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Song: I got it from the youtube audio library, it's called "Dude"
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  1. Cassie Ritz

    Cassie Ritz2 hours ago


  2. Yandere Sam

    Yandere Sam4 hours ago

    Who thougt too about lucius (lucifers son)

  3. Amber Weidinger

    Amber Weidinger9 hours ago

    Dude this baby SOUNDS like he has a deep voice -Jay 2020

  4. Animal Care

    Animal Care9 hours ago

    The bebeh

  5. Animal Care

    Animal Care9 hours ago

    Lol his eyes

  6. Animal Care

    Animal Care9 hours ago

    I mean he douse have some hell eyes

  7. Animal Care

    Animal Care9 hours ago

    Omg how he picks up the baby lol how he reapets

  8. Animal Care

    Animal Care9 hours ago

    Jay:flirts with the the light jay:littrely screams while looking back wile roasting him self

  9. dabis bitch

    dabis bitch16 hours ago




    imajen your jays neiborhs and you here " BUCKLE UP CAUSE HERE WE GO!!!" at 3 in the morning

  11. Nesquack Derp

    Nesquack DerpDay ago

    This why i love watching ur vids jay 💝😂

  12. Nesquack Derp

    Nesquack DerpDay ago

    15:24 Cornfused🤣😂

  13. Nesquack Derp

    Nesquack DerpDay ago

    5:55 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 i mean seriously

  14. FoxinaZgamer

    FoxinaZgamerDay ago

    Im watching this while fixing up bonnie and when jay started flirting with a ceiling light, bonnie was like: °~°

  15. Ivonne Ferrer

    Ivonne Ferrer2 days ago

    Nobody: Jay: EVIL BABY EVIL BABY Also Jay: Hey you lookin' fine after this do you wanna maybe go out The ceiling light: 💡👄💡

  16. aunna mitchell

    aunna mitchell2 days ago

    me: you sound like a douch jay! jay: 6:57 5:54

  17. Mary Gilip

    Mary Gilip3 days ago

    I love you song 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  18. bunny phoe phoe

    bunny phoe phoe4 days ago

    I like how he says " you cool with that you down with dat "and get ready and BUCKLE UP!" it is the catch frases that are my favs

  19. Khadijat Yinusa

    Khadijat Yinusa4 days ago

    Oh hell noooooooo

  20. Rija Salman

    Rija Salman4 days ago

    * 5:55 * Jay- *Flirting with a ceiling lamp* Me- *Chokes on ice* *Coughing* Some random person- *Saw me cough* C-O-R-O-N-A C0R0NA! Me- I- I CHOKED ON ICE!? WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO RATHER THAN COUGH?! DANCE?! Jay- *Watches this fight with no interest whatsoever* Me- GO- *Notices Jay* GOD DAMN IT JAY! WHY'D YOU HAVE TO FLIRT WITH A CEILING LAMP?! Jay- Oh shoot- I've been caught.! *Naruto runs away* And that's how Jay was arrested :3 (I make random story's each vid I watch :3 )

  21. DJ Solomon

    DJ Solomon4 days ago

    Im laugh crying right now, I LOST it when the ' catch nappy ' objective came up🤣🤣🤣

  22. Gaming with Isabella

    Gaming with Isabella5 days ago

    Me: Is THiS A hoRRoR game!? Me: eh so if it is (downloads it)

  23. Baby Pikachu

    Baby Pikachu5 days ago

    When he saw him in the camera and acted like he was a model and then he said"WHY R U SO FrEaCkiNg TALL!" I died after dat

  24. Isabell Orio

    Isabell Orio5 days ago

    Did you know jay that you had the same ending as laurenzside but gloom had a different ending!!

  25. gacha Lilith_ilove

    gacha Lilith_ilove5 days ago

    Why is this funny and scary at the same time!!!😂😂

  26. iiCokaholic_ ii

    iiCokaholic_ ii5 days ago

    ( 5:54 ) Damnn Jay, You could be an actor with that voice- 😳😩🥵

  27. Haim Ovitz

    Haim Ovitz6 days ago

    Why the baby havin cut g

  28. minnie flower

    minnie flower6 days ago

    Me when I play ANY horror game: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Me when I watch horror games: Meh (Sometimes screams at the top of lungs)

  29. Ymei Aggabao

    Ymei Aggabao6 days ago

    ) 9)

  30. Belise Brown

    Belise Brown6 days ago

    Jay X ceiling light XD

  31. jazzy mitchell

    jazzy mitchell6 days ago

    Jay: couldn't be me I'm a tough guy *Inserts clips of him screaming*

  32. Hailee Rodriguez

    Hailee Rodriguez6 days ago

    No one: Not a single soul: Jay: *lifts arm* I'm not flexing I swear.

  33. Julia Dehnert

    Julia Dehnert7 days ago

    Bro jays screams scared me so much more than the games

  34. Brett Roberts

    Brett Roberts7 days ago

    Bro the romance talk tho O.O -_- ("*-*")

  35. Chris Afton

    Chris Afton9 days ago

    5:55 to 6:34 . are you okay Jay?

  36. Camp camp SIMP

    Camp camp SIMP9 days ago

    5:54 jay flirts with a light

  37. Lght704

    Lght7049 days ago

    I like how sometimes he adds little text boxes at the image for the cover of the video

  38. Isabel Rayo

    Isabel Rayo9 days ago

    light: hello there :)

  39. Strawberry boba roblox Girl

    Strawberry boba roblox Girl9 days ago

    When he said ugly it was funny 😂😂😂😂

  40. XxLeah_The_SlytherinxX

    XxLeah_The_SlytherinxX9 days ago

    Jay: *flirts with light * Me: I guess u can say the light is..... Turned on 😎😎😎😐

  41. Alon Aguirre

    Alon Aguirre9 days ago

    Baby: *T POSEEEEEE*

  42. Charlie S

    Charlie S9 days ago

    To all the confused people this is around the time he starts flirting with the light: 5:55

  43. Depression Girl

    Depression Girl10 days ago

    does any one else like jay flirting with a ceiling light or is it just me?

  44. S o f t G i r l

    S o f t G i r l10 days ago

    Ok but why was that genuinely hot? The way he was talking to the light with the deep voice-

  45. Honey The Roo

    Honey The Roo10 days ago

    Jay: sees a ceiling light “hey baby gurl you new around here?” Also jay: when he sees a light “is that my dad?”

  46. ladyviking22

    ladyviking2210 days ago

    10:28 yesss

  47. Raven McE

    Raven McE12 days ago

    im a little uncomfy after seeing Jay seduce a ceiling light

  48. Harram Rans

    Harram Rans12 days ago

    LOl the demon alien baby

  49. Emile Naginionyte

    Emile Naginionyte12 days ago

    Jay: burps Me: 👁👄👁😑

  50. TheAnythingChannel

    TheAnythingChannel13 days ago

    13:23 baby left the chat g

  51. lemon head

    lemon head13 days ago

    hes not my fasher

  52. lemon head

    lemon head13 days ago

    its funny how he flirts with the lamp not 1 but TWO times its so funny XDDDDD

  53. sani

    sani13 days ago

    jay got game on a damn light i love 2020

  54. Captain Chief

    Captain Chief13 days ago

    Bro thats Mason

  55. Suzanna Tharp

    Suzanna Tharp14 days ago

    rlly the light =-= why? your so omg =-=

  56. I c e c r e a m w i p

    I c e c r e a m w i p15 days ago

    5:55 6:56 If anyone needs the time 😏

  57. Tyra Charlotte Sanchez Olaya

    Tyra Charlotte Sanchez Olaya16 days ago


  58. Tyra Charlotte Sanchez Olaya

    Tyra Charlotte Sanchez Olaya16 days ago


  59. Partygacha midnight

    Partygacha midnight16 days ago


  60. Loveble Heart

    Loveble Heart16 days ago

    i love you jay. 💜😧

  61. Abbie Kriisa

    Abbie Kriisa16 days ago

    your a "tuff guy" but u scream when red righting appears on a wall

  62. Lailah Navarro

    Lailah Navarro17 days ago

    cmon jay, what i up with you flirting with a ceiling light.

  63. Md Zaini Bin Abd Hamid Md Zaini

    Md Zaini Bin Abd Hamid Md Zaini17 days ago

    Vid: something pops up Me: thinks its a demon Also me:sounds like a screaming goose

  64. Seona siba

    Seona siba17 days ago

    Stop doing that dude

  65. Coskun Or

    Coskun Or17 days ago

    When he played the first game when she opend the door and he screamed i started to laugh so hard

  66. Minty Møcha

    Minty Møcha18 days ago

    Why does he have literally the smoothest pickup line voice wth

  67. Moni The panda

    Moni The panda18 days ago

    Me having a bad day Jay/Robert *starts flirting with the light * Me: ,,my day just got worse ;-; “

  68. Lilys Circle

    Lilys Circle18 days ago

    5:56 wow- xD chill with the ladys man xD

  69. Contacts Hickbros

    Contacts Hickbros18 days ago

    Me: as a babysitter and babysitting a evil baby and I'm like oh hi little baby your so cute and wean I feed you and I cgaming a baby and if he do that again I will call the police and he will go to jail and if I go to hes room and waen I see this thing I will die and go to hell

  70. Ashley Williams

    Ashley Williams19 days ago

    7:16 when people having a dream talking to there crush

  71. GrEeEeEeEe EeEeEeEe Nunu Kominai UnU

    GrEeEeEeEe EeEeEeEe Nunu Kominai UnU19 days ago

    Jay: Flirts with the light* me: bOi If YoU dOnT-

  72. Galaxy Rarara Playzz

    Galaxy Rarara Playzz19 days ago

    ABOUT TIME YOU PLAYED THE BABY IN YELLOW! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS EVER SINCE LAUREN PLAYED THIS ON HER CHANNEL! wait my caps were on and my keyboard is laggy when i type.. oof. i am not typing this again

  73. orange juice

    orange juice20 days ago

    did not last 1 min

  74. Courtney Louise

    Courtney Louise20 days ago

    11:50 Lmao I cant😭😂😂

  75. Courtney Louise

    Courtney Louise20 days ago

    I’m sorry 4:00 was the funniest shit😂😭👏🏻👏🏻

  76. No_needtoknowname

    No_needtoknowname20 days ago

    10:57 proceeds to leave the baby to fall XD

  77. T⃣a⃣m⃣a⃣k⃣i⃣

    T⃣a⃣m⃣a⃣k⃣i⃣20 days ago

    Baby: **falls off the high chair** Jay: “Aight.”

  78. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay20 days ago

    Jay: **flirts with a ceiling light** Mason: "Father... Please tell me you didn't do this"

  79. azrul azwan

    azrul azwan20 days ago


  80. bears family

    bears family21 day ago

    Can you play hello puppets you’ll scream like a little Japan girl

  81. Ruby Olds

    Ruby Olds21 day ago

    5:55 whatever floats your boat...

  82. Faith Rubio

    Faith Rubio21 day ago

    That last game is probably how the nanny from the Incredibles felt

  83. Savannah Splawn

    Savannah Splawn21 day ago

    That octopus Is cuthulu btw

  84. Clarathe Scott’s

    Clarathe Scott’s21 day ago

    i feel like jay says “HI GUYS IT OM JAY” but it’s i’m jay not on jay lol

  85. Leticia Celaya

    Leticia Celaya22 days ago

    did anyone notice how jay layed the baby like it was running lol

  86. girly of cheese c:

    girly of cheese c:23 days ago

    Me:thinks what jay would say to the yellow baby* Me:is he gonna say"NoW ThAt BE sOmE bulL"?

  87. girly of cheese c:

    girly of cheese c:23 days ago

    Me:sees jay flirting with ceiling * Me again:how thats some real bull.

  88. girly of cheese c:

    girly of cheese c:23 days ago

    Jay:kids you in there?! Totally kid jay:Yes JaY HelP uS- Me:das be some bull.

  89. Friendly neighborhood crack addict

    Friendly neighborhood crack addict23 days ago

    Sometimes, I question how sane I am. I always just, don’t feel right, and always seem like I’m crazy, especially through this quarantine. *Jay starts to flirt with a light* Oh, nevermind

  90. Emy Medina

    Emy Medina23 days ago

    I~i I LOVE your videos

  91. Destiny Torres

    Destiny Torres24 days ago

    Jay: flirts with the light The light is turned on. 💡👄💡

  92. Serenity Bundy

    Serenity Bundy24 days ago

    Get you a man who talks to you like jay talks to that light 😔😔

  93. Choua Lee

    Choua Lee25 days ago

    Free random games sounds like three random games- am i deaf :o ?

  94. youmiiwerido

    youmiiwerido26 days ago

    When my friend try to take my chips Me 18:15

  95. Julie Salhab

    Julie Salhab26 days ago

    😰😥 I’m died

  96. Ruru_ Error!Sans

    Ruru_ Error!Sans26 days ago

    The baby was T-Posing.

  97. Litzy Quinteros

    Litzy Quinteros26 days ago

    Hey he spared you you were so good to him that he didn’t kill you

  98. Litzy Quinteros

    Litzy Quinteros26 days ago

    And maybe he will spare you

  99. Litzy Quinteros

    Litzy Quinteros26 days ago

    Hey be nice to the baby

  100. purple_gacha pastel

    purple_gacha pastel26 days ago

    Jay why did you flirt with the ceiling light😂😂🤣🤣🤣