Happy's Humble Burger Farm is NOT Happy's Humble burger barn as weird as that sounds...this is
much more detailed, and your manager is UDDERly ridiculous
Happy's Humble Burger Barn:
Kubz Scouts Happy's Humble Burger farm:
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  1. Lenise Johnson

    Lenise Johnson8 hours ago

    Cow:acting cute Jay:admiring the 1min later running from the cow

  2. fleur_rxse

    fleur_rxse19 hours ago

    Jay: " Oh what, you gonna spank me with a spatula? " The spatula: " I don't see that on my list. "

  3. -Kiwi A.-

    -Kiwi A.-Day ago


  4. Samantha Martinez

    Samantha Martinez2 days ago

    Hi jay I’m new

  5. Holly Foster

    Holly Foster3 days ago

    jay: crashes in to the front glass :also jay: uses the door

  6. A Flower

    A Flower3 days ago

    Hello 👋

  7. Mariah Lintz

    Mariah Lintz3 days ago

    that is dorthy

  8. Black Miss

    Black Miss3 days ago


  9. Khaotic Sanctum

    Khaotic Sanctum3 days ago

    Wow this game looks so much fresher than when I saw it last :0

  10. Lightning

    Lightning4 days ago

    Why did jay in the title say happy humble burger farm in reality it’s happy humble burger barn

  11. Melrose&Leifu

    Melrose&Leifu4 days ago

    So not sure if y’all know but this is actually a sequel to the first game. If y’all check the comments of the trailer for this game the dev team says so themselves. This is the Alpha build so there is more to come.

  12. - Gabrielle Grape -

    - Gabrielle Grape -4 days ago

    Notice me naggy waggy~

  13. Ayashi Saikou

    Ayashi Saikou5 days ago

    Jay: I don't follow orders! Me: But thats your job

  14. Sleepy Daisy

    Sleepy Daisy5 days ago

    Jay can you please tell cory about this update i want to know how he'll react playing the new update lol

  15. Joseph Joestarツ

    Joseph Joestarツ5 days ago

    Or it might have been a other game idk

  16. Joseph Joestarツ

    Joseph Joestarツ5 days ago

    Wait did you make the thumbnail name wrong I thot it was barn not farm

  17. NoisyKitty Meow

    NoisyKitty Meow6 days ago

    Play the fullgame

  18. Emily Hayden

    Emily Hayden6 days ago

    I love how Jay smashed the window and then walked through and opened the doors 🚪😂

  19. Princess A.

    Princess A.6 days ago

    I love how Jay added always the danganronpa "Take that" and "objection"

  20. ANGRY N3MO

    ANGRY N3MO7 days ago

    The that dude line will never fade :D

  21. ANGRY N3MO

    ANGRY N3MO7 days ago

    Jay: drives to work Also Jay: drives into the window every time

  22. francesco giacometti

    francesco giacometti7 days ago

    Love ur content jay hope u grow up in followers

  23. Kat Cave

    Kat Cave7 days ago


  24. Morris Tube

    Morris Tube7 days ago

    Jay: BRO I AM SO FREAKED OUT Casual music playing in the background Me: the fuuuuuu

  25. LP

    LP7 days ago

    I just want to say. I love how consistent you are. I know constantly uploading can take a toll. But thank you for doing it despite it.

  26. Michael Auberry

    Michael Auberry7 days ago

    Love this, I’d really love to see the whole game!

  27. Logan Davis

    Logan Davis8 days ago

    Woah is this an updated version f this game

  28. Maria Mendoza

    Maria Mendoza8 days ago

    10/10 parking Jay well done

  29. Snookumzie

    Snookumzie8 days ago

    Yo wtf wasn’t it happy humble burger barn? Or am I trippin

  30. Chyna Whitfield

    Chyna Whitfield8 days ago

    definitely want to see you play the full game!!

  31. Remingtontheskellington

    Remingtontheskellington8 days ago

    You should definitely do a full play through!

  32. Logan Mozingo

    Logan Mozingo8 days ago


  33. Nailah Heath

    Nailah Heath9 days ago

    That pork ain't poppin' though, that's for sure. 👁️👄👁️👎🏾

  34. Goth Mom

    Goth Mom9 days ago

    POV: it’s your second day at work and you’re running late. In order to not make your McDreamy boss mad at you, you drive through the window and start your shift immediately

  35. Goldy Sama

    Goldy Sama9 days ago

    bruh, why does that lowkey look delicious.

  36. Kiera Edwards

    Kiera Edwards9 days ago

    Every time he crash in front entered it's makes me laugh. 🤣


    THE 3 LEGGED HOMIE9 days ago

    "thats not right" as he crashes into his workplace

  38. I simp for a Fucking door

    I simp for a Fucking door9 days ago

    I love how most of the food in the restaurant is pork and the cow is the one trying to kill you

  39. Shoto todoroki

    Shoto todoroki9 days ago

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like nikocado avocado

  40. Phoebe Peters

    Phoebe Peters9 days ago

    I'm not the only one who says chez for cheese!!! Love you Jay you make me laugh so much 😁

  41. Anne :DD

    Anne :DD9 days ago

    13:16 you have no idea how much I replayed this part

  42. Froot

    Froot10 days ago

    16:05 did you just say basura that's a filipino language Salamat -FromPH

  43. Luluky08

    Luluky0810 days ago

    I laughed so hard i choke on my hot chocolate and my dog got worried so i told her im fine and hugged her💬

  44. Cotten candy Gacha

    Cotten candy Gacha10 days ago

    do you still play Roblox? cuz i remember the video u did With gloom

  45. ghsffsgsg

    ghsffsgsg10 days ago

    It gets me everytime when he goes to the restaurant with his car he always hits the windows and he doesn't even care lmao

  46. Simeon

    Simeon10 days ago

    did he say "everybody get WEADY" at the start XDDDDDD

  47. Jelato

    Jelato10 days ago

    as a worker from a mcdonald's kitchen i can tell you now that assembling the same burgers over and over again is just as fun in real life lol

  48. Adriana

    Adriana10 days ago

    Whoa calm down jamal dont pull out the nine

  49. Geppy !

    Geppy !11 days ago

    Woohoo ooh yeah!

  50. Melxdie

    Melxdie11 days ago

    Who’s your favorite youtuber: Kubz Scoutz Who’s your favorite person: Kubz Scoutz Who made you smile today: Kubz Scoutz Love you Jay!❤️

  51. tinyBuildGAMES

    tinyBuildGAMES11 days ago

    Don't know about you, but this game always makes me hungry.

  52. Maplecalli

    Maplecalli3 hours ago

    Oml is it really you? The angel I was searching for!?

  53. brxzy999

    brxzy999Day ago

    well hello neighbor 😏 hru

  54. PowerJolt72

    PowerJolt729 days ago

    This comment made me hungry

  55. bruhhh man

    bruhhh man10 days ago

    Yoo tiny build.

  56. Purple • Seal

    Purple • Seal11 days ago

    12:55 You can hear the genuine annoyance in his voice XD

  57. Gay peeps;3

    Gay peeps;311 days ago

    Jay you make me laugh a lot lol

  58. Marselly Reales

    Marselly Reales11 days ago

    “That’s not right” Proceeds to crash car into restaurant.

  59. Syed Zaki Husain Syed Riyad Reza

    Syed Zaki Husain Syed Riyad Reza11 days ago

    1:56 At least it doesn't matter much on Day 1 2:33 Now THAT'S podracing! (We didn't notice much people playing "food basketball.") 5:19 "Oh shit!" LITERALLY 6:12 The Happy's Humble slogan could be "5 Second Rule" 8:27 The REAL horror is the money you made along the way 11:21 Like when Han Solo cuts open the space llama in Empire Strikes Back and throws Luke inside 12:51 Phantom poos 17:02 Happy the Petty Heifer

  60. Noah

    Noah11 days ago


  61. Taylor Haddaway

    Taylor Haddaway11 days ago

    Please make more! ❤❤❤ and if you aren't feeling up to it it's okay ❤

  62. Oikawa tōru

    Oikawa tōru11 days ago

    Is it me or did jay not see a body?

  63. Julianna Colbeck

    Julianna Colbeck11 days ago

    plz do a full play through.

  64. Wind Sky

    Wind Sky11 days ago

    You always make me laugh, Jay. 😁

  65. Maura Richard

    Maura Richard11 days ago

    Jay: "The toilets backed up?!" "OH SHIT" Me: *Literally*..

  66. welby games

    welby games12 days ago

    I always have the sensation that I have to say ur intro with u and my parents in the other room r probably like wtf

  67. Aglaia Briana B. Garcia

    Aglaia Briana B. Garcia12 days ago

    Did jay just said "Basura"???

  68. Destinee Washington

    Destinee Washington12 days ago

    man... just imagine a beautiful life and a beautiful world where you can just drive to work AND SMASH THROUGH THE WINDOWS OF YOUR JOB AND NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING. and your car looks completely unharmed

  69. Deanna Norris

    Deanna Norris12 days ago

    Lmfaooooo Wait but didn’t u play this game already

  70. Radio

    Radio12 days ago


  71. DoNut StooDeeO

    DoNut StooDeeO12 days ago

    The fact he crashed into the window, broke it, and just walked in it! Lol! I can always count on Jay to make me die of laughter-

  72. Slycooper14

    Slycooper1412 days ago

    i can't get over joker saying "alright"

  73. Tahira Ahmad

    Tahira Ahmad12 days ago

    jay these orders are easy. also jay when a costumer wants a lot. damn you want my soul too

  74. TheGalaxyBunny

    TheGalaxyBunny12 days ago

    15:40 jay why the fuck is cheese everywhere.

  75. ZombieSlayer Yt

    ZombieSlayer Yt12 days ago

    To answer your irl job in a game thing its the idea that when you fuck up it isnt permanent you can always go back and change the outcome and nobody will remember what you did in the first place and people forgive you more often

  76. action kit

    action kit12 days ago

    hehehehehehe ⚫🐻⚪⬛🐻⬜

  77. ssophia

    ssophia12 days ago

    Jay later at night: has nightmares abt the cursed cow

  78. Shania Virgil

    Shania Virgil12 days ago


  79. Speedynuggets Leader

    Speedynuggets Leader12 days ago

    ngl them burgers was lookin' good... mmm

  80. samiyaa m

    samiyaa m12 days ago


  81. Meiela Espinoaa

    Meiela Espinoaa12 days ago

    Can you continue "random games"

  82. Churry Fontamillas

    Churry Fontamillas12 days ago

    Jay saying he's quiting USlikes and work in Happy Hamble whatever fast food 3:23, I'm like "Don't even talk about it Jay"

  83. Arianna Quiroz

    Arianna Quiroz12 days ago

    Did you see Dom play this?

  84. Jing Kaberks

    Jing Kaberks12 days ago

    Kubz scouts you shud try yandre school it's so romantic you shud downlaod it

  85. Liu Yangyang

    Liu Yangyang12 days ago

    I watched with full volume so when he screamed i fell down deadass 😭

  86. beet rice

    beet rice12 days ago

    I can't get over the part where Jay goes "i gotta take care of the ✨b a s u r a✨"

  87. Imma K1t

    Imma K1t12 days ago

    Heya, Jay! Can you react to r/gachalifecringe? :> You're that dude btw! Have a good day

  88. Suiteki水滴

    Suiteki水滴12 days ago

    Day 150 of telling Jay to play *"Endless Nightmare"*

  89. _.starry .cos._

    _.starry .cos._13 days ago

    *mama milker cow gets demogorganed* *rat sewer man being scarier* me: *this is fine*

  90. ꧁- Asher -꧂

    ꧁- Asher -꧂13 days ago


  91. It’s_yaGirl Lilli

    It’s_yaGirl Lilli13 days ago

    I love how Jay’s afraid of how much he’s making in game-

  92. Lyric Clayborn

    Lyric Clayborn13 days ago

    Jay: *Screams* Most of jays fans: *This is a casual thing* The people who i have introduced the channel to: (?_?) *-*?

  93. Magicat30 :3

    Magicat30 :313 days ago

    could u make more minecraft videos please i love them :3

  94. germania sosa

    germania sosa13 days ago


  95. Black Girl

    Black Girl13 days ago

    Lol, I work at a fast food restaurant and it is not that fun. Coworkers are what makes your day enjoyable.


    BOI WHAT ARE THOS13 days ago

    Nahh u dont have dreams jay u have moives lmaooo

  97. Goldenglare_thewindeater

    Goldenglare_thewindeater13 days ago

    Accurate simulator of fast food

  98. purple-cheeze_monster

    purple-cheeze_monster13 days ago

    18:22 ... i swear i jumped 2ft in the air

  99. Sadness

    Sadness13 days ago

    Me while I'm watching a horror movie: WHAT A TWISST My family hardcore judging me: .... Me: WhAt??

  100. Purple Paint Gacha

    Purple Paint Gacha13 days ago

    18:36 Reminds me of a scene in the movie it, (if you know what i mean)

  101. Jasmine Morris

    Jasmine Morris13 days ago

    Jay. u realize ppl are gonna use that clip of you panting in an edit for Try Not To Laugh right. LMAOO JAILLL

  102. Your Mom

    Your Mom13 days ago

    Im watching this during class and nobody knows yet O_O I JUST RELIZED THIS IS LIKE THE COW GAME

  103. Mrs. Infamous

    Mrs. Infamous13 days ago

    All the TAKE THAT! ‘S All the ace attorney fans 🥺🥺🥺

  104. Esper

    Esper13 days ago

    Everyone: *watches video with spare time* Me in class: