Edgeworth is BACK in Phoenix Wright and i'm all the way ready for it
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  1. Random and Random

    Random and Random22 hours ago

    We should start commenting on every one of his videos to do another ace attorney video

  2. The Knight

    The KnightDay ago

    -Jay sees Edgeworth He lives for ever

  3. ASTRO!

    ASTRO!Day ago

    bring this back or we riot

  4. Jblockminer MC

    Jblockminer MCDay ago

    Is this series discontinued or just a lot of time to release a vid about it?

  5. Cubi7452

    Cubi74522 days ago

    Please do the COURT part its good

  6. Scrappy Games

    Scrappy Games3 days ago

    This isn't coming back is it

  7. Naima Bah

    Naima Bah3 days ago

    My name is... De Killer *insert Bruh noise* Me: *Uncontrollable wheezing*

  8. Samantha Ramos

    Samantha Ramos3 days ago

    One of the things I’m looking forward to- is another ace attorney from Jay! ♡ I’m in love with this series- one of the only things best at 2020! I’m hoping you are loving this, Jay! YOUR THAT DUDE! Tysm for brightening up my world!!!

  9. KattsArt

    KattsArt5 days ago

    Don't mind me, I'm just here to change the flowers on this grave.

  10. irfansnm

    irfansnm2 days ago

    @mikamizuu ・ ミカ水 tell em

  11. mikamizuu ・ ミカ水

    mikamizuu ・ ミカ水3 days ago

    L E A V E

  12. phoebe kelly

    phoebe kelly5 days ago

    i adore this series so i will continue waiting..

  13. James da boy 1234

    James da boy 12345 days ago

    Was laughing so hard at 19:50 lol

  14. Wynona 7

    Wynona 77 days ago

    Jay always be teasing us by bringing up phoenix wright when he plays Danganronpa 🥲😢😭

  15. Wynona 7

    Wynona 77 days ago

    My heart breaks when he doesn't continue phoenix wright ace attorney... you need to save Maya!

  16. StarCap 773

    StarCap 7738 days ago

    Guys I know a lot of you are frustrated with Jay continuously stalling the game, (trust me, I’m a huge Jay fan but this is getting old) so here’s a channel that has played the trilogy plus the Edgeworth investigations: Press buttons n talk. These guys are great! There’s shorter videos, they’re really funny and they have a lot of passion for these games. Go watch Press buttons n talks Ace Attorney series, you won’t regret it!

  17. Anthony Yeeetus

    Anthony Yeeetus2 days ago


  18. Wynona 7

    Wynona 77 days ago

    Maybe I will... I just need to finally lose hope for that bc I'm loyal to Jay. Sometimes I mention Phoenix wright in his tweet replies and he likes the comment so it still gives me hope..

  19. mikamizuu ・ ミカ水

    mikamizuu ・ ミカ水8 days ago

    "To be continued..." Please continue the series, Jay... :(

  20. Shuichi Saihara

    Shuichi Saihara8 days ago


  21. Steven Gamer

    Steven Gamer9 days ago

    Who Else Is Waiting For Jay To Upload The Next Phoenix Wright Series? Leave A Like On This Video If You Do

  22. Steven Gamer

    Steven Gamer2 days ago

    @irfansnm yeah thankfully I Watching The Anime Series While Waiting For Jay Upload The Next One

  23. irfansnm

    irfansnm2 days ago

    I mean danganronpa is great but still I wanted him to complete this series

  24. Waffle Does Stuff

    Waffle Does Stuff9 days ago

    I just need to see Edgyboi one more time

  25. Julkifley

    Julkifley9 days ago

    Say, Juan Corrina and Jack Hammer seem very similar....

  26. McVeigh

    McVeigh10 days ago

    "Alright, I'm going back to Ace Attorney guys!" See you in 4 months

  27. Ur regular shít post channel

    Ur regular shít post channel7 days ago

    @Wynona 7 I didn't say anything about ending the series I'm just saying he is forgetting all the other games

  28. Ur regular shít post channel

    Ur regular shít post channel7 days ago

    @Wynona 7 ┐( ˘_˘)┌ I've been here for a long time and he is going to finish this series in 4 years with this schedule

  29. Wynona 7

    Wynona 77 days ago

    @Ur regular shít post channel ace attorney is my main, but I would never want him to stop his DR series.. If he has a series, I want him to finish it. Same with persona. There are thousands of fans that love it and are dedicated to watching only him

  30. Ur regular shít post channel

    Ur regular shít post channel9 days ago

    He'll probably see us next month if he is not playing danganronpa ಥ_ಥ

  31. h i

    h i10 days ago

    Jay PLEASEEEE play more pheonix wright i still miss edgey baby and cant get over it

  32. Kimmy Kay

    Kimmy Kay10 days ago

    Wish we had more of these 😔

  33. Hannah Kongstad

    Hannah Kongstad10 days ago


  34. irfansnm

    irfansnm2 days ago


  35. he. he

    he. he10 days ago

    Can we have a next episode!

  36. Pablo Kiely

    Pablo Kiely10 days ago

    If jay wants to see Edgeworth he should finish the last case because Edgeworth appears in the last case

  37. Melicoulous Ladybug

    Melicoulous Ladybug11 days ago

    Here's what actually happened: Regina gave Bat the scarf but the scarf had pepper. When he put his head in the lion's mouth the lion sneezed looking like it smiled. So it accidentally bit Bat and Acro blamed Regina so that's who he wanted to kill.

  38. Nainno Putra

    Nainno Putra11 days ago

    yall I miss this game already

  39. Wynona 7

    Wynona 77 days ago

    Me too

  40. Danimations

    Danimations12 days ago

    when is the next part?

  41. Danimations

    Danimations12 days ago

    fun fact: this game and others tried to make wright x worth

  42. Sir i have to eat you.

    Sir i have to eat you.11 days ago

    Where exactly

  43. Muffin Man {Cosmos}

    Muffin Man {Cosmos}12 days ago


  44. Wynona 7

    Wynona 77 days ago

    Ikr. 🥺

  45. Katherine_Zet

    Katherine_Zet12 days ago

    GUYS. Y'all reading this. I NEED at least a reason why he isn't uploading the game anymore. So if y'all want it too, spam on his new videos. And I'm talking ✨S P A M✨that we want to know, what happened to Edgybaby. Not just under DangaRopa, but other videos, because he's more likely to notice it. I'm begging you, I am dying to know what happened...

  46. Sir i have to eat you.

    Sir i have to eat you.2 days ago

    @irfansnm If your gonna go like that sooner or later you will forget ace attorney so i recommend you play it yourself or you watch it from another youtuber

  47. irfansnm

    irfansnm2 days ago

    Dude I didn't even see the spoilers just so I can see with jay but sigh* Idk what he saying about that he can't talk dat much but what about danganronpa

  48. Ronaldomgsislittle

    Ronaldomgsislittle9 days ago

    @Sir i have to eat you. i think its cuz of the views, ace attorney vids get like 200 K thru 300 K, and everythin else gives like 2 times more views

  49. Sir i have to eat you.

    Sir i have to eat you.11 days ago

    He is bored i think

  50. Ashes Falls

    Ashes Falls12 days ago

    I swear I don't know how Jay isn't fed up with the hundreds of comments asking him to play ace attorney again

  51. ItzMina_미나

    ItzMina_미나12 days ago


  52. Ace bun bun

    Ace bun bun14 days ago

    My sister played the game and the personality change and look was something SHE IS SO CLOSE TO DE END If u don’t want a spoiler don’t read the rest of this comment Gumshoe almost died and he crossed every red light XD

  53. Fred Peterson

    Fred Peterson15 days ago

    I’ve given up all hope that he’ll continue this.

  54. HipDipSlipPit

    HipDipSlipPit15 days ago

    "*claps in Edgeworth*"

  55. RedZ

    RedZ16 days ago


  56. Miss Angel

    Miss Angel17 days ago

    Still waiting for the next episode jay. I really enjoy the series

  57. The ninja Dog

    The ninja Dog17 days ago

    Please play this again. :(

  58. PlasmaLink27

    PlasmaLink2717 days ago

    Please do more Jayyyy!!

  59. jesse valero

    jesse valero17 days ago

    honestly the big top turnabout isn't the best, but the way the ending wraps it up is huge. sure his motive was extreme, but everything about the case unfolding was out in left field, and that's the whole circus theme. everything meeting reality is a true beauty not enough people see.

  60. GB Prallel

    GB Prallel17 days ago


  61. Mr.Saturn

    Mr.Saturn17 days ago

    Maya: is kidnapped Jay: *Finishing the entire Danganronpa Series*

  62. skull face

    skull face18 days ago

    Why has'nt start a new episode

  63. Via Anca

    Via Anca18 days ago

    Jay continue playing this please : ((

  64. thehumanthathasthisprofile

    thehumanthathasthisprofile18 days ago

    Bruh whens he gonna post the next part.

  65. N O T A 444 TM

    N O T A 444 TM18 days ago

    Here i am waiting for jay's dangonropa quest to finish so he can come back to one of the best cases in ace attorney.

  66. EDGE

    EDGE18 days ago

    so im guessing this series is forgotten again

  67. Foolish Donut

    Foolish Donut19 days ago

    When he still hasn't updated: 17:41 17:14 19:45

  68. Yolk

    Yolk7 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Mr.Jay from the kubz scouts! Mr.Jay from the kubz scouts!

  69. goblin

    goblin19 days ago

    only been two months but it feels like years since he posted this

  70. Michael Pimentel

    Michael Pimentel20 days ago


  71. GD RY Endo

    GD RY Endo21 day ago

    Hope this continues : (

  72. Cʜᴜ_Cʜᴜ Cʜᴀɴ

    Cʜᴜ_Cʜᴜ Cʜᴀɴ21 day ago

    ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴀ ᴄʟɪғғ ʜᴀɴɢᴇʀ ʙʀᴏ! ɪ'ᴍ sᴏᴏᴏ ᴡᴀɪᴛɪɴɢ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴇxᴛ ᴇᴘ ᴜᴡᴜ

  73. Anthony Newberry

    Anthony Newberry21 day ago

    Could you please finish the game? You've got one of the best cases next.

  74. The Spy149

    The Spy14922 days ago

    Jay ru going to play SoJ?

  75. idk

    idk22 days ago

    Still waiting

  76. ruKiuK I

    ruKiuK I22 days ago

    Im still waiting for the next episode (∪ ◡ ∪)

  77. Cosplaying Gaming Gacha Channel

    Cosplaying Gaming Gacha Channel23 days ago

    Have u posted the next video of this?

  78. PlasmaLink27

    PlasmaLink2717 days ago

    I wish😔

  79. Marshy Grim

    Marshy Grim23 days ago


  80. courtney reyes_21

    courtney reyes_2124 days ago

    Dunno man blue looks kinda sus-

  81. ShanOrShan :3

    ShanOrShan :324 days ago

    Nice gameplay! I hope you continue this!

  82. Cyadsign

    Cyadsign24 days ago

    Can you please continue this series it's just so great! And I'm sure your other fans would love it as well!

  83. For Real?!

    For Real?!25 days ago

    Me, started playing only a month ago, now on episode 4 of Apollo Justice: 👁👄👁

  84. For Real?!

    For Real?!11 days ago

    @Sir i have to eat you. in my opinion, yeah, it's good. but whether to buy it or not, it's up to you, i think??

  85. Sir i have to eat you.

    Sir i have to eat you.11 days ago

    Is apollo justice gud should i buy it

  86. Emareldkid The boss

    Emareldkid The boss25 days ago

    6:06 this guy is definitely the imposter

  87. sue_

    sue_25 days ago

    Wait what? Edgy baby didn’t commit bye bye?

  88. MelodyTheWolfQueen

    MelodyTheWolfQueen26 days ago

    God, wouldn't it be awesome if he uploaded another Ace Attorney video while waiting for Danganronpa like goals... Hint hint.

  89. Tomodachi Henshu!

    Tomodachi Henshu!26 days ago

    imagine how the conversation when Engarde called his manager asking if he needed a lawyer Engarde: sir theres a guy here, first i thought he was trying to send me life insurance manager: wha- Engarde arent you in prison? Engarde but apparently he wasnt and then i thought he wanted to sell me a fire extinguisher manager: why would someo- Engarde: but actually hes a lawyer! manager: ..! Engarde: do i need a lawyer? manager do you need-!? OF COURSE YOU NEED A LAWYER!

  90. Sir i have to eat you.

    Sir i have to eat you.11 days ago


  91. RyanBurgerplays

    RyanBurgerplays28 days ago


  92. keep undertale alive

    keep undertale alive28 days ago

    Jay: I'm gonna start playing this again! Jay,2 months later:

  93. Updated Autopsy

    Updated Autopsy14 days ago

    keep undertale alive lmao that’s what he says every time 😒

  94. The Butter Pancake

    The Butter Pancake28 days ago

    Dear my dearest dear of dears Jay. QUIT SKIPPING SHIT ~ from me, stop

  95. Duckie

    Duckie29 days ago

    JAY please make another episode :(

  96. Gabe Hobby

    Gabe HobbyMonth ago

    I don’t want people to think I’m pissed off but... Jay said he will finish the game... IT’S BEEN TWO MONTHS. ARE YOU GONNA FINISH THIS GAME ORE NOT!?

  97. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller7 days ago

    @Yolk I prefer danganronpa game over ace attorney game. The animes are equally good. Especially Godot made that happen.

  98. Yolk

    Yolk7 days ago

    @Samuel Fuller Does Danganronpa have a parrot on the stand? No Ace attorney > Danganronpa

  99. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller20 days ago

    you are cring

  100. Nosferatu

    Nosferatu20 days ago

    @Samuel Fuller Why is the Danganronpa fandom like this

  101. Pidge Gunderson

    Pidge Gunderson25 days ago

    Samuel Fuller He could at the very least say that he’s done with the game or something like that since it seems like he’s not going to touch it Danganronpa is a good game but abandoning other games that your fans like just to play another one isn’t okay

  102. corrupted shadows

    corrupted shadowsMonth ago

    Jay are you just gonna leave us on a cliff hanger maya got kidnapped 2 months ago come on

  103. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller26 days ago


  104. Mikkachu

    MikkachuMonth ago

    Jay more Ace Attorney pleaaaseee!!!

  105. why ?

    why ?Month ago

    Now I have to wait 7 years for another episode

  106. Liya

    LiyaMonth ago


  107. e cola

    e colaMonth ago

    Man 2 months ago

  108. adam alkhaboori

    adam alkhabooriMonth ago

    Jesus does justice for all suck this much?

  109. Savior

    Savior27 days ago

    @adam alkhaboori I would consider it mediocre, but Trials in Tribulations is the best game out of the trilogy, the only case I've hated out T&T was the third case.

  110. microorganism giorno

    microorganism giornoMonth ago

    @adam alkhaboori Bruh they legit just said case 4 is one of, if not the best case in the entire series.

  111. adam alkhaboori

    adam alkhabooriMonth ago

    @gaspastrike so this one just sucks

  112. gaspastrike

    gaspastrikeMonth ago

    Case 4 imo is one of if not the best case in the whole series, and also Case 2 is considered to be great

  113. Goran Vančina

    Goran VančinaMonth ago

    Cmon guys make it real edgeworth x jay

  114. Psycho

    PsychoMonth ago

    Please continue this series!!! I don't think i can start dr 2 without seeing another episode of ace attorney :((

  115. Molten Neko

    Molten NekoMonth ago

    Please don't kill this.

  116. Random and Random

    Random and RandomMonth ago

    Jayyyy please play some more again!!! It’s been a month please!!

  117. RazerLazar

    RazerLazarMonth ago

    Yo is anyone gonna talk about how ridiculously inconsistent Jay is with his Ace Attorney videos?

  118. Ashes Falls

    Ashes Falls12 days ago

    Literally every other comment is about tho

  119. Yon Yem

    Yon Yem23 days ago

    @William Xu tf is "DaNgLeRoPe"

  120. Black

    Black27 days ago

    Unfortunately the fans are pressuring him to play the game from what I've seen. Whenever Jay missed a danganronpa video, fans in the comments would ask "where's the danganronpa vid?" "JAAYy dGRP pLs"

  121. Ilovekitty witties

    Ilovekitty witties28 days ago

    I'm over here laughing over "Danglerope" lmao

  122. Mikkachu

    MikkachuMonth ago


  123. Super Gamer Q

    Super Gamer QMonth ago

    Need more please continue, stop going away every month

  124. Polaroid Rookie

    Polaroid RookieMonth ago

    Listen bro if you don’t wanna play the game anymore then just say it’s discontinued please. It’s be better than leading us to see on episode a month

  125. Professor Lemon

    Professor LemonMonth ago

    Jay please continue this series. You just started what people say is the best case in the whole series.

  126. Yuliaphyria M

    Yuliaphyria MMonth ago

    I thought he cried because Acro cried... LOL it was because of Edgey Babey hahahaha ;>w

  127. forwarduntodawn1000

    forwarduntodawn1000Month ago

    Wait this was a month old was wondering when the next ep is

  128. VENKAT ESh

    VENKAT EShMonth ago

    When are you releasing part 16 bro??🤔

  129. Julliana Perez

    Julliana PerezMonth ago


  130. Debby Stragier

    Debby StragierMonth ago

    For the people who can’t buy the games but still want to watch a fun playtrough i recommend watching NicoB. He has played every game in the series and it’s really fun to watch :)

  131. Debby Stragier

    Debby StragierMonth ago

    Kermit The tea sipper your welcome! I hope you enjoy it. I definitely i had fun watching his playtrough and i know,i want Jay to finish it too but yeah i don’t think he will either :/

  132. Kermit The tea sipper

    Kermit The tea sipperMonth ago

    Thank you! I really want Jay to finish but I don’t think he will so I’ll just finish it with someone else.

  133. Debby Stragier

    Debby StragierMonth ago

    Ellis Yebin Byun i know but i don’t think he will upload new ace attorney video’s sadly enough :(

  134. Ellis Yebin Byun

    Ellis Yebin ByunMonth ago

    I would but it won't be the same without Jay playing this 😔

  135. Pippa Drummond

    Pippa DrummondMonth ago

    danganronpa: Great game, gets 50k likes with in a day or two Ace attorney: 17k likes in more than 2 and a half months Danganronpa: Starts and finishes the first game after this episode Ace attorney: S t i l l h a s n t f i n i s h e d o n e t r i a l

  136. Pippa Drummond

    Pippa Drummond20 days ago

    @Nosferatu i meant in the time since he started posting danganronpa

  137. Nosferatu

    Nosferatu20 days ago

    Still hasn't finished one trial? This is like part 40-something of his Ace Attorney series.

  138. Debby Stragier

    Debby StragierMonth ago

    He is literally playing one ace attorney game for a year now. I literally finished the whole series (8 games in total) in 6 months! I honestly don’t think he will finish the series.

  139. Miraculous Meme Maker

    Miraculous Meme MakerMonth ago

    Oldbag: I'm back Jay: NOO

  140. Za Comic Dubs

    Za Comic DubsMonth ago

    But what happened to the arco trial

  141. Chica gorrión

    Chica gorriónMonth ago

    Can't wait for you to continue

  142. The Gaming Skeleton

    The Gaming SkeletonMonth ago

    I know this series don't give you much views, but please care about your fans that does like ace attorney. I know, danganronpa might seem more interesting, but please continue on this series too!

  143. F ł u f f y

    F ł u f f yMonth ago

    please continue this series pleaaaseee-

  144. eve

    eveMonth ago


  145. Cranberry Juice

    Cranberry JuiceMonth ago

    When this first started, I told myself I’d play at Jay’d pace. I’m sry I didn’t. I played the ones available for iOS and the trilogy and they’re great. SOJ and AJAA

  146. Sporkathon

    SporkathonMonth ago

    Me: Boy. I swear if he does- Jay: *uploads video* Me: _This cannot be happening.._