I swear I wasn't going to play Danganronpa 2, but everyone wanted it SO bad that I decided let's see how this first episode goes...50K Likes for episode 2 of Danganronpa 2!
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  1. Lucky Arobinto

    Lucky Arobinto2 hours ago

    People told me I should watch this game first before watching Danganronpa 3, Thank god he has some gameplay Starting at Jan 15, 2021

  2. dreamer b

    dreamer b11 hours ago

    Lmao Jay roasting Leon XD

  3. Imma Cactus

    Imma Cactus16 hours ago


  4. Weeaboo

    Weeaboo19 hours ago

    bi-ya-koo-ya HAHAHAH this dude

  5. • Mei •

    • Mei •21 hour ago

    BEA QUEA 😭✋

  6. Sunnii Skies

    Sunnii SkiesDay ago

    40:24 Well, you SEE-

  7. Curly Erin8

    Curly Erin8Day ago

    Why does Ultimate Chef hair look like mondos just a different colour

  8. Kumieto

    Kumieto2 days ago

    Teruteru is a even worse verison of Mineta... which is something we didn't need in this world.

  9. 순아이

    순아이2 days ago

    Na-Geeto Komai- EDDA 👌 love it

  10. Da Pro Boi

    Da Pro Boi2 days ago

    30:35, Kubz just spitted some rhymes

  11. froggywimp

    froggywimp2 days ago

    I do not appreciate the Mahiru Slander

  12. Sophie Ellwood

    Sophie Ellwood3 days ago

    POV: you’re back to rewatch bc he said he may not do the third game 😢

  13. g h 0 s t

    g h 0 s t3 days ago

    i really love it when Jay gets all happy when he sees Togami/Twogami it’s so adorable 🥺

  14. Sam Alii

    Sam Alii3 days ago

    i watched cinnamontoastken and he just didn't like my boy Nagito UnU. so i'm re-watching the game with kubz i'm already enjoying it!!

  15. shapemaster24

    shapemaster243 days ago

    i looked up what a yakuza is and its the japnese mafia

  16. Scootus Productions

    Scootus Productions3 days ago

    Why does Ibuki have an Usopp face? I love her already.

  17. YourFandomsRandomPotato ;-;

    YourFandomsRandomPotato ;-;3 days ago

    17:36 its worth it husbando is there

  18. Its Ari YT

    Its Ari YT4 days ago


  19. Its Ari YT

    Its Ari YT4 days ago

    Ayo look- i see ny hamster mannnnnnnnnnn

  20. Akako Rose

    Akako Rose4 days ago

    tbh... I needa ask that how much food has Byakuya ate during quarantine-

  21. Tired Mistake

    Tired Mistake4 days ago

    SPOILERS (kinda???) - - - - 30:32 Jay: “first he calls us pale, now he calls us a pessimist- DOES THIS GUY HAVE NO SELF AWARENESS?!” DR fans: *stifled laughter*

  22. Nasreen Hussain

    Nasreen Hussain5 days ago

    Man I know I am being ridiculous but I found Usami really 'REALLY CUTE!!!

  23. Himiko Yumeno

    Himiko Yumeno5 days ago

    Mahiru is literally tenko but the opposite of tenko 😵‍💫😆😆

  24. Himiko Yumeno

    Himiko Yumeno5 days ago

    Mikan Tsukimi XDXDXD nah nah nah It's Mikan Tsumiki 😮‍💨😅😁

  25. Himiko Yumeno

    Himiko Yumeno5 days ago

    ⚠️SPOILER⚠️ 11:11 this dude's gonna die first! Nah nah nah this dude is finna survive

  26. Himiko Yumeno

    Himiko Yumeno5 days ago

    Jay a lil bit after 5:00 : Wait?..... Is that.. Is *that*? Bayakuya!? *Intense laughing* also Jay: Is that aoi too? Aoi aoi aoi. hehe

  27. ack

    ack5 days ago

    mikan zucchini

  28. Galaxy Lunarr

    Galaxy Lunarr5 days ago


  29. The Lilbird

    The Lilbird6 days ago

    Let me just tell you something I found out THE FIRST VOICE (that’s not hinatas) IS PEKO’S She says (and I quote) “...Who goes there?”

  30. Gamer Goose

    Gamer Goose6 days ago

    Jay: * pronounces names wrong * Me: ha ha, funny Jay: * pronounces Bratwurst wrong * Me: * cries *

  31. stella luvs

    stella luvs7 days ago

    anyone else here after Jay finished to read the spoilers?

  32. MsLindaka

    MsLindaka7 days ago

    why are you shouting?

  33. Fledermaus

    Fledermaus7 days ago

    "Croissant-haired perverts" has to be my favorite character description ever.

  34. Kori Rogers

    Kori Rogers7 days ago

    BeYaKuYa XD JAY IF U EVER SEE THIS IM SO SORRYYYYY i also love ur vids :)

  35. CoolDude34 Gaming

    CoolDude34 Gaming8 days ago

    I just got this game for my psp emulator on my laptop Im 1 step ahead of people who pay

  36. ICCA Gaming

    ICCA Gaming8 days ago

    If they begged for him to play the second game then it’s most likely they’ll beg for V3 and Ultra Despair Girls


    XD HEHE MEMES9 days ago

    about this byakuya he the ulimate imposter about the real one the owner said that he lost his meormyed again

  38. Okuyoin UwU

    Okuyoin UwU9 days ago

    Jay: Everyone here looks pale except the buff ass dude here Akane Owari: Am I a joke to you.

  39. ・ Riley_MT ・

    ・ Riley_MT ・9 days ago

    "the ultimate breeder, what does that mean? h a m p t e r

  40. ・ Riley_MT ・

    ・ Riley_MT ・9 days ago

    i’m vibing dude B)

  41. Allyson Cooper

    Allyson Cooper9 days ago

    I was not expecting to find a person who commented 2 hours ago-

  42. PANTA -

    PANTA -9 days ago

    31:14 social distance 😷

  43. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma10 days ago

    Gundhams voice did wat to your wat ...- 😀

  44. jgwng !!

    jgwng !!10 days ago

    *M I K A N T S U K I M I*

  45. Nightmare King

    Nightmare King10 days ago

    Wait so the world was fine. But why did byakauehdn come back??

  46. Adesola ABOLARIN

    Adesola ABOLARIN10 days ago

    *_biya kúya_*

  47. Fanta

    Fanta10 days ago

    not me coming to watch this after finishing dr2

  48. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair10 days ago

    6:29 Little did Jay know that character in the middle would become his favorite character

  49. kirsteinism

    kirsteinism11 days ago

    !!SPOILERS!! jay: at least she can fight back so she won't die... _unless_ jay.. are you yasuhiro's twin or something?

  50. kirsteinism

    kirsteinism11 days ago


  51. kirsteinism

    kirsteinism11 days ago

    12:55 FUYUHIKO- I CAN'T

  52. kirsteinism

    kirsteinism11 days ago

    "i bet you on the _gross ass_ design on the side of his head" 11:06 you didn't need to call out my boy fuyuhiko like that 😭☠️

  53. Carleen Cuevas

    Carleen Cuevas11 days ago

    little did jay know that he would be a nagito simp

  54. Davryn H

    Davryn H11 days ago

    *spoilers* Jay: Chiaki Nanami... we gotta keep her alive at all costs! Me: ...who’s gonna tell him-

  55. Mochiii Fox

    Mochiii Fox11 days ago

    Fun fact: Nagito and Makoto have the same voice actor

  56. Salty Bean

    Salty Bean11 days ago

    bye i’m in love with nagitos voice please goodbye i am passing away

  57. Samurai Levi

    Samurai Levi11 days ago

    Byakuya really let himself go during time of social distancing.

  58. L O

    L O11 days ago


  59. kymo ?

    kymo ?12 days ago


  60. Asmr listener

    Asmr listener12 days ago

    “WhAt In Ze FaWk” - jay 41:09

  61. Super Wahoo Studios

    Super Wahoo Studios12 days ago

    Jay doing a perfect Nagito voice even before meeting Nagito

  62. Gemma

    Gemma12 days ago

    hajime reminds me of nagito at the very start -__-

  63. The dead rat violist

    The dead rat violist12 days ago

    Its weird seeing Nagito like this.

  64. stephanie leyva

    stephanie leyva12 days ago

    Oh my lord WHAT HAPPENED TO BYAKUYA!??? Lmao, so cute being so chubby

  65. Olinka Olinka

    Olinka Olinka13 days ago

    Gundham is really my guy, maybe more like a twin tho i'm sure i'm not that agressive I mean the fact that he got his hamster to school, so me if I was braver

  66. Amirah

    Amirah13 days ago


  67. amani

    amani13 days ago

    He was already in 5 min and just started laughing .

  68. *•-Coconut Panda-•*

    *•-Coconut Panda-•*13 days ago

    What they hear : “ My name is Nekomaru Nidai” What I hear : “My Name Is Nekomaru Knee-Die”

  69. Yuan Borja

    Yuan Borja12 days ago

    Same haha

  70. Dert nowert

    Dert nowert13 days ago

    This don't make sense what happened on the first one I watched the last one but it ended on a cliff hanger

  71. applepi

    applepi14 days ago

    6:52 SPOILERZ “just because byakuya is back” byakuya: died first

  72. 4pensword4

    4pensword414 days ago

    "I was truly in a dream" *sees Hope's Peak* NooOO, THAT'S NOT A DREEEEAM! THAT'S THE ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE!!!! 1:05 I died XD

  73. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair14 days ago

    8:12 savagekuya

  74. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair14 days ago

    5:54 imagine if he just cut the vid off there lol 3:27 lol 28:04

  75. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair14 days ago

    5:04 lol

  76. sabertooth

    sabertooth14 days ago

    nagito: she is in a all girls band me: that sounds like someone i know... sayaka: y...

  77. שמש כהן

    שמש כהן15 days ago

    Wow what an ass why would he fake it

  78. Cerystine

    Cerystine15 days ago

    3 months later, and we're at 69k likes-

  79. simp human

    simp human15 days ago

    5:28 can we talk about how creepy nagito looks rn? he looks like hes in a dark alleyway waitaind to sellf people drugz

  80. karyn chambers

    karyn chambers14 days ago

    Hahahaha omg 😂

  81. Allison Marler

    Allison Marler16 days ago

    Base ball dude died 2nd not 1st

  82. gio psd

    gio psd17 days ago

    is it just me or nagito looks like junko

  83. Ema Shala

    Ema Shala17 days ago


  84. Nagito Dorito

    Nagito Dorito17 days ago

    So excited for this series, I loved the first one and know i will like this one

  85. Kimberley Gomez

    Kimberley Gomez17 days ago

    Hajime: what. Is. That Jay: its a door my guy 😂😂😂I can't stop 🤣🤣

  86. Ayden Longworth

    Ayden Longworth17 days ago

    At first, when I saw Byakuya, I thought you were excited of him because he was Kernal Sander's son. Also, I'm calling it that we're the ultimate detective.

  87. Lightz

    Lightz17 days ago

    I love Jay's anime girl voice LOL

  88. Junko Enoshima

    Junko Enoshima18 days ago

    Me too Jay, me too..

  89. wee woo wee woo wee woo wee woo

    wee woo wee woo wee woo wee woo18 days ago

    came back to rewatch all of this

  90. wee woo wee woo wee woo wee woo

    wee woo wee woo wee woo wee woo18 days ago


  91. peko peko peko peko peko peko

    peko peko peko peko peko peko18 days ago


  92. - Squid

    - Squid13 days ago


  93. Michaela Sebkova

    Michaela Sebkova18 days ago

    Fuyuhiku is a walmart version of boss baby

  94. Heimoon _s

    Heimoon _s18 days ago


  95. Margaret Rose Martin

    Margaret Rose Martin19 days ago

    Nagito standing atop you: “Hey are you ok?” Me: “🎵If I’m lucky ye I might get laid🎵”

  96. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin19 days ago

    "I couldn't control myself when I saw *him back in this game"* No spoiler, but I'm not sure you wanna be saying that.

  97. Cecilia Kirksey

    Cecilia Kirksey19 days ago

    The way he says ‘Byakuya’ and ‘Hajime’ makes me laugh! 🤣

  98. Wolfy the king Of chai

    Wolfy the king Of chai19 days ago

    Nagito komaAAAADa

  99. hey babe

    hey babe19 days ago

    okay I’ve made it this far. For those who don’t know I’m rewatching every video that jay has made on Danganronpa. And I can’t go to sleep before I finish every single one. 21 more to go wish me luck🙂I’m going crazy I wish there was an emoji for eye bags lmao😴

  100. Mia Fabian

    Mia Fabian19 days ago


  101. Lynn Ackerman

    Lynn Ackerman19 days ago

    dude when he first met nagito fjsdnsdnjdsf

  102. Lynn Ackerman

    Lynn Ackerman19 days ago


  103. TwilightEncore

    TwilightEncore19 days ago

    Little did he know how obsessed with nagito he would become

  104. ana paola

    ana paola20 days ago


  105. MJ Porton

    MJ Porton20 days ago

    hey jay i know who is true murderer it is monokuma and you are choosing innocent people in the game

  106. Super Potato

    Super Potato20 days ago

    Why do I shead hair like a dog

  107. Georgia Walton

    Georgia Walton20 days ago

    “Hajime Hinata” Jay: “okay I have to say this right” Pronounces Hajime name wrong Me: 😂