Makoto has nowhere to go but up this episode (literally) and his main goal is to figure out who the real mastermind of the school is..leave a LIKE for the last trial episode!
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  1. Vincy Huang

    Vincy HuangDay ago

    just a little note for me ;) 1:04:04

  2. Fakhrul Iman

    Fakhrul ImanDay ago

    Kyoko : im the ultimate detective. *Shuichi : Excuse me miss?*

  3. ꪶꫀᠻt ꪮꪀ rꫀꪖᦔ

    ꪶꫀᠻt ꪮꪀ rꫀꪖᦔDay ago

    me waiting for him to play v3😩🤞

  4. SURGE

    SURGE2 days ago

    I get it now It was all a lie Everyone at demented despair peak had known eachother But they were memory wiped to forget It was like a regular highschool Where they all went That's where those pictures monokuma had came from. They weren't faked They were just outdated That's why there were no plates on the windows. Woah whoa

  5. SURGE

    SURGE2 days ago

    Jay: I bet you they are in here a million freakin buckaroo... Me: where da money

  6. Amy The Cat Person

    Amy The Cat Person4 days ago

    After making that proud declaration.... USlikes: Here's an ad about cars! *This is real despair*

  7. Rifqah Isaacs

    Rifqah Isaacs5 days ago

    Spoilers . . . . . . . . . . . Jay: *sees how Mukuro’s measurements are equal to Junko’s* Me: *smile*

  8. DeepShadedGlassesGuy

    DeepShadedGlassesGuy6 days ago

    Big brain Jay

  9. Rifqah Isaacs

    Rifqah Isaacs6 days ago

    Quite literally the weirdest thing Kyoko has ever said (in context of her character and story): “I can hear the footsteps of the god of death”

  10. Bunnylands

    Bunnylands7 days ago

    Kyoko: "Because, He's my father" Me: "Called it"

  11. Exstic

    Exstic9 days ago

    bruh this could all be solved if they just said “are there rlly only 5 people alive here?” then they would know the mastermind is a separate person lol

  12. [Kaeya Supremacy]

    [Kaeya Supremacy]9 days ago

    The "Ding dong, Bing bong baebey" is too good- 👏👏

  13. Heckpika

    Heckpika10 days ago

    "Yeaaaah!!! Five Chickens!!!!" Makoto thinking on screen "there are still just four chickens left" 58:59

  14. l0stEmmy

    l0stEmmy17 days ago

    "mukuro ikusaba" "ayano Aishi" Both look the same to me, my life is a lie

  15. !「BELLA 」! • Sama

    !「BELLA 」! • Sama17 days ago

    This game sounds familiar to me hmmmmm i think i have watched it before but i cant remember- IM SURE I DID >:(

  16. Moronic Genius

    Moronic Genius17 days ago


  17. LulaSnake

    LulaSnake20 days ago

    no one: jay: TEA TIME

  18. LulaSnake

    LulaSnake20 days ago

    i love how everything in this episode that they say is incorrect and correct at the sme time, think abt it, junko

  19. LulaSnake

    LulaSnake20 days ago

    kyoko, get this to your head, you dont trust makoto, you just know hes too much of a dumba*s to be the mastermind

  20. xXGodOfMemesXx

    xXGodOfMemesXx23 days ago

    Incase you didn't know, If you expose Kyoko's lie during the first false trial then she gets killed by the crusher. I don't know what happens after that, though -w-''

  21. Kryštof Karda

    Kryštof Karda27 days ago

    Makoto naegi Is the ultimate lucky student He avoided death many times Luckier person 16:46 goes last

  22. Violeta Brown

    Violeta Brown28 days ago

    I’m cosplaying as toko

  23. Fragile _

    Fragile _29 days ago

    Jay in the last episode: I’m so glad that they keep repeating stuff Jay in this episode: I hate when they keep repeating stuff

  24. ZTenski

    ZTenskiMonth ago

    1:22:05 A GAME THEORY!

  25. ZTenski

    ZTenskiMonth ago

    Nice playthrough mate. You should add this to the playlist, took me a while to find it.

  26. Clive Theoson

    Clive TheosonMonth ago

    1:01:50 Nothing to see here, just a random timestamp.

  27. geeraff 01

    geeraff 01Month ago

    35:35 watching laster ignore this comment

  28. Nightmare Hyena

    Nightmare HyenaMonth ago

    21:00. I felt that. I know how that feels to half of the degree

  29. A Little Bit Of Monika

    A Little Bit Of MonikaMonth ago

    I just realized something How the hell is Aoi supposed to cry on Mondo WHEN HE TURNED INTO BUTTER?!!?!??!!

  30. JaydenLOL

    JaydenLOLMonth ago

    Cry on the box of mondo butter

  31. Ghosty _

    Ghosty _Month ago

    Imagine ban from seven deadlysins play a daganronpa it will be funny

  32. ιισяαηɡєѕ

    ιισяαηɡєѕMonth ago

    Jay: I hate how they keep repeating stuff! also Jay : I love how they keep repeating stuff so u guys can get caught up!

  33. toast

    toastMonth ago

    we all enjoyed ramen-hat kyoko while it lasted

  34. Scootus Productions

    Scootus ProductionsMonth ago

    As a guy who advocates for the simple notion of "sometimes family sucks," I can kinda see where Kyoko is coming from.

  35. Tired Mistake

    Tired MistakeMonth ago

    SPOILERS FOR THIS AND THE NEXT VIDEO: - - - - - - Most of us: find out about Junko through spoilers/media Jay: *bIG bRaiN TImE*



    some ep are so long and boring that i start feeling dispair

  37. nyeorri

    nyeorriMonth ago

    dont mind me 49:46

  38. nyeorri

    nyeorriMonth ago


  39. nyeorri

    nyeorriMonth ago


  40. nyeorri

    nyeorriMonth ago


  41. nyeorri

    nyeorriMonth ago


  42. nyeorri

    nyeorriMonth ago


  43. Blakeyo123

    Blakeyo123Month ago

    I've literally never seen anyone think to read the report cards. What the hell

  44. pluto

    plutoMonth ago

    *why don't you tell them makoto?*

  45. J

    JMonth ago


  46. J

    JMonth ago


  47. Sareena Carter

    Sareena CarterMonth ago

    Glad I wasn't the only one who originally thought it was Junko.

  48. cheesey nuggie

    cheesey nuggieMonth ago

    i think i know why monokuma said makoto was the killer. because if he said they where wrong and it was kyoko he would of had to set her free which would have the OPPOSITE affect he wanted...big brain.

  49. Kitcon

    KitconMonth ago

    bro, i knew it just junko just from the fingernails and the hands i was like *wait, didnt junko have all that* and i searched her up :')

  50. Xeedixhiraeth

    XeedixhiraethMonth ago

    Kyoko be on some real Connor from Detroit become human type shit

  51. ferriah red

    ferriah redMonth ago

    Funny if the "Mastermind" Would be her father😂

  52. J R

    J RMonth ago

    So if mukuro is junko, then they probably counted toko and genocide jack as two people. Right?

  53. 椅営る【Jet】

    椅営る【Jet】Month ago

    oh! so if you chose to pursue kyoko’s lie then it would be the opposite, kyoko would have been punished, but makoto survived because of alter ego i don’t know if kyoko would be the same too...

  54. Kyoko The Detective Bish uwu

    Kyoko The Detective Bish uwuMonth ago

    Monokuma: bruh, u got lucky bro

  55. Milky _

    Milky _Month ago

    “Hina was in surprisingly high spirits” That’s literally most of Hina’s character

  56. keep_undertale_alive

    keep_undertale_aliveMonth ago

    Junko is 5 ft 7- O_O

  57. Hisoka Supremacy

    Hisoka Supremacy2 months ago

    5’7 and 97 POUNDS!!! How

  58. Smile Pastelbee

    Smile Pastelbee2 months ago

    When they said Makoto was the Ultimate Luck? They were telling the truth (*´꒳`*) Byakuya is just a Tsundere version of Tsukkishima. Only Haikyuu fans can see it Kyoko: Cause... The headmaster (which one???) is my father Jay: he needs to come back with that milk I wanted

  59. Zhixin_Lunar3

    Zhixin_Lunar32 months ago

    His reaction when he discovered it was Junko was PRICELESS

  60. Hisoka Supremacy

    Hisoka Supremacy2 months ago

    I have been watching this all day and I have hella work to do so can someone reply to this with a summary of the rest of the series

  61. Pears B Liking One.J and 9CB7

    Pears B Liking One.J and 9CB72 months ago


  62. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair2 months ago

    21:34 danggg that would suckk

  63. Honeygail Athene Mana-a

    Honeygail Athene Mana-a2 months ago

    I know the reason why monakuma said the correct choice about makoto being guilty cause it's makoto's fault why mukuro died Mukuro Ikusaba died for makoto mukuro wanted to protect makoto because she's inlove, makoto was the first one who ever smiled at her so makoto's guilty. makoto just don't realize it that mukuro was protecting him ...😊😃😊... LOVE

  64. Earlybird

    Earlybird2 months ago

    The true enemy was danganronpa 2 characters who brought despair and broadcast

  65. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda2 months ago

    1:19:35 hey its taka bro

  66. mxi

    mxi2 months ago

    1:19:33 IS TAKA KYOKOS DAD-??????!!!!???

  67. GZ Sans

    GZ Sans2 months ago

    her dad is jin kirigiri

  68. mxi

    mxi2 months ago

    50:55 this look like some fnaf shit-

  69. ღ JadaLoops ღ

    ღ JadaLoops ღMonth ago

    I can kinda see the resemblance but not that much, nonetheless I see where you’re coming from. 😅

  70. Firefly

    Firefly2 months ago

    Jay: Why Makoto, though!? The other characters: **has a personality**

  71. Luka Petrović

    Luka Petrović2 months ago

    This is a spoiler for later on in the video, so skip this comment if you want to. I kinda guessed that it was Junko right off the bat because the nails immediately reminded me of her, because she's the only student with red nails (ik they fake, but still, Junko also may have fake nails)

  72. ONII-CHAN Yes

    ONII-CHAN Yes2 months ago

    I was so happy when MAKOTO got back with everyone 😭

  73. ღ JadaLoops ღ

    ღ JadaLoops ღMonth ago

    Same lol-

  74. ONII-CHAN Yes

    ONII-CHAN Yes2 months ago


  75. Bree Vernon

    Bree Vernon2 months ago

    kyoko was abandoned... just like me and my siblings along with my mom but she never cared like we don't... except my mom never died like kyoko's did... and he left us for no logical reason so i feel the same pain she feels

  76. Bree Vernon

    Bree Vernon2 months ago

    and holy- there's so much to learn and so much info... i can barely keep up and my head is starting to hurt from all of this!! edit: and my head is spinning and im getting dizzy from this info!

  77. Bree Vernon

    Bree Vernon2 months ago


  78. Madison Burton

    Madison Burton2 months ago

    Maybe Monokuma said that Makoto being the killer was right because he was also helping Kyoto and wanted to get rid of him? Or maybe it was because he was closest to Kyoko, and Monokuma thought that would hurt Kyoko?

  79. Purple Elluka

    Purple Elluka2 months ago

    Adventurer! Be careful when going down into the comment section, this zone is filled with dangerous and sometimes unannounced spoilers about the game. So I advise you to not read the comments before you finished the video. PS: Jay's reaction to the seemingly mastermind was priceless! XD

  80. My Heart Belongs To Bakugou

    My Heart Belongs To Bakugou2 months ago

    sooo... in the morgue.... everyones body's in there? Monokuma done put the butter container in mondo's compartment or what...

  81. Megan Gonzalez

    Megan Gonzalez2 months ago

    watch Hina be the mastermind, lmao

  82. ✨🍌Len trash🍌✨

    ✨🍌Len trash🍌✨2 months ago

    I don’t know how, I knew it was her!!! I knew it!! From earlier I’m in a series I just had a *hunch!* idk there was just something about her

  83. Destiny House

    Destiny House2 months ago


  84. milly

    milly2 months ago

    7:45 LMAO

  85. Julian Holm

    Julian Holm2 months ago

    please dont spoil anymore

  86. UmmSoIReallyLikePeko

    UmmSoIReallyLikePeko2 months ago


  87. Moosification

    Moosification2 months ago

    I just realized something. If Hina wasn't in that Data Center, Makoto would have easily found the Mastermind in that hatch!!!!

  88. Purple Elluka

    Purple Elluka2 months ago

    But he couldn't open it anyway, no?

  89. Moosification

    Moosification2 months ago

    Makoto: There's no way an ordinary kid like me could be the Mastermind. Ahahaha. Wrong game.

  90. -VintageDaisy-

    -VintageDaisy-2 months ago

    Kyoko: *talking about her memories* Me: *get’s a notification of memories song*

  91. Astroghost 968

    Astroghost 9682 months ago


  92. Lantern Angel

    Lantern Angel2 months ago

    "Thats what she said" BRUH

  93. Normal Anime Weeb

    Normal Anime Weeb2 months ago

    Kyoko:its just a theory Me: a danganronpa theory thanks for dying

  94. XxMidnight_SuzukixX

    XxMidnight_SuzukixX2 months ago

    The Locker is Hiro's 1:28:05 Because he would only have that stuff

  95. 6 feet apart or 6 feet under

    6 feet apart or 6 feet under2 months ago

    The bio lab door. IT'S F*CKING RAW

  96. Amaryllis Lemons

    Amaryllis Lemons2 months ago

    Spoiler Am I the only one who already figured out that the body was Junko. I was like umm the hair no one else has hair like that ,the nails, And the shoes its obviously Junko... Am I smart smart?????

  97. Viella

    Viella2 months ago

    1:07:15 *Did you know that the Puppet from FNAF is 7ft 6? Bet you didn’t.*

  98. Viella

    Viella2 months ago

    The mastermind erased her memory. She’s the Ultimate Detective. I noticed it like 2 trials ago

  99. Opinions, Anyone

    Opinions, Anyone2 months ago

    Btw, his reaction was starting at 1:07:23

  100. EndellionQT

    EndellionQT2 months ago

    "I want to talk to Aoi!" It's HINA Jay.

  101. KitKat Giveaways

    KitKat Giveaways2 months ago

    ************ state

  102. No U

    No U3 months ago

    1:22:41 I guess you could say he was the HEADmaster

  103. N L

    N L3 months ago

    Assassins pride like Detectives pride.

  104. Francisco Leon Gomez

    Francisco Leon Gomez3 months ago

    When makoto said the next thing i am going to do is... an ad appeared of a dancing bigfoot 😂

  105. Hanifah Fauziah

    Hanifah Fauziah3 months ago

    When I see Kirigiri head, I can't help but reminds me of butt.

  106. kenmas lil pog champ

    kenmas lil pog champ3 months ago

    I was lowkey SCREAMING when jay checked the profiles

  107. RNGesus

    RNGesus3 months ago

    did anyone else notice that kyoko blushes purple HOW?

  108. Mary Molloy

    Mary Molloy3 months ago

    *when he doesn't know that Junko's alive and evil then figures out she is ;* surprised pikachu face

  109. Mic Katt

    Mic Katt3 months ago

    Sadly I’m not surprised because I knew it was her for a long time :( I wish I was surprised

  110. Ernestas JANUtis

    Ernestas JANUtis3 months ago

    51:16 that is monokumas gaming setup

  111. Athen Nelson

    Athen Nelson3 months ago

    I think Byakuya is kinda like Miles Edgeworth but Miles Edgeworth is more smart than him because he calm and chill but Byakuya is kinda straight. And for Kyoko she is like Mia Fey and Makoto Naegi is like Phoenix Wright. But Phoenix he's like need some evidence, proof and also investigated. But for Makoto he's more like into facts and the evidence is no that good enough