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  1. Table 2.0

    Table 2.018 hours ago

    Why is this missing from the playlist? Lol

  2. Sulthanul Auliya

    Sulthanul AuliyaDay ago


  3. jinnies cheeks

    jinnies cheeks2 days ago

    47:44 if this was an abo verse, she would definitely be an alpha

  4. New Justice

    New Justice4 days ago


  5. sleepy person

    sleepy person4 days ago

    did he just do a ace attorney and skip danganronpa 1 for 2

  6. Tsuyu Asui

    Tsuyu Asui4 days ago


  7. Raihoshi

    Raihoshi5 days ago

    "I eat them too" me looks back at yt: ohh sneaky

  8. Pepper Mint

    Pepper Mint5 days ago

    More :[ :_ :]

  9. Akira Hanako

    Akira Hanako5 days ago

    If saukara was killed then how he’s strong or a trap

  10. Miu Iruma The Horny Inventor

    Miu Iruma The Horny Inventor5 days ago

    You can´t tell but I actually giggled when Byakuya got slapped

  11. The Two Amigos

    The Two Amigos6 days ago

    Did anybody hear what monokuma said at 55:22 😳😳😳

  12. Kim Roberts

    Kim Roberts6 days ago


  13. ITZFroggi22

    ITZFroggi226 days ago

    I don't know if it's me but i think some of the episodes were misplaced

  14. Rxse Mary

    Rxse Mary6 days ago

    Among us drama be like:

  15. shri

    shri7 days ago


  16. Vayne Irisu

    Vayne Irisu8 days ago

    22:30 What's the point for a choices right there?? 😂

  17. Larry Not An Alien

    Larry Not An Alien9 days ago

    This series kinda got ruined bc I thought the videos were in order 😭😭😭

  18. Ben Vogelpohl

    Ben Vogelpohl11 days ago

    (Doorbell rings) Jay: It's Sakura. Bet you TEN MILLION (sees Kyoko) okaynevermind.

  19. • K0:R0 PM •

    • K0:R0 PM •12 days ago

    Makoto: I-It's like deja vu.. I.. I....... Ad: PRINGLES

  20. Annika H

    Annika H13 days ago

    I hate dounuts...

  21. Ms. Gamer

    Ms. Gamer14 days ago

    my friend thinks sayaka's killer is toko or byakuya 💀

  22. Aaliyah c

    Aaliyah c16 days ago

    Makoto: "I-I- " USlikes: *"PrEsidENt TrUMp-!"*

  23. Sydney Dalrymple

    Sydney Dalrymple16 days ago

    I live for "DING DONG BING BONG BAYBEE!!!!"

  24. Leila Wilson

    Leila Wilson16 days ago

    49:00 jay is too funny

  25. :3

    :320 days ago

    toko is the weirdest/most perverted anime character i ever known. man i feel bad for Hina :(

  26. • C H O C Ø L A T E •

    • C H O C Ø L A T E •21 day ago

    "its sakura, I bet you 10 billion D- Oh nevermind" Gimme my 10 billion I knew it was gonna be Kyoko

  27. Miss Hinsman

    Miss Hinsman21 day ago

    Kyoko is being SUCH a brat

  28. Oriyami

    Oriyami21 day ago

    I just realised A flower on a desk in Japanese culture means like they’re dead All the staff members are dead

  29. potatos tomatos

    potatos tomatos22 days ago

    um... what about my guy taka? Why he not in the picture?

  30. A Name

    A Name22 days ago

    Ight so are we gonna talk about what Toko was saying about Aoi?

  31. NoSleep

    NoSleep22 days ago

    Byakuya should get put in his place. Arogant prick

  32. NoSleep

    NoSleep22 days ago

    What if they are all dead And just in some weird afterlife

  33. mariami gogilashvili

    mariami gogilashvili22 days ago

    Don't you dare die now Kyoko you're made it so far

  34. Janhenry Hernandez

    Janhenry Hernandez22 days ago

    bad guy

  35. Lorraine Achieng

    Lorraine Achieng23 days ago

    still hung up over Mondo ....

  36. __Lowkey CrayZ__

    __Lowkey CrayZ__23 days ago

    I hate Byakuya. I would beat the shit out of him.

  37. Wild Lion Girl

    Wild Lion Girl24 days ago

    1:10:40 marking my spot

  38. Halhar Infigar

    Halhar Infigar24 days ago

    "Tissues for your issues" 😂 i'm using this dope quote from now on

  39. Sunne

    Sunne25 days ago

    Makoto: I...I- *ad pops up* The man in the ad: I did it. This made me laugh so hard I don’t know why

  40. Olcine Ossi Obi

    Olcine Ossi Obi25 days ago

    25:35 just knock down the wall then!

  41. Soul Judger

    Soul Judger26 days ago

    In the Anime it was Alter Ego who found the photos in the School files

  42. Søphïë !!

    Søphïë !!26 days ago


  43. Iris Canbaz

    Iris Canbaz27 days ago


  44. Basically Thea

    Basically Thea27 days ago

    HAHAHAH ding dong, bing bong....BABEEEEE! ... Read more

  45. Pamber 13

    Pamber 1328 days ago

    When Makoto mentioned Alter Ego in front of the camera, the text was in blue, meaning it was in his head

  46. queen .s

    queen .s29 days ago

    Nobody: Jay:DiNg dOng bIng BonG BabEYyyy!!

  47. 『手ェガチャつベルMYTH』

    『手ェガチャつベルMYTH』Month ago

    I literally already knew that sakura committed suicide and IT HURTS BRO IT GOT ME IN MY FEELS

  48. SomeJaguar

    SomeJaguarMonth ago

    what ep is this

  49. Karmen C.

    Karmen C.Month ago

    I love kyoko i love love love her sidnfnynun

  50. Pacific Moonlight

    Pacific MoonlightMonth ago

    Spoilers Maybe she got *poisoned* Me: what how did you kn-

  51. Pacific Moonlight

    Pacific MoonlightMonth ago

    52:06 *My sister*

  52. Give me The sweets

    Give me The sweetsMonth ago

    Spoiler warning ⚠️ “Maybe she got poisoned” Me: 😭

  53. irisz asyhley

    irisz asyhleyMonth ago

    Did anyone realised when sakira said celeste, hifumi, or sayaka, she said sakaya

  54. shadowunikat849

    shadowunikat849Month ago

    Jay: what if she got poisoned Me: 👁👄👁 NOOOooooo

  55. shadowunikat849

    shadowunikat849Month ago

    52:06.... me... they are too sugary. Except strangely the sugar coated ones....

  56. shadowunikat849

    shadowunikat849Month ago

    God damn jay move ya damn webcam! Bro I don’t even remember who sayaka is!

  57. Kokichi ouma

    Kokichi oumaMonth ago


  58. Gacha-Rose Studios

    Gacha-Rose StudiosMonth ago

    *this is it people. Kyoko can blush!*

  59. Lps Skittles Kitty Cat

    Lps Skittles Kitty CatMonth ago

    Koyoko really said “umm sooo anyways child....”

  60. Vanessa Griffith

    Vanessa GriffithMonth ago

    3:58 jay: what is this, the Harry Potter train station? Me: i'm sorry, are you referring Platform 9 3/4 to a secret room? With the closet, the door revolves around, making you move to the other side of the wall. With Platform 9 3/4, you just run straight through the wall. ...sorry, just needed to clarify things.

  61. starlight

    starlightMonth ago

    Spoiler 11:24 Well, Hiro was correct. There were no more murders after Taka and Hifumi.

  62. Jillian Melendez

    Jillian MelendezMonth ago


  63. Abigail Vang

    Abigail VangMonth ago


  64. Natasha Ott

    Natasha OttMonth ago

    I've never been a fan of Kyoko, and your actions in this episode really piss me off. I hate how some anime's/manga/games do this to the female characters and make them unlikable to some people, mostly girls, but not all of course. I know she forgave him after understanding his reasonings, but true friends can except that their friends will tell them what they're hiding when they are ready.

  65. Koka shuu

    Koka shuuMonth ago

    I liked Taka and Sakura , goddamn it

  66. JKL family

    JKL familyMonth ago


  67. Von Pumpkin

    Von PumpkinMonth ago

    Even though they're not voiced by the same person, I have to keep doing double takes because Monokuma sounds so much like Teddie from Persona 4

  68. Shadow X Ninja

    Shadow X NinjaMonth ago

    12:35 "The sky was filled with a blinding light!* Video: *t mobile ad plays*

  69. Loaf

    LoafMonth ago

    Wait is toko communist and also i didnt see the entire video yet

  70. Moonblade

    MoonbladeMonth ago

    Jay: Kyoko's right here. Makoto: lockers Me: *W H E E Z E*

  71. • C a l l i o p e •

    • C a l l i o p e •Month ago

    Hina: who on the whole universe can say they hates donuts Me: ....hi-

  72. TheReaIsle

    TheReaIsleMonth ago

    In the words of jay... *Toko and byakuya are hookers*

  73. Mrs. Jackson

    Mrs. JacksonMonth ago

    Sakura: I CANT FORGIVE THIS THEY HURT HER Me: *sniff* *sniff* do you smell that? It smells like a ship

  74. Mrs. Jackson

    Mrs. JacksonMonth ago

    Aoi: who in the whole universe doesnt like donuts!? Me: oh shit im in trouble 😥

  75. Mrs. Jackson

    Mrs. JacksonMonth ago

    It says everywhere has a metal sheet but what about the dinning hall I can see the outside?!



    13:47 *NOW AOI IS MOANING!*

  77. Jala Hassanein

    Jala HassaneinMonth ago

    Bruh at 17:11, Jay look like a school girl cuz Sayaka’s body is right below Jay’s face.

  78. Hippiepotamus

    HippiepotamusMonth ago

    49:00 is nobody going to ignore 'what about your family?' 'i'd eat them too!'

  79. Darc Al

    Darc AlMonth ago

    I eat them too

  80. Annalee Playz

    Annalee PlayzMonth ago

    Makoto: *is getting knocked out* Jay: Luchador?

  81. Bloop

    BloopMonth ago

    Is it possible to tell Kyoko about Sakura? If not, why is the option there? Like, if you have a certain item or if you press "tell her" enough, does it work?

  82. Jennifer Shuff

    Jennifer ShuffMonth ago

    Anyone ever just wanna 🤜🏻👱🏻

  83. 愛されている天使顔

    愛されている天使顔Month ago

    Why is chapter 4 the chapter the loveable joke characters die. Theres way to many spoiles in the end of this comment RIP Sakura and Alter Ego RIP Gundham and Mechomaru RIP Gonta and Mui

  84. Azure E

    Azure EMonth ago

    i want a compilation of jay saying "bee-yuh-koo-yuh" please and thank you

  85. JENNIE!3

    JENNIE!3Month ago

    Why all the comments are from 3 weeks ago o-o

  86. Nykieh Fleming

    Nykieh FlemingMonth ago

    every episode jay: ding dong bing bong baby !!!!

  87. hellish

    hellishMonth ago

    Nobody: Kyoko when u don’t tell her one thing: Are you really our friend or are you our enemy

  88. E

    EMonth ago

    Makoto: ima do whats called a not pro gamer move 22:54

  89. nolie charlet

    nolie charletMonth ago

    I ship Hina and Sakura!

  90. nolie charlet

    nolie charletMonth ago

    Then she died T.T

  91. It’z Trashie

    It’z TrashieMonth ago

    Sakura’s death was unfortunate. Cuz she was actually useful, unlike some characters (and unlike some Sakuras).

  92. daikon donut

    daikon donut5 days ago

    she was most definitely better than naruto's sakura. That sakura aint do shit

  93. Craig Howarth

    Craig HowarthMonth ago

    54.35 😂 I love this comment

  94. Boss Lady

    Boss LadyMonth ago

    Byakuya: "who would want to touch a filthy dead body?" Chihiro: *aM i a jOkE tO yOu?*

  95. Wallace Walter

    Wallace Walter2 days ago

    Are you implying Chihiro's body was filthy?

  96. iisakurablxssomii

    iisakurablxssomiiMonth ago

    I have a question , did jay even see the headmaster's execution??

  97. Monsoon 94

    Monsoon 94Month ago


  98. Keyara James

    Keyara JamesMonth ago


  99. Vernissa Choong

    Vernissa ChoongMonth ago

    this is 1 hour and 30 min long

  100. Celine Lee

    Celine LeeMonth ago

    When Jay was reading "noise from the gym" the song TapIn as commercial came up🤦🏽‍♀️

  101. Dreamer B

    Dreamer BMonth ago

    This is probably not related, but I just noticed with Mondo, Leon, and Chihiro's picture. There's a saying that if you take a picture of three, the person in the middle dies first. And Leon is the second person who died...

  102. Cailyn Glover

    Cailyn GloverMonth ago

    Sakura and Hina must be the closest friends next to Taka and Mondo and Toko is obsessed with Byakuya there it is.

  103. soup

    soupMonth ago

    i have a feeling jay wouldnt play v3 bc of all the dirty jokes ..,, or he’d at least skip half of mius dialogue 😞

  104. Nazy Bookey

    Nazy BookeyMonth ago

    anyone realized that at 28:05 they misspelled sayaka name as Sakaya?? Like boi i played this game for many years But i have no idea at all :v