Mother is a game where you need to take care of your children and keep them away and alive from their friend "Tommy"...thisis hands down one of the most disturbing games i've ever played on the channel..just has a vibe from it you don't see too often in indie horror games nowadays..
Mother game link:
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  1. Smilzy

    Smilzy3 hours ago

    i always watch jays scary videos at night and idk why

  2. paige mcnamara

    paige mcnamara3 hours ago

    14:13 is creepy So when you asked the child to go to bed it made a noise is that a yawn or some crap like that????

  3. Nina Williams

    Nina Williams6 hours ago

    He said no green pills

  4. Nurah Light

    Nurah Light11 hours ago

    Me just laughing bc he was screaming the whole time

  5. fluffy wolf

    fluffy wolf12 hours ago

    There is a movie that Is almost the exact same thing as the game but instead of a mother it's a sister the movie name is veronica and it on Netflix

  6. 0range Juiice

    0range JuiiceDay ago

    jay: " kiss me love" jay after his soulmate leaves: :" NOOOOOOOO"

  7. Victor Vizcarra

    Victor VizcarraDay ago

    Doctor: "Don't take any green pills". Me: "Yo Jay start over and don't take any green pills". No srsly tho what happens if you don't?

  8. DaisukeT

    DaisukeTDay ago

    Im Watching in school💀

  9. The Noob Combo

    The Noob ComboDay ago

    3 balls

  10. SITI HAWA Moe

    SITI HAWA Moe2 days ago

    😽. This is Bloop , my dear pet 👘. She is here to keep you safe

  11. Emilee Billinghurst

    Emilee Billinghurst2 days ago

    what i´m thinking is that Your a now single mother after your husband died and you had a ¨miscarriage¨ with a son who was going to be named Tommy. But your kids, Kayla and Kyle, see Tommy´s ghost as their imaginary friend. Although when we travel back apparently Tommy was deformed so the mother, Mary, kept him hidden away which brings me to suspicion that Tommy is still alive. So the deformed looking monster (the yellow one or the Kyle gut eating one) is Tommy. Its just my suspicion. I hope you see this comment if you still dont quite understand this storyline. :)

  12. Lay B.

    Lay B.2 days ago

    1:00 gave me a heart attack the three times I watched it I rely don't know why I kept reminding it

  13. Thalia Hart

    Thalia Hart2 days ago

    Jay: I'm the world best mother Also jay: come here meat shield! Also jay: if you're gonna chomp on my son chomp on me! I got cheeks on cheeks!

  14. Little

    Little2 days ago


  15. pandastar pop

    pandastar pop2 days ago

    Jay: I took my pills I have to take more? Mmhm yeah. Me: *laughs and also chokes on food*. My mum: stop laughing. Me: I CANT😂😂😂

  16. Gacha•-•Bean uwu

    Gacha•-•Bean uwu3 days ago

    Game: “Keep your kids alive” Me: Isn’t that a mother’s job anyways...

  17. Walter McDuffie

    Walter McDuffie3 days ago

    Are u related eddievr

  18. sandycheeks x

    sandycheeks x3 days ago

    When that monster came out of the counter I skipped like a whole 10000 heart beats 💀🤣😂😭

  19. Xyrelle Faylogna

    Xyrelle Faylogna3 days ago


  20. bunny phoe phoe

    bunny phoe phoe3 days ago

    The face on the cover is the BEST THING EVER (cuz it is my face when I see he just stopped going live)

  21. Scarlet Menendez

    Scarlet Menendez3 days ago

    Stop hideing in the comments 😆

  22. Scarlet Menendez

    Scarlet Menendez3 days ago

    When jay started the game befor that man even dropped his head i got a ad and jumped bc i tought that was going to jump scare me 😅🤣🤣

  23. Opal Touch

    Opal Touch3 days ago

    Kubz Scouts is the best youtuber that has walked this EARTH

  24. Mochi Babyy

    Mochi Babyy3 days ago

    19:11 had me DYING when he said” snort that up your nose”

  25. Kayla Gomez

    Kayla Gomez4 days ago


  26. Hinataxox Alli

    Hinataxox Alli4 days ago

    It's literly 2:57 in the morning and I'm having a frikin mental breakdown

  27. Sailor Moon

    Sailor Moon4 days ago

    Got to say I was so scared I didn't even skip the ads. I was glad for them...

  28. Gouri Sreedhar

    Gouri Sreedhar4 days ago


  29. Maggiora Duomo

    Maggiora Duomo4 days ago

    I love your channel subscribed☺️👏🏽

  30. Ink Sans

    Ink Sans5 days ago

    7:59 oh s***


    ALIA HOGUE5 days ago

    so tommy didn't get the chance to grow up like his siblings, he is now a demon who haunts the mom. how is he so tall then when he jumps out at jay? edit: WAAIT HE ISNT DEAD?

  32. giraffop otomous

    giraffop otomous5 days ago

    36:45 By far, the funniest moment.

  33. Nurain Aqilah

    Nurain Aqilah5 days ago

    36:47 just watch it.

  34. cute gacha life

    cute gacha life5 days ago


  35. fun time family and friends

    fun time family and friends5 days ago

    If i were them i would move out again

  36. Shenanigans With Layla

    Shenanigans With Layla6 days ago

    jays scream at the beginning of the video scared the shit out of me

  37. Loli God

    Loli God6 days ago

    18:43 legit same reaction AAHAHHA

  38. Alivia GACHALIFE

    Alivia GACHALIFE6 days ago

    Also jay: ok I’ll protect the kids. Later on, jay: what the he’ll is ur name kid?

  39. Alivia GACHALIFE

    Alivia GACHALIFE6 days ago

    Jay: kiss me my love Jay a second later: AHHHH!!!!

  40. rxny's speed art

    rxny's speed art6 days ago

    i love the rat part when it flys away from you and you scream then a moment of quite time and act like it did not even happen LOL

  41. Jelani Goodridge

    Jelani Goodridge6 days ago

    To people who disagree to the fact that kids in games are usually invisible go play happy wheels with the dad skin

  42. Twila Neiswonger

    Twila Neiswonger6 days ago

    I'm watching g this video and my dog starts barking for no reason so I yell who's there and my sister looked at me like I lost my mind. Sorry I get paranoid easily😅😅

  43. Nabila .0.

    Nabila .0.7 days ago


  44. I c e c r e a m w i p

    I c e c r e a m w i p7 days ago

    Jay: I'm scared Also Jay: ⠀        ∩          \\         / )  ⊂\_/ ̄ ̄ ̄  /   \_/ ° ͜ʖ ° ( )     )    /⌒\    /  ___/⌒\⊃   (  /    \\     U

  45. Xoretta

    Xoretta7 days ago

    18:21 , bottom right corner in the doorway, I can't be the only one who saw that.

  46. Donald Rodriguez

    Donald Rodriguez7 days ago

    this is funny as ever because I didnt get scared ever

  47. Ummm__Axolotls

    Ummm__Axolotls7 days ago

    His face on the thumbnail: 🍅👄🍅

  48. PotatoPlayz Roblox

    PotatoPlayz Roblox7 days ago

    Kubz scouts made me laugh the whole time


    ØRËŌ QŪËĒÑ7 days ago

    Burn the house down


    ØRËŌ QŪËĒÑ7 days ago

    I wouldve thrown the monkey toy out the window

  51. lemonade with ice please

    lemonade with ice please7 days ago

    the way he didn’t read all of carl’s texts and he thought tommy was his brother 😭

  52. Aaron is manly

    Aaron is manly7 days ago

    Jay: kids don't die in video games The entirety of the fnaf series: allow me to introduce myself

  53. ari !

    ari !7 days ago


  54. Loser________Person

    Loser________Person7 days ago

    On 40:00 that monster really said "I'm coming with you Kyle"

  55. Pls Pls

    Pls Pls7 days ago

    Who else was having a mini heart attack when he skipped the open window at the beginning 4:29

  56. shouto todoroki

    shouto todoroki8 days ago

    ❗🔺 BREAKING NEWS 🔺❗ man gives child cookie after attack from Jimmy Newton... Meanwhile Michael Jackson appears in the halls, karen says that it good to call all the managers and the accuse the killers, karen also claims a man is breaking into the house Mother name: Mary Poppins

  57. That Underaged Gamer

    That Underaged Gamer8 days ago

    Kyle: **getting eaten** Jay: Yo where u at?

  58. yxmeii

    yxmeii8 days ago

    Jays face on the thumbnail be looking like a stressed out mother. Very fitting-

  59. SxgarCookie

    SxgarCookie8 days ago

    Jay- whats good my G? Creepy monster thing- NOPE

  60. Jooncrabs

    Jooncrabs8 days ago

    Anyone else notice that sudden movement to the left when Jay was talking to the girl at 18:23?

  61. Tshfbku Go

    Tshfbku Go8 days ago

    no one: jay’s titles: *CAPS LOCK*

  62. Violet Wiseley

    Violet Wiseley8 days ago

    When that head dropped, I accidentally threw my stylus across my bed. I am physically shook.

  63. XxConnection UserxX

    XxConnection UserxX8 days ago

    Mother? Nah man I prefer earthbound

  64. angel the pig U.U

    angel the pig U.U8 days ago

    Let's go lil shit's XD

  65. Kitty Dino

    Kitty Dino8 days ago

    This made me jump, but honestly, THIS SHOULD HAVE A SERIES

  66. Henry Emily

    Henry Emily8 days ago

    kyle: no dont take my remote! im bored

  67. Yuxi Wang

    Yuxi Wang8 days ago

    Game: I need sleep Me: boi then go to sleep what’s wrong with your stupidity?! Game: ... Me : right shut up

  68. Amazy Abby

    Amazy Abby9 days ago

    Jay: *Yells loudly when he sees the Monster* oh god.. Also Jay: *Screams louder when he sees Kayla* “OH GOD?! WHAATT IS WRONG WITH YOUUUUU?”

  69. Sabrina Chang

    Sabrina Chang9 days ago

    First one I scream so little my aunty so like whattt

  70. Aliyah Mishra

    Aliyah Mishra9 days ago

    36:16 yo why he yellow

  71. Abby Chu

    Abby Chu9 days ago

    my life shortens every time i watch one of these videos

  72. kiana alaniz

    kiana alaniz9 days ago

    Karen: What are your kid's names? Jay: Mary and Billy Also Jay: I meant Kyle and Kayla

  73. Kocho

    Kocho9 days ago

    Jay is scared of his kids more than the monsters😂

  74. I’m Tired

    I’m Tired9 days ago

    Ngl the beginning scared the shit outta me

  75. Juicy123

    Juicy1239 days ago

    7:56 idk why but I was laughing so hard so if u get scared just go back to this point

  76. peaxchy_ :3

    peaxchy_ :39 days ago

    Jay: I need a refill, we need a clean up on isle 9 takes like 10 green pills XD

  77. Gacha _Gummy

    Gacha _Gummy9 days ago

    *Jay loses more of his sanity every time he hears a “I’m bored.”*

  78. Lana Raljic

    Lana Raljic9 days ago

    This is what happend when you mix fnaf among us and kakegurui-

  79. Naya Gibson

    Naya Gibson9 days ago

    Nobody: Jay : Man Forget Kayla ..Kaylas a h** 😂

  80. Daniela Pufulet

    Daniela Pufulet9 days ago

    Sorry for sayng this but ur face all video turnd red (you're a tamatto😂)

  81. Adriana Frankenfield

    Adriana Frankenfield9 days ago

    The Docter: "Don't take any more pills than prescribed." The Perscription: 8 Pills in all. Jay: *glugs a whole 3 bottles of pills* "That should be enough."

  82. Mexicantajin

    Mexicantajin9 days ago

    im b o r e d

  83. Angel and Ej

    Angel and Ej9 days ago

    I'm a kid but I looked like I have a kid because I have to take care of my dog EVERY NIGHT 😕

  84. Sir i have to eat you.

    Sir i have to eat you.9 days ago


  85. Maria Aguilar

    Maria Aguilar10 days ago

    Omg😂😂 At 10:07 it sounded like jay said “MEOWWWWWW!” XD Instead of the cat scaring the mouse the mouse scares the cat lol

  86. Mel

    Mel10 days ago

    still waiting for jay to play this again 🙏

  87. khloe johnson

    khloe johnson10 days ago

    how do you play these games oml i would have been crying and i dont how im watching this video im so scared

  88. Sorex Lozen

    Sorex Lozen10 days ago

    *Job is to protect the kids* Jay: “Ima use you as a meat shield.”

  89. BlueRosezForARose •King•

    BlueRosezForARose •King•10 days ago

    Jay:I’m sick im twisted I- OUUUMA

  90. Rantaro Amami

    Rantaro Amami10 days ago

    1:01 First time I’ve screamed at a jumpscare in a video for months-

  91. kashif baig

    kashif baig10 days ago

    woahhh jay now has a total of 1 billion views on yt

  92. Samuel Gularez

    Samuel Gularez10 days ago

    l dont wana Dead

  93. Samuel Gularez

    Samuel Gularez10 days ago

    Why are you pleyng Dat

  94. Gabriela Ackermann

    Gabriela Ackermann10 days ago

    the creepy peeking animations remind me of the game based on the movie ju:on the grudge

  95. Beth cella

    Beth cella10 days ago

    The first jump scare got me 💀 for real..

  96. 1718Dance

    1718Dance10 days ago

    Jay are you going to finish the game?

  97. TheMistyMeadows

    TheMistyMeadows10 days ago

    I shouldn’t be watching be this at 3 am

  98. MyHeroAcademia20

    MyHeroAcademia2010 days ago

    Pov: Your scrolling down the comments to avoid the monster

  99. Latte Bear23

    Latte Bear2311 days ago


  100. awhxcatra

    awhxcatra11 days ago

    He should play Erica

  101. BlackRainMouseClaw

    BlackRainMouseClaw11 days ago

    kids:we told you tommy lived in this house jay:-doesn't care- me:LAST TIME I CHECKED YOU GUYS NEVER TOLD JAY YOUR MOTHER, YOU UNLOYAL CHILES!!