There's A PS5 Unboxing Simulator For All Us Losers That Couldn't Get One

Shoutout to all my people that got that playstation 5!! I'm only a little jealous
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  1. dylon playz gamez

    dylon playz gamez7 days ago

    We need a good game play horror game again miss those dats

  2. Alicia Jones

    Alicia Jones11 days ago

    in the first game did you hear him say he he wants to give you a lesson listen closely

  3. s o p h i a

    s o p h i a15 days ago


  4. starrlyn reynolds

    starrlyn reynolds22 days ago

    I loling. is that a word?

  5. Kimm

    Kimm22 days ago

    man scared the IJGBVUYIALUTIYGLI out of me in the beginning of the video :flushed:

  6. Joseph Elmajian

    Joseph Elmajian23 days ago

    Hang tight and be patient guys. Everyone will get one soon. God bless!

  7. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook28 days ago

    boom shakalaka from fantastic baby-big bang

  8. Geethaps

    GeethapsMonth ago

    bruh u got a haircut again😂

  9. shadowunikat849

    shadowunikat849Month ago

    I could play the unboxing. I wish I had Andy type of PS

  10. Stxrmii_Skies

    Stxrmii_SkiesMonth ago

    you are GROUNDED 😜😜😜 LOL

  11. Iqtrab Fatima

    Iqtrab FatimaMonth ago

    15:55 i mean, every son is technically a son of a mother

  12. shotarology

    shotarologyMonth ago

    “I hope your PlayStation catches a virus.” Amen.

  13. sea slug

    sea slugMonth ago

    "Nice bat!"

  14. uncensored ness

    uncensored nessMonth ago


  15. Janice Agatha

    Janice AgathaMonth ago

    Me:*has a PS 1* Somebody:*has PS 5* Me:we get it you rich atleast you don't have a PS 1

  16. DK__DVEE

    DK__DVEE2 months ago

    18:42 “This is sum bs” *throws chips at tv*

  17. Sasha Sweatte

    Sasha Sweatte2 months ago

    The first game u are grounded kinda reminds me of this movie called girl in the basement

  18. Mitsuki Teriyaki

    Mitsuki Teriyaki2 months ago

    the game got released 3 months ago (in november) *its march*

  19. Faze Ninja

    Faze Ninja2 months ago

    Iban a play that among us were i get that map?

  20. The Crusader

    The Crusader2 months ago

    "THE ENGINEER IS ENGI-HERE" Team fortress 2 players: Diggy Diggy holed.

  21. Kid that is not a weeb

    Kid that is not a weeb2 months ago

    13:01 that’s the virtual house tour game map

  22. Tenko Shimura

    Tenko Shimura2 months ago

    Ligit, Jay is 'THAT DUDE'


    L4Z3R KØRØSĒN2 months ago

    Bruh the ps5 thing I'm scared cuz JAY WHY U DIDNT CLOSE THE DOE (door)

  24. the person behind the toast

    the person behind the toast2 months ago

    Jay back then when Osana was released: cats are wack Also Jay when he sees a cat: _HELLO THERE KITTY_

  25. Lilith

    Lilith2 months ago

    Jay after getting caught after his killing spree: Please don't eject me 👄

  26. A person

    A person2 months ago

    1:15 I FLINCHED AT THAT AND MY AUNT ASKED ME "Why did you flinch like that?" JSJSJSJD 😭🤚

  27. mariii. jpeg

    mariii. jpeg2 months ago

    Jay: Can I hear some freedom? Me: Eren? Is that you?

  28. himiko toga

    himiko toga2 months ago

    I can finally comment finally I love u so much I been a fan al looooonnnnggg time please read this I want to play game with u🤣

  29. Chance YT games

    Chance YT games2 months ago

    12:42 what did he even say

  30. ryukii kyo

    ryukii kyo2 months ago

    that outro was the most awkward thing i've ever seen

  31. Aaron McCann

    Aaron McCann2 months ago

    I dont want a PS5 I'd rather wait for the ps4 to break so there's more games and it'd be easier to get

  32. Jaceboy9k

    Jaceboy9k2 months ago

    Knack is the best game ever

  33. P r i n c e s s

    P r i n c e s s2 months ago

    I always like to say “GET READY AND BUCKLE UP, CUZ HERE WE GO” at the same time as him on each video lol just me?

  34. minqyy :]

    minqyy :]2 months ago

    12:52 is it just me or does that look like joes house, ya know, that dude that rolls around like a rolly Polly bug

  35. Rawr

    Rawr3 months ago

    13:50 .... Sorry but..Thats what she said 😔

  36. Monoxsevenfan12

    Monoxsevenfan123 months ago

    Why did jay look drunk and tired in the thumbnail

  37. ÅrøVxxé

    ÅrøVxxé3 months ago

    I love your energy 💕

  38. Tomislav Dmitrović

    Tomislav Dmitrović3 months ago

    Engenier gaming

  39. Lol Jk

    Lol Jk3 months ago


  40. M. Mazdreku

    M. Mazdreku3 months ago

    The Ps5 Game when you pluged IT in i have the ps4 and that Menü was frome the ps4

  41. Animeweeb Todorokisimp

    Animeweeb Todorokisimp3 months ago

    Ok but that among us site is what my class play on and me😂😌

  42. Yuhh Ale-x

    Yuhh Ale-x3 months ago

    He said he was gonna leave that face till he won 😂 he changed it IMAO

  43. Jubby Bamboozle

    Jubby Bamboozle3 months ago

    PS5 is the worst console no games for it are out.

  44. -JaxIsABottom-

    -JaxIsABottom-3 months ago

    Jay looks a bit like a rooster or Kuroo

  45. -JaxIsABottom-

    -JaxIsABottom-3 months ago


  46. Isabelle Malavazi

    Isabelle Malavazi3 months ago

    4:44 is that alastor voice? '-'

  47. Mai Alkhadra

    Mai Alkhadra3 months ago

    Ha jokes on you the xbox series x is better than the ps5

  48. The Only Elite Saiyajins

    The Only Elite Saiyajins3 months ago

    I got a ps5. Two of them actually Well my dad got them but still-

  49. Short Nugget

    Short Nugget3 months ago

    MY mom has a ps5 in her room and plays on it all the time¯\_༼ᴼل͜ᴼ༽_/¯

  50. •BobaTea_Gacha•

    •BobaTea_Gacha•3 months ago

    16:40 jay is the reason the internet went out

  51. Matthew Tabunan

    Matthew Tabunan3 months ago

    Who else realized that this game's house is the same house as "Meet my best friend david" Jay uploaded months ago

  52. Zombie Wolf101

    Zombie Wolf1013 months ago

    You lo-.. no, Us losers

  53. Robert frost

    Robert frost3 months ago

    I didnt get a ps5 but I upgraded my pc and I'm getting a VR soon

  54. Tsuyume Originals

    Tsuyume Originals3 months ago

    People who don’t watch this video at all: Smartass People who just look at the comments: Noobs People who watch the video in Miniplayer: Pros People who watch this in Fullscreen: Legends

  55. TrashBag MAN

    TrashBag MAN3 months ago

    14:10 thats what she said

  56. milk_tea

    milk_tea3 months ago

    WTH. When I was watching this, an add for a PS5 came up, and I was shook-

  57. Daniel Rivera

    Daniel Rivera4 months ago

    I well like 3

  58. [TI] NickRizky

    [TI] NickRizky4 months ago

    Is it just me or the game called "PS5 Simulator" have a house that looks familiar. I think... its from [The Open House]

  59. Elmo, and Kermit have been held hostage

    Elmo, and Kermit have been held hostage4 months ago

    Oh btw Jay will you ever play Bit Life again??

  60. Larry Wassaykeesic

    Larry Wassaykeesic4 months ago


  61. Holly Melaragno

    Holly Melaragno4 months ago

    I just what to say you are my top 5 favorite USlikesr and I like your Vedos they are ready funny and I hope you have a good day/night

  62. Dan Cdz

    Dan Cdz4 months ago

    The last game 😂😂😂 I love you so much Jay 👏💕

  63. Aven Purdy

    Aven Purdy4 months ago

    Hi Jay I have watched your videos for years

  64. Gonzalez Denyss

    Gonzalez Denyss4 months ago

    when he got the box it sounded like the pz leader from project zorgo

  65. beeweetea

    beeweetea4 months ago

    5:20 did he just say the f slur

  66. Maxy0D

    Maxy0D4 months ago

    I think he said back?

  67. TheZombers

    TheZombers4 months ago


  68. HiImSanSan

    HiImSanSan4 months ago

    Ngl Jay's hair looks damn good here. **chef kisses**

  69. Brigida Torres

    Brigida Torres4 months ago

    Thats just saltiy

  70. Avery Flatt

    Avery Flatt4 months ago

    Jay really said the S in Illinois

  71. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin4 months ago

    Preety sure that this house is from the game of the shadow man

  72. Aaron Pay

    Aaron Pay4 months ago

    The engineer joke is i think a tf2 joke from the engineer

  73. MidnightStarling 2007

    MidnightStarling 20074 months ago

    Imagine opening your fridge and 3:39 happens Idk about u but I'd faint😂

  74. Tayana Saintvil

    Tayana Saintvil4 months ago

    I like how he is not the the donetized

  75. Celestia Ludenberg

    Celestia Ludenberg20 days ago

    Jay is the donetized????? Aaaaaaaaa no I’m so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡🤬🤬😖😭😭😭😢😢🤬😡🤬😢😢😢😡🤬😖😭😭😭🤬🤬

  76. Tayana Saintvil

    Tayana Saintvil4 months ago

    Demonnetization is not a thing apparently

  77. Circus Wolfie

    Circus Wolfie4 months ago

    (when you never got a PS5 but instead got PS3 and a Xbox) :>

  78. Courtney Stivenson

    Courtney Stivenson4 months ago

    I jsut relized this is the house from the saori sato games

  79. Dan Stokes

    Dan Stokes4 months ago

    Comment here if you bisexual

  80. SeniorMuffin

    SeniorMuffin4 months ago

    17:27 did i just hear a tf2 voiceline?

  81. Bright Glow

    Bright Glow4 months ago

    When he said that he liked to get spanked ;-;

  82. Kazuichi

    Kazuichi4 months ago

    This is the house that was in the horror game open house

  83. Sianay Taylor

    Sianay Taylor4 months ago

    I love jay he always makes my day better

  84. xxgoldman

    xxgoldman4 months ago

    Dear Jay, Thank you for being such a committed humorous person, for every age possible. Every day, rewatching or watching your videos will make me smile, no matter how I feel. You’re funny, always energetic, and always put your best into every single video and game. Thank you for your dedication to your fans, and cheering them up when they need it most. We especially appreciate the amazing people like you, that stay even as energetic, and put just as much time recording and or editing videos even when you’re not feeling so great! You’ve always been one of my favourite comedic youtubers, and the intro never gets old, SO BUCKLE UP, CUZ’ HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOO. P.S. My favourite series so far is definitely either the three random games or the yandere simulator series. Keep up the amazing work buddy!! We love ya - A random fan named Beau :)

  85. Iam_Purple Halo

    Iam_Purple Halo4 months ago

    That ps5 game is the house from Mortem

  86. I.N in you

    I.N in you4 months ago

    0:25 whatdidhesayyyyy

  87. Nevaeh Flores

    Nevaeh Flores4 months ago

    My brother got a ps5

  88. htf disco bear happy tree friends

    htf disco bear happy tree friends4 months ago

    I laugh so hard when jay was grabbing the beach ball and he throw it at the hoop

  89. Jungle Parrots

    Jungle Parrots4 months ago

    Is no one talking about how the house in the ps5 game is the exact same house as that other scary game where you did a virtual tour and it ended in a bunch of ground beef?

  90. cloneheroisawsome

    cloneheroisawsome4 months ago

    DID HE CALL THE ENGINEER CORNY?!?!?!? unsubbing disliking reporting smh.

  91. cloneheroisawsome

    cloneheroisawsome4 months ago

    "luckily for me i want to get spanked" - jay, 2020

  92. Jasmine Gibson

    Jasmine Gibson4 months ago

    I have ps5 already not lying

  93. Random Terra

    Random Terra4 months ago

    just have a PC

  94. Official Vision

    Official Vision4 months ago

    Whats the song in the intro an outro

  95. Bek bek

    Bek bek4 months ago

    12:50 that house is eerily similar to house party

  96. Haveyouseenlanga ?

    Haveyouseenlanga ?4 months ago

    The numer 3 remind me of a game, that i play a long time ago, i- i want to play it again-

  97. Gaming_ Pal_John

    Gaming_ Pal_John4 months ago

    6:52 I think that's his uncle

  98. Rene Prado

    Rene Prado5 months ago


  99. Rene Prado

    Rene Prado5 months ago

    you actually like getting smacked

  100. Mya Marshal

    Mya Marshal5 months ago

    i love how jay's face is exactly the freaking same every vid's outro🤣🤣🤣

  101. Xiao’s slave

    Xiao’s slave5 months ago

    2:08 teruteru type beat

  102. Daniela Rojano

    Daniela Rojano5 months ago

    *I'm waiting for the PS5 Pro*

  103. Bree Vernon

    Bree Vernon5 months ago

    Why does the house remind me of the game virtual reality house tour?