Yandere Simulator's latest update allows you to whoop Osana's stalker's cheeks as well as listen in on an interesting conversation the mom & dad are having in another room...also we can now use a phone jammer so nobody can make calls outside of Akademi as well as go invisible?! Leave a LIKE for more!
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  1. Jepps Saez

    Jepps Saez2 days ago

    Dude the stalker sound like badboyhalo or BBH

  2. Rengoku Is my comfort character

    Rengoku Is my comfort character2 days ago

    I think I get it why Osana stalker stalks her, it’s because Osana has freaking long hair just like that magical girl, so maybe that’s why Osana stalker stalks her and stuff like that.

  3. iix404xii

    iix404xii3 days ago

    I found a way to tell what the stalkers parents are talking about, i’m on phone so I don’t know about any other devices but all you have to do is turn the volume up high to tell what they’re saying

  4. W is for winning

    W is for winning4 days ago

    I heard “one mistake I made” in that muffled audio

  5. jamin Lauder

    jamin Lauder5 days ago

    The high pitched mumbled voice in the voice sounds like cartman from south park

  6. Roxanne ༆

    Roxanne ༆6 days ago

    Can you do this pleaae 1. Kill someone 2. Let anyone call a cops 3. Let the time almost end 4. Go to senpai and be heartbroken then click snap Do cops still coming???

  7. Caleb PlayzYt

    Caleb PlayzYt6 days ago

    2:05 - 2:09 As A Person From Singapore This Is Actually True You Will get Fined

  8. Fatmah Tanggol

    Fatmah Tanggol6 days ago

    I love ur vids btw

  9. Fatmah Tanggol

    Fatmah Tanggol6 days ago

    All I heard the parents fighting is your a mistake one of the parent said

  10. funny dum-dum

    funny dum-dum7 days ago

    Me:hmm Jay:hmm Me:o_o Jay:o_o Me: invisible Jay: invisible Me:dog homework Jay:dog homework Me:that song cool Jay: that song cool

  11. Madisyn Keasler

    Madisyn Keasler10 days ago


  12. Mary Kerrigan

    Mary Kerrigan10 days ago

    i have a challenge go to black hole mode get bodies after you the go to normal mode ca you do i vid

  13. Myiaynjel Parker

    Myiaynjel Parker11 days ago

    I think they’re talking about the son .-.

  14. Karen Orozco

    Karen Orozco11 days ago

    Can u go to ribor or Osaone

  15. Bri

    Bri12 days ago

    The mom was saying about like how he’s not taking enough responsibilities and that’s all I heard

  16. lauren massey

    lauren massey12 days ago

    sooooooooo cooooooooool

  17. Tanjiro Kamado

    Tanjiro Kamado13 days ago

    At the muffled talking part if u put in 2x mode it sounds like cartoon characters voices

  18. Tanjiro Kamado

    Tanjiro Kamado13 days ago

    2:05 "This beat actually makes me want to fly to singapore and litter on the ground" Me who is a singaporean: :/

  19. UrNeko LesbianWaifu

    UrNeko LesbianWaifu14 days ago

    * Harry Potter has entered the cat *

  20. Magnolia Whiston

    Magnolia Whiston14 days ago

    You’re lying no I’m Nam blah blah blah blah blah you’re lying this is out of phrase but every time I say like something a blah I don’t know what it saying

  21. Magnolia Whiston

    Magnolia Whiston14 days ago

    Something something it’s your fault something something it’s not my fault something something something that’s all I heard

  22. Xxdark VibezxX

    Xxdark VibezxX15 days ago

    Ayo jay happy early birthday

  23. Mignonne ツ

    Mignonne ツ16 days ago

    I love the Yandere sim without the yandere Dev

  24. Kairi Rogel

    Kairi Rogel17 days ago

    I heard "medical bills" so CLEARLY the stalker is using medical pills im guessing-

  25. CHLOE NG Moe

    CHLOE NG Moe19 days ago

    jay i give you a mith first get budo task now kill ever members then we see whatdoes riabaru do but there is no one in the marshalart club

  26. Myeshia Elmore

    Myeshia Elmore20 days ago

    Jay I have a question if you 1.eliminate all teachers (except head master if that counts) what will he do and how will he react 2. glitch inside info chans office and take a picture of her how will she react?

  27. Meep RUNS

    Meep RUNS21 day ago

    Hi Just saying there are more songs in the gaming club dance machine thing

  28. Cherry Leah

    Cherry Leah22 days ago

    Wife: 'You never take responsibility for your own mistakes!' Husband: 'What mistakes? I haven't done anything wrong! You're the one who's constantly screwing up. Name *one* mistake I made.' Wife: 'Are you even listening? I've been trying to tell you that you're never home! You let our son grow up the way he did. He turned out this way because of YOU, you know? This is all your fault!' Husband: My fault? How is it my fault?!' And that's when I gave up :) EDIT: I just realized there is another comment exactly the same. I apologize.

  29. Beans Panesar

    Beans Panesar24 days ago

    eeeee I want that cat

  30. Nadina Insley

    Nadina Insley25 days ago

    They were talking about Role Models I can tell because no parents would do that unless they were doing role models with a crazy son they were saying oh you should be a better role model from the mother and the dad says you think I will be our sons a lunatic and I am slurping facts not water

  31. メイドscftieBxlla

    メイドscftieBxlla26 days ago

    He hasn't posted any Yan vid for 5 moth

  32. Daria ;-;

    Daria ;-;Month ago


  33. Sam Kule

    Sam KuleMonth ago

    *parents fighting* Me: *checking where the recording station is in my parents room*

  34. idk i ain't good at names

    idk i ain't good at namesMonth ago

    The argument from what i heard is about the son and some mistake

  35. kurpit

    kurpitMonth ago

    When u can understand the arguement perfectly cuz u live in a house with toxic parents that argue all the time

  36. Allie Michelle

    Allie MichelleMonth ago

    it really shows how much trauma we have for those of us who can understand what they're saying lmfaooo

  37. Rylie take out the trash

    Rylie take out the trashMonth ago

    In the argument you were quiet and i was confused😭😂 no hard feelings but it was funny

  38. Aesthetic Gaming

    Aesthetic GamingMonth ago

    i dont know what there saying but heres some clips that i heard Museme Role model Son What you want me to do you want me to do Thats all. And because im the only one heard this I WIN THE CAT NOOOO I SO THE FULL ONE I DIDNT WIN

  39. RosesBloom bubblie

    RosesBloom bubblieMonth ago

    MOM: "He turned out this way because of you, you know! This is all your fault!" DAD: "My fault? How is it my fault? How can I have any influence on him, when I'm at work all day long?" MOM: "That's the problem! You were never home to help me raise him!" DAD: "I was never home because I was busy earning the money to pay for this comfortable house you live in! YOU'RE the one who was left in charge of raising the children!" MOM: "That's a job for two people, not one! He turned out this way because he never had a positive male role model in his life!" DAD: "Oh, what was I supposed to do, quit my job and stay home all day being a 'role model'? Then where would we get the money to put food on our table, huh? This is why we have so many problems - you never think before you speak!" MOM: "There you go again - you always say that everything is my fault! Nothing's ever your fault, is it? You never take responsibility for your mistakes!" DAD: "WHAT mistakes? I haven't done anything wrong! You're the one who is constantly screwing up! Name ONE mistake I've made!" MOM: "Haven't you been listening? I've been trying to tell you this entire time! You let our son turn out the way he did!"

  40. Ms Alexis

    Ms AlexisMonth ago

    5:21 listen closely.. MICHEALA LAWS DAT U?!?!?

  41. Bernardita Fos

    Bernardita FosMonth ago

    I havent. Watch youre 2021

  42. PandaLover135246

    PandaLover135246Month ago

    I have a myth can you kidnapp a teacher and if so will there be a sub like the teacher died

  43. Amirah Irdina

    Amirah IrdinaMonth ago

    When yan-chan is better at spilling tea rather than musume

  44. Árni Páll Jónsson

    Árni Páll JónssonMonth ago

    yan-chan: *sees osana osana: *hes gonna be my senpai yan-chan: *kills osana and cleans and gets rid of the evidence the teachers be like: *im going to call thes police bc i saw a bloody weapon but acualy theres nothing police: *we did not find anything and yan-chan be like: *lalalala i didnt kill anyone police be like: *it couldnt be yan-chan

  45. Zack’s Crap

    Zack’s CrapMonth ago


  46. Meep RUNS

    Meep RUNSMonth ago

    What if you become invisible, kill someone, and when the police come and there is the part where she clasps her hands with evilness what would it look like?

  47. Bingham Family

    Bingham FamilyMonth ago

    at 5:07

  48. Bingham Family

    Bingham FamilyMonth ago

    its kenny


    2020 MILENA_DEWI_BOERSMAMonth ago

    More like the knifu that ends Waifu’s lifeu

  50. Careliyaplayz

    CareliyaplayzMonth ago

    i heard words like :My fault how is it my fault your the one constanlay screwing up

  51. Mr Rabbit

    Mr RabbitMonth ago

    Bruh I live in singapore

  52. Paul Zhyper Pante

    Paul Zhyper PanteMonth ago

  53. Rafał Jarzombek

    Rafał JarzombekMonth ago

    The whole lyrics : Wife : We've been everywhere because of You, you know?! This is all your fault! Husband : My fault? How is it my fault?! How could I have any influence on him when I'm at work all day long?! Wife : That's the problem! You weren't even home to help me raise him! Husband : I was never home because I was busy and need the money to pay for this country the house you live in! You're the one who has locked themselves in the kitchen! Wife : That's a job for TWO people, not ONE! He turned out this way because he never had a positive male role model in his LIFE! Husband : Oh, what was I supposed to do? Quit my job and stay home all day long being a ''role model''?! Then WHERE would we get the money to pay food on our table, hah? This is why we have SO MANY PROBLEMS! You never THINK before you SPEAK! Wife : There we go again! You ALWAYS say that everything is MY FAULT! This is never gonna stop, is it?! You NEVER take responsibility for YOUR OWN MISTAKES! Husband : What mistakes?! I haven't done ANYTHING WRONG! You're the one who's constantly screwing up! Name ONE mistake I'VE made! Wife : HAVE YOU EVEN BEEN LISTENING?! I've been TRYING to tell you that he's out of hand! You make our son turn out the way he is! lmao this took so long-

  54. Eileen Overholt

    Eileen OverholtMonth ago

    When Jay used the cloaking thing, did anyone else think of the Spy in TF2?

  55. Fireblade Animations

    Fireblade AnimationsMonth ago

    how do we start the abc killer challenge

  56. Screaming Onion

    Screaming OnionMonth ago

    What if instead of the students saying “What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you acting so weird?” When Yan-Chan does the fake reaction randomly, what if they looked where she was looking, trying to see what was so surprising :)

  57. Screaming Onion

    Screaming OnionMonth ago

    Parents arguing: casually sees Yan-Chan’s arm fusing through the door Parents: 👁👄👁

  58. frozenbear and Fnf girl boi

    frozenbear and Fnf girl boi2 months ago

    I'm laughing so hard I can't stop I'm gonna just faint also best knifu because it ends lifus *kubskoutz 2020*

  59. Tesla Dajira

    Tesla Dajira2 months ago

    Are the perents arguing about their son?

  60. Aliyah Constante

    Aliyah Constante2 months ago

    Oh I think I know what the parents are saying. The father does not want Osana to go to Akademi High.

  61. Karla Trevino

    Karla Trevino2 months ago

    I heard the father saying my fault how is it my fault

  62. y/n

    y/n2 months ago

    I got some parts i heard

  63. Michaela Pearl

    Michaela Pearl2 months ago

    scariest thing ever: a yandere going predator and cloaking their ass

  64. Kitty Del rosario Ucol

    Kitty Del rosario Ucol2 months ago

    Time goes fastt

  65. ᄌZero•Twoᄌ

    ᄌZero•Twoᄌ2 months ago


  66. ᄌZero•Twoᄌ

    ᄌZero•Twoᄌ2 months ago


  67. Evan 06

    Evan 062 months ago

    Honestly only someone who knows nothing about the game would lose the struggle minigame with the stalker cause his strength would be around very weak

  68. Angelic Bunniez

    Angelic Bunniez2 months ago

    i think michaela laws voiced the mom

  69. E T

    E T2 months ago

    Jay I got a myth 1: leave trash around the school and make sure it’s cleaning time. 2: the students would pick it up and throw it in the incinerator. If you go behind them you could push them in when they open it

  70. Julia Brown

    Julia Brown2 months ago


  71. ui goku

    ui goku2 months ago

    Ayano: sneaks in house Stalker: WHO ARE YOU

  72. Red Soldier Elle

    Red Soldier Elle2 months ago

    Here's a myth. When you are getting the cat from Osanas stalkers house, are you able to go into ship girl mode?

  73. Samantha barman Munia

    Samantha barman Munia2 months ago

    Jay there's a new build

  74. Nadyish Aaryanna

    Nadyish Aaryanna2 months ago

    6:04 Literally Jay just vibin while the parents are fightin-

  75. Megami Saikou

    Megami Saikou2 months ago

    if you try Fly with camera and go to the parents arguing about you can see its nothing.

  76. Siimply Craft Roblox

    Siimply Craft Roblox2 months ago

    Students : My dog ate my homeworks! Jay : I'ma eat my dogs homework

  77. •Luna.R•

    •Luna.R•2 months ago

    I have a question....(seriously I just want you to do this) 1. Spawn a mindslave 2. Make Midori the target(or anyone) 3. Send Midori Home What will the mindslave do?? Will Modori get killed?? (idk if this already get tried before) 👆Ignore that😐😑

  78. Erica Q Maldonado

    Erica Q Maldonado2 months ago

    Can you do the water trap with Nemesis on if so will she react to it or will it just go through her like the student council members

  79. Filips Vikmanis

    Filips Vikmanis2 months ago

    and also do it whaile hes falling

  80. Filips Vikmanis

    Filips Vikmanis2 months ago

    JAY i got one 1:go to life note mode 2:wait till otohiko meichi falls on the scholls gate 3:kill him with electricity(with the note book) 4:watch and also YOUR THAT DUDE

  81. Eʋҽʅʅყɳ Ꭷ. ʂαɳƚαɳα

    Eʋҽʅʅყɳ Ꭷ. ʂαɳƚαɳα2 months ago

    Wait how do I activate the ABC killer challenge

  82. Tristan Callahan

    Tristan Callahan2 months ago

    Stalker: Is this about that girl? We’re destined to be together! Osana: *dr fetus intensifies*

  83. l.o.l vlogs

    l.o.l vlogs2 months ago

    i heared all of it XD

  84. Tatiana Swallow

    Tatiana Swallow2 months ago

    I could hear what the parents was saying i just turned my volume all the way up with headphones.

  85. Me & My Kiddo

    Me & My Kiddo2 months ago

    I can only make out a few words in the fight

  86. Devils Advance

    Devils Advance2 months ago

    You should make another yanchan video 🥺

  87. BlazerHeata

    BlazerHeata2 months ago

    I saw this in my recs.. this was 3 months ago? Osana's stalker update didn't come out two weeks ago? Dang...

  88. Moon :/

    Moon :/2 months ago

    Why you wanna fly to my country and litter on the floor... 😐

  89. ariana yuson

    ariana yuson2 months ago

    Hmm editers let's do it😑😑😑


    MICO ANDRES2 months ago

    She can pepper spray if you are invisible

  91. Isabella Mohammed

    Isabella Mohammed2 months ago

    Dude he is twerking on de people door😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦

  92. Afiq Mua

    Afiq Mua2 months ago

    Omg he mentioned Singapore which is my country at around 2:06

  93. • Anime Kid Aoi •

    • Anime Kid Aoi •2 months ago

    Jay: **listening to the argument in the kitchen** captions: *(music)*

  94. Nates Adventures

    Nates Adventures2 months ago

    I had the worst reaction time ever he said something funny then 2 seconds late r i laughed

  95. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds3 months ago

    *This beat makes me want to eat my dogs homework* NO NO HE HAS BEAT THE SYSTEM

  96. Hellooiii Hi

    Hellooiii Hi3 months ago

    I told you the argument before..

  97. hayleigh hogben

    hayleigh hogben3 months ago

    I love you

  98. shotarology

    shotarology3 months ago

    6:04 idk bro this part sent me 💀🤚🏻

  99. Iassi Idara

    Iassi Idara3 months ago


  100. ZAKKaj

    ZAKKaj3 months ago

    I just noticed the beginning music for the ABC killer challenge was made with GarageBand. It’s not bad, I use it myself to make my music, I just thought it was interesting!