You Saw This Video's Thumbnail & Went Straight To The Comments (Reacting To Scary Stories)

We're back to reacting to more scary stories on the internet, all 3 of these are BANGERS!! Leave a LIKE for more!
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  1. Angel Angel

    Angel AngelDay ago

    More minicraft please

  2. gemoxy

    gemoxyDay ago

    y j

  3. gemoxy

    gemoxyDay ago

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooozzzzz

  4. MT

    MT3 days ago


  5. Miya Atsumu

    Miya Atsumu4 days ago

    6 minutes in the video and im so concerned jay pls why why would you comment that it looks like your butthole

  6. The Epic Katz

    The Epic Katz4 days ago

    Me after seeing title: I'm not gonna go to the comment section Also me .000002 seconds later: 2:04

  7. samy samy

    samy samy4 days ago

    alright i got a scary story for yall. it was when i was either 7-8 and my family just moved into this old house when night time came me and my older sister that was around 10 at the time didnt want to sleep in our room bc our light was broken so my mom let us sleep at the end of her bed. I woke up and it was still very dark outside i looked around and saw my sister going through my moms bag i was confused at first so i called out her name for my surprise she turned around put her finger over her mouth and said "shhh" and walked away i sat up in confusion and felt something beside was my older sister. I sat there shaking in fear and didnt go to sleep until i saw the sun come up its been years after that but i still get chills whenever i think about it

  8. info chan

    info chan5 days ago

    7:08 it is a tounge

  9. Aiden Ginger

    Aiden Ginger5 days ago

    Jay talking about how people don’t try to help you, they just record you or make fun of you really hit me. It’s so true, that’s one of my biggest fears tbh, being recorded and made fun of even if I really need help

  10. victory james

    victory james6 days ago

    mom dad whats a verrrrgina jay-2021

  11. Cinema movies

    Cinema movies6 days ago


  12. sizo playz roblox

    sizo playz roblox6 days ago

    and nobodys pointed it out she french kissed a whole uhh-

  13. sizo playz roblox

    sizo playz roblox6 days ago

    i understand the danganronpa thing but what about stain aka hero killer

  14. TheZoster26

    TheZoster268 days ago

    Jay be rocking that man bun tho


    BLITZ4LIFE9 days ago

    bro day son jus in discord de perants goin to du dark web fr

  16. p0ppyn0tf0und _

    p0ppyn0tf0und _10 days ago

    i am currently at 12:41 and i am shitting myself

  17. blurryface

    blurryface5 days ago

    Oh ok😟

  18. wolfcubi_wolfy

    wolfcubi_wolfy10 days ago

    The hole is call the demon hole it a portal

  19. Tamar ikechikonkwo

    Tamar ikechikonkwo11 days ago

    I’m finna have nightmares 😰😣

  20. Isolde Peets

    Isolde Peets12 days ago

    BrO if a tongue came out of that hole... id go to the kitchen, get a butchers knife and CHOP IT OFF

  21. ________

    ________12 days ago

    The hole one didnt make any sense like what the And how does the wall easily break The woman that just took the phone and started filming is everyone if they were in that place Oh now i see what was the second one about its was about monster university i think

  22. iVan 123

    iVan 12312 days ago

    mom, dad? whats a virgina¿?

  23. Cynthia Factor

    Cynthia Factor13 days ago


  24. Cynthia Factor

    Cynthia Factor13 days ago


  25. Notso humanbeing

    Notso humanbeing13 days ago

    alot of people im friends with online are suicidal and have threatened to off themselves if i don't message them or if im not online often. It's really scary and I have to constantly check on them to make sure they're ok.

  26. BAYBEE

    BAYBEE13 days ago

    Today’s my birthday

  27. daddy chill

    daddy chill13 days ago

    Honestly, the stories were kind of a rollarcoaster but on the topic of the last story, yes. Stay safe on the internet. Just because you love them or are really close to them doesn’t mean you have to do what they ask you to do.

  28. David Narcisse

    David Narcisse14 days ago

    "Nobody got a tongue that long" meanwhile: Anime characters,Evil characters,Scp, and Demons

  29. Niko Arh

    Niko Arh14 days ago

    Diarrhoea hole

  30. Xurviq

    Xurviq14 days ago

    This one time I was at home alone with my little sister like 4 years ago when I was 10 and my sister was 9, there had been a thing on the news saying a woman had stolen a laptop from a house about 5mins away, since I live in a little town, and after we turned our phones off from that me and my sister go upstairs and look out the hallway window and see the same woman running away from the people at the thrift store across the street with a purple purse with gold on the top of it in her hand, she looked up and seen me and my sister run from the window than she runs to my door and smiles and starts banging on the door for at least 2mins and then she ran back to the thrift shop only to find the cops there, I’m so glad me and my sister had seen that news channel even tho my light skin/black instincts wouldn’t let her in anyway 😂

  31. Karina Diana-Cordova

    Karina Diana-Cordova14 days ago

    Wait a second, that second clip they getting it from monsters ink whyyy

  32. Mr.Crust2819

    Mr.Crust281914 days ago

    7:07 I dont know it's like I can taste it but. Nothing is clicking it's like I can feel it on the tip of my tongue but I dunno man

  33. Jahryan TV

    Jahryan TV14 days ago

    7:00 what the f- OH HELL NAHHHHHHHH ok fbi here i know u had a dream NOW LET ME IN THE HOUSE HEHEHHEHEHEHEH

  34. ɐpoSɥɔuɐᴚ

    ɐpoSɥɔuɐᴚ14 days ago

    7:32 This person is making out with wall-kun

  35. Blood Wolf

    Blood Wolf15 days ago

    Jay: says he takes out the roasts Like two minutes later Continues to roast her (This is for the first one)

  36. Deidre Beasley

    Deidre Beasley15 days ago


  37. Deidre Beasley

    Deidre Beasley15 days ago


  38. Patricia Frickenschmidt

    Patricia Frickenschmidt15 days ago

    im trying to eat

  39. Smooth

    Smooth15 days ago

    She's making out with the wall ;-;

  40. qt.Elizabeth.

    qt.Elizabeth.15 days ago

    Jay: I do the same thing with that tongue in the hole 😏 Everyone: what the-

  41. Natalee Tyner

    Natalee Tyner16 days ago

    Title : I saw the Thumbnail and went straight to the comments Me : clicks on video and goes straight to the comments

  42. ——————

    ——————16 days ago

    Actually both right and left is common but right is more common and both hands are more rare

  43. Tony_Tiger

    Tony_Tiger16 days ago

    whats the video called

  44. i am the globglogabgalab

    i am the globglogabgalab17 days ago

    The hole is like scary movie in the bathroom

  45. i am the globglogabgalab

    i am the globglogabgalab17 days ago

    Its a tounge thats lonnnnnnngggggggg

  46. francine carreon

    francine carreon17 days ago

    i feel like im on ft w jay and im just yelling at jay to shut up 😅😅

  47. Mochi

    Mochi17 days ago

    Can someone explain the last one better to me? from what i think is their pact that they would die together so they wouldn’t be sad over things in their life

  48. Misuki Paws

    Misuki Paws17 days ago


  49. kaarma senpai

    kaarma senpai17 days ago

    Its a lina misa ksjsksskslskslkssosjdoksosks

  50. No Face

    No Face18 days ago

    I swear ima give myself a heart attack with my lights off and its night i swear im asking for death at this point

  51. illumiscorset

    illumiscorset18 days ago

    The first video reminded me of that one puppet combo game. Feed me billy.

  52. ThatDumbBitch

    ThatDumbBitch18 days ago


  53. Albert Turner

    Albert Turner19 days ago


  54. Albert Turner

    Albert Turner19 days ago

    I did

  55. Gacha_Soba

    Gacha_Soba19 days ago

    Jay: "someone tell me what this hole represents" Me:Man that's a wall booty hole and those are some dookie stains

  56. thecrusader 53

    thecrusader 5319 days ago

    I think the video represents her trying to break free from her ex bf controll

  57. thecrusader 53

    thecrusader 5319 days ago

    Oh wait he said that at the end

  58. Dark blue Army

    Dark blue Army19 days ago

    It's a halal sausage

  59. aj's gaming

    aj's gaming19 days ago

    The heck

  60. sun flower

    sun flower19 days ago

    i almost thought he was watching the cup song cuz the opening kinda looks like it lmao

  61. Kenmas_Wife

    Kenmas_Wife20 days ago

    POV: you saw the thumbnail, Went to the comments, And now regret everything. 😂

  62. The Gaming Nerd

    The Gaming Nerd20 days ago

    Wait, Jay you're left handed? LEFT HANDED CLUB

  63. お矢田アイキさん

    お矢田アイキさん20 days ago

    one second jay can be crying and having the most horrible time of his life and next thing u know... hes rapping

  64. ShardedViper Gaming

    ShardedViper Gaming20 days ago

    He prob didn’t see mine

  65. BlueBreh

    BlueBreh20 days ago

    Bruh my friend sent me this on insta like a few months ago and I said “What the hell are you watching?”

  66. wolfy chan lovely art

    wolfy chan lovely art21 day ago

    Jay watch the scary films 😗?????

  67. anh le

    anh le21 day ago

    i go here cause he told me

  68. Jason Burns

    Jason Burns21 day ago


  69. Shuddup Seriously

    Shuddup Seriously21 day ago


  70. Zozabelle

    Zozabelle22 days ago

    Not true, the 1st thing I went to was the 𝕕𝕖𝕤𝕔𝕣𝕚𝕡𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟.

  71. Robloxity News

    Robloxity News22 days ago

    The thumbnail. I saw that video a few months ago.

  72. [chan squad]

    [chan squad]22 days ago

    I’m scared to watch this 😂🤣

  73. Connor / Rk800

    Connor / Rk80022 days ago

    Just a week (today is when that week is finished) is the day I took a break from discord- I’m- I don’t want to go back

  74. Emmalee Harmon

    Emmalee Harmon22 days ago

    "Hooray for being common" 😂😂

  75. Sachiko Chan

    Sachiko Chan22 days ago

    I think the wall video represents Agraphobia

  76. bitchy girl

    bitchy girl22 days ago


  77. moon light

    moon light22 days ago

    Me sees thumbnail:you need help bro Like you really do my guy I'm not hating I'm so sorry if this offended you And remember jay IS THAT DUDE

  78. Lost Soul

    Lost Soul22 days ago

    Me when U saw the girl hanging:Im jelly- :(

  79. Lost Soul

    Lost Soul22 days ago


  80. Lost Soul

    Lost Soul22 days ago

    I can write and do abything I can do with my right hand with my left.ت︎

  81. Lost Soul

    Lost Soul22 days ago

    "You will go to the comments." Me:*Went in the comments like he said*

  82. seeRa

    seeRa22 days ago

    13:31 Jay: oo ok its sledgehammer time Me : who tf keeps a sledgehammer in thier house Jay: she said its sledgehammer time

  83. Dina Dominguez

    Dina Dominguez23 days ago

    Ice cream?

  84. lalo Ice witch

    lalo Ice witch23 days ago

    I remember watching that video and thinking man I'm just like her I have to much social anxiety to go outside just cause I'm scared to talk to people but I'm doing better now

  85. xXDizzy_flower666 Xx

    xXDizzy_flower666 Xx23 days ago

    Wait this is noodle girl from grub hub

  86. Isabella Cyrus

    Isabella Cyrus23 days ago

    Jay:"is that blood?" yeah Jay lets just pretend that there is no seasoning

  87. jonnell morgan

    jonnell morgan23 days ago


  88. _{ S u g e r S o u l s }_

    _{ S u g e r S o u l s }_23 days ago

    Bro I’m in class right now everyone is looking at me

  89. goros wife

    goros wife23 days ago


  90. Hellooiii Hi

    Hellooiii Hi24 days ago


  91. Monkey

    Monkey24 days ago

    The thumbnail is do I put know what I'm not gonna say anything about it...

  92. JustARegularShark

    JustARegularShark24 days ago

    11:50, glory hole.

  93. Sweetness

    Sweetness24 days ago

    *me turns up my phone* Jay: *literally says anything* my mom: wtf

  94. p a i l e e n

    p a i l e e n24 days ago

    Ya got demonetized yet?

  95. gamingbyDoge

    gamingbyDoge24 days ago

    he's getting demonitized just from the thumbnail alone and the video itself doesnt help

  96. Kay Rod

    Kay Rod24 days ago

    Wait isnt the main girl Qetsiyah from The Vampire Diaries??

  97. i_want_.watch_anime.90

    i_want_.watch_anime.9024 days ago


  98. River_Chan YT

    River_Chan YT24 days ago

    3:54 stop the cap

  99. Bigyeet 29

    Bigyeet 2924 days ago

    Jay: i can't stop roasting i wanna roast her for being right handed (left hand people can comment or like

  100. Geren Arquero

    Geren Arquero25 days ago

    This man can't stop talking lol

  101. Twitter Stan101

    Twitter Stan10125 days ago

    So no one gonna address the fact that the woman doing the “pool yoga” is the woman that plays Allison from Umbrella Academy

  102. Nicole Hargreeves

    Nicole Hargreeves10 days ago

    Finally someone noticed Emmy

  103. Twitter Stan101

    Twitter Stan10122 days ago

    @Takara2449 idk maybe

  104. Takara2449

    Takara244922 days ago

    Is it? She kinda looks different to me🤔

  105. wadekaleah Wade

    wadekaleah Wade25 days ago

    Its a monster with a lot of tounges