YAN CHAN & YAN KUN CHASING ME THRU AKADEMI HIGH?! | Yandere Simulator (Scariest Update Ever)

Yandere Simulator has teamed up with Saiko No Sutoka and has given us the Yandere horror experience we never knew we needed..great job on this!! Would love to see more updates to this, leave a LIKE if you do too!
Yandere Simulator:
Saiko No Sutoka:
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  1. Mari SUZUKI

    Mari SUZUKIHour ago

    Yandere-kun’s voice tho-

  2. Ray Polhill

    Ray Polhill4 hours ago

    Why don’t you run away from them

  3. Ray Polhill

    Ray Polhill4 hours ago

    Peekaboo I see you 7:50

  4. Kat Rekka!!

    Kat Rekka!!9 hours ago

    Random thought- This probably won’t work- But like- Wouldn’t Yan-Chan and Yan-Kun stop chasing you if you said something about doing whatever they want?- Idk- Random thought-

  5. Freak Fantic UwU

    Freak Fantic UwU11 hours ago

    Jay:ded ded ded ded ded ded Midori GREIU (I hope I spelled that right):time to go to another game The man behind the slaughter=jay in yandere sim Ze ded kids=Midori GREIU It is revenge!

  6. shi금성

    shi금성15 hours ago

    Lemme timestamp this shat: 9:27 for the simps and the weebs my dudes Let's GOOOOOOO Remember your THAT DUDE.

  7. Chijie Li

    Chijie Li21 hour ago

    I love Ayato voice sound awesome!

  8. Tarranco brothers

    Tarranco brothersDay ago

    ayono just killd shes umm heart haha

  9. yan- chan

    yan- chanDay ago

    Hey j can you kill everyone in the Yandere demo btw your that dude

  10. hossammoah Gaming & More!

    hossammoah Gaming & More!Day ago

    Jay: are you sh*ting in my chest dude? ayano: yes

  11. aileen Panda

    aileen PandaDay ago


  12. aileen Panda

    aileen PandaDay ago

    When i click video I WAS LAGING

  13. aileen Panda

    aileen PandaDay ago

    On ur

  14. ïtzçréxø

    ïtzçréxø2 days ago

    When u scream my butt bounces in my chair

  15. Акикоン

    Акикоン2 days ago

    0:30-9:24 Ayano Aishi. 9:24-17:18 Ayato Aishi.

  16. Gloria Flores

    Gloria Flores2 days ago

    I have a question if you tell her that you love her will she live you alone???🤔

  17. Stuart Canavan

    Stuart Canavan2 days ago

    She's pissed at you for escaping her clenches the first time. So, it would be better if you don't let her catch you again.

  18. YutoMeowOwO

    YutoMeowOwO2 days ago

    Just imagine somebody playing this game at night then screaming and waking there whole family up-

  19. Winter Forest

    Winter Forest2 days ago

    Bro that atmosphere of the area, that lighting. the glowing red eye. no damn info where she is everytime for god sake😂 Its horiffying

  20. kokichi's panta

    kokichi's panta2 days ago

    Ayato's voice kind of sounds like Rantaro Amami

  21. Zoë Hulsker

    Zoë Hulsker3 days ago

    omg it would be so funny to see you play until dawn. like i would L O V E THAT.

  22. Noob Bloxy

    Noob Bloxy3 days ago

    This is kinda like the snap mode when u get caught since it’s the exact same phrase, just you as senpai. And if this is what happens. Senpai must just be seeing darkness.

  23. beet rice

    beet rice3 days ago

    So I was watching some other Yandere Simulator videos from Jay cuz he's that dude, and I realized that Yan-chan's line "If I can't have you, **huck** no one can" is the same line she says when she kills Senpai in snap mode

  24. cute little muffins

    cute little muffins3 days ago

    i hate my sister she saw me scared his video and she laughing at me when i scared i think you gonna giving me heart attack god damn

  25. cute little muffins

    cute little muffins3 days ago

    woah when i watch this video jay s got scared and me too when he scared then i watch your all video and its funny when he laughing

  26. Lebogang Mogale

    Lebogang Mogale3 days ago

    Ayano: *starts Stabbing* Us: Don't kill Jay, He wants To be frse Ayato: *Starts Stabbing* Us: Motto! Motto!

  27. Tracie Nutman

    Tracie Nutman3 days ago

    Never. Look. Back!

  28. Pure Solano

    Pure Solano3 days ago

    jichael mackson?

  29. Jimmie Shepherd

    Jimmie Shepherd3 days ago

    Imahian if he juked her

  30. Cadence Oyler

    Cadence Oyler4 days ago

    Why does Yan Kun sound like Bakugou from MHA? Is it the same voice actor? Or am is it in my head?

  31. Taylor Baxley

    Taylor Baxley4 days ago

    Ngl I simped for Ayato's voice😮

  32. Arctic Prowl

    Arctic Prowl4 days ago

    Ayato: "if I can't have you-" Me: First of all who said you couldn't

  33. Lemmesmash Lemmesmash

    Lemmesmash Lemmesmash4 days ago

    Šventas šūdas

  34. potato head XD

    potato head XD4 days ago


  35. Yo momma

    Yo momma5 days ago

    Ayano be like : I'm coming for yo ass jay . Mom comes to see why I'm screaming :me looking at her she says what u watching . I said jay from kubz scouts and she said can I look so I deleted ally insta Facebook Twitter WhatsApp USlikes - Then I give her my phone ;) Also YOU ARE THAT DUDE

  36. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda5 days ago

    I’m not gonna lie....yandere kuns voice is ANAZING SVSIDBSHSVSBSHWBS👌👌👌👌👌💖

  37. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda5 days ago

    How I react every time I see ayano: CHOTO MATTE!!! CHOTO MATTE CHOTO MATTE!!

  38. Jovelie Anguiano

    Jovelie Anguiano5 days ago

    bro that concentration tho

  39. Gachaclub gacha life Lumine

    Gachaclub gacha life Lumine6 days ago


  40. Demon girl

    Demon girl6 days ago

    Jay: ayano aishi? Ayano:suprise motherfucker!

  41. Gacha Wolf 101

    Gacha Wolf 1016 days ago

    There’s a walkthrough it’s by Awka and the reason I don’t put the link is Bc it won’t let me

  42. Kayla Laster

    Kayla Laster6 days ago

    what if you tell her\him you love him\her in the game?? what happens??

  43. XxCookieXx Elisabeth

    XxCookieXx Elisabeth6 days ago

    Ya GG

  44. Gillyana Hiatt

    Gillyana Hiatt6 days ago

    i have play that game it was very scary i keep going to the locker and not go out unitl i die *SREAM* THIS IS SO HARD HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH😠😡🤬😓

  45. S_p3r N0va

    S_p3r N0va6 days ago

    I said Me gusta faster than Jay did o-o That voice had me falling B A C K SJJSJSJS

  46. Xx_FirePlayz_xX

    Xx_FirePlayz_xX6 days ago

    Yan-kun: if i cant have you, no one can Jay: Oh, me gusta.. lalalallalalala me: oh, APMOSIDFJQWPONMCFGINMADS,PCFIOUNEJMPZ waddafug sexy mamasita voicey .-. when yan-kun almost caught up to you, i felt the stab in my back :0

  47. jana シ

    jana シ6 days ago

    after Jay switched to Yandere Kun i soon realized why boys simp for yandere chan 😶


    MISHRAt URZA6 days ago

    the boy: if I cant no one can jay: if i can't have no one can alalalallalalala

  49. Track_1286

    Track_12866 days ago

    That scared the crap out of me when Jay said "Oh she left" she did not leave she was right there I literally threw my phone in my bed and left the room. I was scared out of my mind.

  50. MR REEE

    MR REEE6 days ago

    This is the scariest game I ever seen

  51. kuroki Tomoko

    kuroki Tomoko6 days ago

    12:53 I never... smiled and laugh I...in my life.. this hard-...

  52. Heath Shelton

    Heath Shelton6 days ago

    Jay: Are you taking a $hit on my chest dude Yandere-san: Yes, senpai Me: LMFAO wtf

  53. Lily Aron

    Lily Aron7 days ago

    I hurt my back by watching this 🤣

  54. Night Shade

    Night Shade7 days ago

    I love that fact that Ayato is voiced by Alejandro Saab. I'm in love with the male yandere version of Ayato AND Alejandro Saab is one of my favorite voice actors and this made me simp so much more harder for both! I'm proud of you Alejandro, keep up the good work!!!!

  55. creepysushi •

    creepysushi •7 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about his voice crack 17:56 😂

  56. friggen_Life_ Dude

    friggen_Life_ Dude7 days ago

    11:13 crewmates(and the imposter) when a body is reported

  57. friggen_Life_ Dude

    friggen_Life_ Dude7 days ago

    wonder what it would be like if corpse narrated Ayato

  58. BatAmongstBirds

    BatAmongstBirds7 days ago

    Ayato's voice, the way he touches your cheek and puts his hand under your chin...almost forgot he was killing us.

  59. lowkey ashiey

    lowkey ashiey7 days ago

    hard ass 0_0

  60. 작은별

    작은별7 days ago

    11:04 This is the best part in this video. No one can change my mind. 😏

  61. Anime Lover

    Anime Lover7 days ago

    Is it me are does Yandere-Kun’s voice sound like Bakugo from My Hero Academia

  62. Ur Mans

    Ur Mans7 days ago

    Ayano: *gonna kill Jay* Jay: WAIT LEMME LOOK AT THE MAP Ayano: O ok take ur time Jay: Hold on- Yandere-Kun/Ayato: CoMe hErE sEnPaI~

  63. itz_bløødy player_YT

    itz_bløødy player_YT7 days ago

    Ayano has red eyes Me:THE DEVIL IS INSIDE OF YOU


    MOVE I'M NON-BINARY!7 days ago

    *When someone turns an actual horror game to a comedy show just screaming at the mc from the game* *That's talent.*

  65. VSpecy

    VSpecy8 days ago

    Better title would be: POV: you are senpai and Ayono just snapped

  66. deadlygatcha1234

    deadlygatcha12348 days ago

    The first 7 seconds I got scared cause of jay screaming AHHHH WOAH

  67. Shy Azoulay

    Shy Azoulay8 days ago

    what if this was canonically what happened when ayano (is that her name?) snaps

  68. サニSani

    サニSani8 days ago

    7:02 "HEHE"

  69. Stella 00

    Stella 008 days ago

    Ayato sounds like Katsuki Bakugou

  70. Vixie_ Plays

    Vixie_ Plays8 days ago

    Ayato kinda sounds like BAKUGO it can't just be me also his voice was soooo hot(ayato)

  71. •Your local idiotic Fnaf fan•

    •Your local idiotic Fnaf fan•8 days ago

    Me: watching at 2am Jay: screams Me: WTH- STO-

  72. Zachary Bresnahan

    Zachary Bresnahan8 days ago


  73. little lesbian

    little lesbian8 days ago

    hello my friends

  74. Акикоン

    Акикоン2 days ago


  75. Tarun Mohess

    Tarun Mohess8 days ago

    I like jay playing murderhouseeeeeeeeee yet yet yet you

  76. Foxy the pirate fox uwu

    Foxy the pirate fox uwu9 days ago

    Yes senpai~?

  77. 전서현

    전서현9 days ago

    For some reason this gave me FNAF vibes

  78. Natsuki n0eyl0ve

    Natsuki n0eyl0ve9 days ago

    I get goosebumps when I hear Ayanos voice. She's....kind of hot. I dont mind her chasing me, I want her to take me

  79. Mia Donovan

    Mia Donovan10 days ago

    What that tongue do Jay 😂😂😂😂

  80. Fuego Neeko

    Fuego Neeko10 days ago

    Maybe if you tell her you love her she wouldn’t kill you

  81. U.S. Military

    U.S. Military10 days ago

    He never hides under the desk, it is safer than lockers

  82. Desylyn Womack

    Desylyn Womack10 days ago

    bro,dont say u wll hide in a locker

  83. Void Creature from another timeline and universe

    Void Creature from another timeline and universe10 days ago

    "We're Jicheal Mackson"

  84. Fatini Zailan

    Fatini Zailan10 days ago

    I think that was ayano in snaps mode

  85. Francia Roofe

    Francia Roofe10 days ago

    How do you download the the

  86. Saevirre Arcane

    Saevirre Arcane10 days ago

    Did he just said "please don't baby" on Yandere kun?😂

  87. shea

    shea10 days ago

    Jay: This game has voice recognition. Jay: SCREAMS AND YELLS AS THEY SPY

  88. veronica harper

    veronica harper10 days ago

    Me: Hey Jay are you gay? Jay: No. Me: *Watches Video* Me: *Thinks he is gay* Also Me: 10:29

  89. Ayame chan XD

    Ayame chan XD11 days ago


  90. Mini Moriah

    Mini Moriah11 days ago

    Kay I love you Jay with this is going to scare me too much I can't watch it- Time for some Danganrongpa!

  91. Mini Moriah

    Mini Moriah11 days ago

    Oh my gosh this is so scary I could never play it- 😨

  92. Cloudzombie

    Cloudzombie11 days ago

    I honestly love the lighting in the game like this! Definitely makes akademi look more like a horror setting

  93. Random Dude

    Random Dude11 days ago

    POV: you refused to give gum to the quiet kid

  94. シCherryᴥChanシ

    シCherryᴥChanシ11 days ago

    Nobody- Me hiding in the comments.. 🖐👁💧👄💧👁🖐

  95. Kaitlyn_draws_Tom_and_Jerry

    Kaitlyn_draws_Tom_and_Jerry11 days ago

    I've recognized that line from snap mode

  96. Night Dog

    Night Dog11 days ago

    I really like this halloween update,by far this is the best. (But i still like Oka Ruto fight 😊)

  97. Emma Feltson

    Emma Feltson11 days ago

    Dude, I just have a question. How do you know so much spanish? You speak more and better than most foreigners.

  98. Diana Reva

    Diana Reva11 days ago

    Myth: Talk to the spider girl then take a picture then send it to Info~chan

  99. Gløwy Ørangə

    Gløwy Ørangə11 days ago

    Ayato sounds like Bakugou and you cannot tell me otherwise

  100. Sesame Mfolwe

    Sesame Mfolwe11 days ago

    Those senpais be life problems coming back to haunt us all

  101. Melisa

    Melisa11 days ago

    9:25 Is where Jay is simping for ayato's voice