Yandere Simulator Myths for the first time with Osana officially in the game! Haven't done this series in MONTHS, but here we go with some myths, glitches and "What the?" moments...leave a LIKE for more!
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  1. Chronicz Games

    Chronicz Games4 hours ago

    I have a myth 1.join the drama club and put the gloves on 2.kill anyone with a knife or whatever you want to use 3.dont dispose of the knife 4.what will the police say about the fingerprints since there aren’t any on the knife?

  2. Natalia Cunningham

    Natalia Cunningham4 hours ago

    If tario and his childhood friend got poisoned as somebody who witnessed it and called the teacher and you hide the body would you see it when you go back

  3. Alice Talbott

    Alice TalbottDay ago

    ya know how u can dispose of a body when the delinqints are there and not distracted well maye if you could fine some way to throw a body off the roof then run down there and incinerate it

  4. Yuki Hāto

    Yuki HātoDay ago

    Jay, I've always wondered what happens when you snap after being arrested my yandere simulator's always so slow and laggy that it's almost impossible for me to do it, could you try it for me please? I love you and your vids so much, you always make me laugh. please and thank you

  5. GMD ViProX_YT

    GMD ViProX_YTDay ago

    Jay I Got A Myth For One Of Ur Myth Vids! 1. Set the gasoline trap on Kokonas Phone call. 2. Light her on fire 3. Throw water on her Will she still burn or will the fire stop? Btw ur that DUDE!

  6. Windy Mchordel

    Windy MchordelDay ago

    Hey Jay, i got one for you! 1. Push a student off the roof 2. Grab the circular saw 3. Dismember the body but don't pick it up. 4. Burn the circular saw but let the body parts stay were they are. 5. End the day Will the police still consider it as suicide or something else?

  7. ꧁Rxse꧂

    ꧁Rxse꧂Day ago

    Senpai: i don't kinda want the extras Osana: your gonna shut up and eat it like its a/$/$

  8. WISAM Mooz

    WISAM Mooz2 days ago


  9. galaxy cupcake

    galaxy cupcake2 days ago

    her is a myth join the sports club grab a bat and wake in front of senpai what will haping

  10. Fiona Lisa Angeles

    Fiona Lisa Angeles2 days ago

    Ayano: *running fast* Bad guy:*pushes ayano* Jay:god dammit

  11. Acko

    Acko2 days ago

    Here is a myth that can make you talk to senpapi and make follow u *(and even kidnapp him)* 1: Start at Monday 2: Join the science club 3: get a knife 4: end midori's life 5: Hide all evidence And There we go!

  12. Aleksa Bezanovic

    Aleksa Bezanovic2 days ago

    Low the PI theacher reputation Where the bullys bully her

  13. Marco Bee

    Marco Bee2 days ago


  14. Aviana Nunez

    Aviana Nunez2 days ago

    Can you do a mode where you can kidnap kakona I like the big feet mode

  15. Tana Malcolm

    Tana Malcolm2 days ago

    hey jay if you do any steal phone myths can you try this 1. set the trap if anyone goes through it 2. wait untill you can steal the phone 3. give the phone to info-chan check through the spying window will you be able to see if she actully hacked through it and i also want you to try and see if you can steal the studen councils phones if they have any -_-

  16. Ábel Szélpál

    Ábel Szélpál3 days ago

    i never saw osana geting betrayed

  17. bcrahae

    bcrahae3 days ago

    Jay you should try lowering Osanas rep down to the max and see what happens when you end the day.

  18. zuko's #1 simp

    zuko's #1 simp4 days ago

    Senpai: *crying over a dead Osana* Jay: "So I was sitting there, barbeque sauce on my tiddies-"

  19. •Creepy Cute•

    •Creepy Cute•4 days ago

    Hey I have a funny little problem for you: 1) You need to use the debug menu. 2) Kill a student. 3) Don't touch anything, wait for someone to find the body, let them call the police. 4) Before the police arrive at the school, open the debug menu and "change the day" (Monday) 5) In the mornings you will spawn in the gymnasium and on the stage there will be a photo of Osana "because she died" but she is in the gymnasium. 6) And now you have a Zombie-Osana and the student you killed is resurrected 😂

  20. Jack plays games

    Jack plays games4 days ago

    i have a myth normaly with a broom teachers think your covering up a crime but will they think you are trying to cover up a crime if its cleaning time?

  21. Eveline Schlüchter

    Eveline Schlüchter4 days ago

    How do you make panti ahots whwn you dont have the cheats

  22. Chidiebube Onwuchekwa

    Chidiebube Onwuchekwa4 days ago

    *me in the car watching kubz scouts of course always* jay:alright everybody BUCLKE up cause here we go! me:o yea i forgot to buckle myself *buclke's self in car* jay:no i didnt mean litterally.-.

  23. Brianna Villa-Gomez

    Brianna Villa-Gomez5 days ago

    Why did you do that

  24. Ofelia Melon

    Ofelia Melon5 days ago

    Here is uh...something? Try to kill every girl in the school for no reason. Is this a myth? I don't know

  25. Gary Oldfield

    Gary Oldfield5 days ago

    I am ASHAMED of myself for not having been subscribed with all notifications on, you deserve subscribers Jay, OH another thing youre thaaaaat DUDE *gunshot*

  26. sabicatloverainbow the gamer girl

    sabicatloverainbow the gamer girl5 days ago

    Jay I got one 1.Go into Cyborg mode 2.Take the sword 3.Try to kill Raibaru ;)

  27. Mixie Gacha

    Mixie Gacha5 days ago

    Ok, So I haven’t played in a year so don’t bully me. How do I take pantie shots? I keep trying to doing it cause you can’t crouch anymore, maybe you can but I forgot the bind

  28. reolli :3

    reolli :35 days ago

    Y'all still remember Oka and Kokona?💀

  29. Ink Sans

    Ink Sans5 days ago

    What if u do snap mode with bad time mode

  30. Juliett

    Juliett6 days ago

    ዘጎ ዘዐሠ ልዪቿ ሃዐሁ?

  31. *•FifiFilms •*

    *•FifiFilms •*6 days ago

    Jay I got one Step 1: Get Osana's fingerprints on a weapon Step 2: Kill someone in front of a teacher's pet or social butterfly with the weapon Step 3: Forgive your sins What will happen when you end the day?

  32. Osana Najimi

    Osana Najimi6 days ago

    *BIGGEST BUG OF ALL TIME* Here’s what you need to do 1-Kidnap someone (I kidnapped musume) 2-Low her sanity to 0 3-Bring to school 4-Tell her to kill Raibaru And there you go ;)

  33. Tatiana Muniz

    Tatiana Muniz6 days ago

    I HAVE A QUESTION: you remember how when yan chan has ghostly visions of Osana when her sanity is low, if you eliminate osana will it show someone else?

  34. Your Local Kawi Potato

    Your Local Kawi Potato7 days ago

    I have a question, can you turn into the magical girl when sneaking to get Osanas cat?

  35. Mino

    Mino7 days ago

    what happens if you frame Osana for murder and then tranquilize her?

  36. Kairi Lyndelle

    Kairi Lyndelle7 days ago

    I wonder, What will happen if you join the Art Club and spill 'blood' (red paint) on yourself? Will you still get arrested or would you get away with it?

  37. Purple Chan

    Purple Chan7 days ago

    Can you do the hair color challenge?! Rules. !No debug commons! !You have to join a club! You have to kill by hair colors (red pink orange yellow green blue purple grey black white)

  38. reign stephanie osias

    reign stephanie osias7 days ago


  39. AnimeLife 19

    AnimeLife 197 days ago

    Senpai: *my friend died by getting stabbed by a syringe and kidnapped* Amani: *im sad for your loss here some cupcakes lol*

  40. Luna Mooncat

    Luna Mooncat8 days ago

    What happens if you stab Osana with the knife that has her fingerprints on it?

  41. NotAChannel 0

    NotAChannel 08 days ago

    Try this! 1. Track down budo and do his task. 2. Max out strength 3. Make budo follow you 4. Kidnap budo 5. Go to the basement. Will budo be there? If not who is it. If he is does he have a girls voice or a boys voice?

  42. Tricia Roberts

    Tricia Roberts8 days ago

    Osaka:hElL nO

  43. Tricia Roberts

    Tricia Roberts8 days ago

    Yan-Chan:*proceeds to do something that could get Osaka expelled*

  44. Tricia Roberts

    Tricia Roberts8 days ago

    Osaka depressed into 47 fames: Oh i hOpE I No oNe TRyS tO KILL mE!!

  45. Shivani Hakimata

    Shivani Hakimata9 days ago

    Hey Jay, so, if you get the box cutter and put it in the box, ask Osana to help you take the box cutter out, then kill her with the box cutter (with gloves), will the police think its su!side or murder???? (I haven't seen this yet, if he already made a vid on it, pls tell me)

  46. Spencer Authorities

    Spencer Authorities9 days ago


  47. Mind Of Maya

    Mind Of Maya9 days ago

    okay okay. This is funny 1. Start the game like usual 2. DONT get rid of the pop ups 3. Sneak a pantyshot (by yandere vison) while the student council is near you 4. Don’t go out of the pop up thing 5. When the council is talking, exit the pop up thing and enjoy

  48. Eri TheBear

    Eri TheBear9 days ago

    Btw, how are the demons doing? Should probably do a wellness check on them.

  49. Yadira Yatiz

    Yadira Yatiz9 days ago

    A Myths 1. Frame osana but kill her?

  50. katie saunders

    katie saunders9 days ago

    me screaming at my phone "LISTEN TO THE CALL TO SEE THE STALKERRR"

  51. Iqra Ahad The Animal Rescuer

    Iqra Ahad The Animal Rescuer9 days ago

    Senpai: I... can't believe my childhood best friend Got arrested for murder! Cupcake chick: _Oh no! anyways_


    GOKUTITAN9 days ago

    Jay is it possible to kill Nemesis Chan in Snap Mode?

  53. Ex3o

    Ex3o10 days ago

    I have a dead alive glitch If you take a sneaky panty shot of senpai at the main entrance after that it will activate

  54. GG Tiki

    GG Tiki10 days ago

    I think, I got one❤️😝 1. Steal Kokona’s phone 2. After Kokona’s shower, point the phone at Kokona Will she regencie her phone or will she pose for it? Or try: 1. Steal Kokona’s phone 2. Wait for Kokona, to be done showering 3. Take a 🩲 shot of Kokona 4. Report it Will she get in trouble for her own 🩲 shot? Love your videos, you’re THAT DUDE😝😂❤️

  55. Dream Slushy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Dream Slushy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ11 days ago

    Senpai: My…Child hood friend got framed for murder… That girl: Oh…Anyway want diabetes ?

  56. Salaila Hill

    Salaila Hill11 days ago

    I meant to say you have to start from the back into the beginning that means you have to kill from the back to the beginning that’s what I mean

  57. Salaila Hill

    Salaila Hill11 days ago

    Hey Jay the Smithsonian might not work 1 do you need to kill everybody in alphabetical order but not exactly do you have to kill the last person then killed the person that’s in the front you have a killer do you have to kill them backwards though you have to start for the back to the beginning dismisses the most hardest mayor 2 because I think Oceana will not confess her love this empire unless if you kill everybody but if she does then send me a sneak peek 3 Or you can go back in the previous bill and kill everybody alphabet order where you can get a little sun illumination so you can go to the previous bill where you got that little Santa in the nation illumination or you wanna stay in this bill just kill everybody from backwards to the front let me know in the comments down below see me a sneak peek and then I’ll tell you at the

  58. Happy Summer time

    Happy Summer time11 days ago

    How can I download this on my pc? I try many times didn't work. Can someone teach me how? 😊

  59. In decision forever

    In decision forever12 days ago

    love when you upload videos from Yandere Simulator

  60. An edgy bitch

    An edgy bitch13 days ago

    Hey Jay, if you do the expelling and matchmaking elimination methods at the same time, ¿what would happen to Osana? ¿Will she get expeled after confessing to the red haired boy?

  61. xxGacha Minionxx

    xxGacha Minionxx13 days ago

    Jay i got one! If you kill Senpai and go next Day will He respawn or Not?? (In the build where they make in the Morning Funeral service) Pls take me

  62. Aneri

    Aneri13 days ago

    hey Jay I have a question! since water in the pool is now transparent, can you see Osana drowning?

  63. Unicornsator

    Unicornsator13 days ago

    What if you kill someone in ebola mode then drag them infront of a club. Will the students still tackle you will they run away or just die while tackling you?

  64. Drizain

    Drizain13 days ago

    6 years…YandereDev you are genius;-;

  65. TDixon Gaming

    TDixon Gaming13 days ago

    Yo Kubz go to witch mode and snap. It is a good time trust me. Turn everything to low settings too. With the quick low settings. It's even funnier

  66. tackiest - candy

    tackiest - candy13 days ago

    I’m just wondering if you join the Martial Arts Club will Raibaru still be able to apprehend you instantly? Or will you just go into that little button mashing mini game like with the teachers?

  67. Ayaka lyrics

    Ayaka lyrics14 days ago

    I found Something.. that happend To me Maybe u wanna try It 1. go to the occult Club. 2.Get the Ritual Knife. 3.Go to the Science Club. 4. heat the Knife. 5. go back To the Occult Club and insert The knife. 6. take The Ritual Knife and Go to Raibaru and see what Will happen! It's really Funny

  68. Twisted Doughnuts

    Twisted Doughnuts14 days ago

    So this is a bug. (Trying out my luck here and I know i'm late) I tried poisoning Raibaru, Osana and Senpai, but this happened: -Bought Headache, Emetic and Lethal poison; -Waited for Osana to put the bentos on her desk; -After she finally put them there, I poisoned Osanas bento with emetic, and I wanted to put Headache into Senpais but it wouldn't let me. -At lunch I poisoned Raibarus bento with Lethal Poison; -Waited for Osana and Raibaru to take a bite out of their food; -When Raibaru died... Well I don't wanna give spoilers to THAT DUDE. (I did this in the October 1st 2020 build.)

  69. Elizabeth Afton And Circus baby

    Elizabeth Afton And Circus baby14 days ago

    hey jay i got a some what dead alive glitch for you 1. get the flame deamon knife 2. kill raibaru how i did it is i made sure nobody was around

  70. Quinn Lewis

    Quinn Lewis14 days ago

    You used to swear so much I’m glad you changed to a more kid friendly channel!

  71. Colin Minor

    Colin Minor15 days ago

    Man I remember the old yandere videos

  72. ayako

    ayako15 days ago

    this is just a series of jay showing how terrible alex's coding is.

  73. terri portwood

    terri portwood15 days ago

    Can you please stop saying howe

  74. Dara

    Dara15 days ago

    Senpai and Osana : **about to die** Jay : *snaps thumbnail picture*

  75. Little Red Panda

    Little Red Panda16 days ago

    I have a myth : 1 kill Osana 2 put a note in senpai locker( if you can)to meet you under the cherry tree. Will senpai meet you under the cherry tree?

  76. FoxyPony

    FoxyPony16 days ago

    I didn’t even watch the video yet and im already freaked out by these comments

  77. • f l u f f y •

    • f l u f f y •16 days ago

    What would happen if the police seen yan chan in one of the demon forms? Would they not do anything?

  78. ivy

    ivy16 days ago

    jay if you kill someone with a knife then give the knife to the dude who want a knife will he get framed for mreder

  79. DarkRavenWolf50

    DarkRavenWolf5016 days ago

    I hope hes aware of the drams with Yandev and isnt actually supporting this game. I would say he should stop playing it but honestly, i found Jay through this series. Plus its some of his best videos. But plz dont support Yandev...

  80. Nagito Komaeda’s Gun

    Nagito Komaeda’s Gun16 days ago

    Petition to have yandere dev make an ending where you can make senpai fall for Osana’s friend instead

  81. Molly Rois

    Molly Rois17 days ago

    this is something that happened to me go to class early monday morning and as soon as class ends at lunch time go to class again and when you get out of class everybody will notice you as if your doing something suspicious, they will all float towards you and then walk away

  82. Hailee Blaik Pena

    Hailee Blaik Pena17 days ago

    try to kill all the rivals and see if the Amai cut scene will trigger And btw UR THAT DUDE

  83. The SuperSisters

    The SuperSisters17 days ago

    Hey, Jay, I have a question. If you send Kokona or Osana on the day they will confess to senpai (On Friday), will they appear magically on the confessing time?

  84. Strawberry_ghost.E.X.E

    Strawberry_ghost.E.X.E17 days ago

    Hey Jay,if you join the marital arts club and raise all your physical stats,can you take down raibaru? Also Kill someone Mop up the blood until the bucket is filled with blood Dump it on osana Will she get arrested?

  85. Moonlight _4000

    Moonlight _400017 days ago

    Play the last of us 2

  86. Bearability Gaming

    Bearability Gaming17 days ago

    Osana : is ded Senpai: is mourning in town Amai : so uhmmm... you wanna cupcake?

  87. Buba

    Buba18 days ago

    You can’t „invite“ Osana the day you want to go to this dudes house, because Osana is not telling you the address, she is gonna text you the address the night after you talked to her. Then I guess you can „invite“ her the next day and then go to the stalkers house.

  88. Clover Saikou

    Clover Saikou18 days ago

    Is it possible to frame somebody for murder but Ayano is also covered in blood at the same time, which one will be arrested?

  89. Pillar Sky

    Pillar Sky18 days ago

    Remember that Kokona confessing glitch vid? I wonder if you can do that with Osana 🤔🤔?

  90. Gacha_ Fox

    Gacha_ Fox18 days ago

    Jay I have one! 1. Make some Octodogs 2. Kill someone using a different knife 3. Dispose of the knife you killed someone with 4. End the day Will the police arrested you cause you have fingerprints on the cooking club knife?

  91. Gia Favaroth

    Gia Favaroth18 days ago

    I got one:1kill the first gym teacher so they can get another gym teacher. 2 kidnap the new gym teacher. Who will be down in the basement?

  92. Wreniel Owen Galicia

    Wreniel Owen Galicia18 days ago

    hey jay do this for me: 1. join the light music club and wear the chelo case 2. go to the delinquents they will say something about the case

  93. yandere chan

    yandere chan19 days ago

    Hey jay go to the October 1 build and go to the black hole mode and get every on and even senpai then let the bullies see a person being sucked in and see what happens 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  94. Sophia Casas

    Sophia Casas19 days ago

    Senpai: my childhood best friend killed someone.. Amai: oh... anyways wanna cupcake 🧁

  95. Paige Thao

    Paige Thao19 days ago

    Senpai:My childhood friend got aressted for murder Ami:Cupcake?

  96. EmperorTheBest

    EmperorTheBest19 days ago

    WANNA CUPCAKES part just sent me straight to heaven. 2:27

  97. Odd Number

    Odd Number19 days ago

    Jay! Heres a bug! 1. Get debug commands 2. On monday, get the judgment demon thing behind the tree and get rid of senpai, add him back and his uniform will be white

  98. Gemily Ford

    Gemily Ford19 days ago

    I mean like why her

  99. *ii_strawberry *

    *ii_strawberry *19 days ago

    Cause it took me forever to eliminate Osana. And I can’t even click extras. Nothings happening.

  100. *ii_strawberry *

    *ii_strawberry *19 days ago

    So I’m wondering if you know how to fix it? Cause I’m getting really mad about it..