SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE | Walking Dead: Final Season (Episode 3 FULL)

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The Walking Dead is back!!! Shout out to Skybound games for bringing the game back to life so we can see the conclusion to Clementine's story!
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  1. adnaan abdirzak

    adnaan abdirzak12 hours ago

    Bro jay is the best

  2. ThunderGodz Boom

    ThunderGodz BoomDay ago

    Aj is funny

  3. Alayna

    Alayna2 days ago

    Me and my dad played this together on the ps4 and as a closeted bisexual I was so happy that there was an option for clem and vi to start dating. I was really disappointed when my dad decided for them to just be friends instead.

  4. jehan Lunca

    jehan Lunca4 days ago

    Did no torture rosie I'm goin to ruin this man wholes plan

  5. Cris Dy

    Cris Dy5 days ago

    Oh oh

  6. Cris Dy

    Cris Dy5 days ago

    Oh he is dead

  7. Insideout 104

    Insideout 1045 days ago

    Aj, cusses Jay: OOOOHHH Aj trying to get me demonetized I love it!

  8. jjsnipe slayer

    jjsnipe slayer5 days ago

    the deleted scene is that they done the dirty dance if yk what i mean

  9. Ariadna Guo

    Ariadna Guo6 days ago

    Lee-gend 😔🥺

  10. not glizzy gamer #1

    not glizzy gamer #18 days ago


  11. not glizzy gamer #1

    not glizzy gamer #18 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 at 40:36 it was a touchy moment and just look at Jay's face🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Scoutcript Maxx

    Scoutcript Maxx8 days ago

    1:36:01 look at violet. She just stops instantly when she meets the ground

  13. Maya

    Maya10 days ago

    oh no why the hot guys always have to be gay :,(

  14. wierdweeb

    wierdweeb10 days ago

    i got 24 fricin ads on this

  15. KeiraKat x

    KeiraKat x10 days ago

    Ayo I see u putting 26 ads

  16. yunokus ii

    yunokus ii10 days ago

    i like james

  17. Isaias Romero

    Isaias Romero10 days ago

    1 like = I miss Lee

  18. xeany0097563219 santiago

    xeany0097563219 santiago12 days ago

    Hi jay I love the walking dead series keep up the good work man 😁

  19. sad girl

    sad girl15 days ago

    jake : u cant kill a main person!!!!!! me:remeber lee?

  20. Winter. Frosty

    Winter. Frosty17 days ago


  21. Serenah Payton

    Serenah Payton17 days ago

    Lee always makes the situation better why did he have to die 😔😔

  22. Noah Mindel

    Noah Mindel17 days ago

    Thats my dog when I get a hug

  23. YoIm JohnLaurens

    YoIm JohnLaurens17 days ago

    Voilet Becomes Blind Louis Gets His Tongue Chopped Out Voilet Was Salty At Clem Louis Hugged Clem Straight Away l think that's what happens.

  24. Abel Hasani

    Abel Hasani18 days ago

    I feel betrayed

  25. warfire 196

    warfire 19619 days ago

    Clementine and violet are gay yea let's go yeeeeeea

  26. YTColiPlayzz

    YTColiPlayzz19 days ago

    I hate her gay :/ I have no problem with gay people but I want her to be straight and like Louis. CoryXKenshin didn't make her gay so I'm glad.

  27. Muna .K

    Muna .K19 days ago

    hold up when did zombies start breathing in water 🤦🏾‍♀️👁👃🏾👁 👅

  28. Linaqura Fozi

    Linaqura Fozi20 days ago

    The part where Clem remembered Lee got me crying

  29. -1_Oli2the Wolf4bean_3-

    -1_Oli2the Wolf4bean_3-20 days ago

    Vi: "There's something I've always wanted to try with someone I cared about. And I never have." Jay: 👀 *scoots to edge of seat* Me: 👀 *does the same* Vi: "Have you ever danced with anyone before?" Jay: "OH, XD Me: "👁👄👁 Why you gotta do me like that? 🤣

  30. Hazel Cook

    Hazel Cook21 day ago


  31. Jin Maesuk

    Jin Maesuk25 days ago

    Poor Louis i cried when he was crying 😢 😭

  32. Chester Eugene Giducos

    Chester Eugene Giducos25 days ago

    I think im crying inside at that man

  33. Chester Eugene Giducos

    Chester Eugene Giducos25 days ago

    I feel bad for the man bcuz I dont wanna hurt old people XD

  34. Pre-game Shuichi [Female]

    Pre-game Shuichi [Female]26 days ago

    Rosie be like: Where the fuck is everyone, they better not be dead

  35. Monica Terry

    Monica Terry26 days ago


  36. Dennis Lopez

    Dennis Lopez26 days ago

    Louis actually has a crush on clem if jay put Louis he would now that louis has a crush on him

  37. Chicken Mc flurry

    Chicken Mc flurry28 days ago

    Why so many adds???

  38. ——Duh-It’s-the-krew-fam—

    ——Duh-It’s-the-krew-fam—28 days ago

    1:04:47 ..... what does that mean...? 😂

  39. ——Duh-It’s-the-krew-fam—

    ——Duh-It’s-the-krew-fam—28 days ago

    “That’s never gunna happen, clem’s never gunna get bit”...

  40. bluestar warriors

    bluestar warriors28 days ago

    4:43 jay:*slowly grabs mini gun with wide smirk*

  41. yuhao liang

    yuhao liangMonth ago

    Bruh I don’t remember seeing Violet’s finger got cut off years ago. Jay I think there can be a better choices

  42. Златка Бозукова

    Златка БозуковаMonth ago

    wow, i really cried when i saw Lee...

  43. Melissa Takach

    Melissa TakachMonth ago

    You know what I just realized in season 2 jay let Kenny stab Jane and she was stabbed in the chest there’s a walker Jane out there

  44. Moises Sandoval

    Moises SandovalMonth ago

    Makes me cry almost

  45. Grayson

    GraysonMonth ago

    When vi kept to sing: woahh vi dont pull out the nine

  46. Grayson

    GraysonMonth ago

    AJ boping to the jazz: me realizing those are the same moves i make 😅👁👄👁

  47. Keagan Burnett

    Keagan BurnettMonth ago

    I miss lee and kenny

  48. Lovina IsHere

    Lovina IsHereMonth ago




    Shut up Baboon Noooooooooobies Bewbies

  50. Imitsuki Iri

    Imitsuki IriMonth ago

    Ohh here we go again... Why!!?

  51. Imitsuki Iri

    Imitsuki IriMonth ago

    I knew you should Help Louise At the first😂

  52. Imitsuki Iri

    Imitsuki IriMonth ago

    Jay said This wasn't torture.... Me Start Hatingg Jay a Little😢

  53. Imitsuki Iri

    Imitsuki IriMonth ago

    Heree It me againn!... Now You make Clementine Sadistic 🤣....

  54. Rxven. Zzz

    Rxven. ZzzMonth ago

    I am so sad Louis wasn’t in this as much as I thought he would be. I’m a simp for Louis but since Jay likes Violet then violet is the one who Clem stays with. Edit: OMG LOUIS NOOO I’m crying 😭😭

  55. Akram Khan

    Akram KhanMonth ago

    Looking at how Lee saw how clem grow up actually made me cry like Lee never saw how brave beautiful and strong Clementine has become. It's just so beautiful...

  56. 【•Stari Mochii•】

    【•Stari Mochii•】Month ago

    Nobody: Me: coming back to all the clem x vi so I can make a edit for them😍

  57. Bluesea Turtl

    Bluesea TurtlMonth ago

    L e e

  58. Karlia Garconvil

    Karlia GarconvilMonth ago

    I feel bad for losis

  59. Karlia Garconvil

    Karlia GarconvilMonth ago

    By Kyrie

  60. Mason Ruple

    Mason RupleMonth ago

    You like jazz hands😹😹😹😹

  61. ༺B L O O D༻

    ༺B L O O D༻Month ago

    54:27 did yall see Clem was kinda looking at the camera a bit. not directly, but in the camera

  62. Drappel

    DrappelMonth ago

    James is lowkey cute, and jay I’m lovin this series man

  63. monkeyyaya 7

    monkeyyaya 7Month ago

    If you would have saved louis violet would have got her eyes burned to where she cant see.

  64. Dan The Dude

    Dan The DudeMonth ago

    In this episode you can really see what impact lee caused on clementine and im sad he had to die

  65. Clemntine 1

    Clemntine 1Month ago

    How do you think I will die

  66. SpecialK07

    SpecialK07Month ago

    Vi:don’t be afraid know,hit him if u have to. Jay:ehheheeeeeee 🤜🏼 🤚🏼 🤜🏼🤚🏼 ye know what I’m sayinnnnn😏??

  67. Ralph Nardi

    Ralph NardiMonth ago

    54:29 *just admit… you knew*

  68. AkaliA Ø

    AkaliA ØMonth ago

    Jay's "wtf?" face expression in this video when uh.. half way through the video was priceless. lol excellent.

  69. Warpenguin55

    Warpenguin55Month ago

    Lets start a chant for Lilly guys You-De-Serve-It

  70. Warpenguin55

    Warpenguin55Month ago

    I forgot about Larry. What a POS

  71. James Stewart

    James StewartMonth ago

    The twdtook myname

  72. Gamer dude 123

    Gamer dude 123Month ago

    31:14 looks like lee zombie!

  73. Andres Axis

    Andres AxisMonth ago

    Kubz scouts: kiss AJ: Ummmm...........

  74. Ice Tea With Boba

    Ice Tea With BobaMonth ago

    SPOILERS ok I like vi and all but I like louis more because even when you don't save him he's happy to see you. And you can tell that he really loves clem even after getting his tounge cut off. Vi on the other hand, she is super mad when you go save her, one of her eye gets a lil messed up but it's not as bad as getting your tounge cut off. Vi is cool but yeah-

  75. ranran_edits

    ranran_editsMonth ago

    *When Walkers Get Covid 19*

  76. Daninator

    DaninatorMonth ago

    3:09 oh wait your a dude HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  77. Jon Jackson

    Jon JacksonMonth ago

    No Lee. Why did they have to show this they no we miss LEE?😤😫😭😭😭😭😭 . Why Lee was a father to clem.

  78. emilychan1

    emilychan1Month ago

    1:40:19 jay: thats horrible 1:40:28 jay 2 seconds later: 👁👅👁

  79. Polo Almeda jr

    Polo Almeda jrMonth ago

    ho is the priteis in the waiking dead

  80. TrinBros Gaming

    TrinBros GamingMonth ago

    Lee has a good voice😊😊😊

  81. Quinn Iasona

    Quinn IasonaMonth ago

    There isn’t another game that makes me feel this way like damn😢

  82. Mr. GliTch

    Mr. GliTchMonth ago

    Wait, this is a kubz scouts video? I thought it was a morgz video!

  83. Bryanna Janelle Cruz

    Bryanna Janelle CruzMonth ago

    Abel: *coughs many times* Me: CORONAAAAAA WEAR DA MASK ABEL

  84. Vr Gamer27

    Vr Gamer27Month ago

    Jay did you know jane dies when she found out that she was pregnant then hang her self then you see Jane a walker when clem is holding aj as a baby.

  85. MidniightMuffin

    MidniightMuffinMonth ago

    Bruh, that was last season.

  86. nell bell

    nell bellMonth ago

    Past lily : I'll take care of clem present lily :die clem

  87. Ustroi Curechi

    Ustroi CurechiMonth ago

    Yea but AJ is the smallest kid out of the kids that are at that school so that means that he's the dumbest.

  88. Shadow

    ShadowMonth ago

    I like this series but why the fuck are there so many ads... like bro why i need someone to tell me why so many ads are here

  89. Versed art

    Versed artMonth ago

    Aj: keeps shooting Me: What a waste of a Ammo

  90. Edgy Eggplant

    Edgy EggplantMonth ago

    I realized Jay doesn’t have that much hdeath

  91. Sunflower City

    Sunflower CityMonth ago

    Sorry I’m really late but Did the graphics get better?🧟‍♀️

  92. Stella the rat

    Stella the rat2 months ago

    He's face when u touched the wind chimes (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  93. Carlos Green

    Carlos Green2 months ago

    You are weird why would you do that in front of AJ 🤢🤮

  94. MidniightMuffin

    MidniightMuffinMonth ago

    Do what?

  95. Caylee Clark

    Caylee Clark2 months ago

    AJ is a savage when he shot lily and threatend her

  96. 李欣怡

    李欣怡2 months ago

    if someone cut my friend ton I will cut them ton and get them in the toilet

  97. Gothic Loli

    Gothic Loli2 months ago

    This was a year ago? Whattttttt

  98. radrock

    radrock2 months ago

    1:52:56 look how mad Clem is she is angry

  99. Khirtz Gaming YT

    Khirtz Gaming YT2 months ago

    I was pissed that Jay didn't pick for AJ to take the risk, like it will change, yes AJ would get hurt but Violet won't lose a finger

  100. Saucy Whipp

    Saucy Whipp2 months ago

    Everything was fun until we brought up lee-

  101. Gray

    Gray2 months ago

    If you would have saved Louis then nothing bad would have happened to Violet.

  102. Gray

    Gray2 months ago

    So I'm going through the comments and I will kill whoever hurt Louis. I will do what Kenny did to Carver to them

  103. XxSMGxX

    XxSMGxX2 months ago


  104. Lee B

    Lee B2 months ago

    "That was kindergarten torture " Flashback:let a dog bit his leg,slammed his head 😑