This Is Why You Never Talk Trash To The Ghosts In Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia funny moments with the homies! It was my first time playing and luckily for me, Razz and Mike, LaurenzSide was here to show us the ropes! Leave a LIKE if you want to see more Phasmophobia!
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  1. Razzbowski

    Razzbowski3 months ago

    Should I pick up the dolls? 😏

  2. Hajime Hinata with a gun

    Hajime Hinata with a gun9 hours ago


  3. アシュリーの恐れ

    アシュリーの恐れ9 days ago

    hod up-

  4. Wushi_Sushi

    Wushi_Sushi14 days ago

    @J4y Chu 😏😂😂😂😂😂

  5. J4y Chu

    J4y Chu14 days ago


  6. J4y Chu

    J4y Chu14 days ago

    Daddy razz

  7. Paityn Bea

    Paityn BeaHour ago

    On another episode of... *this* *deserves* *more* *views*

  8. Galaxy Bun-Bun

    Galaxy Bun-BunDay ago


  9. Ho Yong qi

    Ho Yong qi2 days ago

    18:43 jay:TALE A PICTURE MIKE TAKE A PICTURE Me and my weird brain:what if Jay just put out the ✌✌ and say pisuus I clearly don't know how to spell

  10. Galaxy Bun-Bun

    Galaxy Bun-Bun3 days ago

    I'm playing with Purple, green and sunglass boi


    PEYTON MILLER4 days ago

    was the smudge stick sage?

  12. Sarah Mott

    Sarah Mott4 days ago

    I also thought they were dog food bowls when i played lol

  13. Gatcha Kelly

    Gatcha Kelly6 days ago

    I think the first one was a demon lol

  14. Bakaa_90s

    Bakaa_90s7 days ago

    bruh they’d be some bomb ghost hunters🤣

  15. George Vranikas

    George Vranikas8 days ago

    Mike is the olny one who didnt die xD

  16. Doll Krista

    Doll Krista13 days ago

    Freezing temps is 3 and less

  17. Jaheim Archie

    Jaheim Archie14 days ago

    I know it's been like years ago can you still play gta 5 please I loved that series

  18. days ago

    *me not knowing Jay had friends*

  19. Tanjiro Fan

    Tanjiro Fan16 days ago

    3:37 mike said "idk how to open doors..." "but ik how to t bag"

  20. ruedawar

    ruedawar16 days ago

    more of this game pls! 😭

  21. Mari

    Mari16 days ago

    Can you make another one of these please? I enjoyed this!

  22. Omisha Douglass

    Omisha Douglass17 days ago

    Lol I just realised in the first one Jay said "Razz is gonna die" and RAZZ IS THE FIRST ONE TO DIE

  23. Maya Angelu Marco

    Maya Angelu Marco17 days ago

    Coming here after watching Kassie play this with Kara and Scott is so damn different lmao

  24. Clødíà _TechGirl

    Clødíà _TechGirl18 days ago

    Really need to make more videos with Lauren,Mike and Razz *This is so good 😍😍😍*

  25. Gawai zain

    Gawai zain22 days ago

    noone: literally noone: me: *ChEckS BehInd Me eVerY fiVe SecOndS*

  26. RØSÁ

    RØSÁ23 days ago

    Yo sup that dude 😎

  27. makayla palmer

    makayla palmer24 days ago

    man i cant stop watching this bruuuh started from mobile to computer this my new acc btw this funny af the screaming xd


    ROBLOX QUEENS24 days ago

    If you see a doll throw it on the ground to the most haunted place then I think the doll will go near the ghost spirit , or demon. I know you may not see this but I’m still gonna say.

  29. Randy

    Randy24 days ago

    Also phasmophobia is a fear of ghosts.

  30. Teagan Scully

    Teagan Scully25 days ago

    Razz: *picks up teddy* IM TAKIN IT HOME Ruth: How bout no

  31. •Millie Blossom•

    •Millie Blossom•25 days ago

    5:47 where is where Which is which

  32. Savage Crowbar

    Savage Crowbar25 days ago

    I wish Jay played more of this game it’s so fun

  33. Devon 2 Grimey

    Devon 2 Grimey26 days ago

    Jay make a phasmophobia with my boy Cory

  34. Jake Carroll

    Jake Carroll26 days ago

    I'm a fan of ghost hunting shows, and when my brother told me that you could insult the ghosts my first thought was "Are you TRYING to get attacked?!?!" It's something many professional ghost hunters advise heavily against as you don't know what could happen.

  35. Nikky

    Nikky28 days ago

    12:20 Ignore this comment, I’m just saving my place.

  36. IroDraws

    IroDraws29 days ago

    Nobody - My friend during a hunt - *c i r c u s m u s i c i s n o w p l a y i n g*

  37. nagito’s left foot

    nagito’s left footMonth ago

    Please play more phasmophobia soon (if you can!)

  38. Krishty Appadu

    Krishty AppaduMonth ago

    u guys are a good team. It was nice and fun watching u guys. Hope there will be other videos of u guys playing Phasmophobia:)

  39. Gaming Goldie

    Gaming GoldieMonth ago

    Jay, I suggest keeping your mouth shut when the ghost appears or in hunting mode, since they can hear you when you talk even if your not pressing V lol

  40. Rizen

    RizenMonth ago

    i’m almost level 500 and seeing this is tough

  41. IDrink_Windex

    IDrink_WindexMonth ago

    Is it just me or is jay wearing eBoy clothes? xD

  42. UncomfyMilk

    UncomfyMilkMonth ago

    the game : “ Paul Martinez” me: YO THATS MY PE TEACHER

  43. Jasutin Chan

    Jasutin ChanMonth ago

    LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. GlamourJinx

    GlamourJinxMonth ago

    Jay: **literally talking shit about the ghosts** Ghosts: Razz: **takes teddy bears** Ghosts: So you have chosen... DEATH.

  45. Isabel Murphy

    Isabel MurphyMonth ago

    I love all of your videos and they make me happy when I’m upset 😂❤️❤️

  46. Cxprina

    CxprinaMonth ago

    Them: Screams-- Me: laughs my ass off--

  47. Krackyoin Norikracky

    Krackyoin NorikrackyMonth ago

    lauren: *trying to be serious tellign everyone what they need to do* jay: yo guys check out razz's arm-

  48. Jewel M

    Jewel MMonth ago

    Razz got folded

  49. shining saphire

    shining saphireMonth ago

    You can actually use flashlight by pressing T while holding other stuff to turn on the flashlight.

  50. Loraine Sanchez

    Loraine SanchezMonth ago


  51. dania alsaiari

    dania alsaiariMonth ago

    i know this is supposed to be scary but I keep laughing every time they start screaming and trying to escape

  52. Weak Or Geek

    Weak Or GeekMonth ago

    Lol you guys hardly separate 😂🤣

  53. Little_Wolf Darling

    Little_Wolf DarlingMonth ago

    Omg! That same dead alive glitch happened to my brother while we were playing 😂

  54. oEce Echo

    oEce EchoMonth ago

    Watching this group play phasmophobia makes me loose brain cells

  55. OptimisticCat

    OptimisticCatMonth ago


  56. Jimin cures cancer

    Jimin cures cancerMonth ago

    30% not that scary 50% seeing ghosts 70% screaming 99% RAZZ GETTING KILLED

  57. Zim Card

    Zim CardMonth ago

    Lost it at 18:52 KWHDKSBDJSN Jay panicking his ass off

  58. 돌리 칼리Dolly Kalli

    돌리 칼리Dolly KalliMonth ago

    He’s so happy with them it’s adorable

  59. Em N.

    Em N.Month ago

    Kenneth Harris: "F L O O R" Jay: " OHHH GODD....HE SAID FLOOR. IDK WHAT THAT MEANS"

  60. Geronimo Gonzalez

    Geronimo GonzalezMonth ago

    when the school one. the walking sounds of from mine craft

  61. Alma Shiela Gernale

    Alma Shiela GernaleMonth ago

    Pls play moreee phasmobia dis is fun🥺🥺

  62. ulvenkun

    ulvenkunMonth ago

    jay you gotta play more of this!!

  63. Little_Wolf Darling

    Little_Wolf DarlingMonth ago

    "or stay real quite." Me: gets killed in a school hallway while being quite.

  64. Jennifer Guzman

    Jennifer GuzmanMonth ago

    my bro plays allot and i think my house is haunted because are light keep turning on and off when no was in there

  65. Pro Gamer

    Pro GamerMonth ago

    When Razz turned into Danny Phantom

  66. It’s_yaGirl Lilli

    It’s_yaGirl LilliMonth ago

    Literally risking their lives to only earn less than 100 bucks 😂

  67. Oikawaisnotrash

    OikawaisnotrashMonth ago

    My favorite four USlikesrs in one I can finally rest 🧍‍♀️😟

  68. Danna Garcia

    Danna GarciaMonth ago


  69. strang3cat

    strang3catMonth ago


  70. Yan Ying

    Yan YingMonth ago

    Everyone: “Oh he’s talking” also everyone else: hella loud so we can’t hear the ghost talking

  71. T-Pose

    T-PoseMonth ago

    I wonder how the freak this game knows the ghost names.

  72. Boba-tea-gacha Neon

    Boba-tea-gacha NeonMonth ago

    Sure Razz

  73. Gryphonzwing

    GryphonzwingMonth ago

    Razz found the dead/alive glitch in this game.🤣

  74. Alex Armstrong

    Alex ArmstrongMonth ago

    Paranormal investigator extrodinares

  75. Itz Lillyanna

    Itz LillyannaMonth ago

    I really liked this video and i wish for more of these videos in the far future its just really funny , scary , mysterious and thats just my cup of tea🤣.

  76. I'm PeBBle

    I'm PeBBleMonth ago

    jay:"this one of the scariest multiplayer games ever" not even the first two minutes passed:* EVERYONE LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF OVER A TEDDYBEAR *

  77. lexorrr

    lexorrrMonth ago


  78. beet rice

    beet riceMonth ago

    Kenneth: is behind Mike Also Kenneth: 'kay Razz is dead

  79. e m p t y .

    e m p t y .Month ago

    Play this with Corpse

  80. autumn is cool

    autumn is coolMonth ago


  81. Chio Ramirez

    Chio RamirezMonth ago

    Let's be honest, Jay, Razz, Mike and Lauren are the real MVP's at this game, we NEED more videos like this!

  82. BuBbLe NuGgEt

    BuBbLe NuGgEtMonth ago

    Ummm uh why was jay so grissy in this video

  83. •photon fzmash• senko

    •photon fzmash• senkoMonth ago

    *lights turn off* *our aircon turns off*

  84. nya0n

    nya0nMonth ago

    29:43 lmao best part of this vid

  85. Sky Maxwell

    Sky MaxwellMonth ago

    Kenneth kept saying "adult" that means he's an adult.

  86. Noice Toit

    Noice ToitMonth ago

    Wow razz 9CeLcUs IsNt ThAt CoLd

  87. Rudy Rose

    Rudy RoseMonth ago

    I thinlk we all know why jay died first ..... TALKING ALL THAT SHIT!

  88. Isabella Rivera

    Isabella RiveraMonth ago

    lol jay says its the most scariest game and everyones just roasting the ghosts

  89. Isabella Rivera

    Isabella RiveraMonth ago

    its so funny that razz was the first one to die cuz he took bunny

  90. LaVanda Godbee

    LaVanda GodbeeMonth ago

    Can you try waiting horror movies

  91. Tiffany Partlow

    Tiffany PartlowMonth ago

    Jay and razz just vibe

  92. bread

    breadMonth ago

    dude i love this sm

  93. Sophia Poulin

    Sophia Poulin2 months ago

    for their first game did anyone notice that when they came out of the truck after Razz had died did anyone notice the curtains shift a bit?

  94. Haruka Nishimiya

    Haruka Nishimiya2 months ago

    *"Paul Martinez, did your wife leave you"*

  95. xAngelics

    xAngelics2 months ago

    Play this with Kassie please

  96. Grace Benchakarn

    Grace Benchakarn2 months ago


  97. Nathalie Tarrosa

    Nathalie Tarrosa2 months ago

    Jay’s forehead be looking shinier than my future

  98. Hou Hou

    Hou Hou2 months ago

    Jay: this is one of the most scariest multiplayer games Jay 1 min in just laughing his ass off

  99. Fandoms_Kingdom

    Fandoms_Kingdom2 months ago

    God, Mike, Lauren, Razz and Jay are worse than Ghost Adventures with all the yelling lmao

  100. Xx The SteamPunkz xX

    Xx The SteamPunkz xX2 months ago

    Omg you guys need to do more gameplay of this it looks sooo funnn

  101. •Grassy Skies•

    •Grassy Skies•2 months ago

    Yo ruth i have a hostage


    DOKYOOM YO2 months ago


  103. Moyna rinti

    Moyna rinti2 months ago

    I have seen all of theme playing it lol

  104. Arianna

    Arianna2 months ago

    3:06 jays special G I G G L E

  105. Kahli Jackson

    Kahli Jackson2 months ago

    Jay: give us a sign Me: here u go✝️