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  1. lily villarreal

    lily villarreal54 minutes ago

    heres one i tried 1. befriend Osana 2. get in the skalkers house and go into the living room Question: will the dad fight you? and if so, what would happen if you lose the fight?

  2. TZQ Thumzq

    TZQ Thumzq4 hours ago

    Jay:amai on fire Lyrics:am i on fire(?)

  3. marito_yo

    marito_yo4 hours ago

    Get gud kid

  4. The One The Only Bella

    The One The Only Bella5 hours ago

    If you kidnap budo the way you kidnap the student council, and if you give him a knife and tell him to kill raibaru, will he be able to kill her since other students except Osana have a difficult time trying to kill her as mind slaves?

  5. Maria Söderlind

    Maria Söderlind5 hours ago

    I have'nt watched kubz scout since 2018

  6. EllaTheLoser -quit-

    EllaTheLoser -quit-6 hours ago

    git gud

  7. PastelWolf Gacha

    PastelWolf Gacha7 hours ago

    Hey jay just in case you make another myth vid i have got two. 1. Go in your room (day or night) press k and youll see. 2. Go onto the debug menu and press p youll see.

  8. naoj gearacam

    naoj gearacam13 hours ago


  9. Alhayden Acosta

    Alhayden Acosta19 hours ago

    I want to tell Jay on how to open another easter egg while you are in an easter egg but If I tell it Yandere dev will see it and He will fix it so yeah I want tho but yeah

  10. Alhayden Acosta

    Alhayden Acosta19 hours ago

    On how to open the Easter egg menu agaib

  11. Justin Sibug

    Justin Sibug20 hours ago

    Nice kubz scout

  12. Tamaki Amajiki

    Tamaki Amajiki20 hours ago

    Hey jay what if you get a mind slave to kill someone but you kill them first will they go back to the spawn or will they just kill themselves

  13. BunBun•Pie

    BunBun•Pie23 hours ago

    Hey, Um..Is it possible to frame one of the student council members with the box and boxcutter method? I would like to know..

  14. XXX 501 XXX

    XXX 501 XXXDay ago

    When you framed Amai for murder it said that senpai was disgusted by his CHILDHOOD FRIEND had killed someone even though it wasn’t osana that you had framed it was Amai

  15. Mini Devil Uwu

    Mini Devil UwuDay ago

    8:32 she scratching her ass

  16. chengxinj

    chengxinjDay ago

    You can rec your yandere simulator setting pls I need;)

  17. ImAn ZaHrA

    ImAn ZaHrADay ago

    I suddenly stopped watching kubz scouts in 2018 and for some reason came back yesterday 😀

  18. Nicholas Alfisi

    Nicholas AlfisiDay ago

    myth: Get all the keys and max out the destructive powers of the robot motorcycle in the science room glitch in to info chan's room take a pic of info chan then send it to info chan and see what happens

  19. Alexis Anne Capati

    Alexis Anne CapatiDay ago

    To set her on fire on a easy way: 1.purchase the “send student home” 2.pick amai 3.follow amai to the locker room put the candle there before she runs to bathe 4.pick up the candle and walk towards her

  20. Abbie Brennan

    Abbie BrennanDay ago

    I have a myth for ya Myth: can u kill amai by drowning her in the acid(btw i never played this also im a huge fan)

  21. Dino Nugget

    Dino NuggetDay ago


  22. Silent Olivia

    Silent OliviaDay ago

    i have a question but if you get a mind-slave to kill Osana would Raibaru stop the mind-slave?? Also how do you open the debug menu?

  23. Raisa Somaraki

    Raisa Somaraki9 hours ago

    she won't stop it

  24. Mousey Mouse

    Mousey MouseDay ago

    It would be cool 8f you could pick up the acid bucket and spill it on people/rivals

  25. Kady Hunter

    Kady Hunter2 days ago

    Jay I got 1 4 u 1:get a teacher to pick up a knifeoo 2:do the framing technique Can u frame a teacher BTW YOU DAT DUDE

  26. Glitch Nuggies

    Glitch Nuggies2 days ago

    Heya Jay! I couldn't do this myself so I wanted to see if you could! 1) Snap mode 2) Kill everyone except Senpai 3) Can you get the genocide ending in Snap? Tip: The grey static teleports Yan-Chan to Senpai, so be aware to keep everyone in one place so that the timer will reset when you kill. I know you can do this because you that dude!!!

  27. Husleek

    Husleek2 days ago

    4:11 when I got free money

  28. SkyDunes Studios

    SkyDunes Studios2 days ago

    Its been 4 months since I watched your videos, keep it up Jay! beeecaaauuse YOU’RE THAT DUDE

  29. gawa dema

    gawa dema2 days ago

    How to scarch yandere in playstore

  30. ari

    ari23 hours ago

    u can only get it on the xbox (i think) and a laptop

  31. Silent Olivia

    Silent Olivia2 days ago

    Also how the hell do you dropp the weponsssss

  32. Silent Olivia

    Silent Olivia2 days ago

    I know jay wont see this but You have helped me a lot also how the hecc do you open the debug menu?!

  33. pheonix fire

    pheonix fire2 days ago

    how can someone be like I want to see where you can fake a reaction, but then leave clips of the video showing a button prompt that has in big bold letters "FAKE REACTION (HOLD)" 15:39

  34. Råñdøm Fåîrïėš

    Råñdøm Fåîrïėš2 days ago

    8:18 so ya’ll gonna ignore where her hand is......

  35. Renarda JOHNSON

    Renarda JOHNSON2 days ago

    Hi I'm a big fan

  36. Lps Wolfpup

    Lps Wolfpup2 days ago

    We just grinder that a- **ad**

  37. Williamlovestoestwuwu Tulley

    Williamlovestoestwuwu Tulley3 days ago

    I have a suggestion maybe you could try and kill every student in a day including teachers good luck KILLING 😈

  38. hayko2212

    hayko22123 days ago

    Jay I have a myth 1 go in the drama club and wear a mask 2 grab a weapon Will the nemesis see you If not kill her

  39. Shade

    Shade3 days ago

    My favorite part of the entire video is 13:48 just because he says she has nimble feet then all we see is her feet seizing in the wall

  40. scarleth plays

    scarleth plays4 days ago

    hey um jay can you do a myth??

  41. Jaxon Skoching

    Jaxon Skoching4 days ago

    Lmao Amai died with her hand on her ass. 8:13

  42. Love Osborne

    Love Osborne4 days ago

    Can you make more Yandere simulator videos

  43. SmokeBomb

    SmokeBomb4 days ago

    Hey Jay here’s a challenge for you try to get Yandere to fake a suicide by pushing Osana off the roof then leave a note afterwards

  44. Evelyn Mondragon

    Evelyn Mondragon5 days ago

    can you do another Yandere simulator myths vid ? :)

  45. Kaii De Asis

    Kaii De Asis5 days ago

    Why are you keep on saying like in the video that you are car seat buckle up your car

  46. Angel -

    Angel -5 days ago

    Jay.. idk if you do yandere myths anymore But I've got one If you frame musume with the box cutter Then kill someone in front of her and let her take a picture. Will they arrest both of you or only musume?

  47. Sethpai

    Sethpai5 days ago

    Bruh YandereDev is like a turtle and his Game Development is really frickin SLOW it's been 8 years and the game hasn't been released.

  48. Dzeydee Visbal

    Dzeydee Visbal5 days ago

    Please do more pls

  49. Jasmine RC

    Jasmine RC5 days ago

    It's the principal getting paranoid about blood shed in his school when his shitty ass crusty ass school doesn't even have CCTV....for me.

  50. Joshua Burton

    Joshua Burton5 days ago

    12:17 the guidance counselor stood in the bucket of gasoline

  51. GachaLifeLoverOXOXO Light

    GachaLifeLoverOXOXO Light6 days ago

    Hey! Ik I'm like....really late! But I have a myth for yandere sim! If you complete the game and get the debug menu if you go into witch mode can you stop time as everyone's changing their shoe and kill them with the knifus? Or is it not possible?

  52. •Trixey Playz•

    •Trixey Playz•6 days ago

    Here’s a question 1.Kill Osana 2. On the next day ruin Osana’s best friend reputation 3.On the last day try to kill Osana’s best friend will she still defend herself or you will kill her?

  53. Charlotte Berkelmans

    Charlotte Berkelmans6 days ago

    Hey I have a myth: 1. Get a knife or any other weapon that gets bloody 2. Make sure youve touched the weapon already and then put on the gloves 3. Get rid of the gloves but not the weapon 4. Kill someone 5.end the day, do the police still find your fingerprints on it?

  54. 竈門サクラ

    竈門サクラ6 days ago

    3:45 flying Amai

  55. Sorrito

    Sorrito6 days ago

    Ok so a little glitch I found in the newest version of the demo 1.Unlock the debug by completing the demo 2. Spawn osana mindslave 3. Teleport to the roof to get the knife 4. Teleport back down to Osana 5. Open the debug menu and press g to teleport to the roof with osana (the debug for offering help with her stalker) 6. Unlock all student profiles 7. Give the knife to osana and get her to kill the nurse 8 speed up time till she’s outside the nurses office 9. The moment after she tackles the nurse teleport back to roof (Press g not 9) 10. Go back to the nurse and her body should be in a weird place (for me she was on the sink/her desk) 11. Make sure you can move her body The teachers should be frozen in place scared and when you get a student to follow you and show them the body they will freak out (they will take a phot if their the phone addict) and they will also freeze This worked for me but might be a one time thing I just thought it was funny since the students and teachers will stay frozen and won’t react to you anymore once they see the body

  56. Luca Mogos

    Luca Mogos6 days ago

    Btw hanako us accoaly nemisses chan (DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL)

  57. Chris Maestas

    Chris Maestas6 days ago

    Hey Jay you should try to get every ending please do it I want to see you try

  58. swaggy shrek pickle dude boi

    swaggy shrek pickle dude boi6 days ago

    Why does Osana got different hair. She said she would only cut it if she dating senpai or " a certain dummy realizes how I feel" and if you befriend osana then she won't.tell senpai how.she feels sooo?!

  59. Lillian Sweetz

    Lillian Sweetz5 days ago

    Maybe since she knows senpai will probably never know how she felt she decided to just do it anyway

  60. Jennifer Nykanen

    Jennifer Nykanen6 days ago

    "Are you shitting on my ass?" might be my all time favorite line

  61. Jenny Zhang

    Jenny Zhang6 days ago

    8:12 I don’t know if you guys noticed but she is touching her bottom

  62. Tobias Schwarzbauer

    Tobias Schwarzbauer7 days ago

    Hey Jay I got somthing interresting: 1.Go into Cyborg mode 2. Attack raibaruand see what happens ;) PS. You're THAT DUDE

  63. KychTheFox

    KychTheFox7 days ago

    Yandere dev should make it so you can put a coat of something around the bucket that doesn't dissolve it do you can carry acid and set an acid trap, dontcha agree?


    GAMING JORDYN7 days ago

    When Jay kills Amai with the wrench 🔧 she smacks her butt

  65. Lapiz_Playz

    Lapiz_Playz7 days ago

    Here's one thing I don't get- How has it been 7 damn years and only 2 rivals? 🙄 We should be AT LEAST on our 6th rival

  66. Lily Fae

    Lily Fae7 days ago

    Person: Hey what’s in these scones? Amai: ................ Person: I- hello? Did you hear me? I’m allergic to cashews. Amai: ............... Person: Ok well, I’m gonna go then.

  67. ・Cxtton Cxokies・

    ・Cxtton Cxokies・7 days ago

    so thats why amai ignored me-

  68. Rachel Fogarty

    Rachel Fogarty7 days ago

    Jay please try this 1. kill sombody with the box cutter 2. Put it in the box 3. Put sombody finger prints on it keep arresting until there are no students left it just a challenge lol

  69. Rachel Fogarty

    Rachel Fogarty7 days ago

    Jay please do this 1. Put speedy panties on 2.carry a body cause it's faster 3. Just do every thing to make you faster 4. Kill midori 5. Show the body to the teacher 6. Out run her will she tell the police? Oh by the way don't let any students see only 1 TEACHER will she tell the police Good luck out running her ;-; you could just speed it and teleport so yeah plz try it Oh and your : THAT DUDE

  70. Jennifer Love-Jones

    Jennifer Love-Jones7 days ago

    1. Take the. Bucket from the flower yard 2. Kill someone 3. Bring the body to the flower yard 4. Put them in a little thing. So in the blood comes out of the hole it would be blood on the floor

  71. minon0002

    minon00027 days ago

    dude how to u fight so fast its so hard it took me 10 mins to fight that stalker yo

  72. Detonate Sparky

    Detonate Sparky7 days ago

    I have a myth for you jay 1. Go into Cyborg mode 2. Get heart broken in the Cyborg mode 3. Snap You will break the game and it’s Hilarious

  73. ReginaPlayys

    ReginaPlayys7 days ago

    Damn... you got Razzbowski AND Yandere dev replying

  74. peachyyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    peachyyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ8 days ago

    "idk guys i think i might be high off life" -jay 2020

  75. Charity Moreno

    Charity Moreno8 days ago

    If you want to be the student council you have to have this never get sent to the counselors office have a high reputation have a lot of friends do favors for students to look like you have friends do you stuff for student council and never be late for class

  76. Jazzy Eby

    Jazzy Eby8 days ago

    Jay I have one for ya! 1. Get the stuff to make a student throw up 2. Put it in Ribaru's (can't spell) food, make sure it's Monday 3. When Ribaru runs to the bathroom, follow and there should be an option to drown her 4. Wait until class starts, making sure the doors are closed, and take her to the science lab and put her in the acid. 5. Friend Osana then she should be able to follow you and you can kill her without h and bestie being there. 6. You're THAT DUDE!

  77. • Jay-Dee •

    • Jay-Dee •8 days ago

    Hey Jay, I have a challenge for you. It’s the ‘Among Us Challenge’. *Crewmate:* Go to Mission Mode and select any student you want, but don’t kill them. Enable Nemesis-chan and make sure you can kill her. Don’t forget to make them disguised as another student. If you want you can change the atmosphere, changing the ‘crewmates vision’. Start it up and go to every class and place bugs, doing ‘tasks’. When you’ve found the ‘impostor’, go to the Faculty room and make sure Nemesis-chan follows you. Kill her indrong of the teachers and the game ends. If she kills you, you lost. *Impostor:* Go to Mission Mode and select Multi Mission. Select 9 random students and choose the method Attack. Change the atmosphere to 0%. Kill off all students. When you’re skipping class, you need to act sus (sanity low, blood/paint on clothing, etc.). *Basic Rules* 1. You’re not allowed to close doors. 2. You are not allowed to let anyone follow you, except Nemesis-chan 3. You cannot change clothes. 4. Always stick to the same weapon. Hope you’ll do it!

  78. gacha girl

    gacha girl8 days ago

    can you snap when amai confeses to senpai?

  79. M U S H B L O O M E R

    M U S H B L O O M E R8 days ago

    Jay! i just found out about something cool! 1: kill all the bullies execpt for Kokoro or whatever her name is 2: go to the next day 3:go look at the girl you did not kill enjoy her new look ;)

  80. nct zen Nct

    nct zen Nct8 days ago

    Yan sus

  81. Jenny

    Jenny8 days ago

    good for yandere dev for puttin in some work



    That was funny she dint walk in the candle 13:03

  83. Pop Quiz Yt

    Pop Quiz Yt8 days ago

    Myth: what happens if you get someone to follow you and teleport will they teleport with you or will they walk

  84. garbage.com24

    garbage.com249 days ago


  85. Panda lover

    Panda lover9 days ago

    Jay l have a challenge for you try to be in Ebola mode and not kill anyone

  86. Reigndy Cacnio

    Reigndy Cacnio9 days ago

    The Teachers: Self Report

  87. despair.cosplayzz

    despair.cosplayzz9 days ago

    Did you know Nagito’s hair is in the game available for senpai

  88. lucas's stuff

    lucas's stuff9 days ago

    i got a myth :) : 1- go into titan mode 2- get a game over 3- go into snap mode what will happen because they are titans? your THAT DUDE😎✨

  89. {•Yumeko-chan•} Or lovelycheesecake

    {•Yumeko-chan•} Or lovelycheesecake9 days ago

    She's so god damn EBEL

  90. hi

    hi9 days ago

    is everyone gonna ignore the "fake reaction" option- 6:35

  91. Exotic Limes

    Exotic Limes9 days ago

    Are you still doing myths? If so I have one steal osana's phone before she sleeps on the roof

  92. Miss Salem

    Miss Salem9 days ago

    Hey I have an idea for you to try 1. Get the gloves from the drama club 2. Get someones finger prints on the box cutter 3. Kill someone but have witnesses see you do it 4. Clean up your bloody clothes but leave the body and weapon(so the police can find them) When the police arrive will they believe the witnesses when they say you killed the person or will they arrest whoever you framed?

  93. Shanana Johnson

    Shanana Johnson9 days ago

    Hey if you’re still doing myths and what if you kill a member of The cooking club The club will shut down. What what am I do if the club is shut down

  94. Ama Sha

    Ama Sha9 days ago

    Jay! Myth : if you make the police arrive at school on a Friday and matchmake Osana, the game will bug

  95. Ama Sha

    Ama Sha10 days ago

    Jay I have one! Question: Because Shironi (white student council member) petrols around the school, including the incinerator, what would happen if you pushed a person off the roof while Shiromi was inspecting the incinerator

  96. RetroXxX Gh0sty

    RetroXxX Gh0sty10 days ago

    Jay-i think im high on life Me-same dude

  97. Lacey Walker

    Lacey Walker10 days ago

    You can glitch in the boys changing room by using falcon mode and running

  98. Omegamegamega

    Omegamegamega10 days ago

    You had to do her like that while she is showering lol. And then the shredder as well afterwards. She had a terrible death

  99. Y /N

    Y /N10 days ago

    WAIT WAIT WAIT you remember ship girl mode right? If you kidnap senpai and you use ship girl mode will you be in that mode while your in the basement?

  100. Caeden nasa

    Caeden nasa10 days ago

    I hey Jay what happens if you don't live the school

  101. Caeden nasa

    Caeden nasa10 days ago

    And I never played it

  102. Y U N I

    Y U N I10 days ago

    Is it me or- Computer-chan does look like megumi O_O

  103. nagito x hajime is yes

    nagito x hajime is yes10 days ago

    wait, so the teachers can pickup wepons so if you kill someone and drop it so someone tells a teacher or a teacher fines it can you frame a teacher for murder (sorry if that didn't make sense lol) ps. YOUR THAT FREAKING DUDE

  104. Murasaki No Kami

    Murasaki No Kami8 days ago

    No, the teachers use handkerchiefs when they pick up weapons, so no fingerprints.

  105. Victoria Ortiz

    Victoria Ortiz11 days ago

    "Senpai is disgusted to learn that his childhood friend would actually commit murder." Osana: But I didn't do it...

  106. Karan.K K.H

    Karan.K K.H11 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if you set a trap on the door with a student’s ground up remains with the machine from the gardening club