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  1. Ariel Natalene

    Ariel Natalene17 hours ago

    Am I the only one that think when Jay voices Monokuma he sounds like Bill Cipher

  2. worm

    worm20 hours ago

    12:14 thats too cute wtf😭 1:00:35 i am gonna PASS AWAY

  3. Itz Niko

    Itz Niko2 days ago

    16:36 did he say dragonball z? 😂

  4. Ahmed Muhammad

    Ahmed Muhammad3 days ago

    30:10 Jay: Are you gonna kill your little sister? Junko: First time?

  5. aiyanna:D

    aiyanna:D6 days ago

    the fact hajime knows something bad is gonna happen yet everyone keeps telling him he’s wrong😔



    I don’t know why but I have the argue to just pat Monkuma *I DUNNO WHY I JUST DO*

  7. Ms. Gamer

    Ms. Gamer8 days ago

    Kazuichi is a simp... but have you seen Makoto smh

  8. Ms. Gamer

    Ms. Gamer8 days ago

    spoiler dont read if you dont want spoilers!!!! spoilers ahead this is your final warning I'm glad Kazuichi never got executed and sad chiaki did :(

  9. legacy's_breadbear

    legacy's_breadbear8 days ago

    Jay: "Yo, the executions are the best!" Everyone who valued a blackened character: *i don't support this*

  10. • K0:R0 PM •

    • K0:R0 PM •8 days ago

    teruteru: Maybe i should run away too Fuyuhiko: disgusting moron..... Byakuya: *t h a t s o k a y*

  11. choco cweam Sandwich

    choco cweam Sandwich9 days ago

    Monomi was sooooo cooooot 😭😭😭😭

  12. Potato o no

    Potato o no9 days ago

    People simp for Gundham Tanaka, an Ice cream headed dude while i simp for his Hamsters

  13. Hot Cheeto

    Hot Cheeto9 days ago

    when I realize this was 3 weeks ago for me: that’s new

  14. Purp

    Purp10 days ago

    1 game ik that has so much dang characters

  15. Layla Mighty beast

    Layla Mighty beast10 days ago

    Jay:” I know you got to chains but you don’t got to brains” Me:👁👄👁 “ i’m gonna say that when I’m in an argument

  16. The Gabe

    The Gabe11 days ago

    Yo wtf was with that scene with Mikan tripping. Teruteru do be looking sus.

  17. shadowunikat849

    shadowunikat84911 days ago

    Doesn’t the traditional dancer remind anyone of maya fey’s little sister? Pearl? From Phoenix Wright?

  18. Pat that gamer

    Pat that gamer11 days ago

    Let me get this straight No one told these kids that where there going is the place you die

  19. Wanderer

    Wanderer11 days ago

    New to the Danganronpa hype cuz of Jay's vids so here's what I think so far: The only unlikeable characters for me so far are the loli-like blond girl and the perverted chef but that's it, I think I like all the rest and I know this is gonna be bad--

  20. cassey paraiso

    cassey paraiso12 days ago

    new voice actor JAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. からさきKati

    からさきKati12 days ago

    It`s just so cute how Gundham reacts when Sonia says the hamsters are cute

  22. _Ursieminor_

    _Ursieminor_13 days ago

    Hehehe Gundham is becoming my favorite slowly because of the cute lil beasts he has living in his scarf 🥰

  23. Herman Anderson

    Herman Anderson15 days ago

    I can't believe I thought Teruteru was an innocent bean from looking at his design😂

  24. golden age gamer

    golden age gamer16 days ago

    I feel like the ultimate imposter got tired acting he got himself killed

  25. Sophie The loof

    Sophie The loof16 days ago

    33:58 Just saving this K back

  26. The Karen Show

    The Karen Show16 days ago

    Why is it so crocked that's what she said

  27. アミラAmi

    アミラAmi16 days ago

    I wonder if Jay's gonna like komaeda 🤭

  28. Sela Tucker

    Sela Tucker17 days ago

    6:34 Jay, that sounds really bad to us wlw 😂 we think of strap as a different kinda strap

  29. Satan Has Logged In

    Satan Has Logged In17 days ago

    Yes, just a little scratch he says, she gets sent to oblivion he sees

  30. Satan Has Logged In

    Satan Has Logged In17 days ago

    I like how the only people that break the fourth wall is Monokuma and little sister (I forgot her name already)

  31. NoSleep

    NoSleep18 days ago

    Gundham is my favorite.🥺❤️ (Please don't die first

  32. Jose Escobedo

    Jose Escobedo18 days ago

    Omfg can somebody get rid of hiyoko holy damn...

  33. Kalliblast

    Kalliblast19 days ago

    my god gundham is adorable

  34. Gumbay Shore

    Gumbay Shore19 days ago

    When I saw nagito I broke my bowl and my chilly is all over the place:( I’m not that mad at the bowl, but my CHILLY!!!😭

  35. wolfie chan

    wolfie chan14 days ago

    I feel bad for you here take a cookie 🍪

  36. :P

    :P19 days ago

    "We must sacrifice *a* person." My guy this is danganronpa we are talking about. There will most *certainly* not be only one death.

  37. Soul Judger

    Soul Judger20 days ago

    Jake you don't understand danganronpa 2 takes place before danganronpa 1. Danganronpa is about the 78th class danganronpa 2 is about 77th class

  38. gacha adriel

    gacha adriel20 days ago

    do v3 youll love it of dragonopara when this one is over

  39. florapetals

    florapetals20 days ago


  40. Monokuma Not junko

    Monokuma Not junko21 day ago

    21:55 no you are junko

  41. Kokichi 2020

    Kokichi 202021 day ago

    Y’all just wait till he plays danganranpa v3

  42. hinata _ chan

    hinata _ chan21 day ago

    The biggest plot twist is if hinata was like kyoko and actually knew what was happening but got his memories wiped

  43. Mpho Masia

    Mpho Masia22 days ago

    (Me drinking tea) Monokuma : Bonjur ;3

  44. aiko

    aiko22 days ago

    jay calling gundham and his hamsters cute is adorable! jay x gundhams hamsters is real!!

  45. Drama Scene

    Drama Scene22 days ago

    47:40 In that situation, real or fake, these guys (eveyone who was mocking her) were totally rude. I would be so embarrassed and absolutely mad at everyone who didn't respect my privacy.

  46. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G22 days ago

    If Nekomaru takes a shit, the toilet would explode

  47. 「CrystalAkiyama」

    「CrystalAkiyama」22 days ago

    19:20 Holup-

  48. :P

    :P22 days ago

    Too salty ocean water- Saltykuya, that is basically your home.

  49. Pops Boy97

    Pops Boy9722 days ago

    Also in the punishment talk it's just a pic of the mono plush

  50. Pops Boy97

    Pops Boy9722 days ago

    Doranga is like among us nice till murder

  51. Noddle Foodle

    Noddle Foodle22 days ago

    Mahiru speaks Jay: she's sounds like a Karen Me: If only you knew.....

  52. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith22 days ago

    So we aren’t going to address the 4th wall break from Usami?

  53. Yalo

    Yalo23 days ago

    35:50 jay really wants the ding dong huh?

  54. Karmen C.

    Karmen C.23 days ago

    I feel bad for usa- i mean monomi 🥺

  55. NotLeon

    NotLeon24 days ago

    8:45 ignore this im saving my progress

  56. Miss ØØFS ALOT

    Miss ØØFS ALOT25 days ago

    Bro this dude can make the best monokuma voice

  57. Lee Raza

    Lee Raza25 days ago

    Damn I don't remember this episode of Total Drama Island

  58. Pluto

    Pluto25 days ago


  59. Clorby

    Clorby25 days ago

    Can we 😂 talk about how 😂 he brought a whole ass water jug 😂😂

  60. Emmanet Iroegbu

    Emmanet Iroegbu25 days ago

    this game basically sums up every stereo type ever

  61. PimpURCabbges

    PimpURCabbges25 days ago


  62. PimpURCabbges

    PimpURCabbges25 days ago


  63. PimpURCabbges

    PimpURCabbges25 days ago


  64. Amanda _6

    Amanda _626 days ago

    danganronpa is among us for kinnies

  65. Loaf

    Loaf26 days ago

    Maybe Danganronpa 2 is in a alternate universe

  66. Shrishailya Rao

    Shrishailya Rao26 days ago

    Does this game have something against blond girls with pigtails ? in the first one, Junko was mastermind and killed, and now we have Hiyoko (the traditional dancer) who is a jerk to animals. Plus it also implys that athletic women are addicted to food, Aoi is crazy about donuts, Sakura is crazy about her protein shake and Akane (the gymnast) is crazy about breakfast

  67. perfect potato spirit

    perfect potato spirit26 days ago

    Usami noooooo! Wtf monokuma?!?!! Oh geez wait wha-

  68. Sam Francisco

    Sam Francisco26 days ago

    14:15 his expression when hearing Monokuma again XD

  69. Janette Rourke

    Janette Rourke26 days ago

    My night Niko and taking shits

  70. Monette Anne Siman

    Monette Anne Siman26 days ago

    This is actually better since they can see the daylight and night.

  71. Aryana Dugaduga

    Aryana Dugaduga27 days ago

    Byakuya: Small dogs shouldn't bark so loud. Me: That's not entirely true because Pomeranians are small cute dogs but they bark so loudly.

  72. PRO Playz

    PRO Playz27 days ago

    Jay i relise u don't say fuck anymore even if it says so

  73. RoboWing779

    RoboWing77928 days ago

    I can’t wait for jay to play dangaronpa v3

  74. SugarSalty_7

    SugarSalty_728 days ago


  75. Anwar Barlow

    Anwar Barlow28 days ago

    oh my good fuck yes

  76. Sunnydew

    Sunnydew28 days ago

    Nobody: Jay: drinking from the jug

  77. Ayvah-dior McLean

    Ayvah-dior McLean28 days ago

    When he said I don't like the ocean it's too salty boy you just as salty as this water

  78. Halloween Kokichi’s Waifu

    Halloween Kokichi’s Waifu28 days ago

    omg you know Danganronpa 👀😎 That Dude~

  79. Anthony Espinosa

    Anthony Espinosa28 days ago

    After this he has to play ultra despair girls then the third and last game and I’ll tell him the timeline

  80. amanda aust

    amanda aust29 days ago

    My son (he is one ) loves your videos

  81. Abigail Sarah

    Abigail Sarah29 days ago

    I’m still confused as why byakuya is there. Like even if their brains were wiped again like danganronpa 1, why would he apply to hopes peak if he had gone through all that they went through there?

  82. Abigail Sarah

    Abigail Sarah28 days ago

    Scot Otinguey more twists than celeste’s hair lmaooooooo

  83. Scot Otinguey

    Scot Otinguey28 days ago

    The "Byakuya" we met in this game is not the Byakuya we met at the first game,just wait for it it has more twist then Celeste's hair

  84. Eastway

    Eastway29 days ago

    47:30 "This guy, Teruteru, man. He's gotta go"

  85. serina michaelis

    serina michaelis29 days ago

    Yo jay... jay

  86. Sclade Night

    Sclade Night29 days ago

    43:19 Basically that twitter comment where the Americans pretending that Corona didn't exist & pretending to ignore like it didn't happened...


    DEATH CLOWN QUEEN29 days ago

    Monokuma is back, why!? Well this reminds me of the continuous remakes of Chucky movies😌, no matter how many times you kill him he will always come back.

  88. Tokyo Drippy

    Tokyo Drippy29 days ago

    Y’all see how he posts these Danganronpa videos so early? You better be patient. This guy just posted a yandere simulator ripoff for fun, and you all attacked him for not posting a Danganronpa video instead. Remember, it’s not your channel, it’s his. He can post what he wants to post. Take your time, Jay. We can wait.

  89. King Monst

    King Monst29 days ago


  90. Yumi Kupo soul & spirit

    Yumi Kupo soul & spiritMonth ago

    the way you said murder sounyyyyded just like monokuma

  91. Yumi Kupo soul & spirit

    Yumi Kupo soul & spiritMonth ago

    monokuma is a douche

  92. banana boys

    banana boysMonth ago

    Bruh he shoved that stick in there hard hard!!!

  93. The FBI

    The FBIMonth ago

    Jay: WHY IS HE LAUGHING LIKE THAT? THATS KINDA SUSPICIOUS. Me: Yeah I also think its orange.

  94. Yasmin Mamadou

    Yasmin MamadouMonth ago

    I realized the personality changes of Junko of the last trial of daganrompa 1 were actually hints/ spoilers of who most of the characters would be in daganrompa 2 atleast that's what I think because it's similar

  95. Sofía Fujoshi

    Sofía FujoshiMonth ago

    F forma Byakuya, why did they made him suck a fatass? I feel that actually it's the actual Byakuya's son :v

  96. Hailey Heichou

    Hailey HeichouMonth ago

    teruteru bisexual king

  97. Tiny T

    Tiny T29 days ago

    *takes away king*

  98. ShR13kINg_BaNsHE _

    ShR13kINg_BaNsHE _Month ago

    That cant be the actual Byukuya if he is who he says he is he would remember Monokuma

  99. Tiny T

    Tiny T29 days ago

    *laughs in future*

  100. Ariana Williams

    Ariana WilliamsMonth ago

    It's mo-NO-mi

  101. SV 19

    SV 19Month ago

    I still hate the way that chef is trying to be Sanji.

  102. Damian the switch bo i

    Damian the switch bo iMonth ago


  103. Jolyne Cujoh

    Jolyne CujohMonth ago

    "You're really gonna kill your little sister?" Junko: uh...yeah.

  104. Itza me Mario

    Itza me MarioMonth ago

    Monokuma:*apears* Me: *internal happy screaming*

  105. Mateja Stojčić

    Mateja StojčićMonth ago

    "Are you feeling it now, Mr Krabs? Are you feeling the foot of that annoying girl Mr. Krabs" He says that as he does the voice of Mr. Midnight.

  106. Gavriel Rose

    Gavriel RoseMonth ago

    “byakuya” is reasons why you take her swimming on the first date

  107. smhwaffle

    smhwaffleMonth ago

    Me: *Laughing my head off because Monokuma is back and Jay is just screaming 'MY GUY'*