We're Completing The Mission in this episode of Henry Stickmin with the Kubz Scouts!! The stick fighting animations in this episode really brought me back to those Newgrounds days...a much simpler time in my life and a lot of people's lives tbh..Hopefully you all enjoyed this series and that Henry Stickmin Dance move and diversion low key OP
Henry Stickmin Kubz Scouts first episode:
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We're here to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, so any negative comments will be automatically deleted! Thanks for watching!



  1. kittykittykk3 K.

    kittykittykk3 K.Hour ago

    One like memes 1 RIP for Charles

  2. Ruby [Left Palm]

    Ruby [Left Palm]2 hours ago

    19:44 you already know what this is

  3. tomeefi.gaming

    tomeefi.gaming10 hours ago

    1:19:49 there was an among us character he missed-

  4. Blueberry Milk

    Blueberry Milk19 hours ago

    Anybody see “hat in time kid” and Luigi and Mario 😂😂

  5. Snacksy

    SnacksyDay ago

    Anyone else notice gon and killua?

  6. lmb smh

    lmb smhDay ago

    No Charles

  7. Asmr Tono

    Asmr Tono2 days ago

    20:15 i feel tortured

  8. Gacha_bleachservices

    Gacha_bleachservices2 days ago

    Multiverse imbalance: only use when you got all the choices.

  9. chill out

    chill out2 days ago

    when was it "toppat" and not "tophat"?

  10. Haruka Nanase

    Haruka Nanase2 days ago

    Did they just..... Do the torture dance?

  11. Alvin Le

    Alvin Le2 days ago

    Kubz scout Henry be DED

  12. Bald Hero

    Bald Hero2 days ago

    20:15 Is that a Toturne dance from Jojo bizzare adventure

  13. Amelia

    Amelia2 days ago

    anyone notice the steal the dimond one is STD omg

  14. _Milly_Gacha _UwU_

    _Milly_Gacha _UwU_3 days ago

    wow what a coincident, i drink water from a cup, ok, Jay gets the whole "Bazooka" ( Bidon) and drinks water, ( dont question why i wrote this)

  15. Aiden Hernandez

    Aiden Hernandez3 days ago

    Did Charles did say where we dropping boys? 😂

  16. Sunnex

    Sunnex2 days ago

    Ellie did

  17. shawn thomas

    shawn thomas3 days ago

    did he even try to say it 1:14:49

  18. S A D B O Y

    S A D B O Y3 days ago

    20:13 is that bully Maguire

  19. Thomas Moynihan

    Thomas Moynihan3 days ago

    Jay missed the green among us character on the truck when he rammed the sliver hat guy

  20. Ducks Eating Donuts

    Ducks Eating Donuts3 days ago

    Theres so many among us nods lol

  21. Crystal Tay Siew Chin

    Crystal Tay Siew Chin4 days ago

    The space ship (tophat) probably will be a map too like the airship

  22. Chanky TA

    Chanky TA4 days ago

    19:44 is the diversion Thank me later

  23. Pro Connor

    Pro Connor4 days ago

    You can click on them

  24. Pro Connor

    Pro Connor4 days ago

    In it

  25. Pro Connor

    Pro Connor4 days ago

    Among us secret people

  26. Michael Spencer

    Michael Spencer4 days ago

    that one time when you get angry 43:47

  27. Boi 5219

    Boi 52195 days ago

    He got the saddest ending first try

  28. Wolter Kawengian

    Wolter Kawengian5 days ago


  29. Wolter Kawengian

    Wolter Kawengian5 days ago

    6:15 nah i dont ionly heard it when it was popular

  30. Shaggy Scooby

    Shaggy Scooby5 days ago

    28:56 i choked


    LOGAN BASHAY5 days ago

    Jay there was a little yellow among us character


    SOLAR NUMBER5 days ago

    Ctrl z means undo

  33. Romeo Lopez

    Romeo Lopez6 days ago

    2:30 you can see among us guy

  34. Singsong Gacha

    Singsong Gacha6 days ago

    Whenever I see hat kid dancing I either hear 2 things, I either hear the song dacin, or I just hear peace and tranquility

  35. Deku

    Deku6 days ago

    Me sees among us character jay doesn’t say it me waiting 48:15

  36. Anime King

    Anime King6 days ago

    Ok guys go to 7:40 and you will see Gon and Killua playing rock, paper, scissors in the background. NAE NAE KILLUA 🐎

  37. Dio Brando cunt

    Dio Brando cunt6 days ago

    20:15 nice jojos reference (part 5 golden wind, torture dance)

  38. Jamie Adkins

    Jamie Adkins6 days ago


  39. Harmoney Hinton

    Harmoney Hinton6 days ago

    did anyone see gon and killua in the back round no just me its at 8:08 to about 8:17

  40. Boom-Da-Loo

    Boom-Da-Loo7 days ago

    The purple hat that Henry was wearing was a among us hat

  41. JackIsMyFavYoutuber

    JackIsMyFavYoutuber7 days ago

    48:00 there's an among us guy in the truck

  42. DonteTheElite

    DonteTheElite7 days ago

    Its 2021 and Charles death still hit hard as hell

  43. -.*Liquid*- -*Starlight*.-

    -.*Liquid*- -*Starlight*.-7 days ago

    I could tell that amoung us was made by the same ppl that made Henry stick man cause of some of the sfx are the samba alike the vents and when Charles tried open the door it was he same as failing card swipe etc.

  44. Hailey Page

    Hailey Page7 days ago

    Wait how can glass go to space isn't space just like underwater you know you can't breath underwater and if a car goes underwater woudlnt the glass breaks from to much presher?

  45. No Option Gacha :p

    No Option Gacha :p7 days ago

    Anyone else see gon and Killula?

  46. music man K

    music man K7 days ago

    ft dashie

  47. music man K

    music man K7 days ago

    dude doing the lazy dance

  48. Joshua Dashiell Gilliam

    Joshua Dashiell Gilliam8 days ago

    don't go at mah boy dash

  49. Hawkx10

    Hawkx108 days ago

    I kinda wish I could see all the fails that he missed the Fusion and Corruptick specfically

  50. Brittany and Bianca

    Brittany and Bianca8 days ago

    31:16 i love that move

  51. music man K

    music man K8 days ago

    the card swipe sound from among us

  52. music man K

    music man K8 days ago

    the vent sound from among us

  53. BAT Lax

    BAT Lax8 days ago

    Did anyone see the rainbow six siege reference at 55:55

  54. Nate Lippman

    Nate Lippman9 days ago

    yellow crewmate on brown box for anyone who didnt see it

  55. -Waffle Wolfix-

    -Waffle Wolfix-9 days ago

    Henry Stickman distracts you

  56. Heart Manuel

    Heart Manuel10 days ago

    Did anyone notice three guys dancing the torture dance??

  57. Mykel Whydoidothistomyself

    Mykel Whydoidothistomyself10 days ago

    no matter how many times i watch the valiant hero ending,i still cry.Only true men do that

  58. [BobaBish]シ

    [BobaBish]シ10 days ago

    killua and gon : 7:32

  59. Layla Montecino

    Layla Montecino10 days ago

    the dude be doin the Bernie lean

  60. Bloodstained Alyss

    Bloodstained Alyss10 days ago

    Imagine getting the saddest ending at the start. Oh wait.... *Sad chuckle*

  61. dumb gameplays

    dumb gameplays10 days ago

    Me: understands some stuff but doesnt care Also me as soon as I saw the girl from a hat in time: OML 0O0 WOW.... WOOOOW

  62. Jvc Profesional

    Jvc Profesional10 days ago


  63. David Martinez

    David Martinez10 days ago


  64. Ashley Elizabeth

    Ashley Elizabeth10 days ago

    Ik it I commented last video

  65. Thatonegamer2612

    Thatonegamer261210 days ago

    Anyone else get the Pokémon reference at 1:02:10? Just me?

  66. Jrlenong Lenong

    Jrlenong Lenong10 days ago

    No Charles

  67. xCocobelLa_Fluffzx

    xCocobelLa_Fluffzx11 days ago

    Jay can you please collect all the among us peeps It would make my perfectionist heart happy

  68. jarmix games

    jarmix games11 days ago

    who else us here in 2021

  69. aliengriffin 101

    aliengriffin 10111 days ago

    6:07 You can hear it from the sound effects this game has and the way everything is drawn.

  70. XxEpicAngel Destroyer69xX

    XxEpicAngel Destroyer69xX11 days ago

    U want that multiverse whatever u need every ending and avery fall in the game



    I am all about Henry stickmin

  72. Hajime Hinata Gaming

    Hajime Hinata Gaming12 days ago

    42:05 bad time sans

  73. Anossgaming

    Anossgaming12 days ago

    45:56 was that a among us hat

  74. Adrian Fuller

    Adrian Fuller12 days ago

    Did u not see the among us character?

  75. Angel Ana Mary Dajotoy

    Angel Ana Mary Dajotoy12 days ago

    did you not notiuce the hat of the among us

  76. BUD DONE

    BUD DONE12 days ago

    I almost cried when Charles died

  77. Marcus Daniel Moreno

    Marcus Daniel Moreno12 days ago

    23:45. That face looks cute.

  78. Oliver Bloomfield

    Oliver Bloomfield12 days ago

    at 1:02:20 i just realised/realized that, that was a z-move from pokemon

  79. Sleepy Sloth

    Sleepy Sloth13 days ago

    7:33 Its GOoOOOooon~ and Killua-

  80. ElliePlayz_

    ElliePlayz_13 days ago

    the Y move is basically a z move from pokemon sun and moon ultra ledgends

  81. Richieaidan

    Richieaidan13 days ago

    The top hats: we got an army The general: we got triple threat (intense music)

  82. Cloud McWaterVapor

    Cloud McWaterVapor13 days ago

    oh hey. henry drew me at 6:51

  83. scully xxd

    scully xxd13 days ago

    7:35 the guy in the green is is that gon from hunter omg

  84. Morgan Condie

    Morgan Condie13 days ago

    Charles and Henry are the imposters I saw them vent

  85. Ciela Lara

    Ciela Lara13 days ago

    1:04:09 animation of the new airship coming out soon

  86. Nick P

    Nick P13 days ago

    Even though it’s play among the

  87. Nick P

    Nick P13 days ago

    it’s not True

  88. Nick P

    Nick P13 days ago

    This video has so many likes crap

  89. Elene Bukurauli

    Elene Bukurauli14 days ago

    I'm literally watching this 8th time with same happy and exited face. Jay and this Henry stickmin collection is best combooo.

  90. Charles

    Charles14 days ago


  91. Hoshiku Mizudori

    Hoshiku Mizudori14 days ago

    Hey Jay! If you do the part of the ´´Nuclear launch detected´´ then if you look down the sniperś legs then theres an among us plush, same when you do the part ´´But its soo hot! Hey! Your not allowed to change hats!´´ then in the white van on your right theres an plushie. If you do part when you did the purse of holding then in the money cart is brown among us plushie! Hope youll use this! If you do all wins and all fail options then you can press the Multiverse im/n balance thingy

  92. Narutard Uzumakpee

    Narutard Uzumakpee14 days ago

    20:16 I hate to be that guy but that’s a jojo reference

  93. A'rhianna Jefferson

    A'rhianna Jefferson14 days ago


  94. Camden. Exe.SonicBoy606

    Camden. Exe.SonicBoy60614 days ago

    whene trash to get in among us guy comes out click on him to get him

  95. fly utb. s9n9

    fly utb. s9n915 days ago

    N no no no no no n no n0 n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6 n7 n8 n9 n0

  96. Ko1ton

    Ko1ton15 days ago

    Bro I was so pissed when he didnt collect the among us characters but pointed them.

  97. Jahnove Georges

    Jahnove Georges15 days ago

    There’s a fail if you keep clicking lockpick

  98. Craked 45J

    Craked 45J15 days ago

    Gloom 100 percent idk others

  99. XxAlex_ YTxX

    XxAlex_ YTxX15 days ago

    But why did the beeping sound kinda sound like their.........@21:52

  100. Joseph Tamayo

    Joseph Tamayo15 days ago

    You still have to get the secret ending

  101. renemoralesjr

    renemoralesjr15 days ago

    You missed a green among us guy

  102. Ani Buki

    Ani Buki15 days ago

    Jay:AHH YEAHH! Jay 2 seconds later:i thoght i died Me:wiat why were you so happy when you thoght you doed?