This Is Why Tik Tok Is Getting Banned | Try Not To Laugh (Fan Submissions)

Tik guys LOVE to send me Tik made me feel real dirty this episode
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  1. Shalaya Cole

    Shalaya ColeHour ago

    8:10 had me dying

  2. White Hole

    White Hole7 hours ago

    i smell cap!

  3. ミNia 彡

    ミNia 彡10 hours ago

    This is why i dont like it when youtuber react tiktok that suggested from fans on twitter

  4. Chris Ripley

    Chris RipleyDay ago

    critical role season 2

  5. GalaxyDevil 76

    GalaxyDevil 76Day ago

    These videos were so unfunny that not even someone who laughs at the literal dumbest shit wouldnt even laugh

  6. SKIN cRaZe

    SKIN cRaZeDay ago

    I cant do it fuck man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Leniya Bohigian

    Leniya BohigianDay ago

    Jay:about to laugh Me: JUST do IT!!!!!

  8. ChangefulLikable

    ChangefulLikable2 days ago

    6:23 everybody reaction to cringe Tik Toks lol

  9. Luna

    Luna2 days ago

    Really when I see USlikesrs try not to laugh at 'funny' tiktoks sent on Twitter I get dissapointed again. Literally people on twitter have no sense of humor regarding tiktoks😌

  10. linda mushiko

    linda mushiko3 days ago

    Who else is just laughing at his laugh?🙋🏽‍♀️😭😂

  11. Erin Lycan

    Erin Lycan3 days ago

    8:07 😂😂

  12. sgt major

    sgt major3 days ago

    He's so freaking onying 🖕

  13. Raven Plummer

    Raven Plummer3 days ago

    the wig was like u jump i stay here

  14. Obay_H

    Obay_H4 days ago

    It's sad that this is what his fanbase on Twitter laugh at, expect the last 2 these were funny as fuck

  15. Shirley Brieva

    Shirley Brieva4 days ago

    8:17 jay :laughs Jays. Brain:I laugh cuz it includes me

  16. Timber Wolf4444

    Timber Wolf44445 days ago

    I was laughing the whole video, but because of Jays reaction 😂

  17. Jasmine Simon

    Jasmine Simon5 days ago’re laugh is so cute and you’re smile is very adorable to☺️☺️☺️☺️

  18. Kenzie andeko chua

    Kenzie andeko chua5 days ago

    8:03 Well... that backfired...

  19. Molly

    Molly5 days ago

    9:23. The wig literally said I ain't going into that pee pee water her laces weren't tight enough

  20. Michele Mewborn

    Michele Mewborn6 days ago


  21. Michele Mewborn

    Michele Mewborn6 days ago

    Good for him

  22. Tik Tok Quarantine sucks

    Tik Tok Quarantine sucks6 days ago

    Jay the only reason your not laughing is because the people are sending you straight tiktoks

  23. Caleb Lowery

    Caleb Lowery6 days ago

    8:06 i died

  24. Maira Garcia Hernandez

    Maira Garcia Hernandez6 days ago

    Later he said the n word

  25. Blu Moon

    Blu Moon6 days ago

    I love seeing Jay smile so much.

  26. Emmaprocks 123

    Emmaprocks 1236 days ago

    Bro, when Jay laughs, I laugh.

  27. spider boy

    spider boy8 days ago

    the girl did a flip and her wig whent "can i have a turn"

  28. Dorothy Apolinario

    Dorothy Apolinario9 days ago

    I can feel his laughs in his stomach XD

  29. Jeannie Marie

    Jeannie Marie10 days ago

    Is it just me, Jay didnt say That DUDE at the end 😥 and it made me sad.

  30. jessycake130

    jessycake13010 days ago

    That last one got me. 😂😂 Needed my inhalar. I needed a good laugh cheers.

  31. Raina Weaver

    Raina Weaver10 days ago

    The wig said I think the think not honey I ain’t going in that water

  32. Eline Lambregts

    Eline Lambregts10 days ago

    Ur hot when u have ur shirtt out

  33. Okuyasu Nijimura

    Okuyasu Nijimura10 days ago


  34. KakashiSensei 07

    KakashiSensei 0710 days ago

    2:15 Best parts ever 😂😂😂

  35. 𝔑𝔶𝔢𝔥𝔢𝔦𝔩𝔶𝔞 𝔞𝔨𝔞 𝔡𝔦𝔞𝔪𝔬𝔫𝔡

    𝔑𝔶𝔢𝔥𝔢𝔦𝔩𝔶𝔞 𝔞𝔨𝔞 𝔡𝔦𝔞𝔪𝔬𝔫𝔡10 days ago

    He's so cute 👀🥵

  36. Jikook and Chanbaek is real ok?!

    Jikook and Chanbaek is real ok?!11 days ago

    And that’s straight tiktok my dude

  37. Jikook and Chanbaek is real ok?!

    Jikook and Chanbaek is real ok?!11 days ago

    Lol you a boomer

  38. Ava Washkowsky

    Ava Washkowsky11 days ago

    He needs to watch some Berleezy or PsychoPieo

  39. Avery Millington

    Avery Millington11 days ago

    Most of the time when I don't even get the joke, I still laugh when jay laughs😂😂😂😂😂

  40. 。a smol red panda 。

    。a smol red panda 。11 days ago

    Title : this is why tiktok is being banned Me : gets a tiktok ad after clicking

  41. lizzy allen

    lizzy allen11 days ago

    monster hunter playing in the background 6:08

  42. Sone random dude

    Sone random dude11 days ago

    8:17 That sounded like a fart

  43. Sophia Bostwick

    Sophia Bostwick12 days ago

    I finna send him the funny tik toks

  44. Rhian Robinson

    Rhian Robinson12 days ago

    Idk what kind of tikttoks they sending 😂.... because non of them were funny like that...but my tikttoks be funny idk what side of tiktok they are on.😂

  45. deadkvro

    deadkvro13 days ago


  46. Analiza Simon

    Analiza Simon13 days ago

    I was funny that the shark😂😂😂

  47. Anna Maldonado

    Anna Maldonado13 days ago

    my twitter is odd cat

  48. Riana Biel Reyta

    Riana Biel Reyta14 days ago

    Wait I saw George not found in da vid

  49. shyenne brown

    shyenne brown14 days ago

    when I saw the headphones go off and the hat go off I walked away from my computer.

  50. Icee tea

    Icee tea14 days ago

    Accent challenges on tik tok are boring and not funny

  51. Amalia V2

    Amalia V215 days ago

    I am crying on only one eye for no reason??

  52. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin15 days ago


  53. Christina Nunez

    Christina Nunez15 days ago


  54. Christina Nunez

    Christina Nunez15 days ago

    ......I was ShOcKeD when he took OfF hIs ShIrT

  55. John Appleseed

    John Appleseed15 days ago

    Tik tok

  56. John Appleseed

    John Appleseed15 days ago

    Tick took is always 😆,like am dieing.

  57. ITZyuu ᎶᎨᏒᏝ

    ITZyuu ᎶᎨᏒᏝ15 days ago


  58. ⟨⟨•shouta ashley•⟩⟩

    ⟨⟨•shouta ashley•⟩⟩16 days ago

    Me sees the Tumblr Me: yea.. Hes gin laugh 4 sure

  59. ⟨⟨•shouta ashley•⟩⟩

    ⟨⟨•shouta ashley•⟩⟩16 days ago

    I miss spelled

  60.  ̄へ ̄

     ̄へ ̄16 days ago

    HI jay

  61. Yousal Bhutia

    Yousal Bhutia16 days ago

    I was laughing lookin at jays face 😂😂 Hes so cute trying to stop his laugh 😂😂 Sorry in crushing on jay 😆 Dont mind me just watching Got my fan service too 😍😆

  62. Maria Banuelos

    Maria Banuelos16 days ago

    Jay:I can’t laugh guys,I can’t laugh! Also Jay 2 seconds before:*laughs*

  63. Funtime Freddy

    Funtime Freddy16 days ago

    See now I know Why tiktok is getting banned I didn't laugh at any of these either to be honestt

  64. Gorda Santoyo

    Gorda Santoyo16 days ago

    Lmao I love your laugh

  65. Darkshadow The destroyer

    Darkshadow The destroyer16 days ago

    Does anyone know the username or song at 6:26

  66. DaBoogie Storm

    DaBoogie Storm16 days ago

    I'm asking the same question

  67. Jake from statefarm

    Jake from statefarm17 days ago

    try not to laugh jay edition

  68. ARMY Dork Squad

    ARMY Dork Squad17 days ago

    The fact I’ve been looking for that Nike shirt for the longest time 😓

  69. nayla_ _skeleton

    nayla_ _skeleton17 days ago

    Where u get that shiirrrtttt I like itttt!!!

  70. Gabriella DiMarco

    Gabriella DiMarco17 days ago

    This is more like a try not to cringe challenge, tiktoks are not funny lmao

  71. Athena And Sicily

    Athena And Sicily18 days ago

    U never laugh at girls

  72. Mirrorr

    Mirrorr18 days ago

    at 6:27 that was from Boss Baby

  73. Leader of oatmeal Gang Commander

    Leader of oatmeal Gang Commander18 days ago

    Jay:watches vids My brain:🥔

  74. chloe crystal

    chloe crystal18 days ago


  75. chloe crystal

    chloe crystal18 days ago


  76. morolongaming

    morolongaming18 days ago

    9:18 : that weeeve said hell nah

  77. Xiaoyong S

    Xiaoyong S18 days ago

    *i know why.* *because it’s China’s app.*

  78. Jerimie Sibolinao

    Jerimie Sibolinao18 days ago

    The girls weave said "Just got styled, cant get wet sweetie, bye"

  79. Mango Mania

    Mango Mania18 days ago

    5:51 He kinda annoying

  80. PainfulRage

    PainfulRage19 days ago

    Does tiktok have to steal memes just to make jay laugh, like the one where he read memes

  81. shiela dilig

    shiela dilig19 days ago

    Hi im 4 years fans of jay now

  82. Brianna Thornton

    Brianna Thornton19 days ago

    I hate myself, I genuinely hate myself sometimes-Jay Thx for the new senior quote

  83. Cxmplicated

    Cxmplicated20 days ago

    I lost it at Tony Lopez 😤

  84. why thefuck?

    why thefuck?20 days ago

    Jay: it hurts, IT HURTS Literally me everytime I laugh

  85. Esmeralda Diaz Adames

    Esmeralda Diaz Adames21 day ago

    you didnt understand the one thats like ''tio'' cause you aint spanish but it funny XD

  86. bluebutterfly

    bluebutterfly21 day ago

    Why are y’all sending him the most unfunny stuff

  87. llama queen

    llama queen21 day ago

    has anyone noticed that jay has a mineta plushy in the background?

  88. Gacha_ Family Shyla

    Gacha_ Family Shyla21 day ago

    The blushed so much when he took his shirt off 🤦🏾‍♀️

  89. Caroline Gallegos

    Caroline Gallegos21 day ago

    10:40 my dad

  90. Erica Serna

    Erica Serna21 day ago

    My boi needs a lot of psychological evaluations There are sum really good tiktoks....they just can’t pick the right ones just like they pick the wrong girl or man to be with

  91. Caroline Gallegos

    Caroline Gallegos21 day ago

    8:00 SaVaGe

  92. Caroline Gallegos

    Caroline Gallegos21 day ago


  93. Bianca

    Bianca21 day ago

    when jay makes u laugh but not the video

  94. Squillex

    Squillex21 day ago


  95. Dzenko 2 1 3

    Dzenko 2 1 322 days ago

    Nice doctor

  96. H Prine

    H Prine22 days ago

    I hate how I love this so much

  97. AJLA amigosii

    AJLA amigosii22 days ago

    I like your vidos

  98. AJLA amigosii

    AJLA amigosii22 days ago

    You are amazing

  99. Jaden St. John

    Jaden St. John22 days ago

    How are these so horrible tho? I've watched a lot of these videos, I would say all but I really don't know, and there used to be funny submissions back-to-back and now there were like, 4, that was actually funny.

  100. David Mrad

    David Mrad22 days ago


  101. Lathan Zurawski

    Lathan Zurawski22 days ago


  102. CatG711

    CatG71122 days ago

    Damn these vids were so bad he didn’t do his “THAT DUDE” outro