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  1. Jan Jan

    Jan JanHour ago

    15:52 WAS SO FUNNY AF LMAO 😭

  2. Cuddlybigears Memes :D

    Cuddlybigears Memes :D7 hours ago

    The 2 people he attacked with a hammer in the garden...they are called Chara and Frisk...just like the kids from UNDERTALE It’s a reference!

  3. Alexis Up

    Alexis Up18 hours ago

    It does have the song when you play it when you’re in game it’s just like John the race simulator

  4. Ryøku Lucarioツ

    Ryøku Lucarioツ18 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that two students that Jay killed were named Frisk and Chara. Undertale in Yander Sim confirmed.

  5. Snoopy_Cat

    Snoopy_CatDay ago

    As someone named Sara, this is trippy asf LMAO

  6. Maycalyn vlog

    Maycalyn vlogDay ago


  7. Sea&Sky

    Sea&SkyDay ago

    "Attack Chara" Me: Chara? Is that you? "Attack Frisk" Me: *UNDERTALE*

  8. Brooklynn Welsh

    Brooklynn WelshDay ago

    I died when he said go get knew teeth 😂

  9. Tacos

    TacosDay ago

    Sara:what did I do Me:oh shit I killed someone

  10. Escalante Kura シ

    Escalante Kura シ2 days ago

    Jay : *LET ME AVENGE UUU* also jay : *kills the dude* Top 10 anime betrayals

  11. M Jackson

    M Jackson2 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the Undertale reference at 11:43 with the 2 girls

  12. Natalia Bedoya

    Natalia Bedoya3 days ago

    Lets be honest, we all searched this up

  13. Kobi Yamin

    Kobi Yamin3 days ago

    I have a perfect game for u u should check this game out its called high school simulator 2018 its just like yandre sim but different stuff

  14. Random Utlover

    Random Utlover3 days ago

    *stab Chara *Stab frisk UNDERTALE REFERENCES

  15. Rhio Gamutan

    Rhio Gamutan3 days ago

    When Kubz said "Is this guy Filipino, the voice actor? Filipino's: Woooo filipino peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppss Akhaaa!

  16. Jess _

    Jess _3 days ago

    1:53 WTF-

  17. Izuku midoriya

    Izuku midoriya3 days ago

    My real name being Sara, having a brother, having brown hair, and having the urge to kill people who like my crush : 😀

  18. Princess Vibe’z

    Princess Vibe’z3 days ago

    I have mobile but how do i get it

  19. Shalamirzagul shalamirzagul

    Shalamirzagul shalamirzagul3 days ago

    I did play this game UwU such a bad game

  20. CosmicSkeptic Fangirl KoigoesBoom

    CosmicSkeptic Fangirl KoigoesBoom4 days ago

    I actually cried after I found out that this fangame has a wretched fate, SSL has officially discontinued

  21. CosmicSkeptic Fangirl KoigoesBoom

    CosmicSkeptic Fangirl KoigoesBoom5 days ago

    I appreciate this fangame is far way more depressing than Yandere Simulator

  22. The Real Tjwhite

    The Real Tjwhite5 days ago

    Frisk actually had her blue and purple color scheme socks

  23. The Real Tjwhite

    The Real Tjwhite5 days ago

    And then jay immediately killed chara

  24. Ta13 B00

    Ta13 B006 days ago

    frisk and chara? i see you.. i see you

  25. joseph ugalde

    joseph ugalde6 days ago

    1O1 on how to beat bullys 1.find your dads hand gun 2. Burn it 3. Tell your teacher that tour being bulled

  26. Riely Mock

    Riely Mock7 days ago

    Anybody notice the girls at the garden are called chara and frisk and their socks are their shirts in UT

  27. Riely Mock

    Riely Mock5 days ago

    @I Am Nothing ok

  28. I Am Nothing

    I Am Nothing5 days ago

    Sara's School Life Discontinued

  29. Lisa gaming is a -no-

    Lisa gaming is a -no-7 days ago

    Did anyone notice the gardening house had 2 girls named Chara and Frisk-? No? Just me? Ok

  30. ipurple bunny

    ipurple bunny7 days ago

    15:20 nice guys be like

  31. NoynOy

    NoynOy8 days ago

    12:11 i

  32. Edgy Ârínâ

    Edgy Ârínâ9 days ago

    Gameplay : gO gEt nEw lIfE Thumbnail : Sweet home Alabama

  33. Makayla Ruopp

    Makayla Ruopp9 days ago

    did anyone notice two of the girls he attacked were named ¨Chara and Frisk¨ like.. from undertale

  34. Mary Nicole Edades

    Mary Nicole Edades9 days ago

    15:13 i really think he is Filipino

  35. Saniya O'Brien

    Saniya O'Brien9 days ago

    Sonica my name lol

  36. KD - 04BD 843472 Ridgeview PS

    KD - 04BD 843472 Ridgeview PS9 days ago

    I wish this was on iOS FRICK

  37. Hana Otsuka

    Hana Otsuka8 days ago

    Well,its discontinued now

  38. S'more Kitty

    S'more Kitty9 days ago

    You killed chars and frisk?! How could you! (They are from undertale if you didn’t know 😂👌)

  39. Todorut Olimpia

    Todorut Olimpia10 days ago


  40. My'Kell McDaniel

    My'Kell McDaniel10 days ago

    go get new teeth

  41. Emmanuela Meledje

    Emmanuela Meledje10 days ago


  42. Dark Night

    Dark Night10 days ago

    Nah man this is Alabama

  43. inky! luna

    inky! luna10 days ago

    i love it how the name of the girls in the gardening club is chara and frisk lmao on the top right corner the names say it :3

  44. Toaster Strudel

    Toaster Strudel11 days ago

    Ngl blue haired guy would be my senpai 😩

  45. _kki_

    _kki_8 days ago


  46. Willow Gacha Life

    Willow Gacha Life11 days ago

    15:51 "Yikes, go get a life!" "Go get new teeth!" **360 sensei kick**

  47. AR - 05AN 813944 Marvin Heights PS

    AR - 05AN 813944 Marvin Heights PS11 days ago


  48. Divxminea

    Divxminea12 days ago

    Fun fact- this is the first video I saw of kubz scouts he made me laugh so hard that I decided to watch his other videos

  49. The Banana

    The Banana12 days ago

    11:44 + 12:36 ''Chara'' ''Frisk'' Undertale-

  50. zero YT

    zero YT12 days ago

    no one gonna talk about how jay killed "frisk" with blue and purple stocking then "chara" with green and yellow stockings? (the colour of the clothes each wear in undertale)

  51. The Alicorn Games

    The Alicorn Games12 days ago

    11:44 UNDERTALE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s an Undertale reference Chara and Frisk is from Undertale

  52. Xervive_ Gamer

    Xervive_ Gamer13 days ago

    Anybody else see Chara and Frisk?

  53. Uborka Hazai

    Uborka Hazai13 days ago

    That guy got stabbed by a knife. Hes Last words :I aM laTe FrOm ClAsS

  54. Sheryll ann Batalla

    Sheryll ann Batalla13 days ago

    When jay said that pillipino im pillipino

  55. Justly Freedy

    Justly Freedy13 days ago

    Does anyone notice the names that kubz killed at the gardening club? Undertale fans would understand

  56. Dakota Sadler

    Dakota Sadler13 days ago

    What if you kill the guy do you get another ending where akari is defended by you?

  57. Quyen Thai

    Quyen Thai13 days ago

    Hello! To the people who don't know this already, Sara's School Life is Discontinued, The Dev has already stated it in the About page on their channel, Sorry to say this! But it's true, If you need info on why it is discontinued please check the channel about page in the desc of the video. Thanks for reading.

  58. Cierra M

    Cierra M13 days ago

    Jay I don’t think blue hair dye is in the same category as a gold chain when it comes to what’s affordable! 😂

  59. Cierra M

    Cierra M13 days ago

    That man falling down the stairs when we find out they’re siblings ENDED me! 💀

  60. Jinna Li

    Jinna Li13 days ago

    He legit 360 kick on the face-

  61. Silvia Xiu

    Silvia Xiu13 days ago

    I just noticed that soma and Sara are almost as tall as the houses they don't even fit through the door

  62. Rafaeli UwU

    Rafaeli UwU14 days ago

    That blue haired boy have my RESPECT

  63. Cryptic

    Cryptic14 days ago

    Plot Twist: the goddamn EVIL girl at the end is Osana from Yandere Simulator :0

  64. Tymisha Downing

    Tymisha Downing14 days ago

    I watch that part when he said get new teeth over and over again

  65. Alexa Abreu

    Alexa Abreu14 days ago

    Everybody: YAMIRO'S LAST WORDS BLAH BLAH BLAH Nobody: Not a SINGLE Soul: Sara: * attacks a girl named CHARA and FRISK and frisk happens to be wearing BLUE and PURPLE socks. * Me: Is this underrate or what?

  66. Mariana_Salcedo

    Mariana_Salcedo14 days ago


  67. Angela Moosman

    Angela Moosman14 days ago

    omg there is undertale characters in here

  68. Game omg Nooob

    Game omg Nooob14 days ago

    My boi sed go get new teeth hahahah

  69. Rolinprince Zafra

    Rolinprince Zafra15 days ago

    I love the moment: i can't even read!😂

  70. Legoshi uwu

    Legoshi uwu15 days ago

    Its sad that they had to discontinue this game :/ I would've loved to play it!

  71. Cleorissa Chai

    Cleorissa Chai15 days ago

    Can you play girla it is really cool

  72. Kanya Choekchai

    Kanya Choekchai15 days ago


  73. {Just_ Pizza}

    {Just_ Pizza}16 days ago

    15:52 "GO GET NEW TEETH! >:(" When i tell you i GASPED-

  74. Xareon

    Xareon16 days ago


  75. Taylor Hope

    Taylor Hope16 days ago


  76. Aira Flores

    Aira Flores16 days ago

    How is it Sara faulty controlled the keyboard

  77. Noraidah Ghazali

    Noraidah Ghazali16 days ago

    Cuz i love there characters

  78. Noraidah Ghazali

    Noraidah Ghazali16 days ago

    Im also very angry cuz jay is killing chara and frisk }:(

  79. joochone

    joochone16 days ago

    i went ahead to check out the developer’s channel but they unfortunately discontinued the game :(

  80. Mak DeMoney

    Mak DeMoney16 days ago

    18:13 why it keep saying visibly before an emotion? like visibly sad and visibly scared? do i seem visibly judgy saying that? even tho i dont think im visibly commenting

  81. Star the cat

    Star the cat16 days ago

    SWeeT hOmE aLaBamA

  82. Lyx Lye

    Lyx Lye16 days ago

    11:44 wait CHARA?? FRİSK?? what the hell? İs this another au? No not again..

  83. Leviathan’s Wife

    Leviathan’s Wife16 days ago

    Sweet home alabama。。。?

  84. Detroitsmashyourlife

    Detroitsmashyourlife12 days ago

    No it's not, Sara doesn't have any senpai she just a broken girl that want to protect her brother so that's why she kill Akari when Akira said that her brother will be her next target

  85. •Astetic Bobba Tea•

    •Astetic Bobba Tea•16 days ago

    Bro-Pie ? Cook your brother some pie Turn your brother into pie 🤯

  86. Vecel Nashmund Abuda

    Vecel Nashmund Abuda17 days ago


  87. Ya Mum

    Ya Mum17 days ago

    This video has pushed me over the edge

  88. general ocean

    general ocean17 days ago

    11:37 its an undertale reference, that's kinda cool

  89. Nightmare Corgis

    Nightmare Corgis17 days ago

    He kick her like it nothing XD

  90. María Minaya Muñoz Hierro

    María Minaya Muñoz Hierro17 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that at minute 11:44 a version of Chara and Frisk of the Undertaler appears?? xdxd

  91. Elise Hane

    Elise Hane17 days ago

    he litterly killed the people from undertale who beat sans XD

  92. Anisa Anum

    Anisa Anum18 days ago

    My sad life as my name is near the name aisha😭😭😭😭

  93. cock

    cock18 days ago


  94. Kirby Alexis Janier

    Kirby Alexis Janier18 days ago

    Im filipino and i appreciate ur shoutout:)

  95. Klonówa

    Klonówa18 days ago

    1:55 I always rewatch this video just for that part

  96. hysterical aka mega

    hysterical aka mega18 days ago

    I haven't watched the full video yet but I'm thinking Soma is a simp he really about the date somebody who bullied his sister

  97. located Vang

    located Vang18 days ago

    Were i afk

  98. Anna Giann.

    Anna Giann.18 days ago

    Yikes, go get a life. GO GET NEW TEETH! YABAM proceeds to yabam her on her teeth : )

  99. Ethan Jin

    Ethan Jin18 days ago

    Why is frisk and chara on yandere simulator

  100. Jackey Thompson

    Jackey Thompson19 days ago

    Noone Literally noone Jay: you did 5 murders bla bla bla Me : oh nonono you did it

  101. • ɪᴄʏᴛʜᴏᴛ •

    • ɪᴄʏᴛʜᴏᴛ •19 days ago

    " ˢᵉⁿᵖᵃᵖⁱᶜʰᵘˡᵒ "

  102. kalea elysia

    kalea elysia19 days ago

    brother/bRoPaI:why are we even walking to school together sara:boi shut ur b- a- up (bc im ur sister)

  103. Hackrmin

    Hackrmin19 days ago

    Famous quote: GO GET NEW TEETH *super roundhouse kick*

  104. MikeyBoy69

    MikeyBoy6919 days ago

    who saw the ppl in the garden names frisk and chara so does this mean SANS IS SOMEWHER-

  105. danie cortez

    danie cortez19 days ago

    when he mentioned ''a group of little chickens'' I couldn't stop thinking about it xD

  106. NemmyCone

    NemmyCone19 days ago

    i see what they did there with the socks and name 11:54 11:44 twice woa