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  1. Bralene Davis

    Bralene DavisHour ago

    Not jay being the next bts member

  2. Inda Rastoder

    Inda Rastoder9 hours ago

    Why dont you try playing Danganronpa V3 I heard the voice say.

  3. Jocelyn Hunt

    Jocelyn Hunt13 hours ago

    Himey hug 😂

  4. Kojima

    Kojima19 hours ago

    Jay is just so much better laughing then screaming I’d rather not see my favorite content creator scream a lot

  5. Joseph Ramirez

    Joseph RamirezDay ago


  6. Aria Rapoza

    Aria RapozaDay ago

    this is the one

  7. Pop 2000

    Pop 2000Day ago


  8. MaxiMale Lyon

    MaxiMale LyonDay ago

    Do another please on Twitter

  9. Bruh Gonazon

    Bruh GonazonDay ago

    ayy wassup

  10. Lindsey Nixon

    Lindsey NixonDay ago

    I only laughed once at the Chucky one Edit: wait no I'm cappin I actually laughed at the "cockwasher" Vid too

  11. Word Spread

    Word SpreadDay ago

    Thats facts boi: Me: Ima go play- My brain: Go study and do your homework Me: Nah My brain: Do it or ill make you think of the worst possibilities Me: Nah My brain: **Makes me anxious** Me: GAHHHHHHHHHHH My brain: Now will you do it mortal? Me: **Making in pain sounds** **Breathes in** Nah My brain: Ok nvm

  12. James Catacutan

    James CatacutanDay ago

    2:55 I thought there's someone there to shout "Sir! SIR!"

  13. ThewyCypress 810

    ThewyCypress 810Day ago

    I love this intro 😂😂❤️

  14. Sami

    Sami2 days ago

    honestly his reactions are funnier than the actual videos😂

  15. carolina

    carolina2 days ago

    react to bts again the got hotter 😌

  16. Hendri Tierestia

    Hendri Tierestia2 days ago

    I dont know if that "oh jesus" is jay or sykkuno LOL

  17. Bruh Gonazon

    Bruh Gonazon2 days ago

    nobody: Jay: hearing voices in his head talkin bout cheeks and not the face

  18. Pink Gamehouse

    Pink Gamehouse2 days ago

    U made me laugh at 0:32

  19. goth pig

    goth pig2 days ago

    you should call this series "try to laugh" hshhsa

  20. La Bonnie Greene

    La Bonnie Greene3 days ago

    if chucky was in a gang or the hood he would say that hahahahaha

  21. Sapphire Shores

    Sapphire Shores3 days ago

    Costco kpop member haircut lookin ass

  22. Bela Morgoldplease

    Bela Morgoldplease3 days ago

    Loved the intro Jay!!!

  23. Random MV

    Random MV3 days ago

    Damn anime protagonists jay in the house

  24. PaperJam Sans

    PaperJam Sans3 days ago

    I think i found the sphinxs nose. its on jays face. (yed i know that roast was weak) Love your videos,never fail to make me laugh! ❤ hope you have a wonderful day,night,or afternoon! (P,S tell mason i said hi :))

  25. Luce

    Luce3 days ago

    7:03 gold !!


    BOOTY SCRATCHER3 days ago


  27. Ladygirlmomo

    Ladygirlmomo3 days ago

    Just in case you wanna know these clips are WHAT him luagh 1. 3:45 2. 4:50 3. 6:39 4. 7:22 5. 8:06 6. 8:32 7. 9:12 Like.of he should make a completion of him laughing these

  28. Gamer Migi

    Gamer Migi4 days ago

    Bruh dis mans intros are another level

  29. Monster _ Lock

    Monster _ Lock4 days ago

    The inner voice is actually Jay's masochism.

  30. kari

    kari4 days ago

    “shelter with windows” PLSSJAJFJA

  31. Dana paola Montano

    Dana paola Montano4 days ago

    Me: dies of laugher him be like: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. SJ

    SJ4 days ago

    If I see "Costco kpop member haircut lookin ass" comment, i swear on my mama I won't do anything

  33. S A T U R N

    S A T U R N4 days ago

    0:05 That angle when anime charecters are about to go insane lol

  34. 6fx

    6fx4 days ago

    jay says "oh jesus" me: sykkuno?

  35. sum_loser yeeett

    sum_loser yeeett4 days ago


  36. xkabut0

    xkabut04 days ago

    Costco kpop member haircut lookin ass

  37. {Leslie}

    {Leslie}4 days ago

    Random sentence of the day... I think someone baked a hamster in my muffin

  38. ZaceYT

    ZaceYT4 days ago

    Bts is typing

  39. Junko Enoshima

    Junko Enoshima4 days ago


  40. WhatisNot

    WhatisNot4 days ago

    Make a reaction video from subreddit post like Jordan Reacts. I know that you know him Jay, I’ve seen you playing phasmophobia one time with him.

  41. WhatisNot

    WhatisNot4 days ago

    Jay I think you need to take a break from cringy tiktok videos and continue another 50/50 reddit video.

  42. Kodi •&•

    Kodi •&•4 days ago

    3:23 why’s this feel like it’d be in bully if it could?

  43. Kodi •&•

    Kodi •&•4 days ago

    Free random tomatoes

  44. Alex V Balbuena

    Alex V Balbuena4 days ago

    7:18 😂

  45. Raeex

    Raeex4 days ago

    COME ON JAY NOT EVEN GONNA LAUGH AT A MANSLAYER VIDEO! Lol this whole vid still funny tho.

  46. GBk Clan

    GBk Clan4 days ago

    i remembered this mans used to have anime boy hair

  47. MelloCritic

    MelloCritic4 days ago

    I’m gonna be the only one asking, but that head in your voice...dude...are you o k a y ?

  48. Briannah Kim

    Briannah Kim5 days ago

    His laugh makes me laugh

  49. Apollo_yeet

    Apollo_yeet5 days ago

    It ain’t top shelf, look again, that’s top tree with holes

  50. Smol Jin Boii

    Smol Jin Boii5 days ago

    9:36 Costco? Nah bruh. More like Walmart "Great Value" Kpop Member haircut looking ass 🤣

  51. Stxxxberry_Flower

    Stxxxberry_Flower5 days ago

    "If you don't talk to me dang it i'm gonna throw u in the fire!!!" "Bit if u dont put me down with yo chicken bone skintone leave me alone head app bananna buckle head app" Her face: wHaT i Do To YoU?!

  52. cookieworld girl

    cookieworld girl5 days ago

    Nah that ain't Costco thats Dollar tree 😭

  53. Tiny Beans

    Tiny Beans5 days ago

    9:36 cool quote🙃

  54. Kat adora

    Kat adora5 days ago

    Such a intro...dang

  55. crankyyam

    crankyyam5 days ago

    Costco kpop member haircut lookin ass

  56. adonis

    adonis5 days ago

    Love the intro

  57. Gracie Leigh

    Gracie Leigh5 days ago

    That’s not Costco, that’s straight up Dollar Store Kpoop Member 👋🏽💀

  58. De Wang Lai

    De Wang Lai5 days ago

    I am a kid watching this is will be like whaaaaat where is the FREAKING FUNNY

  59. • Xcupid •

    • Xcupid •5 days ago

    Hold up that one tiktok about everything being off brand honestly I prefer Dr. Thunder over Dr. Pepper

  60. Ilovemy Barbie house

    Ilovemy Barbie house5 days ago


  61. mxlki

    mxlki5 days ago

    7:05 def the best part

  62. seren

    seren5 days ago

    these intros are getting better and better lmao

  63. marshmelo_abisc o-o

    marshmelo_abisc o-o5 days ago

    Is this what really happens in his head ???

  64. Anime Derek03

    Anime Derek035 days ago

    2:51 Jay: This dude might have lagged but the humor been disconnected -Jay 2021

  65. Chippy Chap

    Chippy Chap6 days ago

    I havent watched this guy in like 4-5 years and im happy to see he hasnt changed abit.

  66. anqxia

    anqxia6 days ago

    surprised he didnt go off about him thinking he has acne

  67. Simping for Yandere Chan

    Simping for Yandere Chan6 days ago

    Walmart Kpop boy

  68. 《Azumė- Chån》

    《Azumė- Chån》6 days ago


  69. Greyson Lunaheart

    Greyson Lunaheart6 days ago

    bruh me and jay be laughing at the same time tho

  70. Jay frori

    Jay frori6 days ago

    tomato jay

  71. e m p t y .

    e m p t y .6 days ago

    Aye, my kpop boy dont got no costco hair cut da fuq

  72. Violet Holtshouser

    Violet Holtshouser6 days ago

    Costco kpop member haircut lookin ass.

  73. Epic_Gacha UwU

    Epic_Gacha UwU6 days ago

    I wonder if this is how Jay always acts when deciding what to do for a video 🤣

  74. Chris Kojios

    Chris Kojios6 days ago

    Costco kpop member haircut lookin ass thanks

  75. pixie

    pixie6 days ago

    i actually started crying because of the one at 7:13

  76. Moyna rinti

    Moyna rinti6 days ago

    Fun fact:we did not laugh at the video we laughed when jay laughed 🤣🤣

  77. CapoBrownOfficial

    CapoBrownOfficial6 days ago

    We all know none of these are funny we just laugh because jay laughed 😂

  78. Euphoria ;p

    Euphoria ;p6 days ago

    That “Ah Jesus” sounded like Sykkuno 😂

  79. •{Lïl_Mīss Mystïç}•

    •{Lïl_Mīss Mystïç}•5 days ago

    it is

  80. OwO is my mother

    OwO is my mother6 days ago

    I dont mean to be offensive, but these type of comments like "me: **laughs** jay: this isnt funny me: yeah your right ot isnt funny" is starting to get ovarrated- like, i see alot and alot of comments like that

  81. ItsAirso

    ItsAirso6 days ago

    Me: Chanting Tomato Jay 0:56

  82. • Zapbae

    • Zapbae6 days ago

    costco kpop member haircut lookin ass:)

  83. Hyunjin,s _hairband

    Hyunjin,s _hairband6 days ago

    Okay Costco kpop member haircut looking ass

  84. Dany Valera

    Dany Valera6 days ago

    Jay, I think we really need to rename this series as "Try to Laugh"

  85. saiki

    saiki6 days ago


  86. saiki

    saiki6 days ago

    man jay be laughin at the most ass stuff !!!

  87. saiki

    saiki6 days ago

    jay just old...

  88. Kurbeh Of The Stars

    Kurbeh Of The Stars6 days ago

    Whats the outro song?

  89. Eiza Corpuz

    Eiza Corpuz7 days ago

    jay please I came back everyday bc I want a good laugh but all the pain took it all away I cry almost every minute and when I see you laugh normally I laugh with you like always and have a good time but rn I just say here crying and saying at least he’s laughing I love to see him happy. I can’t get any reaction other than crying and I have to act fine around everyone and your the only person that helps me be happy but I can’t find it anymore

  90. e boi

    e boi7 days ago

    Costco Koop member haircut looking ass

  91. Mikan Tsumiki

    Mikan Tsumiki7 days ago

    Wtf I started laughing at 5:03 and, no cap, our voices were synced and had the same build up thing I was like: "Hol' up-"

  92. mack anchese

    mack anchese7 days ago

    you look like that annoying hispanic kid in high school

  93. Delima Gamer

    Delima Gamer7 days ago

    all i heard is sykkuno saying oh jesus

  94. Jaelynn

    Jaelynn7 days ago

    Oh my goddd I couldn’t stop laughing when he was laughing at himself and the off brand one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. Happi Ao

    Happi Ao7 days ago

    Love the evil laugh

  96. Eaton Cortes Solis

    Eaton Cortes Solis7 days ago

    TomaTo JaY

  97. Midoriya Izuku is baby

    Midoriya Izuku is baby7 days ago

    We WILL have a tomato jay

  98. qwertyuiop qwertyuiop

    qwertyuiop qwertyuiop7 days ago

    *Why is Jay so beautiful. His hair, his eyes, his eyelashes, his laugh, his smile.* 😭❤

  99. Nicki Jordan

    Nicki Jordan7 days ago

    I'm surprised no ones talking about 7:03.That one absolutely killed meXD

  100. All about Kasumi

    All about Kasumi7 days ago

    Jay roasting these submissions are funnier than the the submissions

  101. BoomBoomKoopa Gaming

    BoomBoomKoopa Gaming7 days ago

    Lord Farquaad 7:00

  102. tiffany hallow

    tiffany hallow7 days ago

    For one of the episodes can you react to Meme's for ImDontai. You will laugh without a doubt lol