We're investigating the case before the second class trial and I think this is the most amount of evidence we've had to gather so far in both Danganronpa games i've played. 50K Likes for the next episode!
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  1. Ü

    Ü13 hours ago

    i don’t know how much longer i can handle his voice acting for the game monokuma made 😀


    AMAR ARA ARADay ago


  3. Mohammad Mansha

    Mohammad ManshaDay ago

    My boy really just said "broken fish"😂

  4. Mohammad Mansha

    Mohammad ManshaDay ago

    Am I the only one who loves it when youtubers don't suspect the killer right away?



    People who watching in 2021👉

  6. XxPeeptheCreepxX

    XxPeeptheCreepxX3 days ago

    Everyone’s voice got deeper because they got older. *Poor Girl A. Left with that high pitched voice for the rest of her life.*

  7. Yeeter Queen1

    Yeeter Queen14 days ago

    46:56 I thought that was kaede (Unless it actually is)

  8. Nagito and Kokichi’s Shared account

    Nagito and Kokichi’s Shared account5 days ago

    Let’s be honest.. if Jay plays V3 we all know his favorite is probably going to be Kokichi.. 😌👌🏻

  9. Daniel Gill

    Daniel Gill5 days ago

    Spoiler alert! 🧔bruh you really come all the way down here

  10. /uhbsihaijhaihhaojbannuabiahjomainajihjaohiahiuahu

    /uhbsihaijhaihhaojbannuabiahjomainajihjaohiahiuahu6 days ago

    Hmmm is that kaede?

  11. Qadeja Love

    Qadeja Love5 days ago

    If you see the anime, i think the one in the first photo is fuyuhikos sister

  12. Rio the bread boi

    Rio the bread boi6 days ago

    It's weird hearing Adrien Agreste, Rin Okumura, Eren Yeager, Kirito, Ceaser Zeppeli, Kaname Isaki, Meliodas and Susumu Kimura when ever Nagito speaks.

  13. slightly foolish

    slightly foolish6 days ago

    Man. I really liked her. I have a hard time remembering names, so I just called her "apple fritter/pie" cuz her red hair looked like an apple, and neck tie reminded me of pie

  14. Russelliana Jackson

    Russelliana Jackson7 days ago


  15. Qadeja Love

    Qadeja Love5 days ago

    Its actually fuyuhikos sister ithink, in the anime, despair arc

  16. Ephemeraliti

    Ephemeraliti9 days ago


  17. Hoang Trinh

    Hoang Trinh10 days ago

    I think the killer is hiyoko. I’ll update this comment when I find out the true killer.

  18. polly

    polly7 days ago


  19. Ash Yuno

    Ash Yuno11 days ago

    Jay saying, "oh I need to talk to the punk rock chick " is the best thing I could ever hear no cap

  20. Nagito Komaeda'sWifu

    Nagito Komaeda'sWifu12 days ago

    honestly in danganronpa 2 this murder case was probably the most confusing to me but watching the anime and coming back to this i actually get what happened mahiru now

  21. jamela

    jamela12 days ago

    okay we get it yall are all saying the same thing in these comments where is the funny

  22. JJeongbean

    JJeongbean12 days ago

    SPOILERS FOR THE KILLER edit: remember kids. don't be like me, don't spoil it for yourself 😔😔😔 i found out the killer because of memes, meme safely kids 😔😔😔😔😔😔 Jay: I'm sus of kazuichi and akane me: *_sadly yet aggressively sussing peko_*

  23. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin13 days ago

    He sounds like lumpy space princess from adventure Time when he voices the twilight syndrome characters 😂

  24. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin13 days ago

    I'm watching this for the second time, everyone's always so mean to Nagito. I mean I get the reasons why and all but still..😔

  25. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin13 days ago

    Anywho, I'm really enjoying this playthrough. The first playthrough I watched the person didn't really like Nagito, And only did only a couple of his free time events. And in this playthrough you really make everything really funny so yay. For nagito being my comfort character, and for me kinning him I approve heheh😼🤌🏼✨

  26. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin13 days ago

    I mean every character in this game seems so judgy, You can't just judge a person you have to actually get to know them. REEeeeEeEeEeEEeeeeEEEEEEeeeee

  27. peachy. cream

    peachy. cream14 days ago

    *see the murder near the piano* WAIT IS IT KAEDA???

  28. Orlaith Murphy [:

    Orlaith Murphy [:15 days ago

    Girl A is so tall, she has to wear size 13 Nikes...MENZ size 13 Nikes (Sorry I just had to-)

  29. Pillowsgarden

    Pillowsgarden16 days ago

    33:54 when your the only person in the group project who did the work

  30. Jay plz make danganronpa 3 vids

    Jay plz make danganronpa 3 vids16 days ago

    pleasee do dandanropa 3

  31. Moping sadness.

    Moping sadness.17 days ago

    Okay but, almost all the girl are shorter than me. Not sure how many but I think majority is shorter than me. I’m 5’7 if any of you were curious

  32. no one

    no one17 days ago

    Me: *sees foot prints* Also me: aight wheres that shorty toxic girl at

  33. local dum ass

    local dum ass17 days ago

    People who also watched the anime when seeing the game and cast: 👁👄👁

  34. RozyRoze

    RozyRoze18 days ago

    !Spoilers for this episode¡ Mahiru doesnt get like any development in the main story other than being a big sister/mom figure for Hiyoko, and its tragic honestly

  35. Maxine Gallo

    Maxine Gallo18 days ago

    46:41 Is that Kaede!?!!?! She was near the piano too! And she was in the music room! KAEDE IS DAT YOU?!?!?!!

  36. Leila NILO

    Leila NILO18 days ago

    9:40 it was sangwoo, sangwoo is the murderer peridot

  37. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair19 days ago

    27:56 loll poor Jay

  38. Aoshi

    Aoshi19 days ago

    "What about the tuna enter sign"

  39. Nikhil Ratta_EC6_5103

    Nikhil Ratta_EC6_510319 days ago

    Does anyone else think Chiaki and Kirigiri are kind of similar?

  40. Tawko

    Tawko20 days ago

    Toko v2

  41. Random Lesbian

    Random Lesbian21 day ago

    37:59 LITERALLY

  42. Jaysgae

    Jaysgae23 days ago


  43. Destiny House

    Destiny House23 days ago

    This connects to a danganronpa V game. I could tell by the 1st day death photo.

  44. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon24 days ago

    Jay: *jay reading the dialogue text on the screen "they must've tipped it over when they were frantically trying to get away." *truth bullet sounds come in* Screen reads: "Broken Fish Tank" has been added to the truth bullet section of your handbook Jay: *is surprised* oh we got a truth bullet thing? *broken fish* has been added to the **imitates bullets firing** bow... bow bow bow bow bow Me: HE SAID "broken fish" LOLOLOOLOLLOLOLLOLOL

  45. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon24 days ago

    Hajime: I slapped both of my hands onto my cheeks, and faced Mahiru's body one more time Jay: Which ones?? *laughs** Me: *laughs so i won't feel sorrow and depressed*

  46. random person

    random person25 days ago

    Gosh why is everyone talking about likes? Why can’t we stay to the funny stuff

  47. Max Luke

    Max Luke25 days ago

    I dont think jay realised that kazuichi was with him for the whole hour

  48. Kjeana Forde

    Kjeana Forde25 days ago

    Jay: **Suspects Kazuichi** Me: Amateurs. 😏.

  49. BLANKSPACE Lyrics

    BLANKSPACE Lyrics26 days ago

    "There is no way there is a killer among us" Genocide Jill/Jack: "Am I a joke to you?"

  50. Ya boi kk

    Ya boi kk26 days ago

    Bro i think I'm addicted to this game series I wish I was joking but I only like the first game and the future ark anime

  51. Stephanie Morejon

    Stephanie Morejon27 days ago

    If we keep on not reaching 50K likes, you may never hear "ding dong bing bong baby!" ever again. :(

  52. Stephanie Morejon

    Stephanie Morejon27 days ago

    Jay: Look at Hajime. Worried about how people put their things away. I like this guy. 8:10 Jay like 20 mins later: Hajime's an airhead! (14 mins later to be exact) 22:08

  53. Tristan Abarca

    Tristan Abarca28 days ago

    Game: Tells Jay Kazuichi couldn't be the murder because he was with you the entire time the murder took place. Jay: "I think Kazuichi did it"

  54. Raging Lesbianity

    Raging Lesbianity28 days ago

    SPOILER Edit 1: Personally I think Akane killed Mahiru because the blood couldn't possibly be from a fight in that way, but I am probably wrong anyways.

  55. quackity simp

    quackity simp29 days ago

    why is some of his voice impressions actually good like for nagito

  56. claire

    claire29 days ago

    the way fuyuhiko said that his sister would take over the kuzuryu clan even though she died... his memories about her death got erased because of school... call me kyoko tf

  57. claire

    claire29 days ago

    spoilers maybe?? the way that the corpse from the ending prize looks exactly like kaede from danganronpa 3 messed with me i love that girl 🥺

  58. The random animator girl

    The random animator girlMonth ago

    You sound like lumpy space Princess when you do the murder mystery game

  59. TheGoldenBearEX Gameplay's and more

    TheGoldenBearEX Gameplay's and moreMonth ago

    46:55 *Spoilers below for people who haven't player danganronpa 3* That Girl looks like Kaede ngl possible sneak peak back then?

  60. Maylany taylor

    Maylany taylorMonth ago

    I didn't know until now that ibuki talked in 3rd person (talks like gonta)

  61. •happy Dva Edits•

    •happy Dva Edits•Month ago

    Me watching this video: 🙄😒🙂😀😃😏



    49:01 Me: Yes daddy

  63. Viella

    ViellaMonth ago

    *and you'd be even more suspicious if they find out you saw the body and didnt report it*

  64. LulaSnake

    LulaSnakeMonth ago

    its the dancing girl, isnt it?

  65. Toko Fukawa

    Toko FukawaMonth ago

    I'm with you Jay NAGITO IS GREAT

  66. Alabaster1223

    Alabaster1223Month ago

    I risk spoilers to like the new videos even tho I'm not there yet

  67. Meomo Xox

    Meomo XoxMonth ago

    since everyone's probably seen this video already im just going to state my theory's hiyoko left the candy in the closet and she sawll bad thing ls happen sonia is a multi personality like genocide jill (my fav) and could be the killer nagito is a mess fuyuhiko is a sad boi that had his sister killed the motive was for him but someone else took advantage of it and i dont know who killed who but thats just how im thinking rn

  68. Jaysgae

    Jaysgae23 days ago

    i agree 100%

  69. SakuraSan

    SakuraSanMonth ago

    Since it has been 6 hours, how was it? What you hypothesis correct? Was Sonia the killer? What happened?

  70. Gumbal DP

    Gumbal DPMonth ago

    *SPOILERS FOR DRV3* At 46:45 that dead body looks very similar to Kaede. And the fact that there is a piano behind her makes this veryy similar to our piano protag.

  71. 3xplain

    3xplainMonth ago

    i dont understand why people dont like Nagito either

  72. hiyoko stan

    hiyoko stanMonth ago

    HAJSH is no one gonna talk ab jays girl voices

  73. _Ann.known_

    _Ann.known_Month ago

    I just can't... 😂😂 Jay's narration with the girls just gets me 😂... Even Jay's reaction is just "Man what am I doing" 😂

  74. Daphne htoo

    Daphne htooMonth ago

    isnt it obvious that its HIYOKO.

  75. quite literally

    quite literallyMonth ago

    The girl that got murdered looks like kaede akamatsu

  76. alice mc.

    alice mc.Month ago

    46:48 ok but.. why do i get keade vibes from this

  77. Shamara Lacouture

    Shamara LacoutureMonth ago

    47:00 isn't that the girl from dangandronpa V3

  78. Sonia Nevermind the shipper

    Sonia Nevermind the shipperMonth ago

    Normal people playing Danganropa: aw man it’s already Class Trial time! I still don’t really get who it is.. blah blah Jay: BING GONG BING BONG BABY! Alr so I think I already know who it is

  79. Myata Myatnya

    Myata MyatnyaMonth ago

    Damn, Kubz voice for Nagito is reaaally good. i sometimes don't get at first if it's him talking or a voice actor lol

  80. Nehan Hussain

    Nehan HussainMonth ago

    Play or watch danganronpa 3 before pressing read more as there is spoilers You know it says Kaede has a twin the blonde dead girl in one of the photos that Mahiro had looks like Kaede and there is a piano so that is her twin I think

  81. Hanifah Fauziah

    Hanifah FauziahMonth ago

    It's hilarious when Jay voiced the girls at game that Monokuma made 😂

  82. Yen Nguyen

    Yen NguyenMonth ago

    Is no one gonna talk about jay voicing the girls in the Twilight Syndrome game?😭🤣

  83. Yen Nguyen

    Yen NguyenMonth ago


  84. fairydust

    fairydustMonth ago

    I HAVENT WATCHED THE FULL VID BUT I THINK ITS HIYOKO RN, PEKO’S A LIL SUS BUT I’LL EDIT WHEN I FINISH AMD SEE WHAT I THINK NOW edit: PLEASE DONT TELL ME ITS MIKAN NOOO edit 2: wait no the bullied girl isnt girl E- edit 3: it couldnt be E.. edit 4: this makes no sense

  85. Cosplay Wolf

    Cosplay WolfMonth ago

    Is it just me or at 46:44, the body looks like Kaede Akamatsu from Danganronpa V3?

  86. some one

    some oneMonth ago

    “BrOkEn FiSh”

  87. Trinity Espiritu

    Trinity EspirituMonth ago

    45:07 is monokuma at the window O-O

  88. The_ Puffs

    The_ PuffsMonth ago

    46:42 IS THAT KAEDE?!

  89. • C a l l i o p e •

    • C a l l i o p e •Month ago

    I was dying when nagito said the v1 reference to toko 💀

  90. Aoi Creation

    Aoi CreationMonth ago

    Me realizing i did watches the anime, That fuyuhiko's little sister got murdered- and when it says 'sis' i auto knows that the envelope belongs to fuyuhiko-

  91. Emma’s Bored

    Emma’s BoredMonth ago

    Jay should get an award for his voice acting in twilight syndrome murder case, best voice acting ever 👏🎖

  92. unicorn 123

    unicorn 123Month ago

    Someone is like Toko idk who tho

  93. No No

    No NoMonth ago

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s Chihiko either. The game likes to pin it on someone with these investigations, and then it turns into a plot twist that it’s someone you medium suspect. Either way, this is CONFUSING ME. I do think Nagito is helping Hajime cause he has the most hope or smth, but I also know for a fact, that he’s still gonna help the killer. DAMMIT NAGITO, WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS!? Well, I still love the guy. I have no clue who it is, so I’m just going with Jay’s guess and say its Akane too, cause she can parkour to the window maybe? I know for sure Fuyuhiko and Nagito will never kill anyone, cause they’re very obvious suspects (Fuyuhiko may get killed tho).

  94. 고인희

    고인희Month ago

    V3 Spoilers . . . . . . . . . Is that actually Kaede? I haven’t watched this series in like a year or two now, totally forgot the plot

  95. Myata Myatnya

    Myata MyatnyaMonth ago

    nah, it's Fuyuhikos sister

  96. Liliane Auza

    Liliane AuzaMonth ago

    45:03 a naughty book

  97. Burak Baykara

    Burak BaykaraMonth ago

    Isnt Nagito commited to murder!? Why arent they getting sus?

  98. ARhannah

    ARhannahMonth ago

    with all that reading, i think jay has definitely earned the title of Ultimate Reader

  99. Weeb Vlogs

    Weeb VlogsMonth ago


  100. Da Vinky

    Da VinkyMonth ago

    13:27 What you maybe been looking for.

  101. Grace Likes Tea

    Grace Likes TeaMonth ago

    I feel bad for Akane.. she's suffered some serious trauma..

  102. Mizuki Kobayashi

    Mizuki KobayashiMonth ago

    When u say "Mikan" it sounds like "MI PAN ZU ZU ZU, ZU ZU ZU" my god

  103. moz o_o

    moz o_oMonth ago

    When he was doing the voices for the girls in the game, I thought it was their actuall voices untill he started talking normally

  104. an apple

    an appleMonth ago

    Jay, the ultimate voice actor.

  105. Luminix ̊

    Luminix ̊Month ago

    Mikan is that character I hate, but I love. Like she looks really cute, and I do feel bad for her, but I feel like she should attempt to stand up for herself. I understand that can be hard for some people, but Hiyoko only picks on people weaker than her, if she attempted to stand up for herself she could possibly be not bullied in any way..??

  106. Angel Yang

    Angel YangMonth ago

    32:50 when did Goofy come in

  107. ¡toe !

    ¡toe !Month ago

    I can just imagen Nagito talking in a high pitch voice infront of the gamer girl 🤣🤣🤣

  108. Vivid

    Vivid2 months ago

    Yo it better be Sonia lool, she had a fake sounding name from Day 1