In this episode of Free Random Games, we have 3 scary games in a row, first one being a found footage horror game, the second being a mom getting mad at her son for not cleaning up his mess, so a killer transformer vacuum is up here to suck him up and ANOTHER Siren Head game...leave a LIKE for more!
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Game 1: olinkalex.itch.io/cageface
Game 2: parimak.itch.io/vacuulus-demo
Game 3: moustachebanana.itch.io/siren-head-field
Song: "Twist Bandits all around me" from USlikes's Audio Library
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  1. Wolfie gang

    Wolfie gang10 hours ago

    Whats the name of the last one ?

  2. dream the animator sturdivant

    dream the animator sturdivant21 hour ago

    Jay I kind of have a creative name from my mom it's dream

  3. Felicia Bradford

    Felicia BradfordDay ago

    Just use my grandma phone

  4. Felicia Bradford

    Felicia BradfordDay ago

    You so funny is so. Funny when you scream like a girl a ahahahah ahah and I m 9

  5. CloudyStars

    CloudyStars2 days ago

    The first game kinda reminds me of the movie "My Bloody Valentine." The guy didn't have that wierd head tho

  6. Amya Ozell

    Amya Ozell2 days ago

    The 2nd game had my anxiety meter acting up 😵like get in the dam closet and hide😁

  7. Angel Fernandez

    Angel Fernandez5 days ago

    Me: sees dead cow also me: NOOOO THE COW DIED I WANTED TO SUCK UP MILK😢😢😢😢

  8. DanganEdits

    DanganEdits5 days ago

    why does that kid in the second game freaking sound like an older version of jataro kemuri mixed with nagisa shingetsu from ultra despair girls? like, tf? is that just me?

  9. Sailor Saturn

    Sailor Saturn7 days ago

    Second game: about a huge scary vacuum that that will kill you if you don’t clean up your mess Me: *nervously sweats in messy 13 y/o*

  10. goldie brown

    goldie brown8 days ago

    jay: you expect me to clean all that? mom: yes well you made the mess so you can clean it up too

  11. Two Face

    Two Face8 days ago

    25:45 Apparently someone named their son Covid Bryant. And another named their kid Covid Rose. And the last one that got me, Covidovidapdap

  12. Himiko Yumeno

    Himiko Yumeno8 days ago

    Jay: “If siren Head gets me again I’m ending the game play” Also jay: *keeps playing*

  13. Mason Gooch

    Mason Gooch10 days ago

    My name is mason too

  14. ÜÑÎ Tūbę

    ÜÑÎ Tūbę10 days ago

    It’s 12:00 am right now I don’t believe I should be watching scary stuff like this... 😰😂👌😑

  15. No One

    No One11 days ago

    Okay that second game is FREE? Really? That animation is amazing and voice acting is really good I would think youd pay for that.

  16. •PhantomNight•

    •PhantomNight•11 days ago

    My sister name is diamond

  17. Claire Burford

    Claire Burford12 days ago

    I'm legit cleaning my house while watching this😅🤯😨

  18. Princess A.

    Princess A.12 days ago

    Puta is a bad word rigth haha thats bad word in philipines


    AMELIA DE LA ROSA13 days ago


  20. Haley Barker

    Haley Barker13 days ago


  21. Elaina Havens

    Elaina Havens15 days ago


  22. Elaina Havens

    Elaina Havens15 days ago

    Jay: GGIIYVTVITCICCIKIYBIIBYIVTVI Oh idk what im talking bout ME: waiting for jay to get jump scared XD :3

  23. Diamante Enriquez

    Diamante Enriquez16 days ago

    I honestly wanna see jay play that Vaculus game

  24. Latara Hamilton

    Latara Hamilton16 days ago

    My guy hit that night note tho 😂😂😂

  25. Emma Lofthouse

    Emma Lofthouse17 days ago

    This video is so funny I nearly died of laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. W0lf13 B01

    W0lf13 B0118 days ago

    How does he know about my mom?

  27. Sunnydew

    Sunnydew18 days ago

    The first game made me remember when Markiplier played it

  28. Tosha Disher

    Tosha Disher18 days ago

    ??: who da fook is dat gouy?...

  29. Tosha Disher

    Tosha Disher18 days ago

    The people that dislike this are the people that don’t know how to handle there life😑

  30. Cringesap G

    Cringesap G18 days ago

    Seeing the fear in jays face when he screams is the funniest shit

  31. Death Bruh

    Death Bruh19 days ago

    Jay is ThAt DuDe

  32. SuperKinahead

    SuperKinahead19 days ago

    Press C to crouch Jay: *Sprints*

  33. Cayden Wilson

    Cayden Wilson19 days ago

    Hey Jay you always make me laugh and make me happy and I was just wandering if your ok like how's life how ya doing buddy

  34. Rubberband1t Squad

    Rubberband1t Squad19 days ago

    i can't be the only one knowing manly badass hero played this

  35. Mox

    Mox19 days ago

    I think the paper airplanes are supposed to get siren head to follow it and you can run

  36. My Wolfy

    My Wolfy20 days ago


  37. just Artémis

    just Artémis20 days ago

    Two major parts are 20:17 and 25:29 you'll thank me later

  38. Jossyj35

    Jossyj3520 days ago

    i feel like the vacuum game scared him a bit more then the other 2

  39. Larssonお兄ちゃん

    Larssonお兄ちゃん20 days ago

    *"there was 2 bodies found inside the tunnel"* Jay: well.... *atleast its not 3-* Me: AHHAHAHAH I HAVE GOT THAT KIND OF SMARTY PANTS FROM JAY HAHAHAH *Ihaventbeentop1onclasstho;-;*

  40. Rosy Lemonade

    Rosy Lemonade21 day ago

    No one: Literally no one: Not even my dog: Not even the spider on my wall: Me: Violently vibes to the music playing in between games

  41. Sylvia Odelle

    Sylvia Odelle21 day ago

    Jay: “this look sensitivity is crazy!” Jay a few minutes earlier: *turns up look sensitivity*

  42. Madilynn Bridges

    Madilynn Bridges22 days ago

    . . . . . . . . . . .

  43. Jaylani Muna

    Jaylani Muna22 days ago

    Jay: Parents really want to name their kids the most unique names Me:My name is Jaylani:3

  44. Naruto_ Kakashi_hOoD

    Naruto_ Kakashi_hOoD22 days ago

    Me, my sister and my cousin were Watching you and my other cousin came in and was like,”who are you watching” and we answered,”that dude” and she’s like,”who’s that your not allowed to watch this because he’s cursing” yet she lets my 3rd cousin who is 2 years younger than me and is youtubers that curse.

  45. Christian Wallace

    Christian Wallace22 days ago

    I know this app is used for family friendly content so I will say this like a gentleman This video game you have play where a man/being will vacuum you made me get rid of internal waste in my underoos. I cannot explain my fear for I am shook. Everytime he was chased I jumped and acted like a little wussy boy. I am so scared that I had to change my pants due to the chocolate hershey stains in my trousers. In other words... I shit myself

  46. Chandere Yan

    Chandere Yan22 days ago

    Jay: If monsters in video games could run, that would make it a million times scarier. But the fact that they run so slow makes me go HA! Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees: ***HEAVY BREATHING***

  47. B B

    B B23 days ago

    the vacuum game was no joke I legit jumped each time jay got caught

  48. Diamond Porter

    Diamond Porter23 days ago

    I feel personally attacked 😂😂😭 my name is Diamond, just bc ppl don’t have basic names like Sarah, or John doesn’t mean we’re being outlandish lol just to be different ❤️

  49. Kpop Stan

    Kpop Stan24 days ago

    If you name your child Basketball your the most chill and coolest parent in the history of parents

  50. Crystal Destroyer

    Crystal Destroyer24 days ago

    Why do I always hear 3 random games 😅

  51. Demon Slayer 100

    Demon Slayer 10024 days ago

    Jay do a live stream

  52. Muna aziz

    Muna aziz24 days ago

    Jay you said office right in Spanish

  53. Caroline Superstar

    Caroline Superstar24 days ago

    Me in my room watching jay and its night and jay screams * my mom: WHATS THAT SOUND! Me:nothing!

  54. Caroline Superstar

    Caroline Superstar24 days ago

    Jay/that dude can you do more yarndere your that dude!

  55. Iridescent October

    Iridescent October25 days ago

    It’s funny that you say that cause my name is Diamond, and one of my sisters is named Crystal. Lmao 😂🤍

  56. Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez25 days ago

    a little late here but did you just say SEE TO PREVENT BEING HEARD😂 when it said CROUCH TO PREVENT BEING HEARD... (15:32) 😂😂

  57. Pacific Playz

    Pacific Playz25 days ago

    Can you bring back the end your lifu merch back I miss it

  58. Amanda .

    Amanda .25 days ago

    Watching him play that clean up game got my anxiety soooo high.

  59. Fantastic Faith

    Fantastic Faith25 days ago

    The second game was really good but way to hard

  60. Madd1e Lov3ly

    Madd1e Lov3ly25 days ago

    Cmonnnnn I cant be the only oneeeeee I didnt see a single comment on this lol Jay:Lets check out the tape june 13 1987 My mind:*GASP* Is that the bite of 87 lol

  61. Katherine

    Katherine25 days ago

    20:20 doe

  62. Tyeshawn Jordan

    Tyeshawn Jordan26 days ago

    What is the mom sound like a teacher from yandere simulator

  63. Pitch_White Black

    Pitch_White Black26 days ago

    I died

  64. Ollie the gollie

    Ollie the gollie27 days ago

    I love the fact that I'm bilingual and my parents can't understand Jay or else I would be so screwed

  65. Ollie the gollie

    Ollie the gollie27 days ago

    Imagine if the second game was real, the only thing I'll have to clean up is my blanket and then I'm done (that's if it was after noon ofc)

  66. Lonely person

    Lonely person27 days ago

    Not me drawing Jay while watching the video-

  67. KevKev Kristie

    KevKev Kristie27 days ago

    The 2 game was so scary that I quickly got up to clean my room

  68. lifeisfun 2000

    lifeisfun 200027 days ago

    280,080 hours ago so your no where near close

  69. Foxy kitty kat

    Foxy kitty kat27 days ago

    Jay at least let other people read what’s going on if you’re not gonna read it like make us pause for the thing instead of skipping...

  70. S P-777

    S P-77727 days ago

    🤔 if Jay was truly that dude he would beat th vaccum man and challenge gloom to do it to

  71. Dapper The Annoying Kid

    Dapper The Annoying Kid27 days ago

    Ok i'm not playing minecraft anymore.

  72. ;-;KMOLIナゲッツ

    ;-;KMOLIナゲッツ27 days ago

    People hiding in the comment section: free snacks..br0? 🥐🍟🍘🍜🥫🥪🥣🍬🍪🍩🥧🥟🍚🍞🍝🍤🍥🍛🍦🍧🍨🍿🍮🥞 💅👁️👄👁️💅

  73. Shiroシロ

    Shiroシロ27 days ago

    literally no one: me: *still waiting for dark deception*

  74. Nadjae Tv

    Nadjae Tv27 days ago

    “Buckle TFFF up, cuz here we go “🥰

  75. rnk anj

    rnk anj27 days ago


  76. AsianBakugo

    AsianBakugo27 days ago

    20:20 notes higher than mariah carey

  77. angela smith

    angela smith27 days ago

    Jay got scared of a vacuum cleaner 😂

  78. TrentSavage

    TrentSavage28 days ago

    Jay should keep playing the Vaccumman I think it's awesome when it comes out.

  79. INJC4LAW

    INJC4LAW28 days ago

    When he was talking like a karen it almost made me laugh but it did not work because I am very hard to get to laugh

  80. Snowy_ Beår

    Snowy_ Beår28 days ago


  81. Yumi Kupo soul & spirit

    Yumi Kupo soul & spirit28 days ago

    game 2 is very impressive

  82. Maddy Lock

    Maddy Lock28 days ago

    I watch this video during online class and when the jump scare come up I fell out of my chair (I get scared easily shut up) and the teacher asked if I was ok?! 😂😂😂

  83. Disgraceful

    Disgraceful28 days ago

    19:37 I guess Vacuum man turned his night vision off cause he thought it was unfair for jay...

  84. Miku hatsune

    Miku hatsune28 days ago

    I'm sorry to saythis but Jay........ YOURE GIRLY

  85. Omar Ahmed

    Omar Ahmed25 days ago

    Miku hatsune no

  86. xXrose_reeeXx :3

    xXrose_reeeXx :328 days ago

    The first game, June 13 is my birthday 😭😭😭😭😭

  87. :P

    :P28 days ago

    " I feel that nowadays people want to have unique ass names like diamond, crystal or *basketball.* " -Jay from the Kubz Scouts 2020


    SAKURA - CHAN VOCALOID28 days ago

    I love you


    SAKURA - CHAN VOCALOID28 days ago

    You're favourite

  90. dxddy levi

    dxddy levi28 days ago

    i have gotten to the state if im watching jays vids and something scary has happened ill scream out his name

  91. Mari Animates

    Mari Animates28 days ago

    Vaculus looking hella good not gon cap

  92. Amino Gacha

    Amino Gacha28 days ago

    Jay:scared of siren head Also jay:“NOOO BERTHAAAAAA“

  93. organic aquarius

    organic aquarius29 days ago

    game two is highkey giving me so much anxiety LMAO WHY

  94. Bubble Tea

    Bubble Tea29 days ago

    Jay out here being Dyslexic

  95. Travis Tacoz

    Travis Tacoz29 days ago

    this is so random but i kinda miss the old intro


    SAADIYA KNIGHT29 days ago

    oh noouuuuu bertha

  97. Jt_gaming_HQ

    Jt_gaming_HQ29 days ago

    Me thinking it was be a normal vacuum The game :Fear me Me:bruh... OH SH-

  98. Garrett Roye

    Garrett Roye29 days ago

    Me: see 1987 Also me: fnaf panic Jay you're THAT DUDE Also when you said stand up I'm like yeah stand up comedian

  99. Krystal Z. Matos

    Krystal Z. Matos29 days ago

    I was watching the video around 8:23 and I heard some background noice and freaked out. Then I noticed I was still in my online class 😭🤣

  100. ankle breaker

    ankle breaker29 days ago

    bruh vacuum lookin kinda sus

  101. potatoarefries

    potatoarefries29 days ago

    am i the only one who noticed that the voice actor on the first game sounded like karl from mrbeast?