LIFE IS HELLA WEIRD 2 | Life Is Strange 2 [EP1][P1]

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  1. Gage Grider

    Gage GriderDay ago

    It’s weird how I watched this whole thing

  2. KimeshaHamilton CP

    KimeshaHamilton CP3 days ago

    40:04 is it just me or Do I see a floating body in that water

  3. Christella Edouard

    Christella Edouard4 days ago

    Bish play a scary game i love when you play a scary game i want to see you SUFFER😈ahahahaha

  4. Geetha ps

    Geetha ps5 days ago

    Ooo awesome videos😁👏🏻👌🏻make moreeeee videos plzzz!!!love your videos!!!

  5. Garet Martz

    Garet Martz6 days ago

    At 43:58 there is a brawl behind the kids head

  6. Oof

    Oof10 days ago

    Jay during the whole video: Wow!!!

  7. Maria Atey

    Maria Atey14 days ago

    my age is 8 and it's bean a 8years

  8. bunbun

    bunbun14 days ago

    49:30 Gundham tanaka

  9. tulip 13

    tulip 1318 days ago

    after george floyd this game hits way different

  10. Joanna Chloe Ibarrola

    Joanna Chloe Ibarrola18 days ago

    The only reasen I like these Shit is because of the words in it

  11. Big_ 721

    Big_ 72123 days ago


  12. Savannah Johnson

    Savannah Johnson24 days ago

    Life is strange #1: Sexist creepy photography teacher who sides as an abuser, drug user, and fricking creep who kidnaps girls and takes photos Best friend was murdered Life is strange #2: Racist people and kids who are innocent on the run dad was murdered Tell me Why: twins who had to murder their mother in self-defense

  13. Raelynn Blair

    Raelynn Blair26 days ago

    Did anybody else know that Sean little brother made this explosion bc he has some frickin weird powers somehow and the whole explosion was Sean's little brothers fault not the police's fault.

  14. Star Friez

    Star Friez28 days ago

    why tf are these people kinda racist- first the police- second this weird ass "hank" guy i have so much raging fuel to go over these two grown men-

  15. Savior Flynn

    Savior Flynn29 days ago

  16. Mesaiyah Guess

    Mesaiyah GuessMonth ago

    I like how loyal he is to his little brother

  17. BaselessPhoenix

    BaselessPhoenixMonth ago

    When you realize that the whole story of Life Is Strange 2 started because this officer was bad at his job and immediately went for the gun.

  18. -Marrìì-ツ

    -Marrìì-ツMonth ago

    I like the ending when they grow up and work in the garage

  19. azzy

    azzyMonth ago

    jay: im definitely on board with this! also jay: *quits because a dog dies*

  20. notlillaa

    notlillaaMonth ago

    I wanted for him to go to the party-

  21. rootdogengine900

    rootdogengine900Month ago

    Papi Chulo, come fix me 😜😍

  22. I’m Chainzzz

    I’m ChainzzzMonth ago


  23. RedDragon Slay

    RedDragon SlayMonth ago

    Icon scene of the year 8:23

  24. Joseph Cohen

    Joseph CohenMonth ago

    43:47 Anybody else see the bra on the stick?

  25. Evie Sylvester

    Evie SylvesterMonth ago

    heres what i would d check my brothers pluse make sure hes alive grab the bag ditch wit meh bro head to laylas make sure shes is ok then make a plan on what to do..

  26. Evie Sylvester

    Evie SylvesterMonth ago

    what the fuck... like that dad was trying to protect his kids and the cop shot the dad what the actual fuck that cop is gonna go to jai; for attepted murder or murder

  27. Arianna Lashawn Williams

    Arianna Lashawn WilliamsMonth ago

    no not the puppy!

  28. crrps.e

    crrps.eMonth ago

    Deos anyone know why Jay stopped playing this? Cuz i really was hyped for this but idk why he stopped uploading it?

  29. Danny.

    Danny.2 months ago

    Women get the freak of my TEXT GAME PUSSY>:(

  30. Jayla- Vlogs

    Jayla- Vlogs2 months ago

    Am I not the only one that say the bra on the stick?!!?!

  31. xXFaith_ GachaStudioZXx

    xXFaith_ GachaStudioZXx2 months ago

    50:42: BRUH I was just about to say that!

  32. Bella Rogosky

    Bella Rogosky2 months ago

    Hi jay love your vids

  33. skyeaub

    skyeaub2 months ago


  34. Nora Jank

    Nora Jank2 months ago


  35. Khaleda Momin

    Khaleda Momin2 months ago

    When I heard him say I just played for 20 minutes I was like 20 MINUTES 20 MINUTES

  36. Lizbi_ MakesArt

    Lizbi_ MakesArt2 months ago

    “What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico” Yeah buddy, you ain’t finding out what kinda people I kill- I mean... *what kind of people I dated!* yup that’s it!

  37. Jenn HTF

    Jenn HTF2 months ago

    No he hasn't gotten a text from me

  38. Cyris Torchia

    Cyris Torchia2 months ago

    I'm so confused why did that person kidnap them and that guys wife the shopkeeper must have said that we paid so why the why did they?


    PRINCE ZAI2 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣jay ended the series with it got me pissed

  40. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart2 months ago

    I love ya JAY

  41. XxBE10X6xX

    XxBE10X6xX2 months ago

    damn i will never go to a party

  42. Nini Media

    Nini Media2 months ago

    Me: **see’s the dad** Also me: “ is that FP Jones?!”

  43. Darcy _ocean blossom189

    Darcy _ocean blossom1892 months ago

    When the dad died i thought that sean could rewind time like max :(

  44. Phantomlogin

    Phantomlogin2 months ago

    Damn I thought it was only me doing the pillows-around-the-bed thing

  45. pepsi lexi

    pepsi lexi2 months ago

    Mom: one more video before bed Me: *ok...*

  46. Israel Holguin

    Israel Holguin2 months ago

    Polo boy

  47. Ah'launna's Books & Paint

    Ah'launna's Books & Paint2 months ago

    I think max and Chloe are in this game

  48. Anima fan 2217

    Anima fan 22172 months ago

    Told them what happened cried cause that dad is the best😭😭😭

  49. Anima fan 2217

    Anima fan 22172 months ago

    I would have waited for the police to

  50. Anima fan 2217

    Anima fan 22172 months ago

    I would have murdered the police that was the most chill dad I would tell him it’s fake blood

  51. NotA FanGirl

    NotA FanGirl2 months ago

    *That ignorant and racist dude must've forgotten which century it is.* 👁👄👁 Come on man, it's not the 19th century or something. 🌚

  52. t1a assassin_clone

    t1a assassin_clone2 months ago

    25:02 Daniel used Conquerers haki

  53. Anna820 x

    Anna820 x2 months ago

    He just needed one more rock ;-; Bad brother Sean

  54. jayden gleason

    jayden gleason2 months ago

    1:17:18 this man got me mad man he with trump

  55. arfalow arfalow

    arfalow arfalow3 months ago

    As soon as he said "Heard of the internet?" my wifi turned off

  56. Vexopi

    Vexopi3 months ago

    Man we need maxwell part 2

  57. PandaWeeb13 BnhaFangirl13

    PandaWeeb13 BnhaFangirl133 months ago

    25:28 why is the gravity falls the playing r n

  58. Kārlis Tomas

    Kārlis Tomas3 months ago

    Jay wen Sean is drawing:😑😑😑😑 Jay ven Daniel trows the Rock worng:😅🤣🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅

  59. Riley :D

    Riley :D3 months ago

    you need to finish this jay

  60. Jamless

    Jamless3 months ago

    31:11 we said the same thing at the same time

  61. Niyah Blackmon

    Niyah Blackmon3 months ago


  62. Dura May - Ann

    Dura May - Ann3 months ago

    WHY IS EVERYONE SO MEAN TO SEAN AND DANIEL?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!!?? this is so heartbreaking arrgghhh

  63. Andrea

    Andrea3 months ago

    1:16:26 had me mad at with would you kick a kid in the head for being Latiqno

  64. Helena Ulska

    Helena Ulska3 months ago


  65. Jordan Gomez

    Jordan Gomez3 months ago

    I feel this Ik spanish and someone on my street was telling me to go back to my Country

  66. Animewaslife

    Animewaslife4 months ago

    43:58 there's a bra in the background-

  67. Wolfox dogscatscute

    Wolfox dogscatscute4 months ago

    :0 there's a 2?!?!? - Hold On

  68. Unknown wonknU

    Unknown wonknU4 months ago

    Nahnahnah chips are where it’s at for high time - also if a game like this gives you an option for more money GET IT

  69. Maria Fabiana Lugo

    Maria Fabiana Lugo4 months ago

    LMAO jay said “hijo whats that mean? hijo you 😤✋” hijo means son 💀😭

  70. Tyler H

    Tyler H4 months ago

    Daniel made me yawn

  71. Lu The Queen

    Lu The Queen4 months ago

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. In the start he fricking broke someone's back and saw his dad get shot. Thats an oof moment.

  72. Omar Karim

    Omar Karim4 months ago

    Yes game... I know Trump exists

  73. _Local._Idiot XX.

    _Local._Idiot XX.4 months ago

    I put berries in water and salt and worms and insects came out of it so they are probably gonna get sick xD

  74. Ac!D B0neZ

    Ac!D B0neZ4 months ago

    Dude this is my favorite game and they recently took it off the Xbox game pass. So, I was searching for any USlikesrs I enjoy and seeing if they made a gameplay video and I saw that you did and I swear I was about to cry cause I love you and this game so much ksudidejss.

  75. Sanaysha B.

    Sanaysha B.4 months ago

    I like how this one girl you a selection of options different from the first two games.👁👄👁 Because they’re not reversible.

  76. Sonicly Qaulan

    Sonicly Qaulan4 months ago

    Continue please

  77. SomeoneElseYT

    SomeoneElseYT4 months ago

    HOW MUCH ADDS I GOT LIKE 59 or something

  78. cristal knowlen

    cristal knowlen4 months ago

    Can you continue this???

  79. LittleFairytail

    LittleFairytail4 months ago

    Broo games was really out here predicting 2020

  80. Jiayi L

    Jiayi L4 months ago

    Me watching this at 2020: 👁👄👁 Edit: thanks for the likes!

  81. Jiayi L

    Jiayi L4 months ago

    Jonas Balčiūnas no need to be toxic boo 😘

  82. Jiayi L

    Jiayi L4 months ago

    Jonas Balčiūnas mhm-? And?

  83. Jonas Balčiūnas

    Jonas Balčiūnas4 months ago

    u know that edit means that u edit this message but u didint dummy...

  84. im bord

    im bord4 months ago

    I think his power is to make maps👁👄👁 👁👅👁

  85. lulu_playz adopt ok

    lulu_playz adopt ok5 months ago

    In the forest there was a pink bra

  86. lulu_playz adopt ok

    lulu_playz adopt ok5 months ago

    Near the water

  87. Natacha Castellano

    Natacha Castellano5 months ago

  88. Sael Andrew GUILLAUME

    Sael Andrew GUILLAUME5 months ago

    It s literally on a stick bro

  89. Sael Andrew GUILLAUME

    Sael Andrew GUILLAUME5 months ago

    I can t believe you did nt see the bra its at the lake

  90. Starlordjj 887

    Starlordjj 8875 months ago



    MØZZIE GAMING5 months ago

    18 ads xd

  92. SYG.STIFZ#1

    SYG.STIFZ#15 months ago

    damn that shit dark af

  93. Himani K

    Himani K5 months ago

    at 43:56 wtf was in the background??

  94. Isabel Mizu

    Isabel Mizu5 months ago

    1:17:17 before that scene. A trump ad came on😭

  95. anzo4

    anzo44 months ago

    Fuck ice🤧

  96. HoneyBun ŪvÛ

    HoneyBun ŪvÛ5 months ago

    First thing you see a small Fire next thing you see the whole forest is on fire -^- (R.I.P forest)

  97. kawaii drako

    kawaii drako5 months ago

    2020 anyone?

  98. They hate bella

    They hate bella5 months ago

    This is basically how hispanics get treated in america. Its sad to realize the racist truth.

  99. PlanetLaniii

    PlanetLaniii5 months ago

    25:59 Jay: **surprised Pikachu**

  100. A Stranger Who Loves Horror

    A Stranger Who Loves Horror5 months ago

    Mk I can't tell you how many times I got angry and I'm not even Mexican

  101. ツMarshiDuck

    ツMarshiDuck5 months ago

    I hate that kid and that officer. Daniel and Sean lost both their father and mother. And I already lost my father. But not the way they did. Ik this is a game but can we get a pray for them?

  102. VietnamSwag -

    VietnamSwag -5 months ago

    11:58 watching this in 2020 👀

  103. TheFoxDiamond

    TheFoxDiamond5 months ago

    Potential spoilers ⬇️⬇️⬇️ “No way distance could tear us apart” -Lyla There are so many things that foreshadow and you don’t realize until you rewatch 😞

  104. nya reams

    nya reams5 months ago

    Why does the kid actually look like Jay

  105. Oreo Lover

    Oreo Lover5 months ago

    Jay: I ain’t stealing “few mins later” Jay: I’m so glad they brought the dog Me: MAKE UP YO MIND