Secret Formula isn’t something you’re ready for, kids (Reacting To Scary Animations)

Secret formula, cream that takes care of anything, kissing & asian girls make up this episode of scary reactions for this episode! Leave a LIKE for more!
Meat Canyon:
David Firth:
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  1. Izzy Lafuze

    Izzy LafuzeHour ago

    This has ruined sponge bob for me....

  2. Brownie Cookie

    Brownie Cookie2 hours ago


  3. OshaDerp 713

    OshaDerp 7133 hours ago

    Dang... I was eating when the first animation showed.... AND MY FOOD HAD TO BE YELLOW AND MUSHY WTH

  4. Tijana Mitrovic

    Tijana Mitrovic7 hours ago

    Wo kann man movie 😬😬😬🤨🤨🤨☹️☹️☹️

  5. Tijana Mitrovic

    Tijana Mitrovic7 hours ago

    Wakanda Spongebob movie iStat 🤨🤨🤨☹️☹️☹️

  6. daniel dulalia

    daniel dulalia15 hours ago

    Lol did Patrick just pop onto spongebob's hole so that's why sea stars are made

  7. glorpnorph

    glorpnorph21 hour ago

    Even if cream didn't have side effects people would react the same way.

  8. valery figueroa

    valery figueroa23 hours ago

    Me looking at the kiss and just realised that I'm still single and that dude got a kiss really dude 😥😑

  9. IzaSenju

    IzaSenjuDay ago

    "Cream can fix anything" Jojofans: crazy diamond requiem

  10. Tomura Uzumaki

    Tomura UzumakiDay ago

    my childhood is ruined T^T literally Creepy as my mom angry as Shit

  11. talas world Alsadek

    talas world Alsadek2 days ago


  12. Flamingo Torres

    Flamingo Torres2 days ago

    I love your videos

  13. Sunglasses cat Man

    Sunglasses cat Man2 days ago

    this is like Disney- spongebob edition

  14. Sunglasses cat Man

    Sunglasses cat Man2 days ago

    I wouldn't call them scary I would call them.......... satisfying

  15. bonnie reich

    bonnie reich3 days ago

    No it is cannibalism crabs eating his family except for crabs mom look on line it might say that is the secret formula

  16. Danielle Barnes

    Danielle Barnes3 days ago

    I wocht the 3th and spit 😫🤢

  17. neah le boss

    neah le boss3 days ago

    We should have jay react to the entire series of salad fingers, that would be cool

  18. Kaylee Huynh

    Kaylee Huynh3 days ago

    13:31 are they ok? 😂😂

  19. The weeb queen

    The weeb queen4 days ago

    I love Jay's man bun, it's the best I've ever seen

  20. Madaleana Nolan

    Madaleana Nolan4 days ago

    the cream sounds like mr.s frizzles WAP

  21. Madaleana Nolan

    Madaleana Nolan4 days ago

    me eating dried strawberry's and wearing a spongebob hoodie

  22. UselessTrash

    UselessTrash4 days ago

    But if it gave you AIDS would the cream fix it?????

  23. Rxby Editz

    Rxby Editz4 days ago

    Miss frizzles WAP on yaw head

  24. gundham tanaka playz

    gundham tanaka playz4 days ago


  25. gundham tanaka playz

    gundham tanaka playz4 days ago

    Meatcanyon I have one thing to say CHILL

  26. DoggieLover 101

    DoggieLover 1015 days ago

    Plot twist: the secret formula is actually *Crab Meat* like how mr *Crabs* and only his mom are the only *crabs*? And the name *Krusty Crab*

  27. Ivanna Flunkie

    Ivanna Flunkie5 days ago

    *Spongebob shows up on screen* Me: eating McDonald’s Also me: throws up

  28. CarrieOn Regardless

    CarrieOn Regardless5 days ago

    The actual secret formula is cocaine ,,, that's why people are addicted. {If even says it on google}

  29. mustapha Abdulrahman

    mustapha Abdulrahman6 days ago

    Btw I'm nine and I got scared

  30. mustapha Abdulrahman

    mustapha Abdulrahman5 days ago

    @hi im sprite he said he'd take my PS4

  31. hi im sprite

    hi im sprite5 days ago

    @mustapha Abdulrahman oh why listen to your brother

  32. mustapha Abdulrahman

    mustapha Abdulrahman5 days ago

    My brother dared me too

  33. hi im sprite

    hi im sprite5 days ago

    why are you nine and watching jay-

  34. Fluugel

    Fluugel6 days ago

    19:52 true loves kiss uh..?

  35. Jamie Lynch

    Jamie Lynch6 days ago


  36. Rin Nohara

    Rin Nohara6 days ago

    Oh, to see without my eyes 😄

  37. Emilia Alikat

    Emilia Alikat6 days ago

    U look good with a man bun boi 😂

  38. Corey Colas

    Corey Colas7 days ago

    Actually the secret formula is Poseidon's power which if you search upon Google is I think crack or cocaine

  39. Brian Bickerton

    Brian Bickerton7 days ago

    That’s a ponytail

  40. Abigail Weber

    Abigail Weber7 days ago

    Jay: Cream hmm Nobody: Jay:*takes a tiny sip of a gallon of water*

  41. Cthulhu Dog

    Cthulhu Dog7 days ago

    Me: don’t say it don’t say it me anyway: you got a palm tree on yo head perfect for sponge Bob

  42. Redstone Gaming!

    Redstone Gaming!7 days ago


  43. Carolyn Griego

    Carolyn Griego8 days ago

    Let Coryxkenshen watch that for sss


    ISAIAH SILER9 days ago

    that spongebob one needs to pause

  45. Landon Miller

    Landon Miller9 days ago

    Get the flamethrower to kill these demons

  46. mrsnake mrcat

    mrsnake mrcat9 days ago

    u know how he said no bun shaming? well bun shaming

  47. owlygirlrowan

    owlygirlrowan9 days ago

    Meat Canyon over here ruining *everyone's* childhood one video at a time

  48. Spicy Donkey

    Spicy Donkey10 days ago

    casually pulls out a one gallon jug of water

  49. That Boi animate

    That Boi animate10 days ago

    8:29 hold on can you repaet that I didnt quiet recall

  50. That Boi animate

    That Boi animate10 days ago

    0:24 hopefully its what now

  51. That Boi animate

    That Boi animate10 days ago

    Holly crap 20:40

  52. Naomi Adeosun

    Naomi Adeosun10 days ago

    Me:Bun Shames

  53. Dylan Druen

    Dylan Druen11 days ago


  54. multi gamer 3

    multi gamer 312 days ago

    Ohhhh god

  55. cool boy gamer

    cool boy gamer12 days ago

    Yo spongebob got me so so messed up and squidward and mr crabs the way there voice be like o god no

  56. Ivanna Merino Martinez

    Ivanna Merino Martinez13 days ago

    I mean i don't want your man bun but I want your other kind of buns yo know(~o ̄3 ̄)~

  57. Froggity

    Froggity13 days ago

    why he reminding me off a american version of EddieVR -w-

  58. Cyanne Lewis

    Cyanne Lewis13 days ago


  59. LinTheEnby

    LinTheEnby13 days ago

    Imagine if sponges were only bread to be eaten Edit: That is what Spongebob is- right? I’ve never seen the show-

  60. Umbrella Saffire

    Umbrella Saffire13 days ago

    Anyone else get necrophilia vibes from the mortician in the kissed one??? Like wth

  61. devyn

    devyn10 days ago

    I think that was the whole point

  62. Leaf Leaf

    Leaf Leaf14 days ago

    Fun fact you cant be buried alive unless you chose not to donate your organs even then its still impossible cause they automatically remove your organs wire your mouth shut and put you in a locked casket so no zombie apocalypse either unless its a virus that starts above ground

  63. Lira Monchusi

    Lira Monchusi15 days ago

    SHAME ON YOU Ha just kidding nice video though and spongebob. Fu*dog sound*

  64. Sus Among you

    Sus Among you15 days ago

    The man bun is cool

  65. Kaitlyn Velazquez

    Kaitlyn Velazquez16 days ago

    Look how thick jays eyebrows are

  66. itzz little Ash

    itzz little Ash16 days ago

    Iam literally shoked about this

  67. Lexie Wells

    Lexie Wells16 days ago

    This video just RUINED spongbob for me 😭

  68. Bella Prager

    Bella Prager16 days ago

    You should look at horror shorts party or nightmare files

  69. Talebale AJ

    Talebale AJ16 days ago

    I actually think jay’s bun is kinda hot 😂

  70. lily 23

    lily 2316 days ago

    im getting sokka vibes

  71. Cameron Carey

    Cameron Carey17 days ago


  72. SamiPotter9

    SamiPotter917 days ago

    Why would we bun shame if we’re the ones that voted for it? XD

  73. hee hee

    hee hee17 days ago

    Aye can spongebob itch his legs with his teeth

  74. badboy angel

    badboy angel17 days ago

    Jay: I’m not going to get scared later jay:*hits girl sceams*

  75. Shawnda Halyard

    Shawnda Halyard17 days ago

    Spongebob sounds low key desperate and lovesick (the key ain't that low my g)

  76. mmoosee

    mmoosee18 days ago

    Spongebob is technically the secret ingredient cause Im sure if he stopped working there they would go out of business

  77. Spy Guy

    Spy Guy18 days ago

    Jay: mines better tho Animation: no

  78. R0blox ._.4ddict

    R0blox ._.4ddict18 days ago

    *Jay saying no insults of his man bun in the comment* Me: Mkay

  79. Anime_ _gurl1305

    Anime_ _gurl130518 days ago

    am i on drugs???

  80. Giberishpoop poopy

    Giberishpoop poopy18 days ago


  81. Am fireMC

    Am fireMC18 days ago

    Meat Canyon scares me... Love David Firth and ALTER though

  82. danger zone

    danger zone18 days ago

    That poor guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  83. Prømise_sunshine 0381

    Prømise_sunshine 038118 days ago

    No the secret formula is crab, wonder why he is lit like the only crab in there. Etc. Im too lazy to keep typin unu

  84. Kotoko Kookie

    Kotoko Kookie18 days ago

    Jay’s Spongebob conspiracy theory is exactly what need to be focused on in 2021

  85. Brooklyn Yakim

    Brooklyn Yakim18 days ago

    Can someone please tell me why I told myself that I'm not going to die while I was watching this?

  86. Brooklyn Yakim

    Brooklyn Yakim18 days ago

    Oops I didn't mean to put the ? there

  87. Samantha Campbell

    Samantha Campbell18 days ago

    Jay I bet you can’t run faster then me when I have to take out the trash at 3 in the morning. That shit scary as hell

  88. Rachel Chapman

    Rachel Chapman18 days ago

    The f****** eating him

  89. shreks toe jam

    shreks toe jam18 days ago


  90. Laveya Hanna

    Laveya Hanna19 days ago

    They really eating sponge bob

  91. Audrey O'Hara

    Audrey O'Hara19 days ago

    I know one channel that posts loads of scarry animations called snareled

  92. Orange_Creme

    Orange_Creme19 days ago

    You know how there are no other crab sin bikini bottom except Mr crabs you have to think what if the secret ingredient is crabs

  93. Emily Torres

    Emily Torres19 days ago

    Jay: don’t run your nasty fingers through her hair also jay remarking how creepy the girl is.

  94. Treasure Madose

    Treasure Madose19 days ago

    Ewww no

  95. Squeek Heart

    Squeek Heart19 days ago

    they made it toware it looks like a bug is on your screen

  96. N Ú T

    N Ú T19 days ago

    Jay: *what it’s feels like watching this* *music* *me knowing I watch it 24/7* you caught me

  97. Vanesa Fancsal

    Vanesa Fancsal19 days ago

    it's terrifying how that gal's formerly amputated arm had birthmarks at the exact same spot i do..

  98. Vanesa Fancsal

    Vanesa Fancsal19 days ago

    man buns remind me of my ex sm

  99. jana veruari

    jana veruari20 days ago

    Jays bun looks like a black palm tree 🌴🌴🌴

  100. 《Anxiously》

    《Anxiously》20 days ago

    Mr crabs hitting uncle larry vibes rn

  101. Xemacs

    Xemacs20 days ago

    Me wondering why Jay is analyzing a kids show. P.S. I love spongebob

  102. Bianx Cruxx

    Bianx Cruxx20 days ago

    Asian Check✔️

  103. 美智子Michiko

    美智子Michiko20 days ago

    How am i suppose to explain this to my parents when i watch that secret formula episode?!?! なにこれ!??!

  104. •MoaxArmy •

    •MoaxArmy •20 days ago

    Well uhm spongebob from MeatCanyon sure does need some cream-

  105. Your Daily Dose Of Stupidity

    Your Daily Dose Of Stupidity20 days ago

    i think i need help im starting to think that da bob and joe biden should get married 👁️👄👁️💅

  106. •— Hime 0w0 —•

    •— Hime 0w0 —•20 days ago

    They have seen perfection....