Saiko No Sutoka got a split personality update, been keeping my eye on this game so hopefully the updates get more and more interesting
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  1. floryjean basigsig

    floryjean basigsigDay ago

    Not me reading the title and thought "but her knifu says DIEFU" 😅

  2. Toasted TopHat

    Toasted TopHatDay ago

    You should probably pay attention to her eyes, if they are shining red, she trying to kill you, if she her eyes aren’t shining, then you won’t try to kill you unless you do certain actions.

  3. Izuku midoriya

    Izuku midoriya2 days ago

    I don’t like it it’s so scary ahhhhhh

  4. Violeta OwO

    Violeta OwO2 days ago

    What happens when you dont do any thing and actually wait for her

  5. Christine V

    Christine V2 days ago

    I’m so terrified She coming for you RUN Bro RUN!?!

  6. Bashero Frontier

    Bashero Frontier3 days ago

    7:26 please never stop with the innuendos 😂

  7. Cuteberry kiki

    Cuteberry kiki4 days ago


  8. Juliet

    Juliet4 days ago

    Me yhe spongebob squarepants is no match with her

  9. Brudda Bear / MaskedProtaganist

    Brudda Bear / MaskedProtaganist4 days ago

    jay...what your doing wrong is that your just looking at her as your backing away bro. RUN

  10. MaskMage

    MaskMage4 days ago

    if you click on something and it says stuff like “Lemon tea is fantastic” she can hear you, that’s you saying it, i hope this helps!

  11. Andrew InoaDeLahoz

    Andrew InoaDeLahoz5 days ago

    the killer whatever her name is instant kills you if she captures you with final key.

  12. Yeet Ring

    Yeet Ring5 days ago

    Someone bet me Donald trump dies this girl is gonna get rule 34,d

  13. Mikxn Tsxmiki

    Mikxn Tsxmiki5 days ago

    I swear Jay is my comfort ytbr ong

  14. Hammy was never here bruh UwU

    Hammy was never here bruh UwU5 days ago

    What hadppend to yandere simulator-

  15. undertale sans

    undertale sans5 days ago

    Se que hablas español

  16. Silent Grim

    Silent Grim5 days ago

    Idk if I'm the only one who noticed... Saiko = Psycho

  17. olix productions

    olix productions6 days ago

    senpai said hi now he's gonna die

  18. James Kielle Furiel

    James Kielle Furiel6 days ago

    why is yan chan cousin killing hes crush

  19. Travis McNeal Jr

    Travis McNeal Jr6 days ago

    Hey jay sometimes she going to say sorry and give you a Heath poison that heals you for 25 health

  20. Arda

    Arda7 days ago

    This looks like one of my dreams i had except i saw Brawl stars characters chase me instead

  21. Cmp_bell

    Cmp_bell7 days ago

    Never seen such smart ai

  22. snowingsea 123

    snowingsea 1237 days ago

    What is saiko's last name

  23. Adam Cooper

    Adam Cooper7 days ago

    When she says SORRY you can get health from her

  24. Char Last

    Char Last8 days ago

    She really lives up to the role *crazy* *anime* *girl*

  25. Hackzicu Ackzicu

    Hackzicu Ackzicu8 days ago

    jay she doesn't always hurt you.

  26. PrincePsycho

    PrincePsycho8 days ago

    I love your vids but to be honest I miss the old sit down and buckle up, to bad monetization is such a thin line these past years.

  27. _Cyber_

    _Cyber_8 days ago

    I'm waiting for the day someone makes a troll game with just Nagito default dancing for 10 minutes

  28. Aqueous Carton82

    Aqueous Carton828 days ago

    Oh my god.. consistency

  29. ReyArthur Bontia

    ReyArthur Bontia8 days ago

    You know instead of escaping from her why not accept her love tell her that you love her soo much to the point that she'll probably calm down and get happy and probably stop going after you

  30. Pop Quiz Yt

    Pop Quiz Yt8 days ago

    U could have just hid the lockers but whatever

  31. Pop Quiz Yt

    Pop Quiz Yt8 days ago

    I said this on the last actual yandere simulator vid but just in case u didn't see it I got a myth for u; will someone teleport to you if you get them to follow you and teleport around the map

  32. Christopher Ramirez

    Christopher Ramirez9 days ago

    if she say sorry she give yo a mect

  33. Romana Krejčí

    Romana Krejčí9 days ago


  34. Romana Krejčí

    Romana Krejčí9 days ago


  35. tofu

    tofu9 days ago

    I’m hiding in the comments at this point- I’m so scared I have a stomach ache jeebus

  36. tofu

    tofu9 days ago

    Not me holding my phone 50 miles away from my face while watching this-

  37. Blueanimekiller 12342

    Blueanimekiller 123429 days ago

    I love the thumbnails there to funny lol 😂

  38. Nur Akma Qistina

    Nur Akma Qistina9 days ago

    Me not miss this game me Scary this 😖😖😖

  39. Pinxtonery Oni

    Pinxtonery Oni9 days ago

    boi if u stand still when she says sorry she gives you medicine 👁👄👁

  40. Bunyxreamz

    Bunyxreamz9 days ago

    i think when she says "stop it" or "i cant allow it" she switches personality...? i let her be beside me for until 5mins

  41. Hajime Hinata

    Hajime Hinata9 days ago

    Fun fact when she is holding her hands, she is friendly and will heal you

  42. •käwaii_nøødlë_ rämen•

    •käwaii_nøødlë_ rämen•9 days ago

    Saiko has personality disorders. Though cause when she says she won't hurt you but if you make her angry then "he" will. Which is speaking her personality disorders aswell, which is why they put a two different personality mode on the game. Hehe

  43. Muffin Fluff

    Muffin Fluff9 days ago

    Jay doesn’t even know what an ailment is! 😂

  44. Kloudys Klan

    Kloudys Klan10 days ago

    Jay: On 3 Jay: says nothing *Runs away* Me: did i miss some thing?

  45. Axie_ Chan

    Axie_ Chan10 days ago

    Hey Jay! I played that game. When she says she's sorry and cries just look at her and she'll give you a healing medicine.

  46. Aaron Paul

    Aaron Paul11 days ago

    Jay: yo wtf your mad Me: she cute af 🤤

  47. kenma is mah baby

    kenma is mah baby11 days ago

    These gave me heart attac ;-;

  48. Faris Danish

    Faris Danish11 days ago

    Jay when she cut you when he crying stay with her..she give you a madicen to you

  49. Elroy Hendricks

    Elroy Hendricks12 days ago

    I am leaving Goodbye

  50. Elroy Hendricks

    Elroy Hendricks12 days ago

    I don't like that scary music😰

  51. Marisol Martinez

    Marisol Martinez12 days ago


  52. Alexzander Kinney

    Alexzander Kinney12 days ago

    Let me give you a little tip that you are going to like whenever she says she's sorry if you look at her she will give you hell

  53. marqui briggs

    marqui briggs12 days ago

    If he realised before he would know that when the knife isn't up he alright but just need to watch out for her pills

  54. noah got the boat

    noah got the boat12 days ago

    no wonder why the silent kid brings the ak

  55. The Cucumber Of Fate

    The Cucumber Of Fate13 days ago

    I personally love the yandere and yangire type of killers in games

  56. wolfy chloe

    wolfy chloe13 days ago

    I've got a task for you Jay, on Yandere Sim, what would happen to the bullies and ms shy and timid girl when she is being bullied in class and you higher her reputation whilst she is being bullied? Also, how would the bullies act if all of them get kidnapped and driven to insanity? Since one of the bullies that you kidnapped sat on a bench outside, will all of the bullies sit there as well and create a glitch? Only if you can kidnap multiple people within the week, that is.

  57. Flurbify

    Flurbify13 days ago

    Intro:AHHHH Saiko:😖😄

  58. Moon UwU

    Moon UwU13 days ago

    I have that game I play it all the time I'm not lying

  59. RoboDark Gamer

    RoboDark Gamer14 days ago

    did you know that if you stand still while you react and do the i am sorry thing after a bit she will give you a pill that gives you 25 health? did you know that sometimes if you crouch while doing this she will go on top of you and you will cary her? did you know that if you try to look at her shadow she will become amazed and move a bit away from the point?

  60. lilcupid200

    lilcupid20014 days ago

    I want a story of this game 🤩😈

  61. Lonii Hetaro

    Lonii Hetaro14 days ago

    Jay: Talks about how the game has a bunch of new features Also jay: Plays one mode, dies multiple times and wins not even checking out any other feature ultimately ending the video We need another!

  62. Jayde Flink

    Jayde Flink14 days ago

    You: *Running for your life* me: She's kinds cute actully

  63. SnowingThunder

    SnowingThunder15 days ago

    Hhhh as cool as this game looks, I wish that the dev knew more about DID (formerly named split personality disorder). It's so poorly depicted in media and I wish that people knew that someone with DID is far more likely to harm themselves than people outside of their system.

  64. Zayden Johnson

    Zayden Johnson15 days ago

    I was playing the game and when she stabbed me and said sorry. I stood next to her and was just staring to see if something happened and she got happy because I was there and she gave me meds and followed me around while NOT stabbing me kinda like a partner. She disappeared when I looked away quickly and appeared behind me and she gave me more meds. She did choke me out but I pressed Q and E and she let me live and have the key. Is this normal?

  65. 囲LustredScent

    囲LustredScent15 days ago

    what if the game can hear you, what if the creator did that

  66. sunoo my sunshine

    sunoo my sunshine16 days ago

    hi jay! please play more scary asian games like this if you can, i miss them a lot!! i really missed it when you played sweet home and white day lmao. anyway loved this vid and hope to see u play more scary games!!

  67. Jade Upshaw

    Jade Upshaw16 days ago

    Click this trust me 7:15 😂😂

  68. IDoDrawing

    IDoDrawing14 days ago

    Wow I trusted you

  69. Night Dog

    Night Dog16 days ago

    School is definitely looks better in this version.

  70. mila Beydoun

    mila Beydoun16 days ago

    Dude your high notes scared me 😨

  71. Daily Quotes

    Daily Quotes16 days ago

    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” - Albert Einstein

  72. Marts

    Marts17 days ago

    Jay hitting those high notes like HEEHEE

  73. i'm cracked at mha

    i'm cracked at mha17 days ago

    This is very late but if you crouch in the locker and she comes in you have a chance of not being seen :)

  74. Ayesha Tuvida

    Ayesha Tuvida17 days ago

    11:01 That's something I didn't think I would hear in my lifetime

  75. Ĝod òf Ĥenťai

    Ĝod òf Ĥenťai17 days ago

    Bruh i was watching this while cleaning my ears and got scared not it hurts it didnt bleed just hurts

  76. XxQueen_ Rose957xX

    XxQueen_ Rose957xX17 days ago

    I think when you try to hide in the locker I think you need to crouch to hide from her...(I'm not sure if it's gonna work but if you play more of this try to do it and see if it works. btw she finna clap yo cheeks 24/7)

  77. T_T 101

    T_T 10117 days ago

    Does anyone remember when Jay used to say buckle the f- up

  78. IDoDrawing

    IDoDrawing14 days ago

    Yes I do

  79. Kitoke Akuma

    Kitoke Akuma17 days ago

    I wonder if there's a crouch function to like quiet your steps and hide from her if she peaks in the windows

  80. Josephine Gocoyo

    Josephine Gocoyo17 days ago

    idk whosmore scarier yan chan or her cousin?

  81. kaitlynn

    kaitlynn17 days ago

    It's 3:00 in the morning I start the video and I get jump scared basically wtf I know it wasn't an actual jump scare it just scared the crap out of me 😂

  82. Mr. Juantastic

    Mr. Juantastic18 days ago

    Hey jay when she’s saying sorry stay by her she can hand you a health item.

  83. I’m Miss-Understood

    I’m Miss-Understood18 days ago

    Bro, she became Toko We’re actually playing as Makoto, and her Senpai is Byakuya

  84. 哦吃呵哦给哦 卡了让哦是快快

    哦吃呵哦给哦 卡了让哦是快快18 days ago

    Imagine jay having the code and accidentally pressing retry lmao

  85. James Martin Carmen

    James Martin Carmen18 days ago

    happy new year

  86. brosquad channel

    brosquad channel18 days ago

    Is it just me or does the shadows kinda look like hajiame

  87. Jewel Fontamillas

    Jewel Fontamillas18 days ago

    Expectation: We are screaming or having a heart attack from the jumpscare of the monster Reality: We got a heart attack from Jay's girly man screams (like 5:08 for me)

  88. Emily Lim

    Emily Lim18 days ago

    Honestly if I was in his situation I would just break the window of the lowest floor and yeet myself out lol

  89. PeaceBoyRambo420

    PeaceBoyRambo42018 days ago

    Hey Kubs your so swaggy and cool and i watch Markiplier too thanks for cheering me up from Depression

  90. Crushed hopes And dreams

    Crushed hopes And dreams18 days ago

    Am I the only one who would die because I would feel bad for her when she goes into her split personality

  91. Psyco _Cookie77

    Psyco _Cookie7718 days ago

    if you crouch in the locker she cant see you through the locker so she wont check. (Crouch is Ctrl.)

  92. Aidan Nguyen

    Aidan Nguyen18 days ago

    Fun Fact: By saving and loading you can get rid of the easter egg you have

  93. Dhayan Velasquez

    Dhayan Velasquez18 days ago

    Just got in a fight with my family but when rewatch this video it made it all better thx u jay 💕❤️

  94. Life as Cyan Oliver

    Life as Cyan Oliver19 days ago

    That made me had a heart attack😂😂

  95. Dark Night

    Dark Night19 days ago

    Is it just me or does she look exactly like Akane from SDR2?

  96. Stori Calloway

    Stori Calloway19 days ago

    Jay: for Yandere simulator. 1:get a mindslave 2:make a mind slave kill a teacher while the teacher is chasing you

  97. Zoe Autry

    Zoe Autry19 days ago

    This was so scary I screamed in my my parents thought I was being attacked

  98. MadLads Studios

    MadLads Studios19 days ago

    BRO- 17:05 my soul left my body 😓😓

  99. Yoshi 2oo8

    Yoshi 2oo819 days ago

    0:20 my mom when she’s not around people in a nutshell lmao



    Also jay read the update logs next time lmfao XD

  101. Ethan Rooks

    Ethan Rooks19 days ago

    At 3:24 you said your trying to hocuss

  102. Raniel Joshua Cunanan

    Raniel Joshua Cunanan19 days ago

    Here's what you need to remember if she says sorry just accept it and she will give you a health pack