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Suite 776 is a horror game where there is an urban legend of a woman in her home of suite 776 coming to haunt you if you ring "The Bell"
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    COOKIE GOODNESS4 hours ago

    Wow Jay really died while making a dummy thick joke 😂🤣

  2. Miley Massey

    Miley Massey14 hours ago

    Never mind I take it back I'm going to be as busy as

  3. Miley Massey

    Miley Massey14 hours ago

    By the way I'm kidding

  4. Gh0st Sh3p3rd

    Gh0st Sh3p3rdDay ago

    ''Readitt Online'' ''XxGamerxX'' Someone tried a bit TOO hard

  5. ツMISAKIツ

    ツMISAKIツ4 days ago

    Why was someone’s Grammy singing like the mmmmmm need some work

  6. Lily Stecko

    Lily Stecko5 days ago

    This is Tom. 🐢 This is his friend, Bob.🐣 They protect you from the scary lady 😉

  7. sum muan

    sum muan5 days ago

    A jump scare was boutta happen then an add show up "300 for this and 1000 for this-"


    TOFU AKIO7 days ago

    0:03 - 0:04 Can anyone do that screaming part with only Jay's facecam instead?

  9. Yes Goodbye

    Yes Goodbye7 days ago

    My name is Marcy.....this is 👏SCARY👏


    COD GAMING9 days ago

    26:35 he rly dodging the manikins😂😂

  11. Ironic God

    Ironic God9 days ago

    24:03 made me choke on my dab pen. That shit was comical!

  12. melany

    melany9 days ago

    dummy thicc- AHHHHHHHHH

  13. thebesto 180

    thebesto 18011 days ago

    Us: imaging playing a scary game Jay: 🙂... 2 hours ago😭

  14. Semari Branford

    Semari Branford11 days ago

    Can we just, apreciate the way that jay expressed his fear at exactly 24:03 please

  15. BOT

    BOT12 days ago

    She's a karen

  16. Eduardo AGarcia

    Eduardo AGarcia12 days ago

    24:01 🤣

  17. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  18. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  19. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  20. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  21. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  22. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  23. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  24. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  25. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  26. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  27. Virda

    Virda13 days ago


  28. Ramdom Things

    Ramdom Things14 days ago

    her name is mary

  29. Kristenis Rea

    Kristenis Rea14 days ago

    3:55 we don’t sound like that Do we?

  30. Sunkissed_ Arxes

    Sunkissed_ Arxes14 days ago

    I feel like jay is the best youtuber ever cuz he just makes everything funny and he's super cool💕it would mean a lot if u replied or liked this comment jay!!!💕

  31. Sunkissed_ Arxes

    Sunkissed_ Arxes14 days ago

    Does anyone else not agree, if u don't come fight me, meet me outside McDonalds 🔪🔪🔪🔫🔫💣💣💀💀

  32. Amber Gorman

    Amber Gorman16 days ago

    6:14 sounding like nagito bruh

  33. Taoiis :D

    Taoiis :D16 days ago

    me watching the intro when jay screamed: JSISJSJJSJSAAAAAHSJSJXJXO

  34. Michelle Makein

    Michelle Makein16 days ago

    i just got a heart attack bc when jay heard those sounds i got an ad and i wasn't watching my screen lol

  35. Rihanna Schenck

    Rihanna Schenck16 days ago

    I honestly think Marcy got killed by her doctor, at the end when the doctor said the pills should help him because they helped his mom, they didn't help her she still had a "bad" Mental state. So the doctor was just portraying that Marcy was delusional and insane but she was trying to be normal and she was trying to be her real self and prove she was alive and ok, so he killed her.

  36. Jimmyplier

    Jimmyplier17 days ago

    That was actually a realy good game

  37. Tired_Soul 996

    Tired_Soul 99617 days ago

    Why the hell does it feel like I've seen you play this before- What the hell- I am uncomfortable with that fact because that fact s c a r e s me a little bit- Just- Just a little bit

  38. рури

    рури18 days ago

    I'm always more scared of your screams than the game itself xD (idk can I do it here, but I really recommend playing Cry Of Fear, yes it's old but damn its good and spooky stuff)

  39. ღ Emoji Kittyz ღ

    ღ Emoji Kittyz ღ18 days ago

    That Intro was the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while

  40. Piper duz Vids

    Piper duz Vids18 days ago

    2019: scared of bees 2020: scared of wasps 2021: scared of trees and grass.......

  41. EE EE

    EE EE20 days ago

    When he said "this reminds me of PT" I WAS LITERALLY THINKING THE SAME THINGGGG-

  42. Tara Schumock

    Tara Schumock20 days ago

    Nice title

  43. Stranded Forever

    Stranded Forever21 day ago

    Wait...you forgot the Easter egg

  44. Stranded Forever

    Stranded Forever21 day ago

    Yo..the part where the ceiling light fell...it cut and went to an ad -.-

  45. oddperson

    oddperson21 day ago

    I think the sound effects in the game scared me more than the jumpscares.

  46. Yee Yee

    Yee Yee21 day ago

    *me looks behind me cause im in a dark room* *jay screams* Me:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  47. Burnt Le Sphagett

    Burnt Le Sphagett22 days ago


  48. Ally Vang

    Ally Vang22 days ago

    Jay: *screams* Me: *almost gets a heart attack from jumpscare* Ad: Have you experienced a heart attack before?

  49. sans

    sans23 days ago


  50. Lillian Malfoy

    Lillian Malfoy23 days ago

    Poor jay he looks so scared

  51. Sole

    Sole23 days ago

    Play more horror games!!!

  52. Nia Smith

    Nia Smith23 days ago

    No one Jay when gets scared: speaks a whole different laugauge

  53. Evelyn Vue

    Evelyn Vue23 days ago

    Honestly I got terrified at 24:01

  54. sqoosh cat

    sqoosh cat24 days ago


  55. Dandy boi Seungbean

    Dandy boi Seungbean24 days ago

    As a person from Minnesota i had to test to see if i really sounded like that man had me questioning my whole existence 😭🤧

  56. aesthetic_ tutorials

    aesthetic_ tutorials25 days ago

    When you looked at the camera and I looked at Marcy it looked like they said new body but granny’s face or is it just me lol I just realized it was her hair not her face

  57. Shira Alshy

    Shira Alshy25 days ago

    The title already got me hooked

  58. Zaniya Winston

    Zaniya Winston26 days ago

    When you screamed that caught me off guard 😂🤣

  59. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma26 days ago

    night vision: * exists * Sdr2 imposter: **sweating**

  60. mrs. cyan

    mrs. cyan27 days ago

    thank you for giving me nightmares on christmas eve

  61. PockiBunn

    PockiBunn27 days ago

    I was not prepared for the jumpscare at the beginning... My phone kissed the wall hard man. ;-;

  62. Carley Joiner

    Carley Joiner27 days ago

    I was doing makeup and I heard him do his Nagito voice and looked right at the phone and messed up my eye liner lmao and I think we all know his Nagito voice! 💯👍🌸✨💞⚡

  63. Alex Terria

    Alex Terria27 days ago

    It deadass took me 3 weeks to watch this entire video it was so goddamn scary

  64. Ricky Walker

    Ricky Walker27 days ago

    This is how many times Jay mispronounced words- | | | v

  65. Sad Binch

    Sad Binch27 days ago

    26:34 dude 😭

  66. 2A (11) LAI ROSE SI HUAI

    2A (11) LAI ROSE SI HUAI29 days ago

    One video Only 2 weeks ago (edited) Jumpscares! if you don’t wanna risk your life seeing these jumpscares, good luck!! --------------------------------------- 3:35 - Door closed itself 4:19 - Lamp shatters 4:39 - Marcy Humming 4:50 - Lamp or whatever it is falling down on Jay (aka the game character perspective) 6:36 - loud thunder strike 9:31 - Door opens itself 9:54 - Marcy go BRRR and then closed the door 10:54 - The door itself opens behind Jay (Marcy be using Alohomora) 14:14 - Mannequin Appears at a hallway.. 14:34 - Marcy went skrrt 14:49 - Mannequin go skrrrt 14:53 - Lamp shatters I guess? 15:47 - thunder strikes 15:54 - OH LOOK! ITS MARCY! 21:26 - Marcy is taking a shower, don’t mind her 22:43 - Lamp shattered 24:00 - Jajaja, Hello Marcy! We dyin today? 25:39 - All lights went off 26:34 - Mannequin be going SKRTTT 29:06 - Hello Marcy, you been grinding with that thing? 30:22 - Marcy, float like you never done it before~ 31:14 - “What is that? OmG~ WHAT IS THATTT?” - Cardi B 31:25 - Door goes Brrrrrrr 31:58 - Lights go swoosh 32:48 - MARCY! MUM IS GONNA GET A LA CHANCLA IF YOU KEEP STALKING JAY! O damn I think that’s all...nvm 36:08 - Hi Marcy, where’s your friend Mary? 36:40 - ÆUGH! THAT FACE THO! 40:28 - Hi Marcy, you looking at your board where you always teach your kids with? good luck for the rest guys, you know the rules! 👌🏻 Edit: I just wanna make these comment less scary, If I miss any jumpscare goodluck getting scared :’) Another edit: oh right, I forgot, sum of these aren’t jump scares

  67. Kθdak Vibez

    Kθdak Vibez29 days ago

    I thought she was gonna be thick, not dummy thick. She- AGHHHHHHHH

  68. Hannah Slayer

    Hannah Slayer29 days ago

    theres a roblox game that flamingo played based on his game just saying:)

  69. Toya Nitunga

    Toya NitungaMonth ago

    When i saw the title of this video i died I DIED🤣

  70. Caca my_anus

    Caca my_anusMonth ago


  71. Limestuuu GGG

    Limestuuu GGGMonth ago

    Am I the only one who got scared at the into?!? I feel like a scaredy-cat. Well I guess I am. Whatever

  72. Jamie Register

    Jamie RegisterMonth ago

    Me: sacred as crap Horror thing: I will clap those cheeks baby

  73. Rocio Prats

    Rocio PratsMonth ago

    Thank you so much for play scary games for us, Jay. We aprecciate it. ❤

  74. Jaz Person

    Jaz PersonMonth ago

    Whenever a jumpscare comes up and Jay screams I either keep a straight face the entire time or laugh. I feel like something is wrong with me.

  75. Creel Creepypasta

    Creel CreepypastaMonth ago

    Jay: I GOT NIGHTVISION?! Oh...Thats gonna be scary Me: *flashbacks to Outlast, Outlast: Whistle-blower, & Outlast 2* yep...scary

  76. Cecilia Kirksey

    Cecilia KirkseyMonth ago

    “Forth times a char-“ *lights go out*

  77. Angel Kim

    Angel KimMonth ago

    Meh dude lowkey ducking though 26:33🤣🤣

  78. I am the teacher

    I am the teacherMonth ago

    No one: No one ever: Jay: I knew she would be thicccc but not dummy thicccc AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  79. Tiffany Kammerude

    Tiffany KammerudeMonth ago

    I am watching this late at night. During this time my Christmas lights in my bed stopped working and they're still plugged in.

  80. Alex Terria

    Alex TerriaMonth ago

    Out of all the scary games I’ve seen play throughs of this is the only one that for some reason scares the soul out of my body 😰

  81. Arianna Delicata

    Arianna DelicataMonth ago

    Does any one else Re watches his videos for his screams

  82. Savana Yeshe

    Savana YesheMonth ago

    also if you're on a computer press 2(also 1) repeatedly XD

  83. Savana Yeshe

    Savana YesheMonth ago

    10:44 oop- no cap

  84. L i z T i m e s

    L i z T i m e sMonth ago

    My mom turned 34 that day lol

  85. Bubbel Senpai

    Bubbel SenpaiMonth ago

    When you're so scared that you dont wanna skip the adds

  86. Artist009 LITTLE

    Artist009 LITTLEMonth ago

    The funniest part about his horror game videos is the pure disappointment in his face after he gets scared.... That’s funny

  87. Depression Girl

    Depression GirlMonth ago

    has anyone noticed that jay had been saying sweet 776 instead of suite 776?

  88. TaeTaesGucciBag

    TaeTaesGucciBagMonth ago

    Jay: dummy dummy- *marcy pops out* Ad: there are 3 words a man should never say to a woman.

  89. Thepourkorking1 The Gamer

    Thepourkorking1 The GamerMonth ago

    Wait why is the name of the note my nickname my nickname is littery Gamer

  90. Thepourkorking1 The Gamer

    Thepourkorking1 The GamerMonth ago

    The intro got me a littery heart attack

  91. Maze Runner

    Maze RunnerMonth ago

    4:51 = sudden Jumpscare 💡💥 Me: Aaaaaaah 😰 Ad : Mobile legends 🗡🏰⚔

  92. baeswan

    baeswanMonth ago

    a drop of your blood. hmong horror game.

  93. DoggyLand Studios

    DoggyLand StudiosMonth ago

    dat was a nice ending

  94. Bulelani Maimame

    Bulelani MaimameMonth ago

    Dude you can scream you are loud

  95. Nagito Komeada

    Nagito KomeadaMonth ago

    When Jay started singing "Just the Two of Us" by Grover Washington Jr my heart skipped a beat

  96. Julian Brent Abaya

    Julian Brent AbayaMonth ago

    Bro at 12:59 there was a laugh

  97. raeliana`

    raeliana`Month ago


  98. Newt UwU

    Newt UwUMonth ago

    Remember when Kassie played this?

  99. Tiffany Tato

    Tiffany TatoMonth ago

    Me being like hol up sis Bc I remember this Also me: OH MA GAWD I REMEMBER NOW KASSIE PLAYED THIS

  100. *Tulip’s Tears*

    *Tulip’s Tears*Month ago

    “She thicc” she like, dummy thicc” “AHHHHHHHHH!”

  101. Harper Murphy

    Harper MurphyMonth ago


  102. Rosa love

    Rosa loveMonth ago


  103. Harper Northcutt

    Harper NorthcuttMonth ago

    you know he good when he call his content "Great Content" XD

  104. Emma Paige

    Emma PaigeMonth ago

    Y’all I was ROLLING! 🤣when he was in the cameras he was laughing the entire time and then as he got out his whole mood changed into scared serious 😂😂

  105. xi kou

    xi kouMonth ago

    Jays videos cure my depression

  106. Sarah Cana

    Sarah CanaMonth ago


  107. Angery Vault Boi

    Angery Vault BoiMonth ago

    That intro legit scared me bro

  108. UwU Azzy

    UwU AzzyMonth ago

    Jay: just tryna get in the bone zone... Me: phasmo??? EVEUH???

  109. pyulate

    pyulateMonth ago

    8:53 I actually thought he was gonna say he has those silver dildos

  110. Phil Lyons

    Phil LyonsMonth ago

    Game: "words pop up" Jay: AHHHHHH Lady: BOO Jay: ..........AHHHHH

  111. 50k Likes Plz

    50k Likes PlzMonth ago