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  1. Groovy Pie

    Groovy Pie3 days ago

    Dr handsome what’s next nurse cutie🌝

  2. FuntimeDevil 666

    FuntimeDevil 6664 days ago

    Jay fun fact about the city that your hobo is Is in Czech Republic, in my country I noticed it by Zizkov, the places that you go and the cash krowns

  3. cross slothy

    cross slothy5 days ago

    Every hobo

  4. Phsiic

    Phsiic7 days ago

    the people want more!!!

  5. zesean graham

    zesean graham8 days ago

    can't wait for part 2

  6. PlxsmaX

    PlxsmaX8 days ago

    "Zizkov" Sounds like Russian city. Maybe thats why jorts exist here.

  7. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez9 days ago

    11:10 you have to upgrade your skills so you have more of a window to click that

  8. gloomyandrea

    gloomyandrea9 days ago

    All I think about when Jay says "Hobo" is Eren

  9. ғʀxɢɢɪɪ

    ғʀxɢɢɪɪ9 days ago

    I want more hobo sim👀✋

  10. Thuy Lam

    Thuy Lam9 days ago

    okay but.. the thumbnail?

  11. Leo Kagasaki

    Leo Kagasaki11 days ago

    7:57 Casper threw hands

  12. bookloving poet

    bookloving poet11 days ago

    the fact that as he is about to translate the farenheit to celsius and completely forgets about it, lol

  13. Nick Middleton

    Nick Middleton12 days ago


  14. tessa zdr

    tessa zdr12 days ago

    I'm happy that Jay is actually playing Czech game :D


    TERROROKI12 days ago

    Nobody: Me after my cousin was fighting: *you are beat up* 😟

  16. Kanely Ambersons

    Kanely Ambersons13 days ago


  17. SoxWasTaken

    SoxWasTaken14 days ago


  18. Choco The Undertale fan

    Choco The Undertale fan14 days ago


  19. My pp Hurts

    My pp Hurts14 days ago


  20. Juvia Phantomhive

    Juvia Phantomhive15 days ago

    OoO this is a Czech game? Nice!

  21. Anime. Addicted

    Anime. Addicted15 days ago


  22. Pomisheifu

    Pomisheifu15 days ago

    I love the fact that there's czech words and sentences LOL (it's amazing) Though, yeah. People don't really care about you here. Atleast from my life's experiences... Nobody really cares even if you're beat up and bleeding. (happened to my mom)

  23. Marco Prado

    Marco Prado16 days ago

    Part 2?😂

  24. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget16 days ago

    "So it's 63 degrees F. If all of you are watching are Celsius people that basically means; My MORAL IS BROKEN" XD Accurate enough for me.

  25. miss pigeon

    miss pigeon17 days ago


  26. brezzy _.

    brezzy _.17 days ago


  27. Danya Asuka

    Danya Asuka17 days ago

    Makes me wonder if jay will finish this game or SCP:CB soon-! He always does his best~!

  28. Jaydraw 22

    Jaydraw 2217 days ago

    god this man is amazing

  29. Tweeb

    Tweeb17 days ago

    here from the weight loss video

  30. allan pheonix

    allan pheonix17 days ago


  31. Biggoochdog 111

    Biggoochdog 11118 days ago

    Who’s here after workout week 2?

  32. Spencer Steele

    Spencer Steele18 days ago

    I’ve been watching you since 2016

  33. Spencer Steele

    Spencer Steele18 days ago



    VØĮD ŁĮFĘ18 days ago

    Can we appreciate that Jay Is very funny and always keeps us happy?

  35. Taquii The Only Kneegrow

    Taquii The Only Kneegrow18 days ago

    Wait wair can we make this a littler series? It looks fun

  36. Ashlee Rhoder

    Ashlee Rhoder18 days ago

    Most youtubers have like 20k dislikes and he has 80 and I'm still confused on how he does not have 0

  37. Ari Abs

    Ari Abs18 days ago

    Who tf was beating you up?! 😂


    SHADOW MOTLOUNG18 days ago

    Nice hobogame jay I think I am gonna download it

  39. J H

    J H18 days ago

    Alternate title: jay roasts people as a poor guy

  40. rainyytearsx

    rainyytearsx18 days ago


  41. Boris Gaming

    Boris Gaming19 days ago

    This game is in Prague.

  42. Maemi- Takaraシ

    Maemi- Takaraシ19 days ago

    Jay is real. I love it

  43. ᴋʟᴏ-ᴍɪɴ ᴘᴀʀᴋᴇᴜ

    ᴋʟᴏ-ᴍɪɴ ᴘᴀʀᴋᴇᴜ19 days ago

    your videos are weirdly comforting

  44. ki

    ki19 days ago

    hes playing as eren

  45. Withering_Flowers

    Withering_Flowers19 days ago

    I love when Jay leans back in his chair and just laughs for a minute straight.

  46. Grzegorz G

    Grzegorz G19 days ago

    *Amazing channel*

  47. SylvanosFan11

    SylvanosFan1120 days ago

    Play it agin!!!! Get a dog!!

  48. Kiara Taylor

    Kiara Taylor20 days ago

    I love when people can make themselves laugh, it’s amazing🙌

  49. bloopy

    bloopy20 days ago

    Jay casually roasting the npcs is hilarious 💀

  50. leah turdean

    leah turdean20 days ago

    part 2 please?

  51. Agáta Křivohlávková

    Agáta Křivohlávková20 days ago

    OH MY GOD- i WAS WAITING FOR SO LONG. i LOVE THE CZECH LINES XD I love the jokes xd- If you knew what they were really saying xd

  52. TheKawaiiestGamerChan

    TheKawaiiestGamerChan20 days ago

    Day 71 of asking jay to wear a turtle neck in one of his videos : 3

  53. strawberry_cow

    strawberry_cow20 days ago

    Me want more?Yes sir.

  54. PotaToeCat •Mel•

    PotaToeCat •Mel•21 day ago

    Kubz Scouts is the best thing to watch after getting a random nosebleed while on a road trip at 3 am wondering if you caused an accident or smth using some stranger things powers

  55. Emma

    Emma21 day ago

    Jay:His name was Doctor Handsome Me:Wait, Is he Doctor Sexy's brother?! Comment if you get that refrence

  56. aaliyah.v.huerta

    aaliyah.v.huerta21 day ago

    Jay is so funny bro 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. Elias Muniz

    Elias Muniz21 day ago

    5:09 man...I can't. I never laughed so hard to this comment.

  58. Sus Nick

    Sus Nick21 day ago

    I remember one gray still plays played this

  59. Zєвѕιlνєя Wєѕтвяσσк

    Zєвѕιlνєя Wєѕтвяσσк21 day ago

    Hobo Jay. .3.

  60. Ella Bella

    Ella Bella21 day ago

    Kinda want more of this

  61. J A Y

    J A Y21 day ago

    The moth entering my room 07:04

  62. Felix's Egg

    Felix's Egg21 day ago

    Wow... i actually REALLY wanna see more of this game ... PLEASE

  63. Corbin Jones

    Corbin Jones21 day ago

    It's jorts jay okay get the facts. 2:09

  64. Labeautyqueen

    Labeautyqueen21 day ago


  65. Labeautyqueen

    Labeautyqueen21 day ago

    Play before your eyes

  66. 宇宙冥冥

    宇宙冥冥22 days ago

    happy hobo life

  67. Min Fluff

    Min Fluff22 days ago

    play it again!! i wanna see the hobo better his life

  68. sammy

    sammy22 days ago

    Love you Jay 💕

  69. KcJ Playz

    KcJ Playz22 days ago

    20 k likes and 74 dislikes. That ratio is insane

  70. camw06

    camw0622 days ago

    when he said can somebody just get me a happy meal i just abt DIED

  71. Zweii Nightray

    Zweii Nightray22 days ago

    Jay, you should've talked to meisner, the guy who's the nearest where you spawned at the start first, he'll tell you what to do. you just go around blindly not knowing to do anything is bad and your hp depleted because your morale goes down. to increase morale, need to either drink alcohol, smoke, go ask for blessing at the church or ask friend's help

  72. 0g_akari 23

    0g_akari 2323 days ago

    The roasts 😂😂😂😂

  73. Lil Pillow

    Lil Pillow23 days ago

    Do a 2 part and try to learn more about it, this game is quite awesome when you know what to do

  74. Rainbow Bean

    Rainbow Bean23 days ago

    Jay need a book for all of his funny line s

  75. Urmomeomaniac

    Urmomeomaniac23 days ago

    7:36 The one time not getting a job is actually worth it

  76. Urmomeomaniac

    Urmomeomaniac23 days ago

    7:14 That was too good

  77. WEEB

    WEEB23 days ago

    “i dont have time.” “neither did the top of your hair” PLEASE-

  78. delete Account

    delete Account23 days ago

    The title 😩✋🏻

  79. SenpaiCakeBuns

    SenpaiCakeBuns23 days ago


  80. L̷u̷X̷u̷R̷I̷O̷u̷S̷C̷H̷A̷n̷E̷l̷

    L̷u̷X̷u̷R̷I̷O̷u̷S̷C̷H̷A̷n̷E̷l̷23 days ago

    Nurse cutie😭😭😭

  81. Lisa Bathory

    Lisa Bathory23 days ago

    Let me explain something to you about this game. Durning the day and night, you have to be aware about temperature. If is it low, you might lose healt and can get downed or die. So you need to warm yourself up with an alcohol, finding or making fire. No needs to tell that you also have to eat and do the other stuff like in real life. If you're taking something from the dumster and fail skill check, you can get hurt and also your clothes are getting destroyed. If you don't have some other clothes to change, you can lose the healt or die as well. I hope that will help to you. 🙃

  82. Savannah Escobar

    Savannah Escobar23 days ago

    You are literally the best youtuber ever- Your commentary always makes me laugh :D It's not just silence and boring like so many other USlikesrs -.-

  83. Julio Jacome

    Julio Jacome23 days ago

    "You don't got time, Neither did your hair" That sh!t got me rolling all the way to nebraska

  84. 콰미아마이와르미

    콰미아마이와르미23 days ago

    "we got some superglue AYEEE shoutout to my superglue bitches thats sticking together" = THAT DUDE

  85. Poopyhead9000 L

    Poopyhead9000 L23 days ago

    I waited over a year for you to play this

  86. Beyond Aggravation

    Beyond Aggravation23 days ago

    Jay: *Walks up to old man* Old Man: I Don't Have Time Also Jay: Neither did the top of your head

  87. Deadly Demon4life

    Deadly Demon4life23 days ago

    Omfg jay almost made me die I chocked on my water from laughing when he said "neither did the top of your head" 😭🤣

  88. Fóranzó

    Fóranzó23 days ago

    Sounds like Poland, looks like Poland too

  89. achi aav

    achi aav23 days ago

    This is a different game series and I understand but PLEASE LIKE THE DANGAROPA GAMES ESPECIALLY THE RECENT ONE even if you don't watch them some of us enjoy watching them.

  90. Hikari Takanashi

    Hikari Takanashi23 days ago

    I hope Jay plays this more

  91. Hikari Takanashi

    Hikari Takanashi23 days ago

    Fun fact the homeless do get robbed a lot I knew someone who was homeless and they got their bag of belongings stolen

  92. FaRiNa

    FaRiNa23 days ago

    Who wants jay play little nightmares 2?

  93. Amelia Rankine

    Amelia Rankine23 days ago


  94. Fishy

    Fishy23 days ago

    You should play "raft"

  95. NewBie's Toturials

    NewBie's Toturials23 days ago

    Second 2 asking that dude to play Five Nights at Maggie 4

  96. ronnieee

    ronnieee23 days ago

    “only u can prevent forest fires lookin ass “ THAT KILLED ME BRO , I LOST MY BREATH .

  97. I'm bored send help

    I'm bored send help23 days ago

    Dr handsome is not very handsome

  98. Sil Fabian

    Sil Fabian23 days ago

    Everyone,We should give him tips and help him out...

  99. Sil Fabian

    Sil Fabian24 days ago

    This is a Awesome long game,You gotta make several series of this,This Has Potential!...Everyone,We should request this from him more!,Who agrees that he should play this many times?....

  100. 0leandrr

    0leandrr24 days ago

    5:09 is the best part of this whole video