Friday Night Funkin' with Jay from the Kubz Scouts! In this episode, we check out 3 dope FNF mods with the mom & dad, a cool Undertale mod & a freaking BANGER track from a C-side remix of week 4..check out the mods below and leave a LIKE for more!
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  1. Mirza Duarte

    Mirza Duarte11 minutes ago

    Hey Jay you know Mettaton(that pink robot girl) is actually a guy lmao

  2. John King

    John King12 hours ago

    I love the mettaton EX mod it fits both mettaton and this game

  3. Virtues

    VirtuesDay ago

    I look like the gf irl minus the long hair and thiccness but the rest is the same, also i was moving my head like the gf



    play friday night funkin miku mod

  5. Zeta kous-

    Zeta kous-4 days ago

    At C remix I was banging my head at the air so hard my neck started to hurt-

  6. TheWR456

    TheWR4562 days ago

    Lmao, same

  7. FearEyes07

    FearEyes074 days ago

    Did he said "thoter

  8. TheWR456

    TheWR4562 days ago

    I think so. Lmao

  9. Okay but what if I just have you lol

    Okay but what if I just have you lol5 days ago

    Jay: that's it baby girl Literally everyone: well you see-

  10. Leeuwen Kyle Nacua

    Leeuwen Kyle Nacua5 days ago

    they even added mettaton, god damnnnnnn

  11. Happy Flowerdemon

    Happy Flowerdemon6 days ago

    Mettaton Easter Egg 4:45

  12. Gaming Pikaciu

    Gaming Pikaciu7 days ago

    in the undertale mod, the mod is made for the first song on normal.The rest is not modded. Read More

  13. Anime. Addicted

    Anime. Addicted7 days ago

    “his beep boop bops hit different. he built different.” - jay 2021

  14. Mezzoto

    Mezzoto8 days ago

    bro why does the death by glamour one feel so offbeat

  15. neah le boss

    neah le boss8 days ago

    Jay: "baby girl" Me: UM ABOUT THAT

  16. Naromie Boucicaut

    Naromie Boucicaut9 days ago

    Moms head be like:⬆↗➡↘⬇↙↙⬇➡⬇↘➡➡↘⬇↗↗➡⬇↗

  17. XxNancy _ HeartxX

    XxNancy _ HeartxX10 days ago

    "She is a thot, but her mom is a thotter" Quoted by - Jay (From The Kubz Scouts) Aka. THAT DUDE also is no one going to talk ab our gf dads ball hairs are sticking out

  18. LunaNights

    LunaNights10 days ago

    You did the mettaton mod wrong. You probably put it to hard. I'm assuming the mettaton one had only one difficulty note chart. So you probably needed to put it to normal.

  19. ghezal

    ghezal12 days ago


  20. I_ rk

    I_ rk13 days ago

    Mettaton is a guy-

  21. Kev_3lite#6501

    Kev_3lite#650113 days ago

    since jay aint playing danganronpa no more he should play undertale

  22. Glitched_Out_ xX

    Glitched_Out_ xX13 days ago

    m e t t a t o n i s a g u y

  23. •Omori • Sunny •

    •Omori • Sunny •13 days ago

    Ngl bf looks better with dark brown hair

  24. Nashtin

    Nashtin14 days ago

    4:37 why tf is metaton from undertale here??

  25. Nataly Zuniga

    Nataly Zuniga14 days ago

    okay but an undyne would be sick

  26. BeryyLemonada

    BeryyLemonada15 days ago

    why does jay unironically have bars tho-

  27. Yuki Aishito

    Yuki Aishito15 days ago

    jay: *misses one note* JAY CANNOT HIT ANY OF THESE NOTES GOD HE SUCKS me: good sir it's one note it's alright you mastered all of them anyway, chill

  28. Yuki Aishito

    Yuki Aishito15 days ago

    4:36 whoever made this mod wasn't even creative- they just took an undertale song and changed the mom to metatons second form smh

  29. mr nour17

    mr nour1716 days ago

    5:10 u have to play undertale

  30. mr nour17

    mr nour1716 days ago

    5:13 mettaton : OH YES

  31. mr nour17

    mr nour1716 days ago

    From undertale hohoho

  32. Josh Momoh

    Josh Momoh16 days ago

    Your nuts Justin

  33. Mantaro Sashimasu

    Mantaro Sashimasu16 days ago

    METTATON IS A BOY! When will people respect that he can be fabulous and a guy :(

  34. Batabii

    Batabii17 days ago

    Isn't the first one just week 5?

  35. Ap Playz Gun Games

    Ap Playz Gun Games17 days ago

    It was a mod but then it became official

  36. KD3 The Drawing Gamer

    KD3 The Drawing Gamer17 days ago


  37. justin lavoie

    justin lavoie18 days ago

    Bf When he lose:| (• ◡•)|(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  38. Cool Man

    Cool Man18 days ago

    I never thought the mom’s song could get cooler


    THAT JUICY BOI18 days ago

    when i saw metatton i couldnt help but smile

  40. Galaxy 54

    Galaxy 5418 days ago

    Why does it slap so hard c side slaps

  41. Jenny Wang

    Jenny Wang19 days ago

    Mettaton from undertale

  42. ProxGamer Plays

    ProxGamer Plays19 days ago

    Week 4 for B sides is out, we need content

  43. Widowsaint

    Widowsaint19 days ago

    Hearing Jay say my state Mississippi hits kinda different ❤️

  44. Tomas Pabalan

    Tomas Pabalan19 days ago

    oh no is oky

  45. Shadow_Wolf 124

    Shadow_Wolf 12420 days ago

    Did anyone clapped their hands to the rythmn? No?

  46. Spade691

    Spade69120 days ago

    That Metta ton mod doesn't work on hard its supposed to be the Metta ton theme song

  47. Emma Laura

    Emma Laura20 days ago

    The c side is high key the best side

  48. ¿crep'eirę

    ¿crep'eirę21 day ago

    instead of saying u trynna get ha parents u should of said "buh im trynna get ha panties wet" sounds more jay-ish

  49. 69memes

    69memes21 day ago

    Eventually this will become a series in this channel like 60 seconds like holy shit that was a long series

  50. Zombies Killer

    Zombies Killer21 day ago

    Jay that kill is from undertale and it's not though it's a boy sorry

  51. Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel21 day ago

    ooooooooh c Side is bumbin

  52. yssa

    yssa21 day ago


  53. •XxBad_girlxX•

    •XxBad_girlxX•21 day ago

    Since when he's girlfriend is sleeping in her bed room and her boyfriend and her parents are having a singing battle and she was so annoyed and couldn't sleep at all and like imagine that

  54. Fragile _

    Fragile _21 day ago

    Me: trying to yawn without laughing at 1 am Jay: Jumping jacks jumping jacks just like that touch your tongue touch the the sky-

  55. BarxiiMist

    BarxiiMist22 days ago

    On the mettaton mod, they haven't made the notes on beat on hard so you have to play on normal

  56. Ordinary Me

    Ordinary Me22 days ago

    5:40 Jay be talking to his another personality like

  57. lee futter

    lee futter22 days ago


  58. Splosh

    Splosh22 days ago

    Mee: Sees Mettaton Take my money

  59. Ashley's Time

    Ashley's Time22 days ago

    Anyone notices that when Jay messes up on a note the girlfriend cry she looks exactly like this 😭

  60. Zukuto // U.C. Productions

    Zukuto // U.C. Productions22 days ago

    does he know that mettaton is a boy...?


    ET3RNAL BL1SS22 days ago

    Jay: Sing it baby girl! Me: *Sir, that is not a female..*


    TJose TEDDYJOSE22 days ago

    If people actually did this they would have a good relationship.

  63. Mitali Todi

    Mitali Todi23 days ago

    damn jay never gonna get over cube scouts like fr he mentions it every video

  64. Scorpion

    Scorpion23 days ago

    Do Hell Beat Doubt you can do hell mode

  65. 3 Gueros Celulares

    3 Gueros Celulares23 days ago


  66. Elijah Smith

    Elijah Smith23 days ago

    "I can get a perfect" *me calling cap before he can say it*


    LCYT LILUN23 days ago

    Yo jay! Make a music video!

  68. Cheung Mandy

    Cheung Mandy23 days ago

    I am Chloe

  69. Cheung Mandy

    Cheung Mandy23 days ago

    Week 5 is a good day I will check with

  70. inked ! bunny

    inked ! bunny23 days ago

    Oh my God metteton is there😂😂😂👌🏼👁👄👁

  71. Jazmin Bone

    Jazmin Bone24 days ago

    Bruh I love the moms song the freak they better make an actual song or whatever Bc IMMA HEAR THAT SHI 24/7 😩😍

  72. Daniel Rolfe

    Daniel Rolfe24 days ago

    Music numbers in music on not correct you need to do the actual mode

  73. John Jeczalik

    John Jeczalik24 days ago

    This is whole franchise will probably become a four album set. That’s how much vinyl it’ll take up. Or like two cassette tapes or CDs.

  74. Dante

    Dante24 days ago

    Jay hoppin in on the rap train?

  75. Pick no please

    Pick no please24 days ago

    Wait was i the only one who heard the random ''Ok'' ???

  76. Anthony Watson

    Anthony Watson25 days ago

    Oh I'm kinda

  77. Anthony Watson

    Anthony Watson25 days ago

    I'm from the future and week 5 is the same thing

  78. Kimesha Hamilton C.P.

    Kimesha Hamilton C.P.25 days ago

    When you realize you thought Megatron was a guy-

  79. Absolute Inksanity

    Absolute Inksanity21 day ago

    What does Megatron have to do with this video?

  80. sad me

    sad me25 days ago

    Can someone tell me how to download the Mettaton Mod?

  81. James Driscoll [Student]

    James Driscoll [Student]25 days ago

    First mod was week 5

  82. Ellie -

    Ellie -25 days ago

    THE METTATON MODE GAVE ME NOSTALGIC FEELS AAA Been a while since i saw someone from undertaleee

  83. Kaliyah B

    Kaliyah B25 days ago

    When ur friends with cory and u try to rap like him cuz his rapping skills r on point

  84. abdullokh karimov

    abdullokh karimov26 days ago

    Postboyfriend malone

  85. HugoYT_XD Lozano

    HugoYT_XD Lozano26 days ago


  86. HugoYT_XD Lozano

    HugoYT_XD Lozano26 days ago

    METTATON WTF ARE YOU DOING IN THIS GAME you are of Undertale :v Papyrus X Mettaton :)

  87. Luxey

    Luxey26 days ago

    10:44 when she’s still sucking

  88. Little Palmer

    Little Palmer26 days ago

    Mettaton is that you?

  89. Chubbyknoob

    Chubbyknoob26 days ago

    This might be the 20th time I’ve said this but the soundtrack for this game is 👌

  90. Chubbyknoob

    Chubbyknoob26 days ago

    Guys can we make it official that Jay is a professional singer. He’s high notes are 👌 whether he’s getting jump scared or singing, they’re so perfecto

  91. The Latiator

    The Latiator27 days ago


  92. LEQI LI

    LEQI LI27 days ago

    Is that metaton from undertale

  93. ·sleepy king·

    ·sleepy king·27 days ago

    "Fabulous Darling~"

  94. Lyric K

    Lyric K27 days ago

    Babygirl...well I mean mettaton gives obvi bottom vibes...

  95. Jonathan Gomez

    Jonathan Gomez28 days ago

    Hey jake kubs hey I pro but your better then me

  96. corpseandsykkuno •simp

    corpseandsykkuno •simp28 days ago

    YAS ✨mettaton✨

  97. Maxximus62

    Maxximus6228 days ago

    Lmao i laughed when jay said cmon baby girl

  98. Junko Freaking Mastershima

    Junko Freaking Mastershima28 days ago

    I'm here listening and vibing to jay playing with me eyes closed, then I hear a certain song and legit scream: "Is. That. Mettaton?"

  99. Cat Mc Maniac

    Cat Mc Maniac28 days ago

    " I Know She's Got A Daughter Ah But Lokey Her Mom Is Kinda Hotter" That Is Pure Free style RAP

  100. Cleary

    Cleary28 days ago

    5:46 (plays mod on the wrong difficulty)

  101. K for Life

    K for Life29 days ago

    I wanna see a collab with Cory That Dude C side collab with Cory

  102. Ella_Tian

    Ella_Tian29 days ago

    I wish they made a battle with the girlfriend

  103. Just your average Persona fan

    Just your average Persona fan29 days ago

    Jay calling Mettaton baby girl has the same kinda energy as Berleezy’s “she kinda bad tho... is that Frost?”

  104. Trill eli el artista

    Trill eli el artista29 days ago

    C side remix

  105. Maleah Harper

    Maleah Harper29 days ago

    That rap at the beginning though👀