If He Offers You To Try His BIG MAC...ALWAYS SAY NO (Scary Animation Reaction)

We're Back With Reacting To These Scary Animations!! First animation comes from LLama Arts called The Woman, Second & third are from Meat Canyon and it's a Mcdonalds horror story & the other is a surprise (You'll see why) & lastly is our homie Wansee Entertainment with a haunted house story, Leave a LIKE for more!
Llama arts: uslikes.info/house/mpiZlrqG2o6ej6Y/video.html&t
MeatCanyon: uslikes.info/house/q3eLlLGk23yrftg/video.html&t
Wansee: uslikes.info/house/lomtxbigzWiMdq4/video.html
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  1. Catherine Kimbrough

    Catherine KimbroughHour ago

    Now Jay you know you like the TV on when you go to sleep because your afraid of the dark🤣🤣 Stop the cap 🧢🧢🧢🧢

  2. N icole Anderson

    N icole Anderson3 hours ago

    1:17 Ewwwww

  3. hoseoks sprite

    hoseoks sprite6 hours ago

    personally i like to have the tv on when i sleep but i dont have one atm so i just have yt (mostly jays videos ehehkddk) and the fan on

  4. lιz

    lιz8 hours ago

    "take a couple drips"

  5. ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ U-U

    ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ U-U19 hours ago

    I like everything off the lights the TV the only thing I like on is the bright red eyes in the corner

  6. {Ñäė møønLight}

    {Ñäė møønLight}Day ago

    Literally every time at night I have everything on 🤣😂

  7. Sayori_ Chan

    Sayori_ ChanDay ago

    Big mac its a burger or...

  8. The anime showcase amine

    The anime showcase amineDay ago

    And think of japan

  9. The anime showcase amine

    The anime showcase amineDay ago

    Dark and cold

  10. Theo Wolvaardt

    Theo WolvaardtDay ago

    Me too

  11. tini sg

    tini sgDay ago

    I gotta have an AC or fan on in the cold and it needs to be dark too

  12. Isabella Kamminga

    Isabella KammingaDay ago

    I like to have a fan on whenever l sleep.

  13. HaZe

    HaZeDay ago

    16:91 She said Pooies


    ROSE RUNQUIST2 days ago

    WHAT A TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    DON'TREADDIS :P2 days ago

    7:45 how was that again, Jay?

  16. M Ze M

    M Ze M2 days ago

    Door must be open if it's too dark, and I could use the TV on most of the time

  17. Drago_gamer098 GAMER_For_life

    Drago_gamer098 GAMER_For_life2 days ago

    Tbh if jay actually moved out of his house to move onto another one it’s obv he won’t cuz LOOK AT THE BACKGROUND ITS FILLED WITH SO MANY STUFF LIKE IT WILL TAKE A WHOLE MONTH TO GET ALL THR STUFF TO THE OTHER HOUSE

  18. ben j

    ben j2 days ago

    when he says its not scary after he jumped in scared when the monster ate him in the ronled mc donled video

  19. ben j

    ben j2 days ago

    i like to sleep in pitch black and sound a sleep i don't like noise when i sleep

  20. Gryphon Master935

    Gryphon Master9352 days ago

    That plot twist on the first one though it explained so much

  21. Strawberry Bunny

    Strawberry Bunny2 days ago

    I sleep with my tablet on

  22. Gryphon Master935

    Gryphon Master9352 days ago

    Normally my tv the noise and the color just helps me and is soothing to me for some reason

  23. TOXIKTWINKY YouTube channel

    TOXIKTWINKY YouTube channel2 days ago

    Tv on I watch a lot of scary stuff and had nightmares last night ☺️

  24. Heaven wofe criss

    Heaven wofe criss2 days ago

    I turn on the tv and the lights on and go to sleep

  25. The Queen Of Beasts

    The Queen Of Beasts3 days ago

    My face when u said it wasn't scary😐ok

  26. The Queen Of Beasts

    The Queen Of Beasts3 days ago

    The woman comes back to hunt u her:let me in now Him: Omg what the He'll

  27. The Queen Of Beasts

    The Queen Of Beasts3 days ago

    I like a little night light if i watch something scary but i do slot I like the fan cause i sweat alot in my sleep

  28. The Queen Of Beasts

    The Queen Of Beasts3 days ago

    Me:playing a game at 3 am I see the girl she tried to kill me with her knife and i saw her eating a human it was a canibalisam Not really plz like

  29. The Queen Of Beasts

    The Queen Of Beasts3 days ago

    The 1st one

  30. The Queen Of Beasts

    The Queen Of Beasts3 days ago

    Oh i watched this before

  31. The Queen Of Beasts

    The Queen Of Beasts3 days ago

    I love lama arts

  32. Aizani Henry

    Aizani Henry3 days ago

    I love the fan on

  33. Carebear Sweets

    Carebear Sweets3 days ago

    I can't sleep without my fans (yes plural) on i usually listen to your videos until I get sleepy (your voice is calming ok ;-;) thanks for reading you're that dude!

  34. Pedro Dela Cruz

    Pedro Dela Cruz4 days ago

    We dont like when theres no tv lamp and the fan and aircon

  35. シ꧁Amethyst꧂

    シ꧁Amethyst꧂4 days ago

    1:30 my dude walked out of the store at the 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲

  36. Sage Canyon

    Sage Canyon4 days ago

    I like to listen to music not even relaxing music just like pop,and it all dark in my room lmao

  37. HeatedSamurai No u

    HeatedSamurai No u4 days ago

    So where ur child jay!

  38. Kitkat Dragon

    Kitkat Dragon4 days ago

    I love the McKiddin joke lol

  39. Matthew Anderson

    Matthew Anderson4 days ago

    Dam what did they do to my childhood idle Ronald mac, Donald

  40. supers salid

    supers salid4 days ago

    Jay: that wasn't scary Me: ya why did you jump tho

  41. Caili Brunson

    Caili Brunson4 days ago

    i leav all of the lights on

  42. Erika Delapaz

    Erika Delapaz5 days ago

    I like to sleep in the dark with the fan on while listening to music facing the wall.

  43. moonlightgal _67lg09

    moonlightgal _67lg095 days ago

    11:29 Me:Jay u do know that there are KIDS AND LITTLE GIRLS who watch ur videos and don't get ur inappropriate jokes

  44. Aizani Henry

    Aizani Henry3 days ago


  45. Roseline Gibson

    Roseline Gibson5 days ago

    He peed in that cup. I just realized this. Brb I’ma go barf-

  46. —L̶o̶v̶i̶n̶g̶ • S̶i̶s̶t̶e̶r̶—

    —L̶o̶v̶i̶n̶g̶ • S̶i̶s̶t̶e̶r̶—5 days ago

    Who can sleep in total darkness not having any noise on I have a fan and yt on, it tried once but all I could do was worry about noises around me

  47. Mega Taco

    Mega Taco5 days ago

    I like to have the fan on, but if it is raining outside, then that is just perfect for sleeping

  48. emerald munoz

    emerald munoz5 days ago

    The mom is depressed because she lost the newborn baby. Sad right?

  49. Everestgamer xx

    Everestgamer xx6 days ago

    ME TO

  50. Mya Bennett

    Mya Bennett6 days ago

    WAIT THIS GUY HAS A KID!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!??!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?/!/

  51. isimpforanimemen eheehee

    isimpforanimemen eheehee6 days ago

    i literally HAVE to sleep in complete silence or else ill just lay there trying to focus on each sound and i wont go to sleep, i always go to sleep with all lights off and a big blanket on top of my WHOLE body for some reason-

  52. Jonah Logan

    Jonah Logan6 days ago

    That twist was weird

  53. Carter Kruse

    Carter Kruse6 days ago

    Nobody The fiend: 6:51 Edit: I open my window and put on lofi music and I fall asleep it's great.

  54. medora cash

    medora cash6 days ago

    Fan on

  55. Moonlight Wolf

    Moonlight Wolf6 days ago

    Wait a minute you have a kid that's cool

  56. Julianna Cheser

    Julianna Cheser6 days ago

    my bro : Do you see that girl me: no bro you drink to much last night bro

  57. Redd Tripp

    Redd Tripp6 days ago

    3:51 i need youtube playing on my laptop while its charging so when i wake up i still have youtube up and if its shut off i kno that some one came into my room

  58. Redd Tripp

    Redd Tripp6 days ago

    0:28 not a minute in and im already lmafo

  59. Cassandra Tollison

    Cassandra Tollison7 days ago

    I have to have evey theing on

  60. Gacha Lily

    Gacha Lily7 days ago

    Jay: let me know What do you do when you sleep Me: take my meds and turen on The lights twice

  61. Simaiyah Velazquez

    Simaiyah Velazquez7 days ago

    Me: its 5:58 am...... i still have buddy *freaks out from the haunted house* its all fine.... right? me mind: im going to be safe i mean i can shoot a gun im safe.....

  62. //: : Crazy Kxzu

    //: : Crazy Kxzu8 days ago

    ronaldmcdonald:common i wont bite....atleast not that hard me:....YOU SAID YOU WOULDNT BITE MOMMY IM SCARED

  63. Cosmic

    Cosmic8 days ago

    Wait ,hes a father now?

  64. Night7Star

    Night7Star8 days ago

    I personally love listening to some lofi hip hop music or acoustic pop music. That always gets me to sleep in the course of 10-30minutes. I usually have a lamp beside my bed. If I watch some horror stories that get me paranoid then I turn the lamp on. If I get very paranoid, I turn on the lights in my hallway, my bedroom and the bedside lamp that I have. Other than that, I usually have the lights off and door closed. I sometimes leave my computer on since I have a keyboard and mouse that gives off subtle light so I feel safe as it’s not complete darkness.

  65. Georgia Strand

    Georgia Strand8 days ago

    I have to have a fan on.

  66. Grace Leong

    Grace Leong8 days ago


  67. Mary Herrera

    Mary Herrera9 days ago

    I need to watch a scary video or i need to be jumpscared to go to sleep

  68. Rūta B

    Rūta B9 days ago

    I like to lisent to music and rain sounds thunder fire cracking the sea and ur voice i can fall asleep by ur and some other you tubers voice l

  69. Bakugou& Todoroki&Deku

    Bakugou& Todoroki&Deku9 days ago

    When He Said You Need to twinkle It Made me Laugh My Ass Off XD XD XD

  70. Tsuyu Asui

    Tsuyu Asui9 days ago

    I need a humidifier right in my face to fall asleep i know it’s weird but yea so

  71. niatical

    niatical9 days ago

    11:56 LMAO he has Goofy's laugh. LMAO I CANT

  72. 【 Exstic Tulips 】

    【 Exstic Tulips 】10 days ago

    bro i litterally searched “kubs scouts scary sx offender ronald mcdonald”

  73. · M Û S H R Ø Ö M ·

    · M Û S H R Ø Ö M ·10 days ago

    I like to have a fan on and when I can I love the sound of rain. If stuff keep popping in my head that I don't want then I'll leave a light on or wake up my mom as we sleep in the living room.

  74. Savannah Hoang

    Savannah Hoang11 days ago

    The white niose that comes from my fan helps me fall asleep and I often fall asleep watching boring USlikes videos with people talking with the volume down so I can sleep idk

  75. Neveah Trevino

    Neveah Trevino11 days ago

    I have to have the tv on.

  76. Green Water for kids

    Green Water for kids11 days ago

    I sleep with the fan and tv i can't sleep in the pitch dark

  77. Uchizu_2007

    Uchizu_200711 days ago


  78. Ashley McAdam

    Ashley McAdam12 days ago

    i like have a fan and i like going to bed to a show on c:

  79. love yourself boo

    love yourself boo12 days ago

    When i go to sleep i have to have it pitch black and I need my fan on. expect on cold nights

  80. Julian David Paz

    Julian David Paz12 days ago

    I love using the ac at night because it's hot in the Philippines

  81. Virda

    Virda13 days ago

    McDonald's is kinda UGH V:

  82. dabis bitch

    dabis bitch13 days ago

    *Sees shirtless Ronald* Me: "sangwoo that you?"

  83. galaxy DA wolf

    galaxy DA wolf14 days ago

    WAIT JAY HAS A SON?!? Somebody please tell me if it's true or not

  84. Michelle Mastin

    Michelle Mastin14 days ago

    Kubz scouts:1 dad joke a vid Also kubz scouts: *makes 10 dad jokes in a video*

  85. • Hazel •

    • Hazel •14 days ago

    Me when I play with toy cars: 7:50 Me when I'm driving: 7:50

  86. Rudol Von Stroheim

    Rudol Von Stroheim14 days ago

    That stock scream though

  87. •Lilac Wølf•

    •Lilac Wølf•15 days ago

    5:30 why she got 2 shadows tho-

  88. Amber Dolence

    Amber Dolence15 days ago

    I like to sleep in a pitch black room the monsters can't eat you if they can't see you

  89. Kyle Yugi

    Kyle Yugi15 days ago

    8:09 Me eating potato chips rn: 👁👄👁 what?

  90. sushi anime

    sushi anime15 days ago

    He is so funny

  91. Joshua Lu

    Joshua Lu15 days ago

    I love the haduken sentence hahahahahaha

  92. Michael Tansy

    Michael Tansy16 days ago

    The fan on

  93. TK ERA YT

    TK ERA YT16 days ago

    Clown : says tak a few dripppppppssssss Me: takes clowns Toyota and dipsss.

  94. kadance parry

    kadance parry16 days ago

    𝓘 𝓵𝓲𝓴𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓯𝓪𝓷 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓫𝓸𝓽𝓱 𝓵𝓸𝔀

  95. Natspom0

    Natspom016 days ago

    Ya I like the fan and the tv

  96. Ki'shawn Cisco

    Ki'shawn Cisco16 days ago


  97. Feather Winter

    Feather Winter16 days ago

    Him:Come into my car! Me: *YEET* STAY AWAY FROM ME CREEPO

  98. Natalie Manning

    Natalie Manning16 days ago

    I love having a fan on and listening to music with my LED Lights on.the lowest setting on Its relaxing and helps me sleep And listening to your videos :)

  99. nicole walton

    nicole walton17 days ago

    Is this

  100. Heffner Official

    Heffner Official17 days ago

    I love listening to the tv 📺 and like yes ig and I love watching ur vids And then I go to bed


    ᎠᎪYᏆNᎠᎬKᏌ17 days ago

    Me: *hears goat demon in stories* Also me: *gOaTmAn fRoM bUzZfEeD uNsOlVeD*