The Final Danganronpa 2 episode!! It's been a long journey, but it's finally come to an end and all I can say is WHAT AN ENDING! Thank you all for tuning in
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  1. Kubz Scouts

    Kubz Scouts11 days ago

    Reading the comments, we’ll see what happens with the other Danganronpa games, i’m emotionally drained from the first 2 lol..i really did enjoy all the characters and gave my all to give them life even if i was just we’ll see what happens!

  2. •Butter Sky•

    •Butter Sky•9 days ago

    YOU SHOULD PLAY ULTRA DESPAIR GIRLS :0 Then Danganronpa V3 after :0 I really want yo see your reaction to Kokichi!!!! :D Spoiler: Nagito is in despair girls :>

  3. chuchu wolfie

    chuchu wolfie11 days ago

    I just read the description about Danganronpa V3 and it sounds interesting. I wanna see you play it sooo badddd!!!!!😆😆

  4. EmilyStark3000

    EmilyStark300011 days ago

    @Tikita Oncutey he's gonna keep doing the voice I mean many vids aren't related to the series that he does the voice in nagtio is a part of him now and it should stay that way

  5. 『手ェガチャつベルMYTH』

    『手ェガチャつベルMYTH』11 days ago


  6. Monica Benavente

    Monica Benavente11 days ago

    Your fave characters are called anti heros

  7. erwins missing arm

    erwins missing arm39 minutes ago

    please play the next game. you will love it 😭

  8. cing nuam

    cing nuamHour ago


  9. Jane Winkler

    Jane WinklerHour ago

    The Nagito voice makes me laugh its so funny and amazing

  10. Desire-chan

    Desire-chan3 hours ago

    If u play danganronpa v3 u are gonna like Kokichi soooo much, hes like a small version of Nagito, and you should also play danganronpa ultra despair girls you will see Nagito, sooooo PLS PLAY THOSE TWO OR ANY OF THOSE TWOOOOO

  11. ana :p

    ana :p3 hours ago


  12. Amy Luke

    Amy Luke4 hours ago

    I found Danganronpa through you Jay, and I'm so glad. Recent times have been extremely chaotic and worrisome for me, and watching you play this series was the best escape from reality I could get. You truly give these games a type of life and entertainment factor not many others can. Thank you for all the work you put into your videos 💛

  13. Mr. RAPRASH

    Mr. RAPRASH4 hours ago

    If you want to see Toko AKA Genocide Jack,play Ultra despair girl,well its like action game actually but its still Danganronpa :)

  14. R.R.D Saputra

    R.R.D Saputra6 hours ago


  15. ana :p

    ana :p9 hours ago

    you dont have to.. but i would really like to see you play danganronpa v3. ur my favorite youtuber so i prefer watching you play it.

  16. Cloudy Sky's

    Cloudy Sky's9 hours ago

    Jay:This Will be the last time I'll play dangrangropa Me: Excuse me? Excuse me!?!?

  17. Smiley Deception - Inactive

    Smiley Deception - Inactive12 hours ago

    2:23:29 This trio's so cool. They're still definitely my favorite. Especially Byakuya ofcourse XD. But man, I love Hajime's voice. Good game, Jay. Thanks for playing the game with us

  18. woro walasadati

    woro walasadati13 hours ago

    Jay play danganronpa V3 lol

  19. Caroline Cookie

    Caroline Cookie8 hours ago

    no he may have to play UDG first

  20. Ratih Dewi

    Ratih Dewi15 hours ago

    hello Jay!! thanks for played this games series. i absolutely love this games so much. but if you want to continue, these are the timelines of the games (so you would understand the whole situations with Makoto and the guys): 1. Play Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (DR1) 2. Play Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair (the one that you just finished) 3. Play Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (spoiler, you will see your fav chars there!) 3. "WATCH" the anime of danganronpa in this order: -watch ep 1 of Danganronpa 3 - Future Arc, the ep 1 of Danganronpa 3 - Despair Arc simultaneously. and also watch and do this for all the episodes in this order. in the middle watch Super Danganronpa 2.5 (Nagito is the main char!), lastly watch the Danganronpa 3 : Hope Arc. for Danganronpa V3 its a whole new and different characters, it still cool if you also want to play it! once again, thank you Jay!! :)

  21. Popi lukou

    Popi lukou17 hours ago

    Jay:nagito naegi

  22. Annabeth

    Annabeth18 hours ago


  23. Puromel0n

    Puromel0n19 hours ago

    Jay:"this will be the last Danganronpa Gameplay" Nagito:"No Thats Wrong" Jay:"Get Out of my head Nagito" Sorry If i offended you TwT

  24. Grxce_strwberrii

    Grxce_strwberrii21 hour ago

    1:10:12 i would be so happy

  25. Sunside Asha

    Sunside AshaDay ago

    (Spoiler for Danganronpa 3 anime) 25:43 Nanami WAS a real person but got excited by Junko the character in game is more like a persona to impersonate or pretend to be her.

  26. SerenaBiuBiu :3

    SerenaBiuBiu :3Day ago

    U should play Danganronpa 3

  27. Kameron Mundy

    Kameron MundyDay ago

    Danganronpa v3 has brutal deaths

  28. Yamuヤム

    YamuヤムDay ago


  29. Yamuヤム

    YamuヤムDay ago

    play danganronpa v3 (edit) after Danganronpa v3 play Danganronpa dispair girls

  30. Kufucath

    KufucathDay ago

    Honestly if he gets to watch the last animes, I just want a video hearing all his reactions about it cause seriously! All of his reactions are like so funny and interesting! I've actually missed the Danganronpa series too so these videos of his definitely brings back good memories. I wanna revisit all Danganronpa games, anime, and just all their other stuff because they were so interesting but I've sadly forgotten most of them and I don't even have much time to watch them all due to school so THANK YOU JAY! THE ULTIMATE DUDE!

  31. MochiŽokii

    MochiŽokiiDay ago

    hey jay i hope you play Danganronpa V3 ftom the future

  32. Δ

    ΔDay ago

    So jay, i know you said its the last danganronpa game you play, *_but there is v3_*

  33. fresh ink

    fresh inkDay ago

    53:14 ...

  34. fresh ink

    fresh inkDay ago

    imean he,s not wrong tho



    Hope you can play danganronpa V3.

  36. Prince Jandee Marce

    Prince Jandee MarceDay ago

    Come on Jay! Play V3. Please. I'm beggin you. 😊

  37. flash78963 yt?

    flash78963 yt?Day ago

    Jay you better change your mind about usami before she whoop you like she whoop junko

  38. Samuel xX

    Samuel xXDay ago


  39. Osoro Shidesu

    Osoro ShidesuDay ago

    Please Jay, please play v3!

  40. Doraly Perez

    Doraly PerezDay ago

    Play ultra dispar girls Nowwww

  41. Billy Bob

    Billy BobDay ago

    53:10 my dude really about to go super saiyan

  42. Goku LovesYou

    Goku LovesYouDay ago

    Damn i really would like to see u play danganronpa v3

  43. Kayzaree _12

    Kayzaree _12Day ago

    Jay disappointed because only Makoto showed up Me, the biggest Makoto simp:👁💧👄💧👁

  44. Mathew Miedema

    Mathew MiedemaDay ago

    I’ve been delaying so long to watch this but now I have to do it and now it’s all gonna end

  45. Zombies Eat Toads

    Zombies Eat ToadsDay ago

    You should do danganronpa V3 .,.

  46. Chad Kensington

    Chad KensingtonDay ago

    Damn I finally found your channel again and his whole time I thought you already played danganronpa

  47. ツChimChim

    ツChimChim2 days ago

    I wish Jay could play Despair Girls and Danganronpa V3 :( I played the whole game but honestly it’s more fun to watch Jay play it than me playing alone

  48. PotatoPickle Playz

    PotatoPickle Playz2 days ago

    Tbh i wanna see you play dangaropa 3 lol

  49. Edisonruth Culibao

    Edisonruth Culibao2 days ago

    There's another version of this is v3

  50. Chuclid

    Chuclid2 days ago

    Guys...he has to play Ultra Despair Girls before V3. That’s how it works. Plus, it’s my favorite Danganronpa game. And it has Nagito.

  51. Stupid Person

    Stupid PersonDay ago

    Honestly no, I'm sure not many people will support Despair girls and realistically it might just get dropped. V3 however is much more popular. Sure I would love to see him play it too but will take a long time for each episodes I can feel. and even though it's a spoiler V3 isn't exactly related to the others, ~kinda~

  52. Layahs Demons

    Layahs Demons2 days ago

    please please please please please play danganronpa 3 PLEASE

  53. AnbuWolf

    AnbuWolf2 days ago

    I seriously can’t picture them as ultimate despair. I can’t picture any of them as ultimate despair.

  54. Shouta Aizawa

    Shouta Aizawa2 days ago

    Day 1 for asking jay to play danganronpa 3

  55. Steven Antonius

    Steven Antonius2 days ago

    C'mon guys, Maybe if we leave 100k likes he may give Ultra Dispair Girl and V3 a Chance to go

  56. Sapphire Beach

    Sapphire BeachDay ago

    Plus I think he might like the love suite...

  57. ꧁Mizu Chan꧂

    ꧁Mizu Chan꧂2 days ago

    Help i cant stop speaking to my little brother in a terrible nagito impression And calling him hajime

  58. 100 Stories

    100 Stories2 days ago

    Ahhah lol😂😂

  59. Izuru Kamakura

    Izuru Kamakura2 days ago

    AH YES THE DESPAIR OF jay maybe not gonna play danganropa 3

  60. 0leandrr

    0leandrr2 days ago

    bro we need a compilation of jay making fun of thiccakuya

  61. Absol-Lootley

    Absol-Lootley2 days ago

    C’mon everyone. Jay doesn’t know if he’s gonna play the rest of the series yet. He isn’t sure, and he might not want to play them, and that’s okay. It’s his decision, and it’s a decision he needs to make on his own. Begging every day for him to play the games is just putting pressure on him. Jay wants to make us happy, even if it means playing games he doesn’t want to. For example, Yandere Simulator? Jay isn’t enjoying it as much as he used to, he mainly plays it to make the fans happy. Notice how most of his recent videos have 300k or so, but when he plays Yandere Simulator, it’s millions of views. It’s a shame, and Jay should be happy when he plays his games

  62. Olivia King

    Olivia King2 days ago

    Honestly if he does play danganronpa 3 I feel like he'd love most of the characters as they are slightly more interesting as the first 2 games. And all the twists and executions. Also Kokichi.

  63. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin2 days ago

    if this is the last danganronpa game your gonna play can i spoil you for v3 and ae cuz i feel like it

  64. Froot

    Froot2 days ago

    Jay you should play UDG, its the next Danganronpa game and has Nagito in it!!

  65. Froot

    Froot2 days ago

    Jay please PLEASE play Danganronpa: UDG

  66. Audrey Mandagi

    Audrey Mandagi2 days ago

    Komajay is my OTP

  67. Katsud0n

    Katsud0n2 days ago

    I cant WAIT for jay to play the 3rd game- im currently watching a play through and the executions so far are 🤌

  68. Ben10usr 123

    Ben10usr 1232 days ago

    Oh that is why he has the eye patch. He has junko's right eye. And probably why the other guy is so fixated on Miss Sonia is because they are a horndog who wanted to have Junko's babies.

  69. lmb smh

    lmb smh2 days ago

    Cuz it's a game cuz it's a game

  70. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami2 days ago

    CRIES CAUDE JAY SAID HE ISN’T GONNA PLAY ANOTHER DANGANRONPA GAME (I was excited for despair girls and v3)

  71. irfansnm

    irfansnm2 days ago

    He the ultimate capper

  72. irfansnm

    irfansnm2 days ago

    He's a capper he will play

  73. RayArts

    RayArts2 days ago

    I keep waiting for a new episode and then remember he finished dr 2 :(

  74. Raina Reyes

    Raina Reyes2 days ago

    1:56:34 - hajime snaps

  75. Pro J

    Pro J2 days ago

    Getting real SAO vibes here

  76. KNG Hades

    KNG Hades2 days ago

    Bold of you to assume we would let you stop playing daganronpa

  77. Nurul Aliyah Amira

    Nurul Aliyah Amira2 days ago

    im just gonna wait here until he plays danganronpa v3 :')

  78. Alli Healey

    Alli Healey2 days ago

    I hope he plays the other or I might be sad 😔 heheh

  79. •Ouma•

    •Ouma•2 days ago

    V3 spoilers Junko: “You know those murder mysteries were the culprit is really the detective who’s investigating the murder?” UH- DID ANYONE ELSE CATCH THAT FORTH SHADOWING FOR V3??

  80. Absol-Lootley

    Absol-Lootley2 days ago

    That may also be referring to Danganronpa Zero, where Junko is the protagonist

  81. squizz apprend

    squizz apprend2 days ago

    Anyone talk about Makoto family like he li- Ultra despair girl referance

  82. M K

    M K2 days ago

    all my besties want u to make v3 PLEASE MAKE V3

  83. Mauricio Diaz

    Mauricio Diaz2 days ago

    Why? I would love you to play the other games, who knows? You could find a better character than Nagito. Nagito best dangan character.

  84. mika

    mika3 days ago


  85. knorivus

    knorivus3 days ago

    Ayo Jay you better play danganronpa 3, like last one

  86. Kotori Minami

    Kotori Minami3 days ago

    1:25:00 My girl Chiaki is getting disrespected

  87. Jazmine 🤍✨

    Jazmine 🤍✨3 days ago


  88. nova marrero

    nova marrero3 days ago


  89. nova marrero

    nova marrero3 days ago


  90. Puppyxchu

    Puppyxchu3 days ago

    Did you know that all of junko’s sprites are supposed to mock the remnants of despair? Like junko’s popular punk sprite is ibuki

  91. Manjit Kaur Sahota

    Manjit Kaur Sahota3 days ago

    Pls play the other danganronpa games because your voice acting is so cool and it’s so funny seeing your reaction pls play

  92. 100 Stories

    100 Stories3 days ago

    Yeah I want him to play it too

  93. Ms. ReachForTheStxrs!

    Ms. ReachForTheStxrs!3 days ago

    Pls play Danganronpa 3 it's awsome and there is more deaths

  94. 100 Stories

    100 Stories3 days ago


  95. Kandypoo!

    Kandypoo!3 days ago

    Please play Ultra Despair Girls next!

  96. Tatsumi- Cun

    Tatsumi- Cun3 days ago

    C'mon knock it off with the dv3 spoilers

  97. Waterfallie

    Waterfallie3 days ago


  98. Animeshnik

    Animeshnik3 days ago

    Please, please, please! I'm I begging you! Please play Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony! I'm sure you'll like it!😭💕

  99. Alexis the kangaroo Massoud Boyce De Vil

    Alexis the kangaroo Massoud Boyce De Vil3 days ago

    Fun fact: The first game has a lost beta version called Distrust.

  100. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato3 days ago


  101. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato3 days ago

    imposters voice lol

  102. Made In Heaven

    Made In Heaven3 days ago

    ''i'm the ultimate 'you better dodge that shit jay' ''

  103. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato3 days ago

    jay laughing about dark deva makes me so happy - 1:39:50

  104. Sad Club - Topic

    Sad Club - Topic3 days ago

    Please play Danganronpa v3

  105. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato3 days ago

    1:25:00 no.. i can’t laugh yet.. i gotta hold it in.. there’s gonna be another one 😏

  106. RoseRed 345

    RoseRed 3453 days ago

    "This will be the last Danganronpa game I am gonna play" *I DID NOT WANT TO HEAR THAT!*

  107. Seth The Weeb

    Seth The Weeb3 days ago

    Jay: This will be the last danganronpa game I play. Hajime and Makoto: I hope your wrong..

  108. star s

    star s3 days ago

    killing harmony. now.

  109. suga is woozi's real dad

    suga is woozi's real dad3 days ago

    Ultra despair girls has nagito and a different gameplay.

  110. Oikawa Tooru

    Oikawa Tooru3 days ago

    Jay: “Kyoko is hands down my first favourite character then Byakuya’s my second, Toko’s probably my third and yea, makotoks my fourth” Me: What about Mondo-

  111. Oikawa Tooru

    Oikawa Tooru3 days ago


  112. Via Rose

    Via Rose3 days ago

    spoiler!!!! wait until Jay finds out about Nagitos crush on Hajime 😳

  113. KMS Izaya

    KMS Izaya3 days ago


  114. jada m

    jada m3 days ago

    i REALLY want jay to play v3, i like how he reads. other youtubers read with no emotion

  115. Candace Smith

    Candace Smith3 days ago


  116. Amy Martinez

    Amy Martinez3 days ago

    I’m just passing by to vote for Ultra Despair girls cuz there’s something/someone waiting Jay there. 🗳 ✅