YAN CHAN & YAN KUN CHASING ME THRU AKADEMI HIGH?! | Yandere Simulator (Scariest Update Ever)

Yandere Simulator has teamed up with Saiko No Sutoka and has given us the Yandere horror experience we never knew we needed..great job on this!! Would love to see more updates to this, leave a LIKE if you do too!
Yandere Simulator:
Saiko No Sutoka:
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  1. Gacha Heat

    Gacha Heat12 hours ago

    To me yan-kun sounds like Bakugo 👁👅👁👌🏻

  2. Gacha Heat

    Gacha Heat12 hours ago

    To me yan-kun sounds like Bakugo 👁👅👁👌🏻

  3. Gacha Heat

    Gacha Heat12 hours ago

    To me yan-kun sounds like Bakugo 👁👅👁👌🏻

  4. CuteKittyCat

    CuteKittyCat23 hours ago

    Jay:we are in a 3d version of akedemi high Me:but akedemi high is alredy 3d

  5. Gracie Cronon

    Gracie Cronon2 days ago

    Okay now play it on hard

  6. itS rEwINd tIme

    itS rEwINd tIme2 days ago

    9:04 “are you shitting on my chest dude??” “Yes, senpai.”

  7. rainbow pill bug

    rainbow pill bug3 days ago

    if i cant have you no 👍 one 👍 can 👍

  8. Just_ Lazy

    Just_ Lazy3 days ago

    Ayato makes my heart go 😩🔫🥺😍🤧🤩😔💔‼️‼️

  9. Julia

    Julia4 days ago

    Holy shit i missed watching your vids 🥺

  10. Princess Playz

    Princess Playz4 days ago

    Ayano what in the world

  11. Princess Playz

    Princess Playz4 days ago


  12. Princess Playz

    Princess Playz4 days ago

    What name?

  13. Kodimaru

    Kodimaru5 days ago


  14. Kodimaru

    Kodimaru5 days ago


  15. RAVE

    RAVE6 days ago

    6:49 jay: "i'm walking like i got the biggest nuts in the world, i mean, i do??" me: well you definitely don't when your playing puppet combo games

  16. Married to fictional men

    Married to fictional men6 days ago

    ok but imagine this in vr, that would be terrifying

  17. Joyraj Talukder

    Joyraj Talukder6 days ago

    Jay : I got 2-2 Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Joyraj Talukder

    Joyraj Talukder6 days ago

    Jay : ahhhhhh god Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Meiska Obaja

    Meiska Obaja7 days ago

    so when ayano said " if i vant have you * stab sounds* then noone can * the knife getting out from the body * Its trending on tt rn LMAO

  20. whosharuka a

    whosharuka a8 days ago

    Yandere Kun: " If I can't have you, No one can.." Jay: *oh, me gusta* 😏 Me: I'm gonna have to agree with you with that...

  21. Dark Fantasy

    Dark Fantasy8 days ago

    I got jumpscares

  22. 잠꾸러기샌디

    잠꾸러기샌디8 days ago


  23. CrystalzVV

    CrystalzVV8 days ago

    *Bi panic*

  24. Animelover Wolf

    Animelover Wolf9 days ago

    I love when you say sen papi

  25. Raymond Ortiz

    Raymond Ortiz11 days ago

    yandere: if i cant have u no one can me: why am i so bloddy

  26. Raymond Ortiz

    Raymond Ortiz11 days ago

    omgggggggggggggg that is so scary

  27. 잠꾸러기샌디

    잠꾸러기샌디11 days ago


  28. 잠꾸러기샌디

    잠꾸러기샌디11 days ago


  29. iyeshia sanchez

    iyeshia sanchez12 days ago

    In the opening when ayano just popped up on no whare I literally threw my phone out of my hand

  30. Geethaps

    Geethaps12 days ago

    Bruh when i realized that this game was akadimi high . I also wanted to ask that. Can u ask yandere dev or make a mod that has first person mode? I wanted to see if its possible 👁👄👁

  31. Angela L

    Angela L12 days ago

    you have a body and theres windows you get my drift

  32. Angela L

    Angela L12 days ago

    thats fucked up

  33. techfrogger

    techfrogger12 days ago

    Ayano if she can recodnise everything you say Ayano in this entire thing:senpai you alright Ayano just when Jay says bad things:TwT why... Ayano when he speaks gibberish:Senpai??? Ayano when he screams so loud: ..... Senpai shhhhh quiet It will be over sooner if you just go to me no need to scream (I would be terrified if she actually said that) also I ran out of ideas when I typed that voiceline Ayano when Jay still sounds happy:senpai you ok I tried to kill you so many times and for some reason you are still happy

  34. Meryem Gogebakan

    Meryem Gogebakan12 days ago

    Ayano stop it! Yes senpai...

  35. Sami

    Sami13 days ago

    Jay: Ayano Aishi? Ayano: Yes, senpai- Jay: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH- Ayano: :(

  36. •Toko Fukawa Kinnie•腐川冬子キニー• Kusa kawa Fuyuko kinī•

    •Toko Fukawa Kinnie•腐川冬子キニー• Kusa kawa Fuyuko kinī•15 days ago

    In the beginning I didn’t know what was happening so I relaxed and now I have spilt *soda on my carpet* 😃

  37. Rainbow gold butter

    Rainbow gold butter15 days ago

    What is the name of this game ? Please say it to me i really want play this game 😢

  38. Kurimi拉

    Kurimi拉17 days ago


  39. Nicole Bansil

    Nicole Bansil18 days ago

    Jay: if i cant have you ohhahaha no one cant owh owh owh

  40. Helen Grace Lozano

    Helen Grace Lozano20 days ago

    This is like Saiko No Sutoka lol

  41. XCloMessX

    XCloMessX21 day ago

    12:46 idk, I cracked up

  42. XCloMessX

    XCloMessX21 day ago

    10:15 Yandere kun: if I can’t have you, no one can Jay: oh me gusta

  43. XCloMessX

    XCloMessX21 day ago

    6:48 kinda made me giggle 😂

  44. Ravenclaw From Space

    Ravenclaw From Space23 days ago

    *Bi panic*

  45. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma24 days ago

    The fact that it talks back is making it more scary lol

  46. shoot my boot

    shoot my boot24 days ago

    Yan-Kun can kill me anyday- and many people consider this simping, but I would never. I'm just stating a fact.

  47. Jana Billones

    Jana Billones25 days ago

    Me while watching: *screaming* *loudly*

  48. Nara playz

    Nara playz26 days ago

    10:16 ... Rantaro Amami?

  49. tae's panda express order

    tae's panda express order4 days ago


  50. •LilShio•

    •LilShio•27 days ago

    Ayano/Ayato: if i cant have yo- Me: Just take me please

  51. Mistress.Lilith

    Mistress.Lilith27 days ago

    Hiding under the teachers podium works better for hiding

  52. lylah lylah?

    lylah lylah?27 days ago

    Jay: Are you shitting on my chest dude? Ayano: Yes, Senpai (the timestamp is 9:06 btw)


    NATSUKITHESIMP28 days ago

    I bet he is haveing nightmares when he slept

  54. Simply Gxy

    Simply Gxy28 days ago

    nah cause the fact I was falling asleep and all I hear is jay screaming

  55. Freddy Omasan

    Freddy Omasan28 days ago

    Lol creepy and scary

  56. Kagura chan

    Kagura chan28 days ago

    Plot twist: you can hide in the teachers desk even if he/she saw you hiding there nor in the locker room

  57. Jonathan Francis

    Jonathan Francis29 days ago

    That first part scared the Jesus outta me

  58. Yeehaw Gaylord

    Yeehaw GaylordMonth ago

    I'm too busy having bi panic to be scared 😭🖐️

  59. Thelilsavage

    ThelilsavageMonth ago

    3:57 I'm sorry but wut u say there

  60. Mary Saotome

    Mary SaotomeMonth ago

    11:04 All might is that you?

  61. GleamUm¿

    GleamUm¿Month ago

    哇哈他说 哟i人 罚v哦提特 我?

  62. Cameron

    CameronMonth ago

    Me with Ayato: eh...k. Me with Ayano: I never snitch on daddy 😩💕✨ pls she can stab me any day

  63. ella n mommy pitogo

    ella n mommy pitogoMonth ago

    me: ayano where in the world are yo- ayano: excuse im behind yo- me: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! ill yeeeeeeeeeeet you..!!! ayano: oh no...

  64. jermaine

    jermaineMonth ago

    Why didn't he said "i love you ayano" so he can escape her LOL

  65. Raven wood

    Raven woodMonth ago

    Me: 'I'm lesbian.' Yandere kun: 'if I can't have you, no one can.' Me: questioning sexuality intensifies.

  66. Robloxaventuregirl Emma

    Robloxaventuregirl EmmaMonth ago

    That’s gonna give me nightmares I think

  67. tae's panda express order

    tae's panda express orderMonth ago

    10:16 is it just me or does ayato kinda sound like rantaro from danganronpa v3 ?

  68. •ᴘʀᴇsɪᴏᴜs•

    •ᴘʀᴇsɪᴏᴜs•Month ago

    Is it just me or when he was saying this 10:04 I thought it was the male Yandere😂

  69. Shirley Shi

    Shirley ShiMonth ago

    Is it a game ?

  70. Katica Grund

    Katica GrundMonth ago

    Yandere-kun isn't chasing me, im chasing him

  71. •Latte Gacha•

    •Latte Gacha•Month ago

    Ayato and Ayano knows where are you going Jay. They can hear you, remember??? Btw I have a question..I mean if you can talk with Ayano/Ayato can't you say what senpai says to break Ayano/Ayato's hearth??

  72. Bryan Nguyen

    Bryan NguyenMonth ago

    Why is he calling her out!!!!! Also, why is he walking straight to the Yandere!!11

  73. honey senpai

    honey senpaiMonth ago

    i think i should use my amazing writing skills to make a yandere-kun x reader lol😕💔

  74. Makayla Breanne Dela Cruz

    Makayla Breanne Dela CruzMonth ago

    the best thing about these vids is i get a workout in -_-

  75. Supreme Soup

    Supreme SoupMonth ago

    Nobody: Taro (I think?) when getting stabbed: *EK*

  76. *ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴜꜱᴇʀɴᴀᴍᴇ*

    *ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴜꜱᴇʀɴᴀᴍᴇ*Month ago

    Jay: HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS IN THE LOCKER Me: ..she saw you? D u h -

  77. Shadow RobotNick Doom. • 50 Years ago

    Shadow RobotNick Doom. • 50 Years agoMonth ago

    ayato is probably ayano's brother

  78. Emilio Santos

    Emilio SantosMonth ago

    That ending song tho!😎👍

  79. 【bubble gum】

    【bubble gum】Month ago

    why does male yandere sound like rantaro amami am i tripping?

  80. Nikki Karapavlou

    Nikki KarapavlouMonth ago

    It love how ayano laughs very evil

  81. pompom7

    pompom7Month ago

    10:16 jsiajeorhdje papi

  82. Blueberry Muffin シ

    Blueberry Muffin シMonth ago

    Wha- WTF this is more horror than FNAF But congrats in 4M sub!!!

  83. kpop dynamite

    kpop dynamiteMonth ago

    What is the name of this yandere game and what is ayano doing here

  84. Silly Girl MinT

    Silly Girl MinTMonth ago

    Ayano: open the door jay: calmate,calmate xd

  85. Naeemahwantmoney- Anderson

    Naeemahwantmoney- AndersonMonth ago


  86. Mr. Dissappear

    Mr. DissappearMonth ago

    Bruh- Yan-kun sounds like Bakugo 😭😭😭 Or is it just me-

  87. シUɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴMɪssɪɴɢシ

    シUɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴMɪssɪɴɢシMonth ago

    Dfehrsm wrfcd

  88. ・カエル・ Frogs

    ・カエル・ FrogsMonth ago

    3:15 / 3:14 That’s seriously scared the living Devildom out of me-

  89. RainbowX Romania

    RainbowX RomaniaMonth ago


  90. mohamed zayan

    mohamed zayanMonth ago

    Jay didn't escape Ayano cuz she's the OG. XD

  91. xXJohiaChinxX

    xXJohiaChinxXMonth ago

    u dont hide on lockers u hide on under the teachers desk

  92. Cold Soba Weebs

    Cold Soba WeebsMonth ago

    Yandere-Kuns voice is hotter than the boiling water Todorokis mom poured on him 👁👄👁 ABHAHAHAHHA IM SORRYY IM A HORRIBLE PERSOM HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  93. hi, its me camila

    hi, its me camilaMonth ago


  94. Cold Soba Weebs

    Cold Soba WeebsMonth ago

    Jay: YOUVE GOTTA BE SHVTTING ON MY CHEST Ayano: yes senpai..

  95. uincorn spice

    uincorn spiceMonth ago

    Can you play this game again and say to her I love you and I hate all the other people that tried to date Me Maybe because maybe she won't chase you maybe I don't know what's going to have it but can you please say this to the crazy psychopath non-dairy

  96. chinny chacha

    chinny chachaMonth ago

    I keep flinching i hate this

  97. bakayuun

    bakayuunMonth ago

    the fact that he doesn't hide behind the teacher's desk is hilarious 😆

  98. TeagzMayxoxo

    TeagzMayxoxoMonth ago

    Me: imma be smart and watch this at night. In a dark room. Ayato: If i cant have you.....noone can. Me: *I may be simpin right now....ngl*

  99. O k

    O kMonth ago

    *We stan graphics*

  100. no thoughts head empty

    no thoughts head emptyMonth ago

    10:17 u will thank me later yankun fangirls

  101. Ella Bridgewater

    Ella BridgewaterMonth ago

    Damn their voices I'm Jay rn except not with yandere kun with yandere kun and ayano oh ma gawd 😍😵

  102. Annalise Gaming

    Annalise GamingMonth ago

    Yandere kun: If I cant have you, noone can... Me: sOoOo whAtS yoUr numbER