My man had his mom hitting her Ariana Grande's at me
Stay out the house ending:
Stay out the house game:
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  1. Kubz Scouts

    Kubz Scouts22 days ago

    Leave a LIKE for Ariana Grannay for hitting those high notes this episode

  2. Tedd

    Tedd22 hours ago


  3. b l e a c h

    b l e a c h8 days ago

    ariana grande could never with grannehs high notes

  4. Isolde Peets

    Isolde Peets12 days ago


  5. fuwa's gxcha

    fuwa's gxcha15 days ago

    Hope she drops a nee song soon ngl

  6. rantaro Amami

    rantaro Amami17 days ago

    Ibuki loves your content

  7. Keea Rentzios

    Keea Rentzios2 hours ago

    Jay:Ive been in many holes and they don't sound like that Me:Um..what?

  8. Ryu Fuzen

    Ryu Fuzen9 hours ago

    Jay says he’s silent- screams 2 seconds later 😂

  9. Just Skinny, Wig Snatch, Ass Clap

    Just Skinny, Wig Snatch, Ass ClapDay ago

    7:39 its says delivery

  10. Wild Lion Girl

    Wild Lion GirlDay ago

    Can someone give me the jump scare times so I can watch this video? 😅

  11. Abby Zabby

    Abby Zabby3 days ago


  12. shiquzeya brown

    shiquzeya brown4 days ago

    Sooo Jay said the combination was 4262 but he put in 5273 😂2:23 Jay and his luck

  13. Mytinsaw

    MytinsawDay ago

    actually, the location where the numbers are supposed to be are marked with a vertical red line on the left side, so he did actually input 4262

  14. David Jackman

    David Jackman4 days ago

    Alright boys and girls am going full screen cover me.

  15. Nikola Rajak

    Nikola Rajak5 days ago

    Jay: *is playing stay out of the house* USlikes: fnaf

  16. Loralei Null

    Loralei Null5 days ago

    Watching Jay scream in terror everytime an old lady in a wheelchair scoots by him is the best part of this video

  17. Brionne Vulimaibau

    Brionne Vulimaibau6 days ago

    6:39 thats one way to wake me up

  18. Human Core

    Human Core7 days ago

    You scream like the granny

  19. lesbianlemonbiscuit

    lesbianlemonbiscuit7 days ago

    when he was zoomin through "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE"

  20. hi I'm mr lonely

    hi I'm mr lonely7 days ago

    USlikes Is On Drugs It said "MINECRAFT" Now Its FNAF

  21. Sorfina Sofry

    Sorfina Sofry7 days ago


  22. BreadBear19

    BreadBear197 days ago

    *Jay goes back into the house*

  23. gaslykiller

    gaslykiller8 days ago

    Jay: I just want to see some old lady tits. Old lady: um I am just going to try to kill you now.

  24. gaslykiller

    gaslykiller8 days ago

    Oh my god when he screamed I screamed

  25. No one Unseen

    No one Unseen9 days ago


  26. Cloudyartz

    Cloudyartz9 days ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so satisfied with seeing an old lady get beheaded.

  27. team turner

    team turner10 days ago

    Jay: I gotta see her up close.... Also Jay: *screams in fear* Her: Damn am I that ugly 🥲

  28. Gaming with Ava And friends

    Gaming with Ava And friends10 days ago

    Ariana Grande is typing....

  29. Eli Plays

    Eli Plays10 days ago


  30. Eli Plays

    Eli Plays10 days ago


  31. Eli Plays

    Eli Plays10 days ago


  32. John Avant

    John Avant11 days ago

    Who else remembers this person from night shift :Edit who else saw his name was Roxanne 👁️👄👁️

  33. Sopato

    Sopato11 days ago

    Jay: HEe hEE

  34. macie dennis

    macie dennis11 days ago

    so that thing that flashed seas DELIVERY...what ever that meant :^ :,

  35. Sophia Haranilla

    Sophia Haranilla12 days ago

    When Jay says in the intro of the game "I'm a man now,I'm a man!" Then after a couple of minutes start screaming like a Japanese high school girl.LMAO

  36. want a taco?

    want a taco?12 days ago

    uh uh thats rolling mom for you she got some hot wheels.

  37. Soggy Fries

    Soggy Fries12 days ago

    grandma hitting them hee hee notes

  38. JUST AJ

    JUST AJ13 days ago

    Granny a little snitch

  39. Samantha Skerritt

    Samantha Skerritt13 days ago

    you would be lying if you said you can hit high notes better then jay

  40. MunchySenpai

    MunchySenpai13 days ago


  41. Ehhh No

    Ehhh No13 days ago


  42. Ehhh No

    Ehhh No4 days ago

    @Natalia Rodríguez HAHAHAHA(_ _;)

  43. Natalia Rodríguez

    Natalia Rodríguez13 days ago

    Idk but I laugh everytime Jay screams. And says “pinche puta”.

  44. JaylenDaCartoon

    JaylenDaCartoon14 days ago

    Nobody: Not even Ariana: The Hot Wheel Grandma: “AHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

  45. Banana :D

    Banana :D14 days ago

    its the "damn that felt good" then the laugh for me.

  46. Panorama Productions

    Panorama Productions14 days ago

    Hey how are you kubz?

  47. Quinnn Vlogs

    Quinnn Vlogs14 days ago

    jay is THAT DUDE

  48. Calia Brown

    Calia Brown14 days ago

    Jay... it’s called a flannel- :)

  49. JohnnyFire 117 or 17

    JohnnyFire 117 or 1714 days ago

    Bruh I died when youtube say this this game says its from Five nights at freddy's

  50. XxSydney MemexX

    XxSydney MemexX15 days ago

    "its not blurry cause i cant see its blurry cause its blurry" jay 2021

  51. Patient 0

    Patient 015 days ago

    Jay when he first saw the guy: AHHHHHHH OMG Me: GO JAY GO 😃 [ I ALSO PUT IN SLOW MO IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER ]

  52. Đorđe Milenković

    Đorđe Milenković15 days ago

    Why do Let's Players who play Puppet Combo games never turn off the lighter while hiding under the bed? That's exactly how you get noticed

  53. 【Red Sox】- Infernocus

    【Red Sox】- Infernocus15 days ago

    6:39 6:45

  54. DumContent With Fennec

    DumContent With Fennec15 days ago


  55. Precious Myllz Daquigan

    Precious Myllz Daquigan15 days ago

    Anybody else get reminded of Jason Voorhees because the guy is tall af and is a mama's boy?

  56. suprise pikachu face

    suprise pikachu face16 days ago

    Jay: I dont want him to see me Also Jay: *proceeds to open the door* Murderer: *sees him* Jay: HOW DID HE SEE ME

  57. Sir Tomake

    Sir Tomake16 days ago

    8:56 *my daddy’s got a gun*

  58. TheEgyptianFox

    TheEgyptianFox16 days ago

    Jay: Screams like a japanese school girl Also Jay: Does it again

  59. Heather LM

    Heather LM16 days ago

    Hahahahaha I love the way you scream like a little girllllllllll hahahahahahahahahaha

  60. Pixala

    Pixala16 days ago

    god I get so tense during these videos

  61. Natalia Rodríguez

    Natalia Rodríguez13 days ago

    Same, but I laugh at the same time.

  62. Gumby With a gun

    Gumby With a gun16 days ago

    why does the game in the description say five nights at freddys wtf

  63. Billy Grey

    Billy Grey16 days ago

    For those wondering what the words said when the screen flashed it just said “Delivery”

  64. A4 paper

    A4 paper16 days ago

    i can hit the same notes just throw a ant at me

  65. Leslie

    Leslie16 days ago

    I WAS THERE WHEN HE POSTED THE FIRST ONE IN 2019 i feel happiness and pride

  66. Andy’s Place

    Andy’s Place17 days ago

    STAY OUT THE HOUSE J A Y OR ELSE... You’ll scream like a baby Sorry

  67. Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith17 days ago

    I wish jay would play Mr meat again cause that changed alot too.

  68. Burger

    Burger17 days ago

    At 7:39 it said “delivery” for those wondering.

  69. SicklyAbyss

    SicklyAbyss17 days ago

    Hey Jay from the Kubz Scouts please play Omori! Its an amazing game and a bit on the unsettling side :) Boost this so he can see this!

  70. bacon feet

    bacon feet17 days ago

    Jay screams higher than the grandma

  71. AestheticallyStoopid TAT

    AestheticallyStoopid TAT17 days ago

    “I’m a nerd, not like a specific nerd. But I’m not a nerd that knows many things.” -Jay 2021

  72. ᎮᏗᏕᏖᏋᏝ

    ᎮᏗᏕᏖᏋᏝ17 days ago

    Jay: "I'm like the 'g' in spaghetti, silent bro." Me: "So who's gonna tell him?"

  73. av no show

    av no show6 days ago


  74. jethan the killer

    jethan the killer8 days ago


  75. Avery Cylwa

    Avery Cylwa18 days ago

    Quote of the Year 2021: "I'm like the g in spaghetti. Silent" See? It's funny cuz it makes no sense

  76. the owner of this account is stupid

    the owner of this account is stupid18 days ago

    New jay fetish unlocked: Old ladies ps. sorry

  77. Whiteheron55

    Whiteheron5518 days ago

    12:20 Jay encounters gran "moVE YO BIT*H" got me cracking up xD

  78. Foxy Girl

    Foxy Girl18 days ago

    All the Grandma's watch this are not leaving a like 😂

  79. Silverfly 3D

    Silverfly 3D18 days ago

    HOLY SHIZ! I was pissin n shitin all over the place with this one! Good video lad!

  80. Sapphire Studios

    Sapphire Studios18 days ago

    7:38 it says delivery over here, dunno why

  81. Sapphire Studios

    Sapphire Studios18 days ago

    USlikes: "Five Nights At Freddy's"

  82. MillieLxvesAnime UwU

    MillieLxvesAnime UwU18 days ago

    Ahhh it's so good to see this game...AFTER 1 YEAR!!!ONE FREAKING YEARS!!!🤧 ALSO I MISS NUN MASSACRE

  83. Rete Rivas

    Rete Rivas18 days ago


  84. Jana Khalifeh

    Jana Khalifeh18 days ago

    6:46 10:22 11:08 12:20 13:14 15:11 16:19(?)

  85. lindsay catalan

    lindsay catalan18 days ago

    Wait at the time 8:51 I swear I heard the person Said 'mom' was it just me? Or it was just my imagination

  86. Mirakle Something

    Mirakle Something19 days ago

    “He really knows how to burn my throat like really burn my throat man he a Throat goat, a Throat goat” Um Jay without context that seems kinda sus.....

  87. JayAndre Alveranga

    JayAndre Alveranga19 days ago

    Bruh you should hook up a heart monitor cuz if you did the lines would be through the roof!!!!

  88. FBI

    FBI19 days ago

    "I just want to shoot grandma in the face" JAY-2021

  89. Jay King

    Jay King19 days ago

    brooooooo I have been waiting for this

  90. chicken strips

    chicken strips19 days ago

    The thing that flashes says delivery

  91. Mi Vida Loco

    Mi Vida Loco19 days ago

    Back door granny’s 9 am I right 😂

  92. Athena Marie Calayag

    Athena Marie Calayag19 days ago

    Ngl I want Jay to play OMORI

  93. Wh!z4rd _

    Wh!z4rd _19 days ago

    22:53 yo what xD

  94. chika シ

    chika シ20 days ago


  95. chika シ

    chika シ20 days ago


  96. Viking Gamer

    Viking Gamer20 days ago

    Jay plays stay out of the house USlikes: FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS

  97. White Rose

    White Rose20 days ago

    Anyone gonna explain why in the description it say that the game is fnaf

  98. E̴v̴a̴s̶ ᎶᎪᎷᎥᏁᎶ ᏟᎻᎪᏁᏁᎬᏞ

    E̴v̴a̴s̶ ᎶᎪᎷᎥᏁᎶ ᏟᎻᎪᏁᏁᎬᏞ20 days ago

    Jay: IM A MAN KNOW NO mORe sCREAM ING also jay: Girly man screams

  99. EpicDucks

    EpicDucks20 days ago

    Funny how hes playing one of Puppet Combos games and the game in the description says "Five Nights at Freddys"

  100. The D Kid

    The D Kid20 days ago

    Why does it say that he’s playing Fnaf in the description🤣

  101. Raceen

    Raceen20 days ago

    7:39 It said Delivery

  102. Chloe Husselman

    Chloe Husselman20 days ago

    game jay is playing: stay out the house youtube browse game: five nighs at freddy's

  103. Brittany Rodriguez

    Brittany Rodriguez20 days ago

    Lmao it says it’s five nights at freddys in the description part

  104. Sharma Gaskill

    Sharma Gaskill20 days ago

    Granny:screams like Ariana grande (he's under the bed) Killer:bruh were

  105. Zyon_

    Zyon_20 days ago

    Jay: Plays stay out of the house USlikes: Five Nights At Freddies Me: 👁️👄👁️

  106. Didith Bangloy

    Didith Bangloy20 days ago

    8:51 Hes under the bed get Get him!

  107. Ainee B

    Ainee B20 days ago

    When HE blew her head up THO

  108. Hinata’s Wish

    Hinata’s Wish20 days ago

    "I want him to see what I did. I want him to see what I did" I'm WEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAK

  109. LOL MAN

    LOL MAN20 days ago

    Game: FNaF B R U H .

  110. EssoTwins

    EssoTwins20 days ago

    Jay: "I need to find the grandma" Also Jay: *sees grandma* AHHHH

  111. Meh Gacha Blood

    Meh Gacha Blood20 days ago

    Jay:im ganna see hey (girly man ahhhhhhhhhh)