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    BREA HAYE16 hours ago

    imagine watching this like 5 months later. couldn’t be me

  2. Lynette Ganancial

    Lynette Ganancial4 days ago

    Soul is like six and the none soul is like mono xD

  3. ghosty

    ghosty5 days ago

    "Invisabitch" got me

  4. It’s ya boi chips ahoy y

    It’s ya boi chips ahoy y6 days ago

    The first game was literally the map of yandere

  5. Delilah Noble

    Delilah Noble8 days ago

    Jay from the Kub scouts is that scared anime girl

  6. key key

    key key13 days ago

    Jay blanked like twice during intro

  7. David Kang

    David Kang14 days ago

    Lol women walking in school be like “AHH!” And boys is”this is a costume LOL”

  8. Franziska Von Karma

    Franziska Von Karma17 days ago

    I'm late but the first game looked like Twilight Syndrome Murder Case :)

  9. Caiden Watson

    Caiden Watson20 days ago

    The last game is just...

  10. Elijah's Animations

    Elijah's Animations22 days ago

    5:55 i jumped

  11. Yssie

    Yssie24 days ago

    That looks like that other game Jay played.. Summoning a ghost?

  12. SaltyS0up_17

    SaltyS0up_1726 days ago


  13. Sillren

    Sillren28 days ago

    That first reminds me of something else *hmm* If your a fan of this channel you'll know

  14. Blaine Holman

    Blaine Holman28 days ago

    The game where you smash stuff The building thing you’re smashing is actually the guy

  15. Ella Seray

    Ella SerayMonth ago

    reply with a F for all our poor souls who thought we were going to say "WHAT A TWIST" with Jay

  16. Ella Seray

    Ella SerayMonth ago


  17. Chase Warbiany

    Chase WarbianyMonth ago

    I've been watching you for over 5 years The videos never get old keep it up👀✨❤️

  18. Alexiathea , Is a dinasour

    Alexiathea , Is a dinasourMonth ago

    I played perfect vermin it was easy U basically just have to remember things

  19. Mia Chavez

    Mia ChavezMonth ago

    Jay: Alright guys we’re gonna say it together Me: Ight I got you Jay:1...2...3 Me: WHAT A TW- Also Jay: *skips to intro of the third game* Also Me: 😦😮😔

  20. GamingwitZach

    GamingwitZachMonth ago

    Me: *getting ready to say "what a twist* Jay: *changes to the next game* Me: *confused crying* 🥺

  21. rusul art

    rusul artMonth ago

    "Not in real life though" lol

  22. Kirishima Eijirou

    Kirishima EijirouMonth ago

    I randomly Clicked on if his vids 6 or 5years ago. Iv been a fan for awhile

  23. katsha

    katshaMonth ago

    "Can somebody find my ass-soul" LMAOOO

  24. rainyrainy

    rainyrainyMonth ago

    bro the last game was.. so sad...

  25. Bucur Lorena Maria

    Bucur Lorena MariaMonth ago

    Image sleeping and hearing from the neighbor “SOUUULL”

  26. Wally Fone

    Wally FoneMonth ago

    when jay screams, i scream

  27. Soft Mocha

    Soft MochaMonth ago

    Am I the only one who says Jays intro with him also Jay really betrayed us we were all ready to say what a twiiiiiist and he really just went to the next game

  28. puppyfum

    puppyfumMonth ago

    You made me say WHAT A TWIST by my self come on jay

  29. Høngry_Panda

    Høngry_PandaMonth ago

    Is it just me or ths first game looked like yandere simulater

  30. chucky _baby

    chucky _babyMonth ago

    jay: okay everyone don't get scared he's right here me: gets scared anyways

  31. San___ 0

    San___ 0Month ago

    the last game :0

  32. Juliet Brown

    Juliet BrownMonth ago

    6:00 literally made me jump

  33. E'Jiyedin Tate

    E'Jiyedin TateMonth ago


  34. Puppy Baby4

    Puppy Baby42 months ago

    Merry ☃️࿌ིྀ྇⋆ᘓમ૨ıડτന੨ડ⋆࿌ིྀ྇☃️

  35. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer2 months ago

    That last game was amazing

  36. Alexis Bayer

    Alexis Bayer2 months ago

    Jay: doesn't say " what a twist" Me: I am cofusion

  37. • Ivana Meli •

    • Ivana Meli •2 months ago

    I got sad when you didn't say "whAt a tWIstT" . ;--;

  38. hope right here!

    hope right here!2 months ago

    7:20 WHAT A TWISTT

  39. Lightninqe_

    Lightninqe_2 months ago

    5:57 I almost splash my water on me-

  40. Katzvielle R

    Katzvielle R2 months ago

    Think I just lost my soul seeing that first game.... Because of the game not because of Jay

  41. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi3 months ago

    Video title: "A SICK BROADCASTE-" Me: "what kind of sick are we talking about?? 🤔"

  42. makeme l0l

    makeme l0l3 months ago

    5:55 it gave me chills from jay screaming

  43. E.N.D Productions

    E.N.D Productions3 months ago

    Who is on a Kubz Scouts binge?

  44. uwusawo uwu

    uwusawo uwu3 months ago


  45. my name is Jeff that's my name

    my name is Jeff that's my name3 months ago


  46. Emma Gokool

    Emma Gokool3 months ago

    Nobody: Jay when my whole family comes into the room:I must cuss or be perished

  47. The gaming master By Liv

    The gaming master By Liv4 months ago

    Play Genshin impact

  48. Jeremy Rainey

    Jeremy Rainey4 months ago

    The first game starts me: THE GRAPHICS LOOK LIKE SHIT

  49. Y B

    Y B4 months ago

    Getting ready for the "what a twist" Skip to the game 3 I feel Betrayed.

  50. Genderless Toast

    Genderless Toast4 months ago

    I feel like the scarecrow game was based off the Russian Doll Man, idk his name

  51. Jewel M

    Jewel M4 months ago

    The dead body scared me

  52. Jewel M

    Jewel M4 months ago

    The guy was probaly drunk..

  53. Paul Pearce

    Paul Pearce4 months ago

    Me:What are the games today Jay:Saying it's a game to find your soul Jay(again):*sees a random soul Jay(again ;-;):*Jay squealing like a girl*

  54. softejhpe

    softejhpe4 months ago

    Jay: *keep in kind that you need to smash the things that aren't even belong* Me: *smashed myself*

  55. Courtney Louise

    Courtney Louise4 months ago

    “NOOOOO! I’m ugly as shit” lmao wow jay wow😭👏🏻😂

  56. Audrose

    Audrose4 months ago

    The first game look like yandere simulator like the map

  57. The scientist of roblox !

    The scientist of roblox !4 months ago

    Bruh that’s yanderes school

  58. sad boi hrs

    sad boi hrs4 months ago

    The third game was so depressing and I got so nauseous watching it

  59. Amya Meusa

    Amya Meusa5 months ago


  60. AlterEgo

    AlterEgo5 months ago


  61. Spongebob

    Spongebob5 months ago


  62. HOUSE OF MO Gifts & Souvenirs

    HOUSE OF MO Gifts & Souvenirs5 months ago


  63. Juliet :D

    Juliet :D5 months ago

    the second game was based on a true story

  64. Forbes Balla

    Forbes Balla5 months ago

    This looks like yandere simulator

  65. Floaty Boi

    Floaty Boi5 months ago

    I'm still wondering where the video with the "escape room" or whatever game it was called, where if a drawer is open the killer notices and comes to kill you, I wonder where the video went..

  66. Brenna Claire

    Brenna Claire5 months ago

    Hi Jay!! Can you please consider playing Little Misfortune? Its a really good game!! A lot of your fellow USlikesrs have played it as well! You would really like it ^^ It would also be cool to see you revisit FNaF! AND maybe the next Danganronpa games! Anyway, I hope you see this Jay! Your my favorite youtuber!!!

  67. Micheal Sanders

    Micheal Sanders5 months ago

    Hey this is my dad's account im girl named Emma

  68. king

    king5 months ago

    Ima just time stamp some screams. 1:24 15:03

  69. C K Ati

    C K Ati5 months ago

    That scream that he does at -15 : 48 that scream made me laugh a bunch!

  70. wilbursoup

    wilbursoup5 months ago

    Everybody else: * worried about the pandemic* Jay: *"HE'S GONNA PUT A STICK UP MY ASS! HE'S GONNA PUT A STICK UP MY ASS!!"*

  71. suki

    suki5 months ago

    Jay: Lets all say it together, Me: Oh i know this one Jay:1, 2, 3, Me: WHAT A- *Next game* Me: :)

  72. Outmercury _

    Outmercury _5 months ago

    Prop hunt

  73. Whoosher _94

    Whoosher _945 months ago

    where are we going and why is the strange man yelling at me

  74. K•film

    K•film5 months ago

    1:22 😭😭

  75. MuminF4n

    MuminF4n5 months ago

    I faced away from the screen while watching this (had to prevent my dog from eating a bandaid). "I just smashed a chair and some blood actually came out. Uh oh, I don't know what's happening right now but I kinda like it. Who's in here taking a fatty? A toilet within a toilet?" is extremely weird to hear without any visual context, let me tell you that.

  76. Evelina K.

    Evelina K.5 months ago

    When Puberty hits you hard: 6:53

  77. Evelina K.

    Evelina K.5 months ago

    6:29 LFMAO

  78. ItzCherry_Time

    ItzCherry_Time5 months ago

    when jay saw evil soul he screamed like a girl

  79. Doggo

    Doggo5 months ago

    Jay: One Two Three. Me: What a- *Game changes* Me: 👁👄👁

  80. The Unknown

    The Unknown5 months ago

    6:54 me when i looked in the mirror for the first time

  81. C0zy_ YT

    C0zy_ YT5 months ago

    1:24 hitting that high note like Morah carrie

  82. 『Peachy Lily』

    『Peachy Lily』5 months ago

    3 seconds into the horror game, and..... off of fullscreen. Four seconds and,,, Mini player

  83. [No Name]

    [No Name]5 months ago


  84. sitimusliha matsidek

    sitimusliha matsidek5 months ago

    The smashing game he got bubbly cause he smokes to much ciggarates

  85. s2 Animal Lover s2

    s2 Animal Lover s25 months ago

    Jay Really got me saying "what a twi-...."

  86. aaron moss

    aaron moss5 months ago


  87. bread store employee

    bread store employee5 months ago

    I watch Jay when I need a laugh and good content. other USlikesrs just don’t have what he has. authenticity and a sexy voice, even when he screams. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I tried to level out the cheesiness with the Lenny face

  88. Weebs4Life YT

    Weebs4Life YT5 months ago

    Jay: InvisiaB I T C H

  89. Nia Smith

    Nia Smith5 months ago

    The first game is like the night job game and power drill masicore I forgot who made them

  90. Nadia Afiqah

    Nadia Afiqah5 months ago

    Me, a DR fan: That first game looks like Twilight Syndrome lol.

  91. Ju ju

    Ju ju5 months ago

    Anybody else feel like you sometime see USlikes's play someting like coryxkenshin like not physic but da jo vo

  92. Elli

    Elli5 months ago

    Jay play among usss plsss

  93. Chyna Kat

    Chyna Kat5 months ago

    first game reminds me of Misao lol

  94. Mayli Arc

    Mayli Arc5 months ago

    Just when I thought I was getting over my trust issues, Jay played me.

  95. Jessica Parker

    Jessica Parker5 months ago

    Jay:HE GONNA PUT A STICK IN MY ASS Me:*dies of laughter* BTW (6:29)

  96. Pringles _Spaghetti

    Pringles _Spaghetti5 months ago

    jay literally squinting his eyes to see 👀

  97. mr. miku

    mr. miku5 months ago

    6:29 Hes gonna WHAT

  98. BETO zayas

    BETO zayas5 months ago

    5:56 that scare the life out of me I was not ready 😂😂

  99. Northern Moth

    Northern Moth5 months ago

    love your videos you have some srs comedy wtf

  100. mewliinglee

    mewliinglee5 months ago

    the story abt the guy being made to kiss a dead girl in the second or third game is actually based off of a real case: anatoly moskvin

  101. Marshy Fazzy

    Marshy Fazzy5 months ago

    Jay:now let's say it together! Me:*finally knows what I should say* Me loudly: "WHAT A TWIST!" Jay: game 3 Me:😐😟😞