Yandere Simulator's latest update allows you to whoop Osana's stalker's cheeks as well as listen in on an interesting conversation the mom & dad are having in another room...also we can now use a phone jammer so nobody can make calls outside of Akademi as well as go invisible?! Leave a LIKE for more!
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  1. TheJoker2607

    TheJoker26073 hours ago

    Where did you find Yandere simulator


    SHYLA GRAY-TRAIMANY7 hours ago

    I always wanted ere to be a fake reaction thing because if yanchan dosent react to a dead body of course they gonna be like “yo who the hell is this crazy psycho.”

  3. impoor_please donate

    impoor_please donate11 hours ago

    Actually, I was wondering if we killed raibaru. Would we be able to do the budo's task? Question marks?

  4. Kuroro -___-

    Kuroro -___-11 hours ago

    JAY I HAVE A MYTH(yeh im super duper late but plz see this) 1-kill someone 2-dispose of his/her corpse and the weapon (burry or incinerate it) 3-keep your bloody clothes on yourself 4- get caught by one of the student council 5- normally she will sent you in the guidance counselor Will the guidance counselor will notice that you have bloody clothes? Will you be expelled or arrested(even doe u dispose of the corpse? Will your clothes still be bloody in the guidance counselor room? Yeh i have too many question plz try it out😆btw YOUR THAT DUDE

  5. ¿Mïchâēl Âftøn?

    ¿Mïchâēl Âftøn?13 hours ago

    If you are making a myth video, I have a myth! 1. Wait till it's Friday. 2. Kill some people ( 4 to 5 people ) 3. Don't dispose then in the incinerator, place them under the Sakura Blossom Tree. Will Taro Yamada ( Senpai ) come to Osana or will Senpai run away?

  6. Frandi Hardjo

    Frandi Hardjo21 hour ago

    Jay i have something 1. Wait until thursday 2. Get osana wet 3. Steal her phone 4. Wait until she sleeps Will osana sleep with her phone or just not sleep

  7. Gina A Valenzuela

    Gina A ValenzuelaDay ago

    Lol the parents were muffling so much the subtitles couldn't even read what they were saying

  8. Gina A Valenzuela

    Gina A ValenzuelaDay ago

    Wait a minute I just thought of something. If nobody can see it was u that killed a student because ur invisible, then if u kill Osana in front of Raibaru, then will she run away and cry like a normal student or will she be a freak that can see ghosts and apprehend you.

  9. Lazy_Sam

    Lazy_SamDay ago

    I think the husband is cheating cause "i heard i wasnt at home cause i was busy" but thats my opinion

  10. May Nature

    May NatureDay ago

    Can u make the bullies bully one of the member plssss kubz I luv u do it plssssss

  11. Suechung Koh

    Suechung KohDay ago

    Hey Jay, I got a question 1. Change into the fast panties 2. Kill anyone with any weapon 3. Turn into the start wars easter egg 4. Go to the deliquents and drop the body when they notice you. Question: Can you outrun them?

  12. Yer Friend

    Yer Friend2 days ago

    When you kill your friend in COD 6:05


    PREDATOR ALPHA2 days ago

    1:54 - What is the name of that sick beat?!? I want to add that to my playlist!! 🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎👌👌🎶🎶👉💯👈

  14. Trina Liotti

    Trina Liotti2 days ago

    Strawberry thieves drum set in the music club older video

  15. Daxon X

    Daxon X2 days ago

    Your THAT DUDE who stole my bag of takis

  16. Lucki Blitz

    Lucki Blitz2 days ago

    I have a question, if you murder someone and change your sanity to 0%, scrap all of the evidence (except your sanity) end the day, will the police question why you look insane?

  17. Olive Ollie

    Olive Ollie2 days ago

    I know I’m late but the wife was voiced by Michaela laws

  18. RAD DUDE

    RAD DUDE2 days ago

    Can u tell a student to distract info chan???Btw YOUR THAT DUDE

  19. Viona Wakonyo Gitonga

    Viona Wakonyo Gitonga2 days ago

    jay i got a challenge serve acto dogs in ebola mode in a big big crowd

  20. JEREMY with in you

    JEREMY with in you2 days ago

    Hay jay I have one for you try to go in the wand and we’re that and go to the stocor to the boy and see what’s he reaction :3

  21. Taeqihua

    Taeqihua2 days ago

    Hey Jay I have a myth! If you manage to kill senpapi (possibly use life note or another easter egg) will osana react like she does to raibaru?

  22. Jahvarez Williams

    Jahvarez Williams2 days ago

    He said why would you eat this is your fault why did you be a perfect role model for your son maybe he wouldn't be like this and the dad said what what what do you think I'll quit my job and come here in a mom said yes are the ninjas go on and on

  23. Anastasia Does Stuff

    Anastasia Does Stuff2 days ago

    Here are some words I made out : “You’re freaking out about ONE MISTAKE I made!” “This is all because of you, you know! This is all your fault!” “MY fault?! How is this MY fault?! (Things I can’t make out)” “This is important! You never helped me raise him!” “I couldn’t help raise him because I was busy! ______________ you’re the one who was in charge of ___________!”

  24. lily saye

    lily saye3 days ago

    the mom is (i think) the voice actor of yan-Chan aka miclaela law

  25. Elli R.

    Elli R.3 days ago

    Hey Jay, I found something interesting: If you check the Senpai Shrine in Ayano's room its now empty! If you check Senpai's desk on Monday during lunch time you will find the "chewed pencil". Can you find all the other items ?

  26. mochii '

    mochii '3 days ago

    Hey Jay! Do you still do myths? If yes I got a question. Will the student councils pepper spray you when your carrying a weapon with a mask? Do they pepper spray even if you have a mask on?

  27. BenjiMan BOOIII

    BenjiMan BOOIII3 days ago

    The argument says:”You never take responsibilities to your mistakes.” “what my mistakes your the one always staying up name one mistake I made.” “well your never a good role model.” “what am I supposed to quit my job and stay home being a role model.”/and I forgot the other but that’s most of the argument

  28. Enzie Alexander

    Enzie Alexander3 days ago

    You should do the elimination where Yan-Chan ties a weight to Osana and drowns her in the pool

  29. Noob Bloxy

    Noob Bloxy3 days ago

    If this is possible, can you please try to kidnap 2 people and make them both mind slaves, then if you can bring them both to school, then the final step or myth just so I can see. Can 1 of the mind slave attack the other?

  30. fun fun funny

    fun fun funny3 days ago

    I have a myth 1.Go to big hands mode 2.summon the demon hands Will the demon hand be big Plz pick me I'm a big big fan

  31. Swappyshift Zero

    Swappyshift Zero3 days ago

    Hey Jay? I came up with a challenge. Can you do the ABC challenge but by their last names? Plz try this challenge?

  32. HorrorGirl 303

    HorrorGirl 3033 days ago

    Hey jay i got one (i know this is my second comment but i got excited when i found it-) 1: Load up a new game with cheats on 2: turn on life note 3: before picking up the book make sure your strength is all the way up 4: Now go onto life note and click osana and set her to burn to death at 7:00am And this activates a dead alive glitch for osana

  33. _Mafuyu. Sato_

    _Mafuyu. Sato_3 days ago

    I got a question: What happens if you gossip about senpapi chulo then end his lifeu in cirno mode?does he come to school or not?

  34. Bleh Bleher

    Bleh Bleher3 days ago

    Can anybody tell me how you pause time? I want to pause time to use pose mode, but i cant figure out how to do it.

  35. SweetCasey

    SweetCasey4 days ago

    Bro, I might sound like a boomer but im desprete, I had only one thing on my Christmas list and it was this game, my mom searched it up and said that it wasn't fully developed and had bugs that could contain viruses on my computer, so uh... is there any way to like.. get the game and it not damaging my computer and my life?

  36. Jadeinnit

    Jadeinnit4 days ago

    muffled convo ( i think): Mom: "Nothing is ever your fault, isn't it? You never take responsibility for YOUR own mistakes!" Dad: "What mistake? I haven't done anything wrong! You're the one who's constantly screwing up! Name one mistake I've made." Mom: "Aren't you even listening!? I've been trying to tell you that you're never home! You let OUR son grow up the way he did! He came out this way because of YOU, you know! This is all your fault!" Dad: "My fault? How is it my fault? How am I supposed to have any influence on him when I'm at work all day long!?" Mom: "That's the problem! You were never home to help me raise him!" Dad: "I wasn't home because I was busy getting the money to pay for ...(not quite sure what he says here)... I have to live in! You're the one who was left in charge of raising the children!" Mom: "That's a job for two people, not one! He turned out this way because he never had a positive male role model in his life!" Dad: "Oh, what was I supposed to do? Quit my job and stay home all day long being a 'role model?' Then where would we get the money to put food on the table, huh? This is why we have so many problems, you never think before you SPEAK!" Mom: "Don't do that again. You always say that everything is my fault! Nothing is ever your fault, isn't it? You never take responsibility for YOUR own mistakes!" (Repeats

  37. uhhhHh

    uhhhHh4 days ago

    yandere is kinda dead xdddd

  38. genesis funes

    genesis funes4 days ago

    I got one gobio the caunser then put bold

  39. PastelCat

    PastelCat4 days ago

    Hey Jay if you get into the app which mode push a girl off the edge and freeze time will she still fall?

  40. Kerrigan Carter

    Kerrigan Carter4 days ago

    it kinda sounds like he is cheating

  41. Să ne jucăm cu Matei

    Să ne jucăm cu Matei4 days ago

    Knifu that ends lifeus is the best line

  42. Bübbłēš Hēærtz

    Bübbłēš Hēærtz4 days ago

    Yan-chan: “dancing” me: “REEEEEEEEEEEE

  43. ꧁your melody꧂

    ꧁your melody꧂4 days ago

    Hey jay idk if you can see this but here's a myth I've been thinking off 1: kidnap all the bullys (just make them broken not a mindslave) 2: Make a student have a low reputation and ready for bullying 3: Will they still bully them? Or they will they just sit and don't do anything

  44. Karolína Jelínková

    Karolína Jelínková4 days ago

    Jay this isn't myth but question how fast will you be if you take those panties what will make you fast and join the sport club?

  45. Elise

    Elise4 days ago

    The parents are talking about the girl's brother who's obsessed with anime. The mother is yelling at him for not listening and not being there for his son.

  46. im not james Charles im charlesgaming basco

    im not james Charles im charlesgaming basco5 days ago

    Hey jay i got

  47. Doris Cruz

    Doris Cruz5 days ago

    Shit I can hear what there saying the parents sound like it’s divorce time

  48. LongLost is an o.c.

    LongLost is an o.c.5 days ago

    Hey Jay, remember when you would spawn Osana in before she was in the game? Is it possible to do the same with Amai?

  49. Samantha Pritchard

    Samantha Pritchard5 days ago

    I love how he says knifu lol

  50. allen tamayo

    allen tamayo5 days ago

    Jay i have a little myth that might work or maybe not but here are the instructions 1.kill any club member for example gaming club member 2.join the gaming club 3.end the day When a club member dies the club disbands due to lack of members but if the club member you killed was in the club you joined will it still disband or not

  51. SenpaiLazeyRosey

    SenpaiLazeyRosey5 days ago

    Hey, jay I'm unsure if you've done this myth already but, What would happen if you lower one student's reputation down to -50 and all of the bullies reputations down to -101 will there still be things written on the -50 students desk or not and will they be sad and lonely or will they act the exact same. Also, I wonder what would happen if you made everyone's reputation down to -101 will there be nobody at school (do it to senpai to)

  52. Helparoo

    Helparoo5 days ago

    Better be damned scared that cat ain’t making no noise, must be dead

  53. Armani YourBoy

    Armani YourBoy6 days ago

    Bruh Jay that's kind of depressing 1:19

  54. lylat boi

    lylat boi6 days ago

    Payday but with yandere simulator

  55. Azriel Jenkins

    Azriel Jenkins6 days ago

    Him: this music make me wanna bLah BlaH Me:this music makes me wanna watch kubz scouts.

  56. W0lf13 B01

    W0lf13 B016 days ago

    I have a question tho-- If you kill someone using a weapon (with the gloves on to hide your fingerprints) And leave the bloody weapon AND the corpse there, will the cops be able to Identify the bloody weapon, not find it, or make it clear that they can't find fingerprints?

  57. izbalela bish

    izbalela bish6 days ago

    Jay i have a myth(or whatever): if u tell someone to distract themselves do they do it or is there a dialogue like "oh thats me!" Or "haha ur talking to them right now!" ?

  58. Camryn Hudson

    Camryn Hudson6 days ago

    Here’s a myth: 1. Go in another mod where you not playing as Ayano 2. Kill someone in front of Ayano Will she be scared like the other students or will she have an evil personality Btw your THAT DUDE!

  59. Gacha Tomya

    Gacha Tomya6 days ago

    The parents sound like the adults in Charlie brown

  60. soup

    soup6 days ago

    i havent watched any yan sim vids in a hottt minute im so confused as to whats going on 😭😭

  61. Megan Bastable

    Megan Bastable6 days ago

    wife: that's the problem you never take responsibility for your mistakes. husband: what mistakes I haven't done anything wrong .you're the one that's constantly screwing up, name one mistake I've made. wife: were you even listening? I've been trying to tell you this entire time, you let our son come out the way he did. he turned out this way because of you, you know. It's all your fault husband: My fault? how is it my fault? how could I have done anything when I'm at work all day long wife: that's the problem you were never home to help me raise him husband: I was never home because I was busy making the money to pay for those dump of a house we live in. you were the one who was supposed to raise the children. wife: that's a job for two people, not one, he turned out this way because he had no positive male role model in his life husband: oh what was I supposed to do, quit my job and stay home all day being a role model? how would we get the money to put food on our table huh? this is why we have so many problems, you never think before you speak wife: there you go again, you always say everything is my fault, ( repeats the conversation) ps. these two seem kinda toxic

  62. Ras Aeron Raymundo

    Ras Aeron Raymundo6 days ago


  63. Marichu Mutuc

    Marichu Mutuc6 days ago


  64. Potato and rotato

    Potato and rotato6 days ago

    Oh hey, a youtuber that said something about Singapore!

  65. The need For cronch

    The need For cronch6 days ago

    5:03 divorce type beat

  66. Redstone Gaming!

    Redstone Gaming!6 days ago

    “Let’s get the Knifu that ends Lifu’s..”

  67. Michael Klatt

    Michael Klatt7 days ago

    "This song is sexy as hell" Me: X for agree

  68. Bo Zhao

    Bo Zhao7 days ago

    hey jay i have one 1:get mine slave 2:show a teacher to see a dead body 3:give the mine slave the wepon there will be a glitch

  69. Kurtney lasala channel

    Kurtney lasala channel7 days ago

    Jay I got one sorry it's about senpai 1. Picture senpai 2.check out senpais details 3.try kill senpai 4.skip day 5.look at senpais details Now lets see if you love it....

  70. Imnotasleep UwU

    Imnotasleep UwU7 days ago

    They are talking about that shitty ass stalker

  71. Shaun the Sheep

    Shaun the Sheep7 days ago

    he said the music made him sweat like a hoe in church.....

  72. Alfie Matthews

    Alfie Matthews7 days ago

    I got a myth for ya.1.get the jojo egg 2. go to the pool party then jump off the thing and u will be floating with stand on.Ty if u did this

  73. kitty_ chi

    kitty_ chi7 days ago

    Hey Jay i got one Sense you could only used to kidnap one student BUT sense there are more than one chair in the basement now is it posible to kidnap more than one student

  74. Starliight

    Starliight7 days ago

    If you matchmake Osana with the guy and then turn her into a mindslave will she walk up the school with him, or will she spawn as a mind slave?

  75. Whitey_ Sky’s

    Whitey_ Sky’s7 days ago

    6:05 man So halerious Lol

  76. nya Brickey

    nya Brickey7 days ago

    "" because that beat was so filthy that.made me sweat harder than a hoe in church "' Jay-

  77. puR卩uR

    puR卩uR7 days ago

    All I heard in the conversation was “one”

  78. punkrockgal

    punkrockgal8 days ago

    random question, if you set someone on fire, and then hold the fire extinguisher, will people still react and say, "why are you holding that? is there a fire somewhere?"

  79. CyGaNkA

    CyGaNkA8 days ago

    I don't know if you tried this but I made the leader of science club follow me to the dustbin and the time when the character can follow you run out and he was still following me. I'm sorry for mistakes but I'm not that good at english.

  80. Circus Alliance

    Circus Alliance8 days ago

    Hey Jay I have a myth for you •step 1 get noticed by senpai •step 2 Use snap •step 3 grab a knife and try to kill the headmaster •step 4 would it let you kill the headmaster or will the headmaster attack you

  81. Johnlay Realm

    Johnlay Realm8 days ago

    wtf this was uploaded 2 weeks ago I thought this was a new video

  82. QueenofCCG

    QueenofCCG8 days ago

    2:51 Osana doesn’t even care that Aoi just got murdered

  83. Remy Lorenzo

    Remy Lorenzo8 days ago

    the real name of senpai is taro

  84. Remy Lorenzo

    Remy Lorenzo8 days ago


  85. Yuri_Gachaシ

    Yuri_Gachaシ8 days ago

    I have an Idea 1. Get a mind slave 2. Tell the mind slave to kill a random student (You should try Oka Because I like Oka) 3. Get the syringe from the Nurse 4.Go trank the student that you told the mind slave to kill What will happen ;)

  86. VSpecy

    VSpecy8 days ago

    Bruh why isn't this in the playlist

  87. Jah'Zion Victor

    Jah'Zion Victor9 days ago

    Jay is powerful enough to make yandev to do this

  88. Anip

    Anip9 days ago

    If you give Raibaru emetic poison, and set up a door trap on the roof, would you be able to dunk her in gasoline?

  89. ɢʀǟʏ ƈʟøʊɖֆ

    ɢʀǟʏ ƈʟøʊɖֆ9 days ago

    Hey, Jay, I got a challenge for you! How long can you keep a target alive from being killed from a mind slave?

  90. ɢʀǟʏ ƈʟøʊɖֆ

    ɢʀǟʏ ƈʟøʊɖֆ9 days ago

    This randomly came through my mind ._.


    LITTLE GIRL9 days ago

    I won’t get likes

  92. _lost data_

    _lost data_9 days ago

    hard payday references

  93. Nicolas Gomez

    Nicolas Gomez10 days ago

    People: "What are those guys saying!?" Pyro tf2: *agrees is hmmph*

  94. Glossy :3

    Glossy :310 days ago

    The part that hes listening behind the im like all i here is BLABLEWUSHWASHWISHBUHSHESO the is so blurry😂

  95. sofia kamal

    sofia kamal10 days ago

    stalker's parents: *fighting* yan chan: 🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟

  96. Inama

    Inama10 days ago

    if you become a delinquent, counselor then get sent to the consolers office, and THEN tried to threaten her, would it work?

  97. Cyric Binuya

    Cyric Binuya10 days ago

    How to get delinquents weapon holder backpack thing

  98. den_nye_mark

    den_nye_mark10 days ago

    The mom and dad sounds like pingu carachters

  99. Michael Lara

    Michael Lara10 days ago

    what I heard From the argument the mom said something about making a mistake and the dad said he did nothing wrong and I don't know the rest.

  100. មុឹង ហឿន

    មុឹង ហឿន10 days ago


  101. Angeli Gerardo

    Angeli Gerardo10 days ago