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  1. Choops946

    Choops94616 hours ago

    Anyone else noticed that his acne cleared up real good, like he needs to drop that skin care routine ong✋😫

  2. starz

    starzDay ago

    Perfect Blue poster in the first game. love that movie !

  3. yes pKinchen

    yes pKinchen2 days ago

    I stopped watching Jay for about like 2 years and then I finally came back

  4. I know where You live

    I know where You live6 days ago

    IT HAS NOT BEEN 2 WEEKS 2021 IS LYING???? time is going too fast bruH

  5. [ Mikan Tsumiki ]

    [ Mikan Tsumiki ]6 days ago

    Ngl, that last game kinda hit hard. Knowing it's the end and that you'll die, yet enjoying the time you have left with a loved one. That shit kinda hit different.

  6. _vilderox _

    _vilderox _11 days ago

    Honestly the last game is creepy and depressing

  7. Wani Wani

    Wani Wani11 days ago

    Where do you find these?

  8. Durvesh J

    Durvesh J12 days ago

    Hunter x hunter meruem vs the sheep girl ended the same way, both are poisoned but still play the game until thdy die

  9. { Blueberry•Muffins }

    { Blueberry•Muffins }12 days ago

    10:15 my dad when a goal scores

  10. Boon

    Boon13 days ago

    Great vid

  11. Rhiannon Smart

    Rhiannon Smart13 days ago

    We need a horror game where the plot is to hide in the comments everytime you think there's gonna be a jumpscare

  12. Naruto Osumaki

    Naruto Osumaki13 days ago

    The last game was about a world war of some sort yeah your basically right

  13. Pastel Kara

    Pastel Kara13 days ago


  14. Kim Jisoo

    Kim Jisoo13 days ago

    Sykkunos voice: makes me soft and UwU Corpse Husbands voice: Gives me the best chills Jays voice: HYPE

  15. cncnncc dndn

    cncnncc dndn14 days ago

    did anyone else notice the perfect blue poster at 12:29 or just me?

  16. Noah

    Noah14 days ago

    so according to the first game and to the hiragana characters that appear on screen, doors opening sound like "gacha", lightswitches like "kashin" and knocks like "nin nin"

  17. ツ[Aki.Chan]ツ

    ツ[Aki.Chan]ツ14 days ago

    I know I’m not the only one who says the into and outro with jay

  18. AllyThe WølfCat

    AllyThe WølfCat15 days ago

    did anyone else say OMG when the guy has staring at him from the window at 2:39

  19. Samantha Joyce Thomas

    Samantha Joyce Thomas15 days ago

    Oh wow jay posted this on my birthday 😃

  20. Katie Harris

    Katie Harris15 days ago

    Ngl that last game gave me feels.

  21. Gundams least favorite hamster

    Gundams least favorite hamster15 days ago

    His first thought was "damn I sound like nagito"

  22. Commerz No commentary

    Commerz No commentary15 days ago

    No shirt jay gives me life

  23. Jasy_ Kiri

    Jasy_ Kiri15 days ago

    Who couldn't love Jay? He's awesome and yes you are THAT DUDE!! I love you and hope your year has been well

  24. Snap Wright

    Snap Wright15 days ago

    Game three had no business being that funny 😂✋🏽

  25. Tuva Alteborn

    Tuva Alteborn16 days ago

    Jay getting deep at the end there me gusta

  26. Daily Quotes

    Daily Quotes16 days ago

    “Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are.” - Theodore Roosevelt

  27. jams

    jams16 days ago

    5:20 so no one noticed the devil man crybaby soundtrack as the bg music? yall whack

  28. Rylee Mabe

    Rylee Mabe17 days ago

    Jay: Tirning the lights on and off and going POW POW POW Jays Neighbors: 😐

  29. Le Le

    Le Le17 days ago

    U should play sekiro my g.

  30. Aligator12

    Aligator1217 days ago

    5:32 litteraly manhunt 2 (don't search it up)

  31. Tay

    Tay17 days ago

    Miss girl talking about “let me stay here we can be one” nah sis. Deuces. ✌️

  32. salar Abdo

    salar Abdo17 days ago

    Bet if you give him a child's game he will make it fun

  33. ღ Emoji Kittyz ღ

    ღ Emoji Kittyz ღ18 days ago

    *sees thumbnail* *Hold up-*

  34. Stephen is the Shit

    Stephen is the Shit18 days ago


  35. Quacker- The_duck studios

    Quacker- The_duck studios18 days ago

    He rlly said “I love every thing about this game” :a min later: *gets a jump scare* what in the holy took was that

  36. queen fluff

    queen fluff18 days ago

    I litterly screamed when that tall dude showed up by the bedroom window 🤣 That jump scared me hard 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Lilyhasarrived ಠ_ಠ

    Lilyhasarrived ಠ_ಠ18 days ago

    did yall see the perfect blue reference in game 1 lol "corrupted red"

  38. qshlyns

    qshlyns18 days ago

    jay: dude i love the way that looks, it just goes POW PO- me: *gets an ad*

  39. just a commenter no.7

    just a commenter no.718 days ago

    The first game honestly gave me motion sickness

  40. lincypher games

    lincypher games18 days ago

    Nobody jay:damn I sound like nagito

  41. Kotoko Kookie

    Kotoko Kookie18 days ago

    you know Nagito has a special place in Jay’s heart when his voice comes out of him even when he’s not playing danganronpa

  42. Nagitos Girlfriend

    Nagitos Girlfriend14 days ago


  43. Beep Boop

    Beep Boop18 days ago

    The first game is how Monokuma sees his environment.

  44. _Calebrandom_

    _Calebrandom_18 days ago

    The first game that you played reminds me of the game called xiii on ps2

  45. staceychild

    staceychild18 days ago

    Anyone says “BUCKLE UP, CUZ HERE WE GO” with Jay? Just me? Okay-

  46. Haley Rose

    Haley Rose18 days ago

    Jay clarifying what "donde esta" means is everything for me....I love him bahaha🤣🤣

  47. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G19 days ago

    Jay: plays a scary game The game: has someone chasing him Jay: *Gets a weapon* The monsters: Have mercy! Jay: Nah I'm ending your laifu

  48. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G19 days ago

    Notice me Jay! Give me a heart in my comments!

  49. King Melonz

    King Melonz18 days ago

    Lul nice channel 👁👄👁

  50. King Melonz

    King Melonz18 days ago

    ._. begger

  51. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G19 days ago

    THAT DUDE is a man of respect, he always keeps his promise, he always gives us the fun, everyday is fun watching his videos

  52. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G19 days ago

    Also, Jay, heart my comment please, notice me!

  53. Blue Iconic

    Blue Iconic19 days ago

    Is it just me or you guys also thing jay is cute

  54. PinkuGames Plays

    PinkuGames Plays19 days ago

    Who's here in 2021? 😁😜😘😍

  55. Jakyis Trammell

    Jakyis Trammell19 days ago

    Yo jay you should get a buzzcut and then let it grow back

  56. Sheb She

    Sheb She19 days ago

    Happy new years jay 2021 can't stop you now!

  57. Bella and Lucille

    Bella and Lucille19 days ago

    There are 69 dislikes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  58. Destructive_Goddess

    Destructive_Goddess19 days ago

    Bro like just imagine your grandpa or dad knowing that there's a war going on, and knowing that they'll be coming to kill him soon and instead of running, instead of being sad... he just wants to spend his last few minutes with you, enjoying your company and enjoying a last game together.

  59. kibster

    kibster19 days ago

    i memorized his lines for the beginning of the video is that normal?

  60. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair19 days ago

    Wow I think the last game was a kid maybe playing checkers with their grandpa while a war was going on and the kid maybe was little so they didn't know what was going on and the grandpa is probably trying to keep the child calm so they don't think anything of it and that's probably why they held the kids hand and the people at the door were the bad guys? And when the screen went black the people at the door broke in and got them? Idk if that's what it was but yeah that's actually sad

  61. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair19 days ago

    10:54 loll

  62. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair20 days ago

    5:17 dang that was a nice song in the car what is that

  63. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair20 days ago

    3:15 lol I love Jay he is so hilarious

  64. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair20 days ago

    2:56 lolll Do i have a gun? NO

  65. AA_Certified_Weirdo

    AA_Certified_Weirdo20 days ago

    "and i know its tmi, but u guys are my family" i- thank u-

  66. I am a weeb and a simp :3

    I am a weeb and a simp :320 days ago

    The person : I need something to defend myself Me : USE YOUR HANDS

  67. Mohamed Salah Ammar Mouhoub

    Mohamed Salah Ammar Mouhoub20 days ago

    Now : "2020" Next : "2020" 2

  68. Grell Sutcliff

    Grell Sutcliff20 days ago

    am i the only one who pressed for the Thumbnail

  69. Ida Dias

    Ida Dias20 days ago

    No one The game: Playing checkers while bombs drop outside

  70. แมวเฝ้ายาม

    แมวเฝ้ายาม20 days ago

    the cover is tooo epic!!!

  71. Ida Dias

    Ida Dias20 days ago

    No one Me: Searching jumpscare list in the comments

  72. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami20 days ago

    Can we talk about how the first game is styled as a classically illustrated manga, with the onomatopoeia text added as well, and how - _definitely not coincidentally- - Jay put on a Nagito-ish voice? *✨ Jay is now Japanese. ✨*

  73. Melanie Shaner

    Melanie Shaner20 days ago

    This man I have been watching him for like 5 years now and he never gets old I stg I usually get tired with USlikesrs but never jay cause he’s that dude

  74. sad boi

    sad boi20 days ago

    Happy new year jay!

  75. Marissa Hogan

    Marissa Hogan20 days ago

    Pls more prsona5 roya

  76. Feitan_is_daddyowO

    Feitan_is_daddyowO20 days ago

    Hey hay hey Jay do you know that you can make nagito in yandare as your sunpai

  77. Juicy. fork

    Juicy. fork20 days ago

    A long time ago you started a series called Dark Deception and I was wondering if you could continue the series

  78. Yu Mick

    Yu Mick20 days ago

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, JAY🎉🎉 HERE FROM THE PHILIPPINES *-*)/ Thank you for making our 2020 hella lot better

  79. Jayla

    Jayla20 days ago

    First game tho gives me jojo vibes

  80. Ondina

    Ondina20 days ago

    Does the first game have more than one ending? It kinda looked like so?

  81. LinKKaiTheNinja

    LinKKaiTheNinja20 days ago

    Was that a Dominator from Psycho Pass in the 2nd Game?

  82. GiantX REVENGE

    GiantX REVENGE20 days ago

    Jay: Come on give me something give me something Me: BaBy CoMe GiVe Me SoMeThInG nEw!!!

  83. Random Stuff For YouTube

    Random Stuff For YouTube20 days ago

    Yo man you're hilarious 😂😂😂

  84. SydneyNotAustralian

    SydneyNotAustralian20 days ago

    Rn im just wondering if jay knows that there is more to that last episode

  85. T K

    T K20 days ago

    Pls play bendy and the ink machine plassss

  86. amacying

    amacying20 days ago

    He played that game :>

  87. mika sad

    mika sad20 days ago

    am i the only one thats waiting for jay to play last of us 2?

  88. ツRuss

    ツRuss20 days ago

    Since Amai is in Yandere Simulator that counts as 2nd week so can you now get kicked out of the Deliquents club?

  89. Kaede Akamatsu

    Kaede Akamatsu20 days ago



    JAVI CRIS20 days ago

    But it's gonna be 2021

  91. Le Joesph

    Le Joesph20 days ago

    Can you play bitlife again pls . I love your bitlife series

  92. xᴇɴᴏ-ᴠɪɴᴅɪᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ

    xᴇɴᴏ-ᴠɪɴᴅɪᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ20 days ago

    Im always a day late man

  93. Dark!

    Dark!20 days ago

    Today’s my birthday 🥳

  94. •PeachiiDrop•

    •PeachiiDrop•20 days ago

    @Kubz Scouts pick one of these songs to listen to E GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE or CAT GIRLS RE RUINING MY LIFE which one will it be 😏

  95. Lynn Ackerman

    Lynn Ackerman20 days ago


  96. Patrisha Jilliane Fudotan

    Patrisha Jilliane Fudotan20 days ago

    hey jay, i would really appreciate it if u play the game Fragile. Its a great game!

  97. Annie G

    Annie G20 days ago

    14:09 Jay that pony tail makes you look like your name would be fufi

  98. senpailicker

    senpailicker20 days ago

    just a game suggestion. but you should play the backrooms game. it may not seem good because its free but i literally almost pissed my pants playing this alone.

  99. Princess Lola

    Princess Lola20 days ago

    Jay:“but those big ass eyes” Me:“Dad?” (My dads eye are so big they look like they are gonna pop out his sockets)

  100. Cold Stuff

    Cold Stuff20 days ago

    What a tease

  101. Core

    Core20 days ago

    the last game was just sad, i'm guessing they were bestfriends and wanted to spend their last moments together before they died

  102. lil meow's

    lil meow's20 days ago

    Day 10 of suggesting Jay “Your Turn To Die” It’s a game like Danganronpa!

  103. Naomi Summers

    Naomi Summers20 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that perfect blue poster in The first game?? Nice touch xD

  104. Leah and Mia

    Leah and Mia20 days ago

    Can you you play Chooses

  105. Hackrmin

    Hackrmin20 days ago

    First game low key looks like a virtual boy game tho