Students at Hope's Peak are starting to realize there's no way out of this so the game is really about to begin...and this time it's getting a little more creative
with how they're eliminating each other..50K likes for part 6!
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  1. Waylen McInturf

    Waylen McInturf4 hours ago


  2. Calvin Lewis

    Calvin LewisDay ago

    This show is sad so much deaths

  3. leiXloni 0-0

    leiXloni 0-0Day ago

    Nobody: People from tik tok: A bOdy HAs BeEn disCovErEd

  4. Vocaloiding Viva

    Vocaloiding VivaDay ago

    Man why we playing a p*say boi

  5. Cadence _

    Cadence _2 days ago

    This is probably the best Monokuma impression I've ever heard. Like, dang, man.

  6. OpalGlace

    OpalGlace3 days ago

    How could Makoto sleep so normally in the same room Sayaka was killed? I would’ve been scared it was haunted!

  7. useless trash

    useless trash3 days ago

    Newbies: (Talking about Sakura) WOW! He looks so strong! OGs: She... Newbies: (Talking about Chihiro) Fear of locker rooms?! Is she scared someone is going to peep in on her? OGs: He/Him

  8. Anna Chang

    Anna Chang3 days ago

    20:10 look at hifumi XD

  9. Anna Chang

    Anna Chang3 days ago

    3:54 jay..... *SPOILERS* uhm he had died, chihiro

  10. Yakī_ sūki

    Yakī_ sūki4 days ago

    can kyoko survive?

  11. xXRiaxXD

    xXRiaxXD5 days ago


  12. Valeria Colak

    Valeria Colak7 days ago

    The comment below me is lying ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  13. Harry BubberspotterXD

    Harry BubberspotterXD7 days ago

    Monokuma is my favorite character

  14. Emy Munoz

    Emy Munoz8 days ago

    “Why is mondo’s hair so erect?” “She is full of secrets, that’s why her hair so big.”

  15. Ahmed Muhammad

    Ahmed Muhammad8 days ago

    47:56 Monokuma: You mind if I vent a little- *Monokuma Was Not The Impostor.* 1 Impostor Remaining.

  16. GrimPetal

    GrimPetal8 days ago

    So like . . . . . . Why can I see hina and sakura being lesbians? It's not that I ship them together since I just started watching jay play this game but I can just like totally see both of them just being lesbians 👉👈

  17. shri

    shri9 days ago


  18. Saki Kuusara

    Saki Kuusara9 days ago




    yess the iconic " A BODY HAS BEEN DISCOVERED" lin ei alsways wanted to hear that in the gameeeeee

  20. Critical Error 666

    Critical Error 66610 days ago


  21. A Fan Of Devilman Crybaby

    A Fan Of Devilman Crybaby10 days ago

    20:13Hifumi looks like he grew some hairXD

  22. Står's Art

    Står's Art11 days ago

    The amount of spoilers here thooo- But still can't understand a thing lmao

  23. Elawin Jala

    Elawin Jala11 days ago

    when Byakuya finish his library scene, it was then I decided that I wanted to marry him..... and 23 minutes later I realized that Toko feels the same way........

  24. Elawin Jala

    Elawin Jala11 days ago

    when jay got his glasses on....

  25. Headmaster monokuma

    Headmaster monokuma12 days ago

    Also the milk tea part made my mouth water also Celeste is crazy about just milk tea..

  26. Headmaster monokuma

    Headmaster monokuma12 days ago

    O w O

  27. K Krimson

    K Krimson12 days ago

    Jay: Kyoko is starting to be my favorite character, I hope nothing happens to her. Me knowing damn well that kyoko will be executed: *bruh*

  28. Ben Vogelpohl

    Ben Vogelpohl12 days ago

    Everyone else's sound cues: "I wonder about that", "Do you really think so?" etc. Mondo: PIECE OF SHIT!

  29. A good Username

    A good Username13 days ago

    59:15 He said it he said the thing

  30. Pastel Flowers

    Pastel Flowers14 days ago

    It’s a shame Juniko died so quickly cause i feel there’s more they could’ve done with her as a character

  31. Eijiro ローズ Kirishima

    Eijiro ローズ Kirishima14 days ago

    Byakuya and Celeste would be a great match

  32. Viella

    Viella15 days ago

    Someone spoil this episode for me

  33. What is life? Father i have sinned.

    What is life? Father i have sinned.16 days ago

    19:59 did anyone else hear that MOAN that taka made? BRO CHILLLLLLLLLL

  34. Shamalay Mugunthan

    Shamalay Mugunthan17 days ago


  35. AnnieSubjuct Cooltool

    AnnieSubjuct Cooltool18 days ago

    mondo is like a danganronpa bakugo...

  36. Agent 607 :D

    Agent 607 :D18 days ago

    First execution I haven't seen the second but what's second KNIVES IN THE FACE AND BALLS BEING YEETING THEM IN YOUR NECK

  37. lyn jin

    lyn jin19 days ago

    IVE FINALLY FOUND THE "A Body Has Been Discovered" FROM TIKTOK!!!

  38. SeVeN

    SeVeN20 days ago

    Notice how Jay will read everything and every word but once it's says the f word he dips it to a different words hella fast 🤣

  39. SeVeN

    SeVeN20 days ago

    Leave me and my ADHD alone Monokuma🤣🤣

  40. SeVeN

    SeVeN20 days ago


  41. Hlootoo Thunderhammer

    Hlootoo Thunderhammer21 day ago

    6:08 DUDE legit started singing that right at the same time! XD

  42. Does My Name Really Matter?

    Does My Name Really Matter?21 day ago

    Fun fact (CH2+3 SPOILERS!) If Taka and Mondo had survived together, it’s been confirmed that they would’ve been together. Spike confirms that they both were mlm! (Correct me if I’m wrong lol)

  43. Oriyami

    Oriyami21 day ago

    Mondo at the start was like scary but now I can tell he starts to care about everyone a lot. Cool

  44. werevin06

    werevin0622 days ago

    "Beeyakyuya" ...Pardon me?

  45. azre rero

    azre rero22 days ago


  46. Goldenpixels_1021

    Goldenpixels_102122 days ago

    Man Junko deserved better :c And OMG Chihiro NOOOOOOO i freaking loved Chihiro ;-;

  47. Betsy Green

    Betsy Green23 days ago

    Honestly kiyotaka is smart, you never know monokuma might end up punishing someone bc they yelled at him, monokuma can do whatever he wants to them

  48. helvetica

    helvetica23 days ago

    And thus begins the era of byakuya and kyoko going “we already know who it is, so tell them makoto” XD

  49. sierra uzzo

    sierra uzzo23 days ago

    Spoilers! I find it funny how Mondo gets mad at Togami for being rude to Chihiro and then Mondo kills Chihiro.. also I’m still in progress of this episode so idk where jay ends up at but I’ve watched the anime lol

  50. E X O T I C B U T T E R S

    E X O T I C B U T T E R S23 days ago

    Me and my smut reading a$$ knowing that they fricked in the sauna last night and the only reason they sent Mokoto away was because the tension was becoming to much and they needed to frick: 👁👄👁

  51. DJpoptart13!

    DJpoptart13!25 days ago

    not sure if anyone noticed but if you look closely... it looks like there are wires in -hers- HIS mouth

  52. Alfredo Mendoza

    Alfredo Mendoza25 days ago

    I didn't want Sakaya to die 😔

  53. banana Sundae

    banana Sundae26 days ago

    That’s just a theory,a game theory! Oh crap wrong type of game theory...

  54. xXSleepyLu

    xXSleepyLu27 days ago

    Doesn’t the bell sound like the 6 am bell from fnaf? 4:54

  55. Kaari McBride

    Kaari McBrideMonth ago

    Hey guys? It's the Ding Dong Bing Bong!

  56. Murderforsenpai

    MurderforsenpaiMonth ago


  57. Jhope Is My Hope

    Jhope Is My HopeMonth ago

    taka & mondo: SHUT UP! Jay: Ok!

  58. Noodle Yum

    Noodle YumMonth ago

    No one: Literally No one: Jay: DoTdOtDot also some of the sounds the characters make kinda sounds like uhhhh.... "something"

  59. i moved my channel

    i moved my channelMonth ago

    Spoilers: Ha! You wish. I'm so done with ppl spoiling in the comments, like guys, chill with the spoilers. As a danganronpa veteran, I'm disappointed

  60. Truce Truce

    Truce TruceMonth ago

    5:21 what the hell is a “water-type” drink even like? Unless you got majikarp in there

  61. Kokichi ouma

    Kokichi oumaMonth ago


  62. Julien Caesar

    Julien CaesarMonth ago

    Yo to be honest we’re lucky we found jay he’s one of the best for sure

  63. Rachel Sweets

    Rachel SweetsMonth ago


  64. Rachel Sweets

    Rachel SweetsMonth ago


  65. Mad Sue

    Mad SueMonth ago

    59:15 wait that's where that sound came from A primal reaction went through me at that sentence but i never knew where it came from.

  66. Alec Prince

    Alec PrinceMonth ago

    I only has 2 thoughts when they first walked in and started acting all buddy-buddy 1. They killed someone and 2. They definitely fucked

  67. Rsya .E

    Rsya .EMonth ago

    The moment Toko goes weird on the guy, I got a feeling that she gonna end up killing him in the future. Yikes. Edit : Also, also. Having read Doubt and few other death-elimination-match theme manga, the first one to die is usually the mastermind. They fake their death to eliminate them from everyone's thought.

  68. Demigod Daedra

    Demigod DaedraMonth ago

    17:29 Before even saying the joke, I died laughing. Slowly, it came out "Yeahahah, it'd, fit, you PERfECtlyHEHEHE!!!!" I was just laughing to myself maniacally. good times.

  69. Autumn Shoemaker

    Autumn ShoemakerMonth ago

    This reminds me a lot of Among us

  70. Karmen C.

    Karmen C.Month ago

    aw fuck, she was cute i liked her

  71. Karmen C.

    Karmen C.Month ago

    chihiro was cute what the fuck who kill her

  72. The Shöcker Pit

    The Shöcker PitMonth ago

    35:07 your face is all red this man’s eyes are almost completely ginormous circles wait a minute but my eyes is an x you know what forget it

  73. SwagLappland

    SwagLapplandMonth ago

    Ngl, Chihiro be lookin HOT ( I edited this after Chihiro’s death and tbh with y’all...IM PISSED)

  74. DanganEdits

    DanganEditsMonth ago

    Mike: Byakuya! I freakin hate you! Jay: Damn....Bee-Yuh-kU-Yuh you're such a savage. Respect man.

  75. DanganEdits

    DanganEditsMonth ago

    lol even makoto freaking ships ishimondo

  76. MissOtaku

    MissOtakuMonth ago

    You know Jay was panicking because he thought it was Kyoko

  77. Sittran 0521

    Sittran 0521Month ago

    "water type drink"...

  78. Helga Legend

    Helga LegendMonth ago

    Another murder like come on it was already bad looking at Leon but it is interesting so I'm going to watch these all day

  79. Cåbün ĞMÆ

    Cåbün ĞMÆMonth ago

    Wait so like... *A Body has been Discovered* Meme came from Dangropa?! O-O

  80. Tyler Tibbs

    Tyler TibbsMonth ago


  81. n a v a r r o

    n a v a r r oMonth ago

    If you think this is savage just wait until 2-5.

  82. n a v a r r o

    n a v a r r oMonth ago

    Taka and Mondo are so gay.

  83. SamLilac !

    SamLilac !Month ago

    they have danganronpa 2 and v3 on steam i suggest them

  84. SamLilac !

    SamLilac !Month ago

    jay: "i feel bad for chihiro, SHES just trying to be a good GIRL" jay messed up..

  85. smhwaffle

    smhwaffleMonth ago

    Me: I LOVE KIRIGIRI Jay: I like Kyoko she is growing to be my favorite character. I hope nothing happens to her. Me: :0 Also me: (I paused it on 20:16) OMG LOOK AT YAMADA IT LOOKS LIKE HE HAS YASUHIROS HAIR LMAO

  86. totally not oreo

    totally not oreoMonth ago

    so nobody is going to talk about "a body has been discovered" from tiktok-

  87. SapphirePlaysGames

    SapphirePlaysGamesMonth ago

    Byakuya: exists Toko: 😚👉👈 *is for me?*

  88. BrimWithNoYankee

    BrimWithNoYankeeMonth ago

    59:14 Sounds familiar

  89. Peighton Whitley

    Peighton WhitleyMonth ago

    DAMN MY BOY RIPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Marley Moo

    Marley MooMonth ago

    59:12 Omg i never knew Monokuma was the one who says "A body has been discovered" I only knew that thing from the tiktok scary sound thingy Yes i am very ashamed

  91. Koichi

    KoichiMonth ago

    Monokuma: Tighten those muscles! Let's add a little strength, a little speed to those young bodies of yours! Jay: That's a weird comment to make *Also Jay: Dude, why is Mondo's hair so erect.*

  92. Spider-Boy

    Spider-BoyMonth ago

    6:08-6:12 good singing.

  93. Mulan

    MulanMonth ago

    He’s being a douchebag *Maybe I can be his friend*



    Me: awaaaa am sad that Sayaka deathed (I believed I liked her the best) also me: *sees Kiyotaka* lIttLE bAbYYY

  95. Anime_weeb

    Anime_weebMonth ago

    Wait if taka and mondo battled in the sauna and mondo said hes going to keep his clothes on how did taka know what his body looks like 🤔😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  96. Anime Lover

    Anime LoverMonth ago

    41:55 Me: bish there is a window behind you, are these characters blind?!

  97. Chelsea Libby

    Chelsea LibbyMonth ago

    I’m getting “l gently open the door” flashbacks

  98. HellGates •

    HellGates •Month ago

    Chihiro is a dude, Jay

  99. Katt Fire

    Katt FireMonth ago

    The fact that I'm doing my forensic science homework and watching this is so funny to me. (I love this game btw)

  100. Kuhu

    KuhuMonth ago

    I agree Jay's nyohohohoho is better lol

  101. MillieGacha!’

    MillieGacha!’Month ago

    Text: g-good morning Random ad pops up: man slowly coming in being like: hElLo I'm wheezing rn🤣🤣🤣