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  1. Hayle Hollo

    Hayle Hollo17 minutes ago

    Jay: sees puppies and saying they're and stuff Also Jay: swinging at them

  2. Hayle Hollo

    Hayle Hollo17 minutes ago


  3. Mr. Xx-King_Shrimp-xX

    Mr. Xx-King_Shrimp-xX5 hours ago

    2:58 When your mother in law has to stay with you for a week

  4. Aizawa Shouta

    Aizawa Shouta9 hours ago

    Play nun massacre it was the same developer who made the first game you played in this video

  5. Max the epix Johnny boy DBH

    Max the epix Johnny boy DBH10 hours ago

    Free replays 0:21 0:17

  6. Lord Shaxx

    Lord ShaxxDay ago

    2:56 dang Jay hit the HIGH notes he got the girly man screams

  7. May

    MayDay ago

    12:25 why did it skip??

  8. Nora

    Nora2 days ago

    ok yall hear me out. Hobo Jo looks like Trump and Stan looks like Obama, DONT TRY TO PLAY ME

  9. gamergo 7

    gamergo 72 days ago

    Try playing murder house

  10. Paula

    Paula3 days ago

    2:58 I laughed at jay more than I got scared, he took all my fear 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. amber

    amber4 days ago

    2:58 tomato jay a la max

  12. Weaboo bear

    Weaboo bear5 days ago

    Jay could be an opera singer

  13. Aaliyah Wallace

    Aaliyah Wallace5 days ago

    Dang bruh I’m on my period and I think I peed a little when you screamed

  14. Vonnie Cao

    Vonnie Cao5 days ago

    i swear jay!!!! you got the best screams in the world!!!!! makes me jump then laugh at the same time!!!!

  15. Slime Monster 379

    Slime Monster 3795 days ago

    I died laughing at Jays girly man cries cuz he has a higher pitch scream dan i do and im female!

  16. NATTY_blink

    NATTY_blink6 days ago

    2:55 scream ever...

  17. sooxiulove

    sooxiulove6 days ago

    I lowkey miss the days where Jay said “So buckle the FUCK UP cause here we go!”

  18. Jimins Jams

    Jimins Jams6 days ago

    2:59 this has got to be one of my ✨favorite✨ screams OMG PUT IT ON 0.25 I SWEAR YOU WONT REGRET IT

  19. shouto todoroki

    shouto todoroki6 days ago

    Bai jin jin *_*

  20. No homo bro

    No homo bro6 days ago

    2:58 2:58 10:21 10:21

  21. Lissa r

    Lissa r7 days ago

    When Jay hit them high notes he makes me feel like a manly man lmfao

  22. •Aqua Katie•

    •Aqua Katie•7 days ago

    Your high notes are higher than my grades


    NEKO NATSU7 days ago

    I regret increasing the volume with my headphones on especially on 2:59

  24. Slowed Vibezz

    Slowed Vibezz7 days ago

    “Look at the puppyyyy!!! Hahshhdhehshshs look the puppyyyy”🥺

  25. King Jordan

    King Jordan8 days ago

    Jay sound like a girl 👧 🤣 😆

  26. Anime_ MochiSimp127

    Anime_ MochiSimp1278 days ago

    Jay don't worry I hit higher notes than those one choir kids

  27. Yunzaku I

    Yunzaku I9 days ago

    I love how I'm just playing Animal Crossing and I'm listening to Jay talk, and I just hear his high pitch scream, and I'm like ya good there Jay? XDD

  28. Eleni

    Eleni9 days ago

    Jay: "I want there to be a high note made exclusively for me." *2:58* Me: *The gods have answered your wish this high note is something only you could reach*

  29. Ermun Munkhnasan

    Ermun Munkhnasan9 days ago

    10:21 AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ermun Munkhnasan

    Ermun Munkhnasan9 days ago

    2:58 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Juicy123

    Juicy12310 days ago

    2:58 Jay, you went as red as hobo Jo's t-shirt

  32. Princess Dina

    Princess Dina10 days ago

    Jay and Cory can hit them tom and Jerry high notes

  33. Tømâkę Åríã

    Tømâkę Åríã10 days ago

    Me when I don’t see a jump scare time in the comments: 2:59

  34. Arianna Delicata

    Arianna Delicata11 days ago

    Jay: this looks like where you get tortured Me: uhm... My basement looks like that

  35. Reagan Lacey

    Reagan Lacey11 days ago

    The real horror story of the game is Sara having an abusive, alcoholic boyfriend. 😢

  36. Hale Tihi

    Hale Tihi11 days ago


  37. Hale Tihi

    Hale Tihi11 days ago


  38. Shade Bloodrose

    Shade Bloodrose11 days ago

    Jay should join the choir

  39. hi im hawks im chill

    hi im hawks im chill11 days ago

    Plz reply plz jay and you that DUDE

  40. hi im hawks im chill

    hi im hawks im chill11 days ago

    Btw im a fan and i wach you for 4 years

  41. hi im hawks im chill

    hi im hawks im chill11 days ago

    Ok babby lol

  42. Ebony

    Ebony11 days ago

    10:20 and that, my dudes, is why I have to wear headphones when watching Jay. So I don't piss off the neighbors XD

  43. Mobster_ Mik

    Mobster_ Mik12 days ago

    me: watching this on friday Jay:freaky on a friday

  44. flash78963 yt?

    flash78963 yt?12 days ago

    This is why jay can't be a killer walks in house he sees puppies house owner hears him calls the cops

  45. Sean The Geetar Player

    Sean The Geetar Player12 days ago

    Omg when he said it’s nice to have a good neighbor I thought “like a good neighbor State Farm is there” and then he said it lol

  46. Loveble Heart

    Loveble Heart13 days ago

    i never seen jay hitting high screams like that before i got suprised.

  47. Amara Rock

    Amara Rock13 days ago

    It was the girly scream for me

  48. DonutMaster100

    DonutMaster10014 days ago

    This dood is hitting the high notes 😂

  49. C.K Artz

    C.K Artz14 days ago


  50. Mysty Caku

    Mysty Caku15 days ago

    *The trash hasn't been taken out in months* Jay: *Hobo Jo hasn't been taken out in months*

  51. Golden teddy bear

    Golden teddy bear15 days ago

    its not the jumpscare's that get me its jay's girly screaming plus the jumpscare

  52. Kat the sans fangirl

    Kat the sans fangirl16 days ago

    Jump scare list: 2:59 10:21 That’s all really lol

  53. Kat the sans fangirl

    Kat the sans fangirl16 days ago

    That where I’m gonna “ d i e “

  54. Kat the sans fangirl

    Kat the sans fangirl16 days ago

    Damn jay really hit them high notes higher then Mariah Carey. Like damn! Lol love your vids jay keep being great and the highlight of my day!

  55. jiminie boba

    jiminie boba16 days ago

    2:58 10:21 mega girly screams 😂 *(**12:29** it’s another scream too)*

  56. See Yalater

    See Yalater16 days ago

    That one shirt was the dirty laundry, man get out of here

  57. exofanxoxo

    exofanxoxo16 days ago

    seokjin and jay should collaborate sis

  58. WhoAmI

    WhoAmI16 days ago

    He hit a D6 from that first one :o And a D#6 too, on the bus lol

  59. Lai Quintero

    Lai Quintero16 days ago

    Sara was giving out all her information 😭

  60. Ana Villarreal Gonzalez

    Ana Villarreal Gonzalez16 days ago

    Jay in another video:im not a boy,im 100% a man..(lenny face) jay again:*high pitched screaming*

  61. xxdepressed_darkpurplexx gacha

    xxdepressed_darkpurplexx gacha17 days ago

    When he looked out the bus window and looked back that guy was standing there it gave me the chills and his yell-

  62. Mari -chan

    Mari -chan17 days ago

    12:38 "Let me make sure i got my GUN, my GUN"

  63. Mocha Alpaca

    Mocha Alpaca17 days ago

    I wasn't looking we were screen at when jay screamed i lowkey thought re was a sound effect from the game

  64. VelvetLem

    VelvetLem17 days ago

    You know it's bad when you and Jay hit the same high note scream 😅😂

  65. super epic cheese burger

    super epic cheese burger17 days ago

    Jays screams are worse than the games

  66. Alexis Canzoneri

    Alexis Canzoneri17 days ago

    something about stan gave me the walking dead video game voice acting vibes for some reason 💀

  67. シ Kazum1 シ

    シ Kazum1 シ17 days ago

    Does anyone notice Stan Sounds Like Lee In Walking Dead...

  68. Alanna Smith

    Alanna Smith17 days ago

    Is it just me or did you guys also thought his high notes was being made by the main character at first lol


    SHIRLEY TAN Moe17 days ago

    Yoo jay long time no see but can you make more yandere sim videos ples

  70. Luna Bloom

    Luna Bloom17 days ago

    Bro, that high note tho--

  71. Abby

    Abby18 days ago

    why does hobo jo look like donald trump-

  72. silentmouseroni

    silentmouseroni18 days ago

    Hobo Joe looks like Great Value Trump and Stan looks like Steve Harvey with hair

  73. Xxxteddybear :3

    Xxxteddybear :318 days ago

    Bro I have been dying for like 20 minutes Jay's notes sounded like a girl tho 😂

  74. Searah Hadley

    Searah Hadley18 days ago

    Dang hit a whole whistle tone

  75. Euterpe _exe

    Euterpe _exe18 days ago

    That was the best scream I've ever heard him do.

  76. wallflowerchan ._

    wallflowerchan ._18 days ago

    2:55 i love how you can see jays face go from red to *red*

  77. {箭Kukkibeaシ

    {箭Kukkibeaシ18 days ago

    Beyonce has been really quiet since u uploaded this vid

  78. Kira Midnight

    Kira Midnight18 days ago

    Jay’s screams scared me more than the actual jump scares😭

  79. Consuelo Franco-Morales

    Consuelo Franco-Morales18 days ago

    stan sound like Lee from the walking dead

  80. Willine Louve

    Willine Louve18 days ago

    2:58 sounds like a girl in a horror movie :o

  81. đreamy islandsシ

    đreamy islandsシ18 days ago

    When jay go scares a was scared too.. DAMN i was hella scared!!😂😂😐

  82. •JustNaoko•

    •JustNaoko•18 days ago

    Jay is the one who scare me

  83. Samauri Townsend

    Samauri Townsend18 days ago

    What happen to your ig?

  84. BunnyTheRoseBear

    BunnyTheRoseBear18 days ago

    the guy on the bus was mad oogily googily

  85. Ari_ Aisha

    Ari_ Aisha18 days ago

    That scream tho

  86. XxVictoria CookiexX

    XxVictoria CookiexX19 days ago

    Normal people: I liked the video, so I liked Not normal people: I liked the video because I like to get freaky on a Friday night. I bet some of you people liked the video for the 2nd reason

  87. bunny nightcore

    bunny nightcore19 days ago

    Wow! Jay is hitting brendon urie notes

  88. Just Abu

    Just Abu19 days ago

    That is not jay. Thats Ariana Grande disgused As jay

  89. sav marie

    sav marie19 days ago

    I saw the tweet of him freaking out and I am scared 👁👄👁

  90. Cassy Pfeffie

    Cassy Pfeffie19 days ago

    Jay's reaction is so G.O.A.T!! It made me laugh soo hard 😂 But damn I can't stop loving your videos... 🤩

  91. Cassy Pfeffie

    Cassy Pfeffie19 days ago

    3:18/18:20 Jay Screams made me both nervous and made me shout! Hahahha Jay that loud pitch Voice Hobo Jo what kind of name is that? Hahahha Anyway 😉 love your videos

  92. Bokuto Kōtarō

    Bokuto Kōtarō19 days ago


  93. Senpapi

    Senpapi19 days ago

    10:01 my guy lowkey looking like shadow kaneshiro

  94. Michelle Sarabia

    Michelle Sarabia19 days ago

    That scream was funny, also im a big fan of u love u hahaha

  95. Admirals

    Admirals19 days ago


  96. mhaki lima

    mhaki lima19 days ago


  97. sophie

    sophie20 days ago

    i died when jay screamed at the hobo LOL

  98. spencerreidswifey

    spencerreidswifey20 days ago

    vaccum machine

  99. Fiftysquare 1209

    Fiftysquare 120920 days ago

    The only thing that made me laugh was that Hay screamed like a total woman- 👁👄👁

  100. Larssonお兄ちゃん

    Larssonお兄ちゃん20 days ago

    damn atleast someone hire jay as a singer to hit em hHHHHHIIIIGHHHHH NOTEESS- *couldnt imagine tho- I mean like while jay is singing jay is probably watching or doing horor games at the same time-*

  101. Imani Alexis

    Imani Alexis20 days ago

    I thought his scream was the VA screaming 😭😭😭