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  1. Kubz Scouts

    Kubz ScoutsMonth ago

    Me being thankful for how supportive you all are for Thanksgiving Me seeing the comments: 👁👄👁

  2. Ash Garza

    Ash Garza2 days ago


  3. Jase McGinnis

    Jase McGinnis2 days ago

    You got it wrong.

  4. A Nobody

    A Nobody2 days ago

    he used it guys, he used it!

  5. Skylar

    Skylar3 days ago

    Me in January: 👁️👄👁️

  6. Llama Queen

    Llama Queen3 days ago

    But Jay in the moon orbits the earth

  7. Juries Moua

    Juries MouaHour ago

    1:32 ........... :D

  8. ana l montes

    ana l montes2 hours ago

    The moon dose orbit the earth we learned that in 3rd grade lol 😆

  9. Todoroki Shoto

    Todoroki Shoto3 hours ago

    Jay: Cmon pepole not in the gym Me: *remembers Yagami Yato* Oh...


    AMABOMVU NGUBANE7 hours ago

    The moon orbits earth

  11. Falling Apart

    Falling Apart9 hours ago

    BuT jAy! ThE mOoN oRbItS tHe EaRtH nOt ThE sUn!

  12. Nassi Love

    Nassi Love9 hours ago

    Don't worry Jay. I got a simple math question wrong because i was tired one day. (it was something like 43000+32000 and I wrote 75 and Birgit the 0's 😔)

  13. Nassi Love

    Nassi Love9 hours ago

    Sorry Jay, but the moon does orbit the earth.

  14. ARACELI Delgado

    ARACELI Delgado15 hours ago


  15. terrance Clark

    terrance Clark18 hours ago

    7:56 Dora is that you?

  16. Dragon Wolf

    Dragon Wolf20 hours ago

    The moon orbits the sun I'm so smart

  17. Zack RBLX

    Zack RBLXDay ago

    the moon orbits the earth get rekt lol

  18. Isaiah Shirley

    Isaiah ShirleyDay ago

    The moon orbits the earth not sun.

  19. Gamer MaddoxAK

    Gamer MaddoxAKDay ago

    You got the moon wrong

  20. Death Games

    Death GamesDay ago


  21. Rayana Wolf

    Rayana WolfDay ago

    The moon orbits th-


    JELOCILE SDay ago

    Jay: *sees zynn add* WE GOT THIS GIRL DOING TIK TOK DANCES AGAIN GET THIS DESISE OUT OF MY FACE Me: danm wish he said bullshit

  23. Chris Somar

    Chris SomarDay ago

    The moon orbits the earth thats why there night

  24. Kyndall Wells

    Kyndall WellsDay ago

    That’s hot pink not purple-

  25. Eden Hammond

    Eden HammondDay ago

    Im 5 yet im smarter than you

  26. jurnee rankin

    jurnee rankinDay ago


  27. Nunya Biznuzz

    Nunya BiznuzzDay ago

    (Insert comment about moon orbits here)

  28. BunniezPlay

    BunniezPlayDay ago

    Jay you got the moon orbits blank question wrong

  29. BunniezPlay

    BunniezPlayDay ago

    What u gonna do

  30. Disco Quartz

    Disco QuartzDay ago

    The moon orbits the earth.

  31. BunniezPlay

    BunniezPlayDay ago

    Jay you got the blank orbits the sun question wrong

  32. Gabriel Thomas

    Gabriel ThomasDay ago

    Tik tok kids be like you make meh mad I simp

  33. Kevin Torres

    Kevin Torres2 days ago

    Hey Jay you got that answer wrong

  34. Msizi Dlamini

    Msizi Dlamini2 days ago

    You didn’t even know South Africa my country you mean

  35. spinel the real

    spinel the real2 days ago

    i see the moon on the earth and the earth go sun (btw i like your bideo)

  36. Leonis's Boba's

    Leonis's Boba's2 days ago

    The moon orbits the earth ÙwÚ

  37. Jiraiya Santos

    Jiraiya Santos2 days ago

    Jay got the moon orbits question wrong 🤪

  38. Cookiemations

    Cookiemations2 days ago

    Lol this dude said that the moon doesn’t orbit the earth

  39. chip chipy

    chip chipy2 days ago

    maybe he was tired and didn’t know what the moon thing was

  40. Relax MaN

    Relax MaN2 days ago

    Guys u ded is no comments in moon or bits sun!

  41. Ashley Rose

    Ashley Rose2 days ago

    .....moon orbits Earth idk

  42. K a i r i

    K a i r i2 days ago

    6:52 respect.

  43. ́•boxodd• ́

    ́•boxodd• ́2 days ago

    The first cells : *Cmon jay! We were so lonely*

  44. YellowJello UwU

    YellowJello UwU2 days ago

    The girl that said “Bus s or es” look like Dora

  45. Ashton Blake

    Ashton Blake2 days ago

    The moon orbits the earth- You’re that dude.

  46. Patricio Price

    Patricio Price2 days ago

    You: I don’t want to see one comment that i got it wrong Me: I mean you did get it wrong

  47. Melissa Primeaux

    Melissa Primeaux2 days ago

    The moon orbits the earth.

  48. Violeta OwO

    Violeta OwO2 days ago

    One comment

  49. Aryk Carlock

    Aryk Carlock2 days ago

    the moon obits the earth

  50. Dave Sherman

    Dave Sherman2 days ago

    Jay it orbits the earth bruh I learned that in kindergarten

  51. Jasmine Emert

    Jasmine Emert3 days ago

    1:34 Don't worry, kassie got the same question wrong

  52. Arrianna Yermo

    Arrianna Yermo3 days ago

    Umm... the moon orbits the earth

  53. anraye irden nerpio

    anraye irden nerpio3 days ago

    7:50 DOra tHe ExPloRER

  54. doggy crossing

    doggy crossing3 days ago

    .......moon orbits sun .......what you gonna do now?!

  55. Nathan White

    Nathan White3 days ago

    I think that’s funny I’m not going to lie🤣🤣

  56. Elimu Chapman

    Elimu Chapman3 days ago


  57. Isabel Mojica

    Isabel Mojica3 days ago

    Also the star

  58. Dracolyte08

    Dracolyte083 days ago

    I apologize nd you said dont say anything about it but technically the moon does orbit the Sun, it just orbits with earth

  59. Isabel Mojica

    Isabel Mojica3 days ago

    You really dont know the orbit

  60. David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez3 days ago

    I'm sorry to say it but you were wrong

  61. B K

    B K3 days ago

    Uhm it orbits the earth........heheh

  62. Llama Queen

    Llama Queen3 days ago

    In a squeaky voice but Jay the moon orbits the earth

  63. Juan Lugo

    Juan Lugo4 days ago

    The moon orbits that dude cause u awesome and i rather have u as my teacher

  64. The Eight Clan BestBro

    The Eight Clan BestBro4 days ago

    Dude Jay such a dunce he thought that the moon didn't orbit the earth

  65. Ea Asports

    Ea Asports4 days ago

    Jay :“Don’t comment that the moon orbits the sun Me: nah

  66. Juliana Ochoa hurtado

    Juliana Ochoa hurtado4 days ago


  67. Blessing oweh

    Blessing oweh4 days ago

    You are an id

  68. Morning sunshine

    Morning sunshine4 days ago

    The moon orbits were wrong its sun!!! STOOPID ha į risk stuff man i would die from that

  69. Taliii 19

    Taliii 194 days ago

    The moon orbits the earth.

  70. Tracey Langhorne

    Tracey Langhorne4 days ago

    Wtf you mean he does know it bro Bob

  71. Tracey Langhorne

    Tracey Langhorne4 days ago


  72. Farrah Rocero

    Farrah Rocero4 days ago

    Cubs do you now how smart I am (6+3)+1=6+(3+1) is associative porprety 6000+100=100+6000 is commutative porprety And 9999999+0 is Identity porperty and I think you will now I,m good luck smart😎😎😎 I LOVE MATH. [\__/] {•^•}. : MAAAAATH |>📙

  73. teja teja

    teja teja4 days ago

    ThE MoOn ORBITS tHE sUuN hAhAhA

  74. Mochoma 38

    Mochoma 384 days ago

    Bit your funny

  75. Mochoma 38

    Mochoma 384 days ago

    I ment BUT your funny (AUTO CORRECT

  76. Abdullah Adam Jaswadi

    Abdullah Adam Jaswadi4 days ago


  77. Abdullah Adam Jaswadi

    Abdullah Adam Jaswadi4 days ago


  78. Sup

    Sup4 days ago

    Jay: the moon orbits the sun Moon: Am I a joke to you!?

  79. William Htay

    William Htay4 days ago

    The moon orbits the sun

  80. QueenDEMON :3

    QueenDEMON :34 days ago

    Jay : F Child : I will Sue you give me $30 bucks now >:

  81. Abrielle Garcia

    Abrielle Garcia4 days ago

    Bruh the one one that sead bad things where incorrect so u need to pay an add 🤣

  82. sana zaman

    sana zaman4 days ago

    Jay I'm a finger counting girl to!

  83. Kaitlyn Velazquez

    Kaitlyn Velazquez4 days ago

    What a smartass 7:49

  84. Kaitlyn Velazquez

    Kaitlyn Velazquez4 days ago

    Right 7:43

  85. Austin Alli

    Austin Alli4 days ago

    Your mum orbits the moon

  86. Jason Panter

    Jason Panter5 days ago

    The moon 🌒 orbits the earth 🌍 not the 🌞

  87. Faruk Gurses

    Faruk Gurses5 days ago

    IT wos so esie the mon orbets the orth!

  88. jestereh

    jestereh5 days ago

    “JaY tHE mOOn oRbITS tHe sUn”

  89. Jayden Lugo

    Jayden Lugo5 days ago

    I'm very rebellious so can't believe you got the moon question wrong

  90. Trent Whitson

    Trent Whitson5 days ago

    The moon orbit the Sun

  91. Jasper Jinnon

    Jasper Jinnon5 days ago

    If you comment the thing about the moon Jay is gonna kidnappe your family and friends and girlfriend and will torture them untill you delete the comment

  92. moon wolf

    moon wolf5 days ago

    Dude the moon orbits the earth not the sun I thought everybody knew that go back to school I'm sorry dude

  93. moon wolf

    moon wolf5 days ago

    You still that dude though

  94. Floop Fishy vids

    Floop Fishy vids5 days ago

    The. Moon. Orbits. The. Sun.

  95. Aldo Barrera

    Aldo Barrera5 days ago

    Did you even go to school HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHAT THE MOON ORBITS

  96. Shantel Davis

    Shantel Davis5 days ago

    Hehehe Just follow me Keep going Yup keep going Your close Jk u not close Kasie said get a room Ok now ur close Nope Keep going I bet you’re regretting doing this comment ThE MoON oRbItS ThE SuN hehehe but you have to keep going Thank you for coming You wasted your time and I think this is a good comment for you if you have no job That people. To get F’s personally Hehe your done


    SHAYLA WALKER5 days ago

    Jay: who is teaching you this s**t Me: umm you are Also me: face palm

  98. Alexis Jaw

    Alexis Jaw5 days ago

    Jay the Moon orbits the earth even my 6 year old brother know that 😂

  99. Izuku Miydoria

    Izuku Miydoria5 days ago

    Best teacher is jay

  100. Mary Maisano

    Mary Maisano5 days ago


  101. ツMISAKIツ

    ツMISAKIツ6 days ago

    Who spotted Dora at the school dance

  102. Mira D

    Mira D6 days ago

    I was gonna comment about the moon orbits what question but i decided to not do it

  103. Speedy Painter

    Speedy Painter6 days ago

    Lmao the moon orbits the sun he got it wrong HAHAHAHAHA

  104. Renee Correll

    Renee Correll6 days ago

    Jay you got it wrong 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  105. gaming with emman

    gaming with emman6 days ago


  106. Charlotte Holm

    Charlotte Holm6 days ago

    What planet has rings:satan Teacher:WHAT!!?!!

  107. Tristan Redmon

    Tristan Redmon6 days ago

    Juice talk about that

  108. Caelyn conde

    Caelyn conde6 days ago

    jay the moon orbits the SUN