Another victim has been claimed in Danganronpa, this time wearing a mask and using a very specific weapon...who did it?! 50K Likes for the next episode!
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  1. Foolish Donut

    Foolish DonutHour ago

    1:03 have no fear for i am here

  2. Cookii UvU

    Cookii UvU4 hours ago

    My brain when I hear “among us”: *there is one impostor among us*

  3. Stacey Boulden

    Stacey Boulden3 hours ago

    This is danganronpa, not among us

  4. Yakī_ sūki

    Yakī_ sūki2 days ago

    oh yeah i like mokoto

  5. RocStar’s World

    RocStar’s World2 days ago


  6. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat2 days ago

    Me: hey Taka, could you pass me the butter- Taka: **cries like a little frickboy** (kidding I actually like taka)

  7. Yakī_ sūki

    Yakī_ sūki3 days ago


  8. Estyl

    Estyl3 days ago

    1:07:49 there is an imposter among us

  9. Dontbepoopy

    Dontbepoopy3 days ago

    Ok I’m only 36:28 in rn but if Kyoko dies I’m not gonna be able to finish this anymore

  10. Soul_Dragonz_ 9755

    Soul_Dragonz_ 97553 days ago

    *Makoto. Makoto. Makoto .You are a good boy. Well down drinking the respect women juice.

  11. lance sword

    lance sword4 days ago


  12. Lana Morgan

    Lana Morgan4 days ago

    48:25 “There’s nothing I need to talk to ‘her’ about right now.”- Game “Taka’s a guy, right?”- Jay

  13. Cherry cola

    Cherry cola4 days ago

    You probably don’t know this but Taka starved himself after Mondo’s death in fear he would eat something with Mondo butter in it

  14. New Justice

    New Justice4 days ago

    That thumbnail suggests something about Kyoko and byakuya and I don’t like it

  15. Kittyco animated

    Kittyco animated4 days ago

    Me anytime I have hope of friends: 1:0038

  16. AnotherSusCrewMate

    AnotherSusCrewMate5 days ago

    My mans be lookin like the bloated fish at the bottom of the tank.

  17. Shan Moon Mobile Roblox

    Shan Moon Mobile Roblox6 days ago

    makoto is new detective ngl new detective ahead better than sherlock holmes

  18. Dylan MBATHA

    Dylan MBATHA7 days ago


  19. 1,000 Subscribers Challenge Before Christmas

    1,000 Subscribers Challenge Before Christmas7 days ago

    *A M O N G U S*

  20. GrimPetal

    GrimPetal8 days ago

    Did taka just go super sane?

  21. questioning choices

    questioning choices8 days ago

    Taka went super sayan

  22. Eijiro ローズ Kirishima

    Eijiro ローズ Kirishima9 days ago

    Bruh after the last execution I don’t know how to feel about this series

  23. Le Animator

    Le Animator9 days ago


  24. jinsoulsblondeweave

    jinsoulsblondeweave10 days ago

    12:46 ignore this :)

  25. jinsoulsblondeweave

    jinsoulsblondeweave9 days ago


  26. Headmaster monokuma

    Headmaster monokuma10 days ago

    Ay next time make a butter joke about mondo Get it?

  27. RainbowLegend 24

    RainbowLegend 249 days ago

    oooOOOOH- I GET IT-

  28. Joseph McKernan

    Joseph McKernan11 days ago

    Ok I’ve thought about this. Toko’s split personality is probably PTSD induced. Her knowledge of the personality, her issues with blood, her love of blood when the split happens, and other things point to that.

  29. Meemi Mattila

    Meemi Mattila11 days ago

    1:07:51 Among us in nutshell

  30. Rhima Casimiro

    Rhima Casimiro11 days ago

    When they mention "The Bath House" i was like SPIRITED AWAY VIBES!!!! THEN CHIHIROOOOOOOOOO

  31. Vayne Irisu

    Vayne Irisu11 days ago

    Aoi is best Girl 😆

  32. Hunter Oconnell

    Hunter Oconnell14 days ago

    Am I the only one that noticed those BIG open windows in the dining hall?? Like that is obviously a big window, right??

  33. - Milkshake ഒ

    - Milkshake ഒ14 days ago

    Imagine someone walks into his room while he's making the voices-

  34. HalpMehFalsey •w•

    HalpMehFalsey •w•15 days ago

    I just noticed that the ding dong big bong sounds like the first part of the fnaf 1 wining bell sound or whatever Edit: the sound when each night you get to 6:00am

  35. Mikayla Castart

    Mikayla Castart16 days ago

    Here king ,, u dropped this

  36. Møshi_bøba

    Møshi_bøba16 days ago

    Me for Makoto:"Clapity clap clap clapy"

  37. Leila Wilson

    Leila Wilson16 days ago

    0v32 wait i thought she was black-

  38. Ava Bear

    Ava Bear19 days ago

    ⚠NO SPOILERS⚠ Hey Jay if you're reading, Taka is such a good bean he didn't even curse once, also he's trying to act like Mondo to make it feel like he's still here

  39. Aira Santos

    Aira Santos20 days ago

    i know im late watching this but jay you're not allowed to put chapsticks man,,, you making feel things this vid supposed to be creepy

  40. Reagan Lacey

    Reagan Lacey20 days ago

    Forget what they say, Hina, donuts are magical sometimes :)

  41. Midnight Warrior

    Midnight Warrior21 day ago

    Beginning of the series: I dont want to kill anyone- Few episodes in: MANDO NOOOOO- Now: I might kill for those 10 million

  42. Danielle Rose

    Danielle Rose22 days ago


  43. Terra Carter

    Terra Carter23 days ago

    I got nothin but respect for Makoto for respecting the girl privacy

  44. banana Sundae

    banana Sundae25 days ago

    The students:all of the windows are covered in metal,so we can’t escape from them... The massive floor-to-ceiling window in the cafeteria:am I a joke to you?

  45. Foxiana 123

    Foxiana 12325 days ago

    I haven't even seen who's died yet but if it's Celeste I'm gonna cry

  46. C_Andreii

    C_Andreii26 days ago

    48:28 Her?? -Taka is a girl confirmed-

  47. Onyx's_ Underworld

    Onyx's_ Underworld26 days ago

    56:17 Ummm where is “me” like did he just disappear Edit: Oop- he’s back 58:08

  48. Nocturnal Potato

    Nocturnal Potato27 days ago

    Kiyotaka’s character development went in a weird way...

  49. olrina jhynise

    olrina jhynise28 days ago

    all i have to say to hifumi is... good riddance. you'll be surprised on who the murder is and how they could've easily gotten away with it

  50. Anna Baik

    Anna Baik28 days ago

    "There is one impostor among us" HE SAID IT! HE SAID THE THING!

  51. Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika

    Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika28 days ago

    There is 1 impasta among us

  52. Xx Azurite_Myth xX

    Xx Azurite_Myth xX29 days ago

    This is exactly like the anime

  53. Pamber 13

    Pamber 1329 days ago

    Byakuya: don't bother looking for reason from a deviant *Cyberlife boss battle music begins*

  54. •.•frozen Tear•.•

    •.•frozen Tear•.•29 days ago

    Nobody: Jay: *puts chapstick*

  55. Miranda Alderete

    Miranda AldereteMonth ago

    im getting emotional over hearing chihiro's voice again aaaaa-

  56. Chihuahua Glitz

    Chihuahua GlitzMonth ago

    Is Hina pregnant???

  57. Mr Memes

    Mr MemesMonth ago

    "someone was killed but we were all together" Idk aoi kinda sus

  58. jichu’sTea

    jichu’sTeaMonth ago

    Hifumi : I’m in love with a girl. Alter Ego and Chihiro are male...

  59. jichu’sTea

    jichu’sTeaMonth ago

    The fact that the picture is taken showing that they are actually friends and the reason is that everyone’s 2 years of memory is wiped out for this.

  60. Mr Memelol

    Mr MemelolMonth ago

    There Is an imposter among us

  61. MissOtaku

    MissOtakuMonth ago

    "There is a traitor among us" *"Aoi acting sus 0-0"*

  62. Coco the Bean

    Coco the BeanMonth ago

    *SPOILERS* Kyoko: They are all dead not a single one of them are still alive Sayaka, Leon, Junko, Mondo, and Chihiro all of them are dead Me: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

  63. •ꜰ ɪ ᴇ ʟ•

    •ꜰ ɪ ᴇ ʟ•Month ago

    1:07:50 among us refrence lol

  64. a-zalia

    a-zaliaMonth ago

    1:01:00 OOOO SHE BLUSHIN

  65. Mayuu Chan

    Mayuu ChanMonth ago

    Episode?! Bro thats a whole ass walkthrough man! 1 hour for a dang danganronpa characters-

  66. Bangtan7을키

    Bangtan7을키Month ago

    Is it just me or did Kyoko just blushed when Makoto decided to spend time with her 👀

  67. Sittran 0521

    Sittran 0521Month ago

    All you people simping over Aoi and Kyoko, at least my girl is safe 😎😎 *it's not, I repeat NOT junko...maybe*

  68. Sushi Roll

    Sushi RollMonth ago

    Yasuhiro: "Ive heard of a ceo that fell in love with a mannequin!" Dr Clef in the Date Night incident (mah scp fans will know): _"First time?"_

  69. Big Bitties

    Big BittiesMonth ago


  70. SugarSalty_7

    SugarSalty_7Month ago

    You know what I realized... Kiyondo is literally Ishimaru’s and mondos ship name too. Oh my-

  71. Internet Potato

    Internet PotatoMonth ago

    this just changed from danganronpa to amung us.


    MT. PENGUINMonth ago

    Among us be like thie game but its a nutshell 0

  73. uncle_ effer69

    uncle_ effer69Month ago

    How has nobody noticed there’s literally a huge window in the dining hall so shouldn’t everybody notice that they actually can see outside Just realized this is the only episode of the series with a comment that says this and I chose to comment on this video too even though I noticed in episode 1

  74. RobynClaudio

    RobynClaudioMonth ago

    Question of the day: “How do you fall in a restless sleep and you’re RESTLESS???”

  75. JKL family

    JKL familyMonth ago


  76. wendigo 888

    wendigo 888Month ago


  77. TheZotmeister

    TheZotmeisterMonth ago

    Jay (1:12:35): "Wait, I forgot about the money." Me: "You're good people, Jay."

  78. XxCCxX XxCCxX

    XxCCxX XxCCxXMonth ago


  79. Mia Luckman

    Mia LuckmanMonth ago

    Ah fuck we broke Kiyotaka

  80. florapetals

    florapetalsMonth ago

    Man. Jay is reminding me of what a Genocide Jill Stan I am. She’s hilarious! So are these videos. It’s like I’m right back to when I first discovered this game with CinnamonToastKen, going through all the laughs and painful moments all over again.

  81. Stacy Soriano

    Stacy SorianoMonth ago

    1:07:49 "There is a traitor among us"

  82. Paula

    PaulaMonth ago

    when I say taka kinda sounds like taco tbh LOL

  83. Nichy Celley

    Nichy CelleyMonth ago


  84. Nichy Celley

    Nichy CelleyMonth ago


  85. The Dabbing Sea Turtles

    The Dabbing Sea TurtlesMonth ago

    Who watched the Danganronpa anime?

  86. ::Anime Weeb::

    ::Anime Weeb::Month ago

    Omg😂. Finally!!!

  87. Trrvgic

    TrrvgicMonth ago

    Friend:says spoiler: Me:can't even remember the names






    01:7:49 *Among Us*

  90. Sadie and Lizzy Gacha life

    Sadie and Lizzy Gacha lifeMonth ago

    Me : I can’t look at the comments no Me : *looks* DAMMIT

  91. Tsukki's Cheeks

    Tsukki's CheeksMonth ago

    Why did I think the money was Jenga blocks💀

  92. Abdi Holdings

    Abdi HoldingsMonth ago

    When the mono mono machine came up I got a raid shadow legends ad and a call of duty ad I- (Edit) so when Celeste said something was bothering her I got a dental ad and a ad of this game called v4 and it showed a man with pink pigtails o-o

  93. Kata Ugrai

    Kata UgraiMonth ago


  94. Kata Ugrai

    Kata UgraiMonth ago

    Makoto deserves this 👑

  95. E

    EMonth ago

    53:00 taka went ultra instinct

  96. Aizawa Shouta The Caterpillar Teacher

    Aizawa Shouta The Caterpillar TeacherMonth ago

    Is anyone else disappointed that Jay didn't spy on the girls?

  97. jxnniesdaya uwu

    jxnniesdaya uwuMonth ago

    Why is Aoi white as milk in the beginning-

  98. Aqua Ninja

    Aqua NinjaMonth ago

    1:07:51 **among us vibes intensifies**

  99. Emma Arms

    Emma ArmsMonth ago

    Given that all the characters are supposed to be ultimates, would they be extremely rich and successful when/if they get out? Cause like they are the absolute best at what they do = being professionals and would be celebrities and the like. So the money thing is really redundant and not a good motive incentive in this case.

  100. Millie tea spill

    Millie tea spillMonth ago

    im confused why didnt one of them step up and take chihiros alter ego with them in their room. Or would monokuma get mad? i dont think it violates rules

  101. Aqua Ninja

    Aqua NinjaMonth ago

    He better play Danganronpa 2 since I wanna see him how he reacts to human tempura.... Me: Puts butter on my tempura irl....

  102. Annalee Playz

    Annalee PlayzMonth ago

    Yasuhiro is the oldest and the tallest *IS SCARED OF GHOSTS*

  103. AnbuWolf

    AnbuWolfMonth ago

    Ayo shawty kinda thick though.