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  1. Foxy7453 Fnaf

    Foxy7453 Fnaf2 hours ago

    Did he even notice that in the second one there was two statues next to each other that are naked

  2. Razzle Dazzle

    Razzle Dazzle3 days ago

    When you yell at everyone and lick them it’s the best part of the video

  3. ladybugo. exe

    ladybugo. exe3 days ago


  4. unknown user

    unknown user3 days ago

    Bruh the jumpscare scared me on 5:31


    UVONGO4 days ago


  6. T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶

    T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶5 days ago


  7. Yuca Vibe

    Yuca Vibe6 days ago

    Filipino watching he said Puta~

  8. Julie Jimenez

    Julie Jimenez8 days ago

    damn I'm not scared but then Jay's screams scare me.

  9. からさきKati

    からさきKati8 days ago

    The second game was my favourite. Defenetly. UwU

  10. stqrryart

    stqrryart8 days ago

    For real- no one talking about that last jump scare??! im freaking scared

  11. Beverly Kell

    Beverly Kell8 days ago

    my brain works weird but i think in game 3 you played the game and ppl you killed in the game died in real life o.o

  12. Anisa Anum

    Anisa Anum9 days ago

    14:56 sorry but I heard it Jay...

  13. Anisa Anum

    Anisa Anum9 days ago


  14. S0BB3R !

    S0BB3R !9 days ago

    me arguing with a caveman the caveman: 5:33

  15. Anisa Anum

    Anisa Anum9 days ago

    11:01 gross Jay. ..

  16. Nylah Hester

    Nylah Hester10 days ago

    jay let me tell you i got scared shitless at the end

  17. Dan Blight

    Dan Blight10 days ago

    at 1:31 hahha the sound affect my brain every day Lol

  18. StrawberryTwist

    StrawberryTwist10 days ago

    Jay’s screams scare me more than any jump scare 🤣

  19. ASandraLampa :3

    ASandraLampa :311 days ago

    16:05 ''I told you to pull out if u didnt have protection''

  20. ASandraLampa :3

    ASandraLampa :311 days ago

    12:00 when mom catch you helping step sis out of the washing machine

  21. ASandraLampa :3

    ASandraLampa :311 days ago

    5:32 what is that sound bruahhgahfgjh He rly said I don't wanna spit, I wanna gulp I wanna gag, I wanna choke ;-;

  22. Gacha Panda 101

    Gacha Panda 10111 days ago

    Am I the only person who noticed Jay's man bun?

  23. Juliet

    Juliet11 days ago

    So scary

  24. Eduardo Luis Carlson

    Eduardo Luis Carlson11 days ago

    most funny video i have seen ngl lol

  25. Yoshi Island

    Yoshi Island12 days ago

    I'm sorry for licking everyone

  26. Mary Saotome

    Mary Saotome12 days ago

    At 9:18 my ears

  27. Mary Saotome

    Mary Saotome12 days ago


  28. BunniezPlay

    BunniezPlay12 days ago

    Never let Jay play touge games

  29. Lynn Rhodes

    Lynn Rhodes13 days ago

    I loved the 2nd one my mum said be quite but it was halerius

  30. シA҉ l҉ e҉ x҉ a҉

    シA҉ l҉ e҉ x҉ a҉13 days ago

    14:56 I felt like a smelt that

  31. invalid nun

    invalid nun13 days ago

    you said too much weird things? well 😂

  32. Voltsy FN

    Voltsy FN13 days ago

    Jay Hair look like theo hair from meta runner

  33. Pastel Kara

    Pastel Kara13 days ago


  34. Chr0nic Depression

    Chr0nic Depression13 days ago

    16:22 I accidentally punched myself in the nose, I’m not kidding, ow.

  35. Noodle Banoodle

    Noodle Banoodle13 days ago

    I can’t stop laughing when he just yelled “MY BAGEL”

  36. S Thill

    S Thill14 days ago

    My theory for “Highscore Killer” is that whenever you kill someone, it kills another person.

  37. Amna Khalid -_-

    Amna Khalid -_-14 days ago

    dont watch till the end or u will get heartattak ** dont risk itt***

  38. Sayori DDLC

    Sayori DDLC14 days ago

    istg in the third game there were like those blue things (forgot what they r called) and i rlly went like "MAGEEEEN"

  39. LadyBioPyro KimiTheLynx

    LadyBioPyro KimiTheLynx14 days ago

    Can't even stop me waking up my neighbors laughing at 2AM. One of the best 3 random games video.

  40. SumorMit?

    SumorMit?14 days ago

    11:02 Self explanatory

  41. Weird Nugget

    Weird Nugget15 days ago

    Ewww, jay farted he don't even care no more 😂😂

  42. Kaylin 2006

    Kaylin 200615 days ago

    That last jumpscare almost gave me a heart attack

  43. Itz_Cathy Playz

    Itz_Cathy Playz15 days ago

    *a tiny jumpscare popped up* Jay: *says weird noises* Me: HELLLL!!! B¡TCH IMMA YEET YO ASS OUTSIDE YO FRICKIN FREAKED OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT YO CRAZY B¡TCH!!!!

  44. 丂卂ᐯㄚ

    丂卂ᐯㄚ15 days ago

    𝑚𝑒: ℎ𝑖𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑖𝑛 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑚𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑠

  45. Gia Class

    Gia Class15 days ago

    Jay......I like your hair today lol

  46. Annie

    Annie16 days ago


  47. Kyra

    Kyra16 days ago

    the second GWMRREKDDNDJ🤣😭

  48. Nefarious Kiwi

    Nefarious Kiwi16 days ago


  49. Tamaki is Baby

    Tamaki is Baby16 days ago

    Bro when Jay said "Helen Helen." I got scared that that he was talking to me

  50. Britney Verastegui

    Britney Verastegui16 days ago

    Can you make a end your lifu mask?

  51. Donna Turk

    Donna Turk17 days ago

    I have tics ;-;and I was not swearing cus of my tics it was cus of the jump scare they'll never know:>

  52. Donna Turk

    Donna Turk17 days ago

    At a specific part I nearly cut my finger off ;-;

  53. jaime hester

    jaime hester17 days ago

    “i don’t get enough credit for my big IQ plays” 5 seconds later 6+2= 7

  54. Frank Johnson

    Frank Johnson17 days ago

    at 3:33 or 3:34 he said gaga

  55. Larssonお兄ちゃん

    Larssonお兄ちゃん18 days ago

    12:33 me: *watching* My mom: wth are you watching?-

  56. Khloeplayzroblox

    Khloeplayzroblox18 days ago

    YAGAHGAH 5:33

  57. Allen Hue

    Allen Hue18 days ago

    Lol {Does that mean anything I don’t know bro I got a fart listen listen }

  58. iiclxudy_ drxps

    iiclxudy_ drxps18 days ago

    10:58 What Tsu does when people annoy her:

  59. Violet McLeish

    Violet McLeish18 days ago

    Me viben watching Jay and playing minecraft . My phone: "DING Message from Alice/Friend" Hey are you bussie I kinda wanna play roblox with you ;-; Me:Types "Yeah sorry im like really bussie sorry!" Also me: Unpause video

  60. Anusha Shahid

    Anusha Shahid19 days ago

    5:32 GAGAGHAAA

  61. ashley

    ashley19 days ago

    his bun looks like a chubby horse

  62. Just me 203

    Just me 20320 days ago

    Jays bun looks like a small dog 🐕 unless I’m just crazy

  63. Kazemelle

    Kazemelle20 days ago

    It's love when someone farts in front of you. I feel loved.

  64. ethan jeremy

    ethan jeremy20 days ago

    bro that last game jumpscare scare the shit put of me

  65. dot. ok

    dot. ok20 days ago

    i was just thinking of spongbob then a spongbob song came on (: (3:49) (:

  66. Aishira Razuberi Lusekai

    Aishira Razuberi Lusekai20 days ago

    I lost it and went full laugh at the OHAGAGA

  67. Amanda Katsuki

    Amanda Katsuki20 days ago

    12:18 ... 0_0

  68. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi21 day ago

    Her hair was ALWAYS in a ponyrail.

  69. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi21 day ago


  70. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi21 day ago

    I JUST realized that Jay has a palm tree on his head

  71. Seven C.

    Seven C.21 day ago


  72. Sophia

    Sophia21 day ago

    when that one note said "you shouldnt be here sophia" i got so freaked out because my name is sophia 👹

  73. Yazzy The Catty Weirdo!

    Yazzy The Catty Weirdo!21 day ago

    Jay: "Can somebody hold me?" Me: sure! 😊 Jay: "Can somebody hold me?? ai chihuahua mama sita~~" Me: 👁👄👁...never mind...

  74. Husky Wang

    Husky Wang21 day ago

    I haven't watch his stuff for years so can someone explain: 1) Why did he and nini break up? 2) Why he doesn't make video on The Last of Us Part 2?

  75. Chandler

    Chandler22 days ago

    11:32 your parents walk into the room

  76. KoolKat

    KoolKat22 days ago

    this comment section is like my old catchers mitt, WORN AND USED

  77. Br yn

    Br yn22 days ago

    That beat hit hard in the beginning ngl

  78. strawberrycookiestargacha

    strawberrycookiestargacha22 days ago


  79. strawberrycookiestargacha

    strawberrycookiestargacha22 days ago

    Plot twist:the lady who jay was sitting by was actually a Karen who didn't like Jay's hair

  80. kalmia kai

    kalmia kai22 days ago

    9:32 when my mom opens my door and stares at me for 10 seconds and leaves

  81. emeyeay

    emeyeay23 days ago

    No jay its always been a pony 😭

  82. Akiros

    Akiros23 days ago

    now thats an intro to get me hyped

  83. Ms. Beast Mode

    Ms. Beast Mode23 days ago

    Jay talking Get jump scared Then makes karate noises

  84. Ms. Beast Mode

    Ms. Beast Mode23 days ago

    That place looks Cold and Stinky 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. Ms. Beast Mode

    Ms. Beast Mode23 days ago

    Jay what should be ur man bun's name Mr. Man Bun is now family

  86. RM Goods

    RM Goods23 days ago


  87. Explain What?

    Explain What?23 days ago

    yo tell me he doesn't remind you of undercover brother 11:22

  88. Anime_lover_maddy 0-0

    Anime_lover_maddy 0-024 days ago

    Nice fart dude 🤣🤚

  89. Gaby

    Gaby24 days ago

    5:33 "HAGAGAH"

  90. Kristin Rivera

    Kristin Rivera24 days ago

    The end of that second game was the weirdest shit I've seen all week But I liked it.

  91. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith24 days ago

    9:59 What that tongue do?

  92. Shanaz boo

    Shanaz boo24 days ago

    5:33 my mom spazzing out cause I failed to classes😭

  93. chancefym

    chancefym24 days ago

    Jay this is my second time coming to tell you that the man bun, just ain't it.

  94. JustJaiden Here

    JustJaiden Here24 days ago


  95. michelle roxas

    michelle roxas24 days ago


  96. Davis Williams

    Davis Williams25 days ago

    Jay you are that dude

  97. random dude

    random dude25 days ago

    can you play "sakura school simulator" next??? i would highly recommend that game lololol

  98. strawberrycookiestargacha

    strawberrycookiestargacha22 days ago


  99. jucky

    jucky25 days ago

    I'm finally it is gone M2M

  100. Yuki Nagato

    Yuki Nagato25 days ago

    4:42 - 4:52 when your scared of yourself...mood

  101. iiisoft mochaiii

    iiisoft mochaiii25 days ago

    Song at 0:15 ?

  102. Yumeroki

    Yumeroki26 days ago

    i- screamed... at the last part 😭 my family just looked at me like “😶”