I swear I wasn't going to play Danganronpa 2, but everyone wanted it SO bad that I decided let's see how this first episode goes...50K Likes for episode 2 of Danganronpa 2!
Danganronpa 2 game link:
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  1. potat0_e

    potat0_e4 hours ago

    So now we have Aoi, And Akane- **cries in tbhk manga** (つ .•́ _ʖ •̀.)つ

  2. Cadence _

    Cadence _15 hours ago

    Usami is so goddamn cute

  3. Roxana Pacheco

    Roxana Pacheco18 hours ago

    It's NAH-GITO

  4. Aithusa

    Aithusa19 hours ago

    Jay: screaming about his love for the 'Ding dong bing bong' and shouting "DING DONG BING BONG BABY!!" me who is totally confused by this storyline so far: 'whispers under breath' "dingdongbingbongbaybey"

  5. Monii

    Monii22 hours ago


  6. annabella case

    annabella caseDay ago


  7. Moon and the universe

    Moon and the universeDay ago

    I love how he is so happy to see togami... Sips tea* You fool.... hehe

  8. CHOSHASHI bsp

    CHOSHASHI bspDay ago

    20:31 jay....... do........ you..................... STILL NOT REALIZE THIS *IS* MAKOTO!!

  9. SuperAnime Killa73

    SuperAnime Killa73Day ago

    58:24 that's def miu's voice acotr right? riiiiiiiiiiiiiight??

  10. Bay Lecn

    Bay LecnDay ago

    3:02 I wonder what Jay would say about Shuichi if he played V3???

  11. Bay Lecn

    Bay LecnDay ago

    lmao, Mr. Moneybags

  12. Frosted Flower

    Frosted FlowerDay ago

    Fun fact that isn't much of a spoiler because it isn't actually a feature: Akane was originally gonna be your rival, but it got changed

  13. The Knight

    The KnightDay ago

    Jay talking Me : doesn’t understand anything: “mmm ok”

  14. Titus Cromah

    Titus CromahDay ago

    the way he ruins the names makes me MAD

  15. Sleepy K4gs

    Sleepy K4gs2 days ago

    Nobody: Not a soul: Jay: *Mikan Zucchini*

  16. Gillian

    Gillian2 days ago

    Why do I like Ibuki so much

  17. Tsuyu Asui

    Tsuyu Asui2 days ago


  18. Wonder Wombat

    Wonder Wombat2 days ago

    Jay doing that voice did made me LMAO I was like "DORA IS DAT CHU?!"

  19. Agnis Ritaputri

    Agnis Ritaputri3 days ago

    "bruh, this dude, this dude is a real einstein" SPOILER oh wait till nagito have the despair disease (in which has made him lie about everything he knows).. nagito: "I hate you, hajime" hajime: *leaves angrily*

  20. Beaminations

    Beaminations3 days ago

    " *Hope's Peak Academy Is The Academy Of Hope, Next You're Gonna Tell Me That Burger King Is The King Of Burgers* " -Jay 2020

  21. Lily Russell

    Lily Russell4 days ago

    Aight, cheat code off favourite USlikesr videos time.

  22. Levis Channel

    Levis Channel4 days ago

    MIKAan SUCHINI- *wheezes*

  23. Note

    Note4 days ago

    Nagito also is voiced by Naegi 😂

  24. Note

    Note4 days ago

    All forever be a fan of Nagito, Naegi and kokichi

  25. Gamer Epic

    Gamer Epic4 days ago

    I fell in love with this game. It's nice to re-experience the story with you.

  26. Laural ローラル

    Laural ローラル4 days ago

    This man needs to play the zero escape series

  27. No._.oneimportant

    No._.oneimportant4 days ago

    Why would Togami want to go back to hopes peak I-

  28. Miu Iruma The Horny Inventor

    Miu Iruma The Horny Inventor5 days ago

    Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc:Best Characters Danganronpa 2:Goodbye Despair:Best Gameplay Danganropa v3:Killing Harmony:Best Executions and Finally Best Character:Kyoko Kirigiri

  29. GrimPetal

    GrimPetal5 days ago

    Why does teruteru sound like an old grandpa

  30. Itz Niko

    Itz Niko5 days ago

    30:54 *eWwWww*

  31. Itz Niko

    Itz Niko5 days ago

    18:17 got me laughing as hell

  32. Floof Bone

    Floof Bone5 days ago

    After finishing Danganronpa 2: *"JAAAAY, plAy DaNGaNRonPA 3! We BEg oF yOu!"*

  33. TATSUMAKI's World

    TATSUMAKI's World5 days ago

    It’s not Hajiiiiiiime it’s ha ji me

  34. Itz Niko

    Itz Niko5 days ago

    9:38 I *thought Jay was lying ab him saying he had to take a shit😶👀😂😂*

  35. Biscuit Boy

    Biscuit Boy6 days ago

    56:14 headj g to bed

  36. Pink Autumn Baxter

    Pink Autumn Baxter6 days ago

    Part 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  37. La Cringe nugget UwU

    La Cringe nugget UwU7 days ago

    We all know who the real Ultimate chef is right :>

  38. Ingrid Indirasari

    Ingrid Indirasari7 days ago




    Play v3 after u finish it

  40. Sleepy Bean Studios

    Sleepy Bean Studios7 days ago

    I'm sorry but like. Yall saw this coming... G U N D H AM T A N A KA

  41. XxAsTeR_.WAs._hErExX 125

    XxAsTeR_.WAs._hErExX 1258 days ago

    Soooo, anyone else waiting for another danganrompa episode

  42. Havyn O'Neal - CDE Student

    Havyn O'Neal - CDE Student8 days ago

    The main character that you played as from the first game

  43. Havyn O'Neal - CDE Student

    Havyn O'Neal - CDE Student8 days ago

    Is nigito the same character from the first game

  44. Aliyah Mishra

    Aliyah Mishra8 days ago

    17:42 AHHHHHhhhhhh

  45. Angie Yonaga アンジー

    Angie Yonaga アンジー8 days ago

    It’s the “Academy of Hope” while Junko just wants to cause despair...plus 👁👄👁I can tell the Danganronpa Creators tried and just gave up, because where the hell is all the island and sand- *also did y’all know chihiro is related to Monokuma?* also just hire me and I can do monomi,Mikan and Hiyoko’s voice 👁👁

  46. Raven6802

    Raven68029 days ago

    He has to play V3

  47. Evieo

    Evieo9 days ago

    Byakuya simps after seeing this video😀🙌🏻

  48. Jamie Nguyen

    Jamie Nguyen9 days ago

    Usami is literally the cutest thing ever. I can’t even imagine her killing someone like Monokuma

  49. Bunny

    Bunny9 days ago

    Usami Is now my favorite

  50. Rhima Casimiro

    Rhima Casimiro9 days ago

    That guy who has pink hair looks like Kirishima and Mina in a mix or somewhat got a child.

  51. Andy Candy

    Andy Candy9 days ago

    The series isn't even over and im here rewatching videos while waiting on the next upload

  52. Kata Ugrai

    Kata Ugrai10 days ago

    It killed me when they said "thats a talking chihuahua?"

  53. Honorary

    Honorary10 days ago

    24:00 for me to continue

  54. NotZonia art

    NotZonia art10 days ago

    When your name is sonia-


    MARISSA RODRIGUEZ10 days ago

    Jay: *sees Bayakuya* Also Jay: *dies*

  56. Rîæ Cos

    Rîæ Cos11 days ago

    Jay: Ok i got to pronounce this right Also Jay: Ha-JEE-me

  57. 蔡汀汀

    蔡汀汀11 days ago

    Jay; I can't hit high notes like Monomi. Me; .--. Me; searches 'Jay jumpscares' Plays video Jay; Okay okay dont be scar- *Scary man appears*' Jay; AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh

  58. Olivia Safira

    Olivia Safira11 days ago

    im crying right now cuz seeing * byakuya * may i rewatch danganronpa 1 to see the amazing SKINNY byakuya?

  59. King Bacon

    King Bacon12 days ago

    That's not byakuya that's thiccukuya

  60. Karen Lau

    Karen Lau12 days ago


  61. Karen Lau

    Karen Lau12 days ago

    Hajime: Hope’s Peak Academy Jay: Ah shit here we go again

  62. drama

    drama12 days ago


  63. TrexHasVerySmallArms

    TrexHasVerySmallArms12 days ago

    Mikan *Zucchini*

  64. Potato o no

    Potato o no13 days ago

    Okay so yall telling me, that on the Anime Side of tiktok people simp for an ugly ice cream head dude named Gundham Tanaka? Yall people got sum weird Simp-Power. I shall call yall, *The Ultimate Simp*

  65. Manic Dark Cat

    Manic Dark Cat13 days ago

    The ultimate Among us 11037 :)

  66. Aneri

    Aneri13 days ago

    *Mikan Tsukimi*

  67. Armin Arlerts Wife

    Armin Arlerts Wife13 days ago

    I’m so glad Jay is doing danganronpa I love it sm and I love Jays videos so yeah

  68. MissOtaku

    MissOtaku13 days ago

    Byukuya went from Skinny Legend to Thicc History

  69. THE COOKIES Gacha

    THE COOKIES Gacha14 days ago

    OMG I DIDN'T KNOW YOU DID THIS OMFG IM SO HAPPY THAT I FOUND THIS I WAS LIKE "he's a great USlikesr he would be the best if he played Danganronpa" YOUR THE BEST USlikesR NOW

  70. meat

    meat14 days ago

    damn so that means i don’t gotta marry jay to have his last name, i already have it 😏

  71. The Gabe

    The Gabe14 days ago

    First impressions this game is whack and super wierd. Me no gusta. gonna watch anyways though cuz the first was really good. Wee woo

  72. Otaku Joestar

    Otaku Joestar14 days ago

    Fuyuhiko: Fatass.. Jay: he's dying first Me: jay ain't gonna like what happens 👀

  73. choco cweam Sandwich

    choco cweam Sandwich14 days ago

    I REALLY hope he plays Ultra Despair Girls after this!

  74. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper14 days ago

    Wait does that mean the sequel of this game happen after the first one. What's happened to the real world? Does it Chaos? Or Peaceful?

  75. Absol-Lootley

    Absol-Lootley8 days ago

    This game is a sequel of the first. But you’ll see later what happened to the outside world. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but this island is... different.

  76. This is Qaisara

    This is Qaisara14 days ago

    I shouldn't have read the comments while watching this-

  77. cassey paraiso

    cassey paraiso14 days ago


  78. Mr. Smiley

    Mr. Smiley15 days ago

    Jay saying he won’t say hajime wrong Not even a minute later. HajIime 👁👁

  79. Buttercup

    Buttercup15 days ago

    SPOILERS: “AYYYEEE BYAKUYAAA” So umm... who’s gonna tell him?

  80. Brooklyn Dickson

    Brooklyn Dickson16 days ago

    when i saw how this game was kind of the opposite of the first i thought "what if they have a bunch of dead people and see who will resurrect someone else" but then i remembered it would just be a bunch of dead people with one alive person at the first class trial

  81. Mothman

    Mothman16 days ago

    18:30 Jay, he has early onset lymphoma, and fronto temporal dementia

  82. Random Person

    Random Person16 days ago

    The fact that Fuyuhiko is one of the survivors and he thought he was going to die first is hilarious

  83. Maki.harukawa

    Maki.harukawa16 days ago


  84. sunny michelle

    sunny michelle17 days ago

    as soon as I heard *GUNDHAM TANAKA* my brain went jojo 😀

  85. Logan Handley

    Logan Handley17 days ago

    Hajime, no joke, reminds me of Makoto. (Mainly the design Makoto takes on in the third game.)

  86. jesus christ

    jesus christ17 days ago

    chiaki is literally one of those wattpad gamer girl reader insert characters ('cute', doesn't care until games are brought up, smart, everyone loves them for some reason) which is exactly why she will never top queen kyoko

  87. jesus christ

    jesus christ17 days ago


  88. Abi

    Abi17 days ago

    is there no closed ending to danganronpa 1 ?

  89. Abi

    Abi16 days ago

    Absol-Lootley okay thank you sm I was kinda lost

  90. Absol-Lootley

    Absol-Lootley16 days ago

    Abi You’ll see. This game is a continuation of the first. Ultra Despair Girls explains a bit more about “The Tragedy” as well

  91. Aleena Nawaz

    Aleena Nawaz17 days ago

    Oh my god I’m only 30 minutes in to the video and have just met Gundham Tanaka and am a full blown simp for him and Nagito. You wanna see some real s p e e d

  92. Jessyica42

    Jessyica4217 days ago

    Omg the door from the beginning. It must be a sign from our savior, Door-kun!!!

  93. Moonlight _4000

    Moonlight _400017 days ago

    Last of us 2........ play

  94. mood

    mood17 days ago

    He should play your turn to die it’s like danganronpa and joe is babie hands down

  95. ``Star Sailor``

    ``Star Sailor``17 days ago

    B r u h, i do NOT like the changes to byakuya, i'll edit if my opinions change, but i don't think they will, instead of changing byakuya thay could have been someone related to him, like a SoN. DUDE I JUST GOT A THEORY. AS WE PLAYED AS MAKOTO, ULTIMATE LUCKY, NOW WE PLAY AS SOMEONE LIKE KYOKO-

  96. Quinty Angel

    Quinty Angel18 days ago

    OMG, I keed hearing the name Gundham Tanaka everywere on tiktok but now I realize it is from this game!!! I never expected that!! I thought it was from a famous anime but its not even origanaly from an anime!! Its from a game!!

  97. Absol-Lootley

    Absol-Lootley16 days ago

    Quinty Angel I mean, Danganronpa does have an anime. But in my opinion, the games are better

  98. Savannah Moore

    Savannah Moore18 days ago

    I just realized Ibuki could have been in the group Sayaka was in with the first game

  99. Bangtan7을키

    Bangtan7을키18 days ago

    Byakuya to Monomi: Get lost! Me: Why gotta do Monomi like that :') *is already heartbroken*

  100. Ca-Mai09

    Ca-Mai0918 days ago

    What now Monika?

  101. flash78963 yt?

    flash78963 yt?19 days ago

    Jay the chief dude got mondo hair cut

  102. アミラAmi

    アミラAmi19 days ago

    Best dr game tbh I'm glad u playing it jay!

  103. ください•カニン

    ください•カニン19 days ago

    Jay: Voicing the Main Character's Happy Monologue Also Jay: *sees school* NO MY BOI! THAT'S NOT A DREAM!!!

  104. Reagan Lacey

    Reagan Lacey19 days ago

    Makoto and Toko are forever going to be my favorite Danganronpa characters tho, even if the second one doesn't include them both.

  105. Reagan Lacey

    Reagan Lacey16 days ago

    @Absol-Lootley Darn. Okay, thank you! (Although I don't see why they were so hated, I couldn't really imagine any of the others surviving after seeing it...)

  106. Absol-Lootley

    Absol-Lootley16 days ago

    Reagan Lacey I believe it’s only Toko and Makoto that appear in UDG from the first game. Kyoko briefly appears at the end of Danganronpa 2 however. But I don’t believe we see much of Hiro and Hina again. I believe this is due to them being the most hated survivors from the first game.

  107. Reagan Lacey

    Reagan Lacey16 days ago

    @Absol-Lootley I heard, and believe me, I am so excited to get there. I'm still on the 2nd one, since people said it's better to play 2 before Ultra Despair Girls. I'm actually watching Jay play it for the first time myself, since I can't play it on my own. But anyways, yeah, I'm excited to see Makoto and Toko again. Are Kyoko and Hiro and Hina in it too? Or just the two?

  108. Absol-Lootley

    Absol-Lootley16 days ago

    Reagan Lacey You’ll absolutely love Ultra Despair Girls. This isn’t exactly a spoiler, but Toko is one of the main characters of it. Makoto appears several times as well

  109. kokichi ouma

    kokichi ouma19 days ago