Adecer24 days ago

    Whew luckily Pisces wasnt one of the M N and Nipple...

  48. Dandy boi Seungbean

    Dandy boi Seungbean24 days ago

    Yoooo this game was just ✨👌 yes

  49. Kitty White

    Kitty White24 days ago

    Back here after a month🙈this vid cracks me up 😭😭

  50. AlexTheGMachine

    AlexTheGMachine25 days ago

    The cologne do be hitting different

  51. kurapika uwu

    kurapika uwu25 days ago

    you got a son irl!?

  52. sneezeyfreez

    sneezeyfreez26 days ago

    36:09 I laughed so hard cus I knew it was coming

  53. PetalHeart

    PetalHeart26 days ago

    9:40 mannequin 23:23 vent thing 26:15 not alone..

  54. Nadia Afiqah

    Nadia Afiqah27 days ago

    It'd be really cool if this game had a sequel with that ending and all. This time in one of the police's POV or something.

  55. Crimson Air

    Crimson Air27 days ago

    What if I told you... that I never got past the mannequin jumpscare?

  56. Fred's Ascot

    Fred's Ascot27 days ago

    Jay not recognizing the zodiac signs and calling them m, nipple, and n is both so funny and so frustrating lol

  57. asfg166playz

    asfg166playz27 days ago

    i played this game its hella scary!

  58. Tim Tam

    Tim Tam27 days ago

    Those 3 synbols are zodiac signs one is libra. The scales. I think n is leo. The lion Idk the 3rd

  59. •Skylaxia Wolf•

    •Skylaxia Wolf•29 days ago

    Does jay not know what are zodiac signs

  60. Rusty Edwards

    Rusty Edwards29 days ago

    Jay is sitting down? Wow the internet is a lie

  61. WarriorDan- Game Reviews and Let's Plays

    WarriorDan- Game Reviews and Let's PlaysMonth ago

    50:22 When the killer starts screaming "COME OUT, COME OUT NOW", ngl he sounds a bit like an off-brand arnold schwarzenegger

  62. WarriorDan- Game Reviews and Let's Plays

    WarriorDan- Game Reviews and Let's PlaysMonth ago

    High schools can legit be creepy at night. I did a lot of theatrical plays in college, and we'd always do our summer performances at this one specific catholic high school. During our tech week, the week leading up to our weekend debut, we'd be at the school practicing from like 5 pm to about 10 pm. Hardly anything was lit, and the hallways were super long and creepy. Also prone to random noises, being an old building.

  63. Krackyoin Norikracky

    Krackyoin NorikrackyMonth ago

    me: huUUUH how shall I ever spend an hour of my miserable life? *sees this* me: oh0000HooOOooOo00000 now. this is epic.

  64. Noriaki Kakyoin

    Noriaki Kakyoin3 days ago

    Wtf is a Krackyoin?

  65. WarriorDan- Game Reviews and Let's Plays

    WarriorDan- Game Reviews and Let's PlaysMonth ago

    1994? I would've been one year old. Might surprise you to know I don't remember much that far back. ;)

  66. BluexBerry

    BluexBerryMonth ago

    I laughed so hard when he said somebody died danganronpa style😂

  67. Śprïñgträp Brøkëñ

    Śprïñgträp BrøkëñMonth ago

    Who agrees play fnaf it’s a horror game

  68. Borb in a shoe

    Borb in a shoeMonth ago

    Biggus dickus

  69. Your local simp

    Your local simpMonth ago

    27:32 *I freaked out I thought there was a ponytailed girl staring through the glass*

  70. Harper Murphy

    Harper MurphyMonth ago

    man hell no

  71. kai kqndyz

    kai kqndyzMonth ago

    *me eating double stuffed oreos* jay: the double stuffed oreo's of creepy. *insert scream*

  72. Moca Wunzy

    Moca WunzyMonth ago

    Who else rewinded the intro so much because it was funny

  73. one note last note

    one note last noteMonth ago

    killer : i know you are in there jay : LEMME LIGHT THE FLASHLIGHT AND SIT BEHIND THE WORST DESK EVER

  74. Hel god of death

    Hel god of deathMonth ago

    1:00:52 I’m like did he take ammo cause I see 0/0 at the bottom right

  75. Isabella Zapata

    Isabella ZapataMonth ago

    41:17 **exits full screen**

  76. チャバシラてんこ

    チャバシラてんこMonth ago

    that stall jumpscare made me drop my pizza now im sad

  77. infinite and beyond

    infinite and beyondMonth ago


  78. Arianna Delicata

    Arianna DelicataMonth ago

    I want to go to school because of my dream job but because of covid I’m starting to give up

  79. Brittany Nicole

    Brittany NicoleMonth ago

    What kind of school has gates like that lol

  80. Adora Ichiga

    Adora IchigaMonth ago

    Yo jay those were zodiac signs virgo,libra,capricorn

  81. • T o k y o •

    • T o k y o •Month ago

    Jay: "April? Can you tell me everything's gonna be alright April?" Me: I killed April-

  82. Kayla Flakes

    Kayla FlakesMonth ago

    steps on explosive pressure plate Jay:🧍🏽‍♂️

  83. BuyMyOxiBoom

    BuyMyOxiBoomMonth ago

    What is jays sensitivity omFg 🤢

  84. PrestonPlummer C

    PrestonPlummer CMonth ago

    Geoff= (Jee-awff) lol

  85. Nady

    NadyMonth ago

    i just realized he called my sign as nipple i cant lmaooooooo

  86. The holy Nun

    The holy NunMonth ago

    Bro the symbols are souljack signs

  87. Depressed_bi_BITCH

    Depressed_bi_BITCHMonth ago

    44:51 I’m just imagining the dude going after him opening the door and just getting SMACKED in the head by the door frame 😂

  88. Zee Master

    Zee MasterMonth ago

    Even though he kept getting interrupted by the game's scary audio, I like that Jay was very personal with us about his thoughts on school. Just thought that was nice to point out.

  89. Shakila Cooper

    Shakila CooperMonth ago

    28:06 "It's that's that WOAH" lmaoo

  90. ツmisiepink

    ツmisiepinkMonth ago

    43:20 “squeezable bootie”

  91. Kaylee XO

    Kaylee XOMonth ago


  92. ꧁Pisces꧂

    ꧁Pisces꧂Month ago

    Did anyone notice at 57:22 they used zodiac symbols? ♍︎ : virgo ♎︎: libra ♑︎: capricorn!

  93. Marc Cuthbert Caneo

    Marc Cuthbert CaneoMonth ago

    The voice sounds like markiplier,Or it's just me?

  94. 0YourMom0

    0YourMom0Month ago

    i really enjoyed this!!

  95. Crystalrose101

    Crystalrose101Month ago

    mc: lay low... don’t make too much noise jay: WHAT THE HELL?! WHO IS THAT?!? LOL

  96. XxConnection UserxX

    XxConnection UserxXMonth ago

    Wow not only I have my dad telling me to do my homework and now I have Jay saying the same thing dam Jay is a good father... And don't worry Jay I'll try to go to ucla college

  97. Crystalrose101

    Crystalrose101Month ago

    i’m hiding in the comments

  98. Gabriel Enyinwa

    Gabriel EnyinwaMonth ago

    I see you hiding in the comments am I

  99. Keegan Hernandez

    Keegan HernandezMonth ago

    i am watching this in school

  100. Mercedes Pepple

    Mercedes PeppleMonth ago

    "FADE TO BLACK, FADE TO BLACK" ~ Jay, 2020

  101. Abygail Galindo

    Abygail GalindoMonth ago

    Every time there was a jumpscare, I got an ad. Smh. I really wanted to hit those high notes.

  102. Justine allan Develos

    Justine allan DevelosMonth ago

    Even though Jay is half filipino i'm suprised he said "Tsismis" here😂

  103. Sebi Burlacu

    Sebi BurlacuMonth ago

    That was such a good game we need more like this

  104. Jay Warren-Coleman

    Jay Warren-ColemanMonth ago

    Wait jay pause

  105. chandra brojde

    chandra brojdeMonth ago

    Jay: opens door Guy: starts running at him Jay: screams OH MY GOD!!! Grammerly: Grammerly can help Me: LOL

  106. astrid

    astridMonth ago